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I have been reviewing everyone's experiences and...

I have been reviewing everyone's experiences and they have provided me with great insight so I have decided to share my experience in hopes it will help others decide what's best for them. I am 42 years old, 5'4, 135lbs, 36B, 14bwd. I have had my consultation will my PS on 02/17/16 and am excited to have scheduled my procedure for April 29th. I am going with 450cc moderate plus silicone with an anchor lift. I originally considered 500cc but was concerned about them dropping and don't want to be too big. I have scheduled a second appt. for April 4th to go over the sizing again with my PS to be sure of this decision. I will post before photos soon. Thanks to all who have posted, they have been helpful. My hubby says I am addicted to this site!!!!

Here are my sad 42 yr olds after 3 kids ; 36 B

So I really didn't want to post a before pic... ): But, I feel like it really helps when I am reading everyone else's review to see before and after pics to see if they are a similar size to me starting out... Maybe my review will help someone out too! :) So here are my stats again... I am currently in a 36 B, 5'4, 14 Bwd, 135 lbs... I am hoping to lose another 8 lbs before my surgery scheduled on April 29th! I am so excited for that day to come! I have always wanted bigger breast for twenty years, but didn't really think about BA until now that my children are older... I am thinking of going with 450 cc Silicone moderate plus and I am getting a lift... That is the hardest part I think is deciding on what size to go with... I have been on this site so much reading everyone's reviews and looking at before and after pics... I am nervous because I don't want them to be too small or too big... Lol... I originally had decided on 500 cc but recently changed my mind to 450cc... Thank you everyone for all your reviews! They have really helped me and have given me an idea of what to expect with surgery! Count down is on! Hurry up April 29th!!! :)

Counting down! Seems like forever!!!

Before pics... 36 b can't wait to get my BA :) I still go back and forth about what size to get? And based on all the reviews I have read so does everyone else! Yikes... Need help deciding! Help ladies! 450 or 475?

Counting down!

Received my first package of things I have ordered for surgery! Getting excited for next month!

Ready to get rid of all these push up bras!!!

Getting so excited and am so ready to get rid all of these push up bras! :D

Side view before pic

Getting closer

Starting to stock up on the things I will need! :)


Checklist almost Complete!

I am getting super excited for Surgery day! I went out yesterday and bought most of the things that I had left on my checklist! Happy Easter Ladies! And Happy Healing to all of you that have already had your surgery! ??

Labs done

Pray for me ladies! Had my labs done today and am hoping everything comes back good! Have an appt on Monday to decide on the size, and should have the lab results back then!

Got lab results back and decided on 475

Had an appt. with my PS today! Happy to say that labs came back good! So pre op will be on the 27th! Woo hoo!! Here is a pic of 450 sizer! So After trying on sizers I am going with 475 cc since will lose some going under the muscle! So they said will look like 450!



So excited!!! Surgery is now paid in full! Also, found out my surgery will be at 7am on the 29th which I am so happy to be having it the morning!

I also stopped in Victoria Secret the other day and was measured just to see, and was told I am currently a 34B. she told me to come back around the four week mark after my BA to be measured again. :)

Yay had my surgery this morning

I had my surgery this morning!! 475 moderate plus
Tightness seems to be the worst part . Oh and trying to keep my eyes open too! Lol!
Will try an update more later!

Post op

Today has been a little better than yesterday, but chest is still pretty tight. I have had to take my pain medicine every four hours and my husband set his alarm in the middle of the night too. I don't know if it's cuz I also had lift done, but it's pretty painful. The hardest part is trying to get up and down. I get light headed, dizzy and nauseous if I stand too long. I am still taking the morphine. I figure I will stay on that through tomorrow then switch to hydrocodone. Here is a pic of today. I still haven't seen them. I won't be able to see them until my post op appt on Monday. I'm hoping then they will be able to take out the drains. Hope everyone else is doing good and healing well. Xoxoxo

Post op day 3

Post op appt today. Hoping to get my drains taken out. Still taking pain medicine, hoping to switch over in a couple more days. I slept a little better last night, and feel like I'm able to get around a little better today. I will finally be able to see them today. I am excited but nervous too cuz I know probably won't look too good since I had a lift done. I will update more later. Hope everyone is healing well! Xoxo

Day 5 post op 475 CC Moderate Plus Under the muscle

Hello Lovely gals! Today is day 5 post op... I decided to stop taking hydrocodone and switch to Motrin today. I will prob still take the hydrocodone maybe just at night. I am feeling a lot better and definitely more alert instead of being so confused. Also, since being on Motrin I am not in and out so much. Lol. I can start to see some progress and can't wait for the drop and fluff part. Right now I try not to look too often and am trying to stay patient. But, Love them so far!!!!! :) Hope everyone else is healing nicely! Xoxoxo

S l o w l y dropping

Post op day 8

Post op day 8

Post op day 8 Still have tape over my incisions from lift. I go back in ten days to have stitches removed. Each day gets better. They are slowly dropping and not looking so high up and square! Getting more and more happy with my results! Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms!! <3

Pre op photo with 475 sizer

These were taken at my pre op appt two days before surgery with 475 sizer on.

Day 12 post op

Day 12 post op Happy, happy, happy! They are still slowly dropping and getting more shape! I am so happy I had this done! :) I can't wait till my incisions are healed up, and to also see what they will look like when they are done dropping and fluffing! Staying patient ;)

Post op Day 5/ post op Day 12

Three months post op

3 mths post op 475 moderate plus

Finally bathing suit shopping

Almost 5 mths post op

Almost 5 mths post op VS 36 DD no padding

Almost 5 months post op

VS 36 DD
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