Fixing Saggy Breastfeeding Boobs/ Inner Thigh Lipo

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I had my kids very early. Always had nice perky C...

I had my kids very early. Always had nice perky C boobs, after having them they went up and down and finally settled on a 36DD. While they aren't huge, its enough to be annoying and I'd like to return to my pre-baby figure. I work out a ton, boobs are always spilling out and I'm self conscious about their size. I'm tired of my nipples pointing downward, having rashes underneath my boobs and having my shoulders burn when I wear a bikini because they are holstered up. The reduction includes a lift and a little lipo of the bra back fat. This is my birthday present to me, hopefully it turns out.

Before pictures and pre-op adventures

So I'm heading to my pre-op appointment for my surgery. I have so many mixed emotions.
Part of me is excited about this, parts of me are really nervous and think I should just keep these old ugly boobs, they are scar free, do not hurt so why bother. I bought and have been taking all my vitamins prior to surgery to aid in healing. I'm also a bit concerned about being down for so long. How long will it be? Will I be able to get around after 2 weeks or will I feel like crap for 6 weeks? Is this really worth it. And of course I'm super nervous, the minute I leave the house for my appt the skies open up and the major highway to my docs office is shut down. Part of me wants to just turn around and say forget it.

Surgery in 3 days!

Had my pre-op with Heather the RN. I ended up getting there about 10 mins late thanks to the rain and highway shutting down but the doc's office was so understanding.

Heather also had a reduction and lift, she assured me everything would be ok. She also told me stay off the internet because it would make me crazy. I also started taking the arnica tabs per the request of my doc. I've been taking vitamin A, bromelain, slow fe and vitamin C.

I'm going to go on the bikini prep diet I did when I lost weight two years ago. So Sunday when we get home from San Fran, I'll pre cook some meals that hubby can bring me.

In a few days I will have smaller higher boobies yay!

Day after surgery

Yesterday was my surgery and it went surprisingly well! I woke up and took another shower using dial antibacterial soap, took all my jewelry off and put my hair into a ponytail.

We got there at 8am, got all the payment stuff squared away and I got my wrist band. That's when I really started to get nervous.

Nurse Cathy escorted me into the surgery center, asked me the same health questions they had asked before and then took me into the bathroom. I gave a urine sample to make sure I wasn't pregnant, then used some these warm antibacterial wipes to wipe all around my breasts and the left side of my thigh where I have that dip that doesn't match the right side (got a little bit of thigh liposuction to smooth them out too).

I then put on the ugly panties and the hospital gown, got my IV put in my left hand and Dr Ashraf, the sweetest doctor ever came in. She drew all over using the marker and talked to me about what to expect when I wake up and in the following week. Each time I talk to her I feel like she's an old girlfriend I've had for years. Outstanding bedside manner. I begged for the smallest she could make my boobs again and showed her the lipoma on my shoulder to see if they could remove that too. She said it would be a nasty scar and I should leave it.

Then she headed out and my anesthesiologist and my hubby came in. He asked a few more questions, turned out he was the same person who did my epidural when I had my 2nd son, small world. They took my pressure and it was through the roof! 143/69 (I am usually 99/59), I guess I was a lot more nervous than I thought. They gave me some meds to help me relax and I started feeling loopy.

Gave hubby a kiss and they wheeled me in the chair to surgery. In the operating room, there was a table with Hannibal lector looking arms and legs. I was starting to get sleepy anyway. After about 2 mins I woke up (it had been 3 hrs) . Nurse Deborah asked me how i was doing and how my pain was. It was about a 6 so she gave me some meds through IV. I then had to pee like crazy, couldn't in the bedpan so once my pain went down to a 3 and I drank some juice, she helped me to the bathroom.

I started to shake a LOT, I wasn't cold but they said anesthesia made some jittery. No nausea at all. Hubby came in after an hr, they tried to put the compression shorts on my thighs. It didn't fit! So embarrassing! My thighs were SO swollen. Finally they got another one and I got dressed and got wheeled out and headed home.

At home I didn't feel sleepy or have much pain. I talked to a bunch of friends and and did a little bit of email, wrapping up loose ends at work on my laptop. Hubby made me a whole30 breakfast, I napped, woke up, watched TV and went to sleep. All in all not as bad as I thought it would be.

Even in the bandages my boobs look awesome! My thighs looks super swollen, don't see any difference there yet.

Crazy sore throat

Forgot to mention, this is my first time being put under general anesthesia. I came home yesterday and my throat hurt way worse than my thighs or my breasts. I definitely wasn't expecting that. At first I thought I was getting strep throat again but spoke to my mom and she said they stuck a tube down my throat. I did a warm salt water gargle this morning and it feels a bit better. I hope that helps someone else.

4 days after surgery update

Today is Friday, it's been 4 full days since my surgery. Today I took a shower by myself. I was afraid of what my boobs would look like without the gauze so I decided to spare my dear husband. They didn't look bad! They are still taped so I couldn't see anything but my nipples which had sensation.

There didn't seem to be anymore blood, I had to carry my dog who is 12 lbs to his cage. I hope I didn't mess anything up.

Today and last night I came off the Percocet. I hadn't really felt any pain in my breasts, the only pain was when walking around from the thigh lipo. So I thought, "I'm good! Healing well! I'll just take Tylenol." Well today was not a good day. I didn't hurt, but I ached and was uncomfortable. I tried to sleep but my friends kept calling and so I couldn't get any rest. Hubby came home and saved the day, he cooked for me and gave me a Percocet and I'm feeling much better.

The surgeons office said I could take off the gauze and not replace it. But the incision area under my breast started hurting so I have 4 pieces of gauze over the portions that have been cut.

I put on my size 14 capris over my compression garments and they are still tight. I'm hoping he swelling goes down and I can get down to at least a 12. Then maybe a 10 after continuing to eat clean and walk 4 miles per day.

My top is another story. This medium shirt that was tight before is so lose. I think I'll be able to go get the crate of small shirts soon, I'm so happy about that. I also was so worried about my stomach. Right after surgery I looked about 3 loss pregnant, it must have been fluid because eating whole30 most of the time and starting to go to the bathroom yesterday has made it go down. I know that I can get my tummy small after a few weeks at the gym so I'm not worried about that.

But I am glad that I was able to address my trouble spots and can work out for enjoyment and health.

1 week post surgery

Today is exactly one week since my surgery. I have my post op appt later this week. I'm looking forward to it and a little nervous about getting my stitches out. We had to go to a get together today. Usually I wear large shirts, but I thought to try some of my size small shirts and they fit!!!!!

All my shirts fit!!!! And they fit well! I saw some of my friends and they couldn't believe the change. I am so happy I did this! My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier.

If you are thinking about it, if your breast size determines the shirts you wear, if you hate the way you look in pictures or you have lipomas on your shoulder from your bra digging in your shoulder, do it. Get a reputable surgeon and invest in you.

More pics

Went in for my 1 week lost op and it went so well. I found out my stitches are dissolvable so they just changed my tape and sent me I my way. I also bought a new black compression bra to wear. Here are some more shots. My pain is doing well, thighs are black and blue but otherwise okay.

3 weeks post

Yesterday was my 2nd post op with the nurse. I'm a little bummed I haven't seen the doctor for a post op since the surgery, don't get me wrong, the nurses are good, it would be nice for her to at least peek in. Maybe I just don't know procedure with it. Well my next appt in a month will be with her. Overall, everything is going well, my scars have settled to a fine line (forgot to take pics). I'm still taped up and will be for a while.

They aren't as high and tight as they were immediately after surgery. Also I bought a post surgery bra from the doctor for $50. Yesterday I found a bunch of bralettes in Walmart that looked exactly the same for $4.99. If you are looking to supplement the bra you get definitely check out Walmart before getting one from the doctor. I see no difference.

The doc said I can take leisurely 3 mile walks now, no power walking but 3 miles should be fine. In 3 weeks I can go back to the gym and next week I can do weight training. I think I'll just wait until 6 weeks I don't want to mess anything up and I've been eating well so I'm pleased with my weight.

Love that I can fit in size small shirts and don't have to wear all larges and mediums now.


6 week update

Love love love these boobs. I am very happy with my experience. Today I went to the gym for the first time and took a high energy Zumba class, other than the core exercises on my stomach, I felt comfortable doing everything. Back to my old self.

In total I have lost 13 lbs. I haven't been dieting and haven't exercised, but have followed the 80/20 rule of watching what I eat. I am excited to be going back to the gym and hope to lose another 25 lbs by the end of the year.

I ordered a bunch of size medium shirts from Venus, they fit great, a few were too big. I am able to fit so many more clothes now. My breasts are still taped up. The incisions are healing nicely, the larger boob has a longer incision, I hope it will start to fade. The nurse said the tape is kept on to help the incisions flatten out. But when the tape starts to fall off
I can use vitamin e oil.

Also I slept on my stomach a little last night. I'm still more comfortable on my back (even though I am a stomach sleeper). I don't like the pressure on my boobs, especially the left incision. Will give a photo update tomorrow!

I evaluated several doctors. A few who specialized in BBL, some who seemed like plastic surgery factories and settled on Dr. Ashraf after a personal recommendation from a doctor friend of mine. She had hers done there and she highly recommended her. Also had another acquaintance who went to the same practice so I feel pretty good about going. All the other surgeons were booked out months in advance but I really wanted to get this done while the kids were away for the summer and things were slow at work. I was able to get an appointment for the next week, score! While there, everyone in the office was so sweet. Dr. Ashraf spent 20-30 minutes talking with hubby and I. She wouldn't take me down to a B but I'm going to try to beg her the day of surgery. She is a mother as well and sitting down with her felt like we were old friends. Immediately both hubby and I knew she was "the one". She operates out of Northside, I like having a hospital there in case something goes wrong. She was so excited and said, "You are going to love your new boobs." Her excitement was catchy, I went from being fearful and afraid, to looking forward to it.

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