Don't Get Calf Implants! The Satisfaction Rating on Real Self is a Joke Because the Sample Size Less Than 10 People! - Atlanta

It's a stupid procedure. Minimal difference in...

It's a stupid procedure. Minimal difference in shape, ugly, highly visible scar that screams "i've had a calf implant", horrible pain afterward, painful swelling and drainage issues, tightening and numbness of the skin--it feels awful to lose feeling and sensation. Post plastic surgery anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress-- research it -- there have been several studies done and it shows people feel worse after cosmetic surgery EVEN if they are happy with the result and have no history of these issues. My doc never warned me. In fact the doc and his nurse made me think this would be a walk in the park. I now know these plastic surgeons will say ANYTHING to get to go through with the surgery! Including lying and minimizing. All my concerns were addressed with " that is very rare (and a big smile)" that's basically a way for them to say "It won't happen to you". Talk to clergy, family, friends, just as many people as you can because it's those people who will make you realize that you don't need such a ridiculous surgery and you can love yourself just the way you are.
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