50lb Weight Loss = Saggy, Flat Boobs. Atlanta, GA

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So after losing 50lbs my boobs were pretty much...

So after losing 50lbs my boobs were pretty much nonexistent. They're very flat and long. I pass up on so many cute swim tops due to the way my chest looks. Everything must be padded. I originally decided to see Dr. Jimerson as he is doing my BBL, but I wasn't confident at all with him doing my breasts. My PC couldn't provide much info and there just weren't any reviews out. It's very important that a lift is done correctly. Neat Incisions and proper implant placement are key. I began searching for other surgeons in the Atlanta area and stumbled on Dr. Colgrove. After reading his reviews and speaking with his staff I was convinced he was the guy! I spoke with Dr. Colgrove personally via Skype and he suggested High Profile Silicone Round, under the muscle with an anchor lift. His office has the 3D Vectra so I can play with different sizes the day before surgery. Any questions I've had so far the nurses have been able to answer. His staff is really knowledgeable and friendly. Another thing I like is that Dr. Colgrove has the implants in stock. Dr. Jimerson has to order them and it takes 3 days so you're pretty much stuck with whatever you order at the preop. I hate the vertical scar, but came across this gel on another girl's profile. Her scar was pretty much nonexistent at 3 months! I'm very excited about my new boobs and can't wait to see the outcome!

Labs Complete

Less than 30 days to go before I have new perky boobs. I can't wait! I had all labs completed today. Dr. Colgrove orders 5 different tests. We were able to get them all done here except for one, but the nurse at his office gave me another lab to order in place of the test that can't be performed by my current lab. Everything looks great!

New Boobs Alert

Dr. Colgrove and his staff was amazing. I originally decided on saline, but right after he marked me up I switched to 650cc Silicone HP. So far so good. I'm praying for a good recovery and that they stay perky!

My Experience

I arrived to the office around 6:30am. The nurse Robin called me to the back. She got me changed, took pictures, and took my vitals. Shortly after the anesthesiologist Ashley came in and started my IV. She was very friendly and talkative. Dr. Colgrove came in dressed for surgery and marked me up. He asked if there were any questions and told me again that I'd have great results no matter if I chose silicone or saline. I decided to switch to silicone. Dr. Colgrove was fine with my decision and did not seemed bothered with my change. The nurse took pictures again of his markings and off to the OR I went. The bed was so warm. There were about 3 other techs in the room besides the anesthesiologist and nurse. I remember Ashley saying okay babe we're going to out you to sleep and that was it. I woke up to Robin in PACU. She took me to the restroom and helped me change. afterwards she wheeled me to the car. I wasn't in much pain at all, just sore. I purchased the body pillow which allowed me to elevate myself and lay more comfortably. I was fortunate enough to have a friend that's a RN stay with me and she took really great care of me by making sure I had my meds on time, helping me to the restroom, icing my boobs, etc. Dr. Colgrove called me that night to make sure I was fine and ask if there were any questions. I'm two days post op and I'm still not experiencing much pain. I'm mainly sore. I haven't had a bowel movement so I just drank some magnesium. I'll try to wing myself off the pain killers soon and just delete on the muscle relaxers and antibiotics. I love my new boobs so far. I can't wait until the tape is removed so I can see my cuts and start applying the scar gel. My post op is scheduled for tomorrow. There's no way I could have done this with the BBL being that I'm totally dependent on my lower body and can't lay on my chest.

Drains Out

I had my first post op and everything went well. The drains were removed. One was a lot tighter than the other. The nurse numbed both incision areas before removing the drains. I was able to see my boobs for the first time sigh out the tape and they look really good. I'm hoping my scarred areas continue to look good. Colgrove's cuts are very neat! My nurse said I'm looking good already. My next appointment is this Wednesday

Pictures of incision areas

I was asked to post a pic of my incisions. These were taken 2 days post op at my appointment. I will change my tape again today and take new photos. No scar gel or silicone scar tape has been applied. My PS doesn't recommend using those products until the incisions are healed. I don't pick with my tape at all. I wet the areas and cleanse then throughly during my surgery, but I never try to peak at them. I think that plays an important part in healing. I can't wait to start using my scar gel. I'm hoping to get the scars completely gone.

Scar Pics

Body Pillow

This pillow has been a life saver! I use investment I'm just lounging in the bed and when I sleep. I tried sitting in the bed with regular pillows for support and it just didn't work. I purchased it from mycomfortu.com

Love them

I had my second post op on Wednesday. All of my staples were removed except one anchor staple in each breast. I still have the stitches in my nipples. They stitches and staples will be removed next week. Dr. Colgrove told me that I'm healing really well. My drain holes are completely closed. My scars and nipples are great! I can't start using the scar gel until one month post op when all open wounds are certainly closed. They look great already. I'm beyond satisfied with my decision thus far and cannot wait to see them drop and settle!

Happy Moment

So when I got out the shower last night I wrapped the towel and tucked it. I looked in the mirror and smiled. You know that sexy cleavage look and the towel stays up with no problem and projects from the front.....I never had that until now!

2 week update

So far so good. Scars and nipples are healing great!

2 week Pics

5 months PO

I've received a few DMs regarding updates so here we go. I looooove my boobs. I have no complaints. Dr. Colgrove gave me excitedly what I wanted. The silicone feels very natural; so glad I switched at the last minute.
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