Juvaderm to Correct Ipl Associated Fat Loss - Atlanta, GA

I just had juvaderm today, it's my first time...

I just had juvaderm today, it's my first time ever using any type of filler. My doctor injected about 12 injections on the right side, and about 8 on the left. The results were subtle, but immediate, and it corrected an indent on both cheeks under the cheekbones. I was told that I will swell over the next 3 days. It was an incredibly comfortable experience, felt small little pinches, but no pain. So far no swelling, and I will update my experience in about 3 months.

Okay, I initially wanted to wait it out but this...

Okay, I initially wanted to wait it out but this is a fair review if I post sooner than expected. I had 3 out of 4 Ipl sessions done, had juvaderm in hopes that it could help fill out the loss in volume and smooth out the scarring associated with the consequences of my Ipl. I had to remind myself today, that my derm was working with scarred skin that is more compact, coagulated, and more tightly fused then plumper scarred skin that hasn't had any thermal heat damage. I had high hopes, but it didn't really do much. At least I didn't have an allergic reaction, and I am happy he wanted to start me out with a smaller amount to see how well I could tolerate juvaderm. I did have three pimples pop up where he injected me, 2 went away with no problem because they were small tiny white heads, and one did turn into a cystic lesion. For the most part it's smaller now, a little larger than a raised pinprick. But since it fits right in with my post laser scarring, it doesn't stand out and I'm not even that bothered by it.mbut a fair warning, just know if you go in for filler, anyone can experience granulomas and they can be permanent, regardless whether derms tell you they can dissolve them with hydrolaunese or not. I'm just so thankful to my derm for never feeding me any hype. At the end of the summer I'll decide whether I want to go for another round of juvaderm with more volume, or really go for a face lift...yup, at the age of 35. The fat loss and textural issues associated with lasers have been devastating.
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I have been seeing this current derm for a year now. He has provided me with chemical peels to correct the hypo pigmentation created by my post laser experience at a former provider. I fully trust him, and he is an ethical doctor. I'm so happy I found him.

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