42 Y/o Mother or 2 College Boys Finally Having my Reduction! Atlanta, GA

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After all these years we've finally decided to...

After all these years we've finally decided to just go for it and pay out of pocket to hopefully help me w/the "NORMAL" problems associated with having heavy breast for so many years, not to mention the additional benefits of the wardrobe & my self esteem! Had my pre op today and I'm so nervous about everything! There are some pretty powerful medications that I have to pick up. I'm assuming it's going to be pretty bad w/scripts he wrote. Not to mention the fact that I didn't get a chance to show him the numerous pics I had saved from this site of the after reduction to be sure we are on the same page. He just assure me that it would all be fine and I'd be very happy with the results. He had sd previously that he could take them down by half of their size which I'm assuming will be around a full B or C. I guess the fear is of the unknown! I understand the "I can't guarantee u a cup it just depends on how much removable tissue is there" but just give me a little something to hope for! I know I'm just being paranoid because the staff as well as Dr. Larson have been such a help and very nice about everything. So I guess the countdown has begun! Just can't believe this time next month I will be able to go bra less (only at home of corse ha ha ha) after all this time! Somebody PINCH ME!

Finally Loving my "new real self"

All is done now and I love my new boobs! It's been a rough few days but the surgery was great. Until I got home that is. Started feeling pressure on left side and hubby was in constant contact w/Dr. LARSON. Had me back at surgery center next morning to drain or remove hemotoma! Seems like every since it's been 1 thing after another. Had my post op yesterday and they drained a few syringe fulls of a bloody liquid out. Felt awesome once the shock wore off of the needle and stuff but a few hrs after the fullness and pressure has returned! I was so exhausted today and did nothing but sleep! I was feeling so much better and haven't been taking pain pills or anything! I'm getting a bit worried now of the look of it. He's had me using nitro-bid on the blisters but assured me it wld heal fine. The nipps have really been healing as well as the other scars. Any advice wld be appreciated.

Please help

I'm going crazy! I've had to watch this progress for 3 weeks now and feel like nothing has been done. Now I'm told pack it with gauze and pull tape very tight across the wound to stretch the skin which is very painful! I'm so lost as well as angry and depressed! Was told have to wait for skin to grow back then can do a scar revision! I don't even care about the scar at this point! Even if they have to remove the entire breast I want it over????. Can anyone suggest anything please!

Went to PS yesterday

Ok, so now I have progressed to packing the wonderful 1 a day. (Wet to dry method is what they call it I believe ) when I go to change dressing, especially the 1 pkd inside the flap) HOLY CROW BATMAN! OMG then I have to clean all the blood and such where the gauze has stuck to it and is pulling all the krudd off! It's rea)y awful! Then tape it as tight as I can bare w/packing in there! Not gonna lie, IT HURTS LIKE HELL! No amt of Tylenol, aleeve or moltrin will touch the pain! Still draining alot and also still has a foul smell! Dr is going to try to get my ins to cover a wound vac so I can have a little relief and sd it wld speed my heeling time to a wk or so instead of a month or 2! Fingers crossed & praying hard! I refuse to give up and regret my choice but it seems to be getting harder & harder! Recheck w/P.S. Tuesday for progress........if any!!! Thanks for all the advice and comments from u all. They've been such a HUGE help! GOD bless

Finally got approved for the KCI Vacpac!

I'm so excited at just tell thought of not having to do those painful dressing changes (wet to dry) anymore! Can't even begin to explain. I'm just praying that it will do everything I've been hearing and heal me quicker! Will update as soon as I get started on the vac! Positive thoughts and prayers to all who are going thru and have gone thru this horrible ordeal! Happy healing

Enjoying the small boobs thing!

Still having a few issues with pain & numbness in the frankinboob! Hurts to lift the arm up or to the side all the way! Other than that I'm doing fine. Went to do my massage this morning and noticed that the 1 little opening I've been dealing with forever has finally CLOSED! Omg u just can't understand how happy this makes me. For the first time since 4/6 I will not have to wear a gauze to catch the oozing! Wow it just seems like it's been such a long journey and I have to say that Dr. Larson and his staff have really been GREAT! Assuring me that he'd be there thru the duration as well as after for the revision surgery! It's such a difficult time when u have this surgery with or without complications! I do urge everyone to just trust in the PS! If u have done your research (trust me when I say that i did a TON) hopefully you chose them for a great reason so have a little faith. I've realized that no 2 doctors are the same, plan of actions as well as their knowledge of a specific procedure! That was the hardest thing to come to terms with. My GP was saying 1 thing as my PS assuring me of another. I am still healing with each day and they r still changing day by day, so I will continue to be patient. I am looking at another surgery to revise the frankinboob. Hopefully it will happen around Sept or Oct. Cant even imagine going thru this again but then again I can't imagine myself not! Can't stand to look at it so I know it has to be done. Sorry for such a long post but I really needed to update! Hope everyone has a happy & speedy recovery!

Forgot to post b4 pic

Here are my b4. Dr. said he removed about 350 on right and 420-460 on the left. Not certain on the left that's why I put the dash in there. Lol bad memory

Revision complete!

Revision went great! Came home with very little pain even slept in my bed on my side! Unfortunately at my 4 week mark I started to have a horrible tenderness on the breast that was deformed! A week later I learned I had an infection! He had to open me up a little to let it drain. So here I am again packing and praying daily as well as taking 2 antibiotics along w/percocet & valium! Definitely feeling like whipped puppy now! Depression has kicked in and I'm seriously loosing hope!
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