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Hey! Ladies Let me tell you a little something...

Hey! Ladies
Let me tell you a little something about me..
After losing 40lbs and 10 inches of my body, I'm still not happy so I decided to get a tummy tuck. I'm 5'2 and I weigh 145lbs. My goal weight is 135lbs and I hope to achieve the goal before surgery. My current measurements 34-31-40 and I hope to lose 2 more inches off my tummy before surgery. I workout 6 days a week & eat clean 98% of the time. I'm trying to be realistic with my TT goal but I really want my measurements to be 34-26-40 after surgery (lol)

I went to 3 consultations here in Atlanta

PS "A" consultation
I was able to get the appointment that evening on the same day I called. When I arrived they had me fill out paper work & they called me back shortly. I was asked to change into a white robe..which was not clean looking to me so, I decided not too. The assistant had me watch a 5 min video about the tummy tuck procedure and I was handed a photo album of before & after TT. Shortly after that the PS came into the room. He asked me to put the robe on and he walked back out of the room. So I just went on ahead and changed into the robe. He came back in the room and he didn't even introduce himself. He looked at his chart and mentioned my blood pressure was good and stated that you are here for a tummy tuck? He examined my tummy and explained he would lipo my upper belly, waist & flanks. I wanted to ask him questions but I felt rushed he only spent 3 mins with me & left his assistant to explain more about the TT surgery. I started to ask her questions & she was rushing me also. From there she walked me out to get a quote from the scheduler coordinator. The coordinator had a bad attitude and rushed me also. I must say I was loving the price! The next day or two I called back to see if I could book a second consultation with him because I knew someone who had a good experience with her consult & she booked her surgery date with him. I called & asked the front desk could I make a visit again because I had some unanswered questions & felt rushed. But she wasn't having it & told me to go ahead & book your appointment & ask him the question during my pre op. She also said that I could ask her the questions. At that moment I decided not to follow up with that consultation because I couldn't deal with the attitudes.

PS "B" Consultation
I was late arriving to the place but called ahead & told them that I was having car trouble and she was nice about it & was able to see me anyways. The moment I arrived I was asked to fill out paper work & was called back to the patient room. I was asked if I wanted something to drink while I was waiting to be seen. I changed into a robe ( clean one) The PS came in right away & she was so pleasant. She introduced herself & we talked shortly about myself & health. I had so many question but before I could ask her she pretty much explained & answered all my questions. I was giving pictures of her work and I told her my expectations & she examined me & assured me what she can do & I was pleased to hear that. I felt like I could talk with her all day. She made me feel comfortable. From there I was sent to another room to speak with the scheduler coordinator & chatted with her for a long time. I spent well over 2 hours with them talking about my expectations etc.. I never felt rushed. The office wasn't crowded & I didn't feel pressured to book anything. Overall it was a great experience. The whole entire office staff was pleasant & warm.

PS "C" consultation
I arrived & I filled out paper work & waited to be seen. During my wait in the waiting room music was playing. Also the place was extremely cold. I was sent to the patient room & I believe they probably forgot about me because I waited for a half hour to be seen & that's not counting the wait in the waiting room. I was giving pictures but the photo album had only two pics of TT before and after & it was only profile pics. The quality of the pics was awful. The patient room felt like I was there for a Gynecologist visit instead. I was so uncomfortable. Finally the PS walked in & he was funny & cool. He examined me & stated that I didn't need any lipo & I wasn't trying to hear that at all. He did have me thinking that he care about the patient recovery & post op care. I liked that idea but I couldn't get the no lipo out of my head..

So I decided that I wasn't going to anymore consultations & I choose Dr. "B"
I will keep you dolls updated soon :)

12 days away of getting my waist snatched

I though I should add a few before pics.. I would add more later on.

In a lot of pain

I made it out of surgery safely, thank you Jesus. I haven't seen my tummy because it's wrapped up.

When I woke up from surgery was was in a lot of pain. Thinking about it I have always been in pain since yesterday morning. Ugh my pain meds are not working and I have tried Percocet & Lyrica. I'm suffering right now. I didn't expect this to happen. I can't stand or walk long without feeling like I'm about to faint.
I vomit 3 times so now I'm afraid I ripped my muscles apart because the pain was intense. I also coughed a couple of times and had hiccups. Smh I'm going through it y'all.
I will show you'll pics as soon as I can see my belly or feel better.

Less Pain More swelling

Pain is under control but now I feel like a walking brick. Trying to walk more to relieve this tightness I have.

1 week post op

Today I'm feeling much better. I'm able to do a little bit more for myself. I noticed my recovery is a lot slower than other RS girls. So it really don't matter If you are thin, workout, & eat healthy, everybody body is different and my recovery was hell..

23 days post op

Well I planned on updating my tummy tuck review 1 month post because I thought there would have been a significant change since my last update but.. I still do not see much change and I don't think I will see a difference by Monday which would be my 4 weeks post op..
My hubby says he see change but that's his job to make his wife feel better.
I'm so swollen.. It's very uncomfortable & emotional. Today I told myself that I just have to be patient & let my body heal and do its job..

Finally woke up flat!

I have not been feeling well... one day I feel great then the next day I'm in pain. I still cannot stand straight without pain in my muscles.
When will this ever end?

Lost 10 lbs

I just wanted to update my current weight... I now weigh 135lbs yay! but my measurements are still the same :( 34-30-40 I think my waist is the same since I swell above my belly button. I really would like atleast a 27 waist post op.. Once the swell go away..Then I can do my job in the gym to get it down even more.. I'm so ready to hit the gym

I think I found a way to help with swelling

I was looking at a tummy tuck youtube video & this girl had major swelling & her PS told her to massage her tummy 3 times a day in a direction that is away from her belly not in a circular motion.. This will help spread out the swelling and help flatten the tummy out. I knew it had to work because she was big and swollen during her first couple of weeks then her tummy was flat by week 4. So I started yesterday & went to bed.. woke up in the middle of the night & my belly was extremely flat. I use vaseline or cocoa butter to help with the massage.. She also said the massage works to flatten out dog ears too.

Abdominal board

Hey ladies I found another but better solution for swelling. It's the abdominal board and you can order it from lipo express.. You don't here a lot about abdominal board or tables unless you read those TT journey stories from women getting their SX done in another like country DM. You know their tummy tucks be amazing so I at least like to look into what they are using after their TT Surgery. I was hesitant to purchase it but it was only $20. Some ppl make their own but I really don't think it works the same because this little bad boy is extremely hard in the center & let me tell you! this board makes my belly surf board flat.. I slip the board into my garment & sleep in it or sometimes wear it around the house. This was the best $20 investment I made compared to those expensive garments.

Buyers! Beware read my reviews

It has been 7 months post op and I am still in pain plus I did not get what I paid for. I can't get a revision in the future because my doctor could care less about my satisfaction. I am seeing a pain specialist and dermatalogist for scar treatments. I chose the worst PS in Atlanta and I am kicking myself for it everyday.

I chose the worst doctor in Georgia and ashmed to post pics

We put our trust in our PS and they give us their words that they will go out of their way to make us happy. Not!!! well at least my doctor. Her attitude changed the pre op appointment and that was a sign that I should had took my behind else where but I had already paid the hospital and I thought maybe she was having a bad day. She lied to me about her revision policy.

Her abdominalplasty work is awful. She only shows you pics of her patients that are bigger and then tells you that you are small and she can get you flatter. Seeing Tia pics had me thinking she could do the job but she failed me. Tia was lucky and I bet the only patient that is happy with her TT results. If you don't have a problem with post op then she will be nice but if you have healing problems then she turns into a mean person. Once she takes your money then she don't want to care for you. Her bedside manners are horrible.. since day 1 after surgery she has been very mean to me. She has a awful attitude and she is very dismissive. I had to start bringing someone with me to my appointments then she started showing out by being nice. I had expressed my concerns with her new assistant and she told me she would tell Dr. D but I never onced received a call. You would think If I am complaining of pain you would keep a close eye on me and check up on me. But hey this is Dr. D attitude she do not care about her patients. More of her patients needs to speak up and write reviews about her. She has good ratings but I think her reviews are fake. Her office is never full of patients that's because she is not good at what she does. Also she only wants to see you the first two months after surgery and that's it. She will not see her patients for a year out & not even 6 months post op. Her patients never go to their post op visits because she never treat you or see how you are healing. She never once asked me how was I feeling or how was everything. She is the worst doctor in Georgia.

Uncomfortable tightness

Is there anyone having uncomfortable tightness in the midsection months after having a TT? My uncomfortable tightness did not develop until 3 months ago and I am 7 months post op.. I can't stand being stiff and have to strecth constantly. My abs are rock hard too

I am a small person and I only weighed 130-135...

25 Mar 2015

8 months post

I am a small person and I only weighed 130-135 pounds when I had my tummy tuck. However, I was left with skin and fat especially more on my left side. In addition, I was left with a raised higher scar on my right side and a dog ear. At the consulation she told me at 6 months post op she would give me a revision if I wasn't happy but when I told her I was unsatisfied she told me to my face that it wasn't fat and that it was extra skin and that she could not get me any tighter and rushed me out the door. Why would she leave me with extra skin. I feel that that is her mistake and she should fix it.

This doctor was always dismissive and mean towards me. I never got the post op care and service I payed for. She has no passion and only wants your money. I was also in pain and still is but she just told me see a pain specialist so basically she just washed her hands from me. She doesn't want to have anything to do with me anymore since I complain of pain and I am an unsatisfied patient. Please go some where else! Do not make the same mistake I made because this doctor do not care about her patients. She is not cheap and I felt like I was robbed. I will regret this for ever!

Back & Forth to see different doctors

I have been back and forth seeing different doctors from pain specialist for a nerve pain & hypersensitivty. I am currently takin neurontin & cymbalta. I also go to a dermatologist for my TT keliod scar treatments. Yea I have to pay more money out for kenalog injection when my PS should be taking care of that issue for me. I also have paid a visit to see another PS for a second opinion .. Yep more $ I have been spending.. now this TT has cost me well over $10,000 ..
I just left my primary care office who think I may have seroma is sending me for a ultrasound smh poor me have to go to my primary doctor reguarding my TT instead of the PS I paid for .. I will update you all on my ultrasound results

More pics

A pic never lies

This review is way over due. I did not want to be that person writing a bad review but unfortantanly I have to warn others. Cons: Dr. D left me in chronic pain and she could care less. She no longer wants to see me. I had to find a pain specialist on my own for uncomfotable tightness and nerve damage. I have express my concerns with her since post op day 1 but she has been very dismissive. She has put me through an emotional and depression wreck because she have that I don't care or believe you attitude. Dr. post operative care is awful. She never onced touched my tummy to see how I was healing and never took time out to see how I was feeling. She was in and out and was only with me for no more than 2 mins each visit. Dr. office lacks help. There are only two people working there and that's her office worker Andrea and her new assistant Kalethia. (Kristy no longer works there) Dr. is never in town and every time I tried to visit her for post op care she would be out of the country training. What if there is an emergency? I guess her patients would just have to suffer. Dr. will not make your tummy tuck flat. She leaves every patient with a high scar on one side. I was concerned about having keliods and she gave me her word she would treat any itchy raised scars. However, she failed to do so and ignores my concerns and keep telling me to purchase her biocorneum for $80 bucks. Dr. Left me with a ugly tummy tuck and I still have loose skin and fat at the bottom. I cant wear a body dress because it looks like a tire wrapped around my belly. Mind you I only weigh 128 lbs and she still could not get me flat. My belly button is big, low and ugly. Dr. will not give you a revision. Once she takes your money you get what you get. I asked for one and she got loud with me and stated I cannot get you tighter ( 3 times) Dr. D is unprofessional and unethical. She accused me of lying about the pain I am having. She has never onced called to check up on me now or after day 1 of post op. I had to beg her to prescribe me meds for pain. Pros: I made it out of surgery alive There is way more to tell you ladies. If you have any question message me. Please go and read her other TT patients comments you will find that they are not happy with results. Please don't waste your time and money. Please go else where.. there are plenty of experience professional PS in Atlanta.

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