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Hi guys I'm new hear I came across this site a few...

Hi guys I'm new hear I came across this site a few months back but I have consistently get on here to look at the reviews. I'm planning on getting Butt Augmentation in October or November of this year. I have my doctor selected and all of the funds available it s just contingent on what he has available,because from what I understand Dr.Jimerson books up really fast!

Ok so long story short I have always had a pretty good figure. I have never had a problem with a flat butt. That is until after I had my second child. Omg I went from Kim k to just plain pathetic. I work out every now and again I even do squats faithfully but absolutely no results. It gets so frustrating at times to the point I just don't want to go to the gym at all.

Well that's how I came to the conclusion of butt augmentation surgery. I have researched so many doctors but only only stood out to me so I chose him. I'm in Atlanta so that means I won't have to worry about sitting on my expensive butt on an airplane after surgery. I'm honestly not really nervous about the surgery I'm more nervous about the final results. I hope they are exactly what I expected. Anywho I will keep you guys posted all the way up to the day or surgery and there after which me luck.

So I went into the office today and I did my...

So I went into the office today and I did my consultation so Im scheduled for Oct 12 yayyyy I'm so excited. I went into the office and while I was in the waiting area I met some really cool girls that were getting the same procedure. There was this one young lady that came in for her post op appointment and she had the butt aug surgery and let me tell you she had a real donk lol omg and she said it had lost some volume whattttttt? It looked ginormous lol but I can't wait until I get there. I'm still not nervous I just want to get it done and over with and back to normal : )

The time is getting closer and closer....I'm too...

The time is getting closer and closer....I'm too excited my nerves has not kicked in yet. I'm more excited than nervous. My fiancé is so great although he really doesn't want me to have the surgery he respects what I want to do. He has voiced his opinion but he wants me to be happy. Awwww I love that man so much. But anyway I would like a list of things that I may need for my big day. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know thanks!!!

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