32 Years Old, 4 Kids, 108 Lbs, 5' 3" SIZE?! Atlanta, GA

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Ah! My surgery date is finally set for a little...

Ah! My surgery date is finally set for a little more than two months down the road. Personally, I dont feel pregnancy took a toll on my breasts... Nursing those babies on the other hand... That did the damage. Beings I am traveling quite far for the procedure, the amount of time I have to make a size decision will be short. I want to look natural but be big enough for them to be fun!! Ive never felt comfortable in a swim suit. This is really exciting for both my husband and I. At this point I joined realself in order to help get an idea of what Im looking for prior to my consultation. Surgery will be the day after. The method im planning on going w is TUBA. The doctor I've chosen has done many of them and I liked him over the phone. I really hate the distance thing. When picking a doctor it would be preferable to meet prior face to face. Nevertheless, Im feeling quite optimistic.

Photos before


I do NOT want a large gap for my cleavage but have no idea how this is accomplished. Does it depend on each persons body and the size of implants?

I really want my breasts to be proportionate w my booty. The thoughht of curves makes happy. Yay

When women say they want their clothes to fit better Im always a bit confused. Personally I dont find it difficult to find clothing that fits appropriately. But Im concerned about finding it after. I imagine in some pieces I will go up a size or possibly two. What concerns me is it will be long or loose in my waist/arms in doing so. Through this I hope to get more versatility in my wardrobe vs restrictions. As a mother of four I dont like to show off cleavage and like to dress cute but conservative. I hope this doesnt become a challenge.


Well my paperwork is completed and the surgery is paid for! It is such a bummer I have to wait two months for the surgery. With my husband's schedule there is no way to bump up the date. As an oilfield wife I certainly dont need him there for support (tho he is my bff.) It just stinks I need a caretaker afterwards but I understand why it's necessary. Im not telling anyone about the BA so there really isnt another option *sigh* I also want another baby (quite badly) but the timing hasnt worked w him working in a different State than we live. The timing would have actually worked this month but now I'm waiting on that too. Hopefully we can try this summer come July and August since we will be spending the entire summer together. Im sure June wont be an option as I will most likely O around the day of surgery give or take a couple days. Oh well


So yesterday was our 11 year marriage anniversary. My husband and I have been together since 15... Over half of our lives already. The BA was my actual anniversary gift. But he got me some bras and other girly things to open. He learned that the Dream Angels collection is the only bra at Victorias Secret that is recommended for breast augmentation. That info seemed rather useful. The gal that helped him guessed I will end up a 32 D (w the range he gave her for cc) but said while healing I will want to wear a 34 C for the extra room. I wish we had an actual dize pinned down. Bra shopping could really help w the wait ;) While this may need to be exchanged I really appreciated the thoughtfulness!!!

Anticipating pain/update

I keep reading about how painful this surgery is... And it has me nervous. How does it compare to a csection?

We have decided to move our family across country for my husbands job in 3 weeks. So for about a month i have been working all day getting my home ready to sell. At least i dont have much time to think about having to wait for the surgery and its better we get this out of the way first. Part of me is pretty sad to leave my home town. But i love my husband more. #newbeginnings


Happy Mother's day to all the mamas out there!!

We move in 12 days. Im not sure if Im more nervous about that or the surgery. Typically right now Ive been far to busy to give either much thought but every so often i feel a bit overwhelmed about whats coming up over the next month. My weight is probably heavier than usual at this time of yr. Im not eating as healthy as I should be w everything that is going on and that means my kids arent either :( generally we order food in once a wk at most and it has been much more frequent. My husband doesnt cook and im not looking forward to dealing w ordering in after the surgery either.

If I recall correctly we cant wear makeup the day of surgery. Im wondering if i can negotiate that at all w my dr. All I wear is mascara and lipgloss but i really dont want to go without either. We already have to b naked. My lashes are quite light and when I dont wear mascara people think I appear younger which makes me feel weaker for some reason haha. I could settle w mascara and chapstick.

Ive read on here how women arent able to shower til day four... Wtf. Idk i can deal w that. The day after my csections I showered. Why is this different?

My cheap lil button up shirt dresses finally came in the mail. I got em from forever 21 and think they will b quite convenient. Im wondering if wedges will work the day of surgery. Its probably better to play it safe w flat sandals... But thats just so plain blah
Ive considered sweatpants and a zip up shirt but doubt that would b comfortable w it being summer. Ohio was uncomfortably hot last summer... Im guessing Atlanta will be the same (coming from a ND girl.)

if raising your arms is difficult im concerned it will be impossible to do my hair. Ive been trying to teach my 7 year old daughter to braid. It isnt going well. Im almost considering giving up and teaching my 10 yr old son but am not sure I could talk him into it ;) my little girl has picked up a couple basic things that will get me by if it truly is impossible to lift my arms tho i probably still wont b happy w my appearance. Any tips on this would b greatly appreciated

Asymetery has me nervous. I seen a girl that dropped on one side and not the other. That i cant deal w. Ive seen others whose nipples are like really low. It makes me extremely nervous. I can wear my hair many different lengths and styles but i certainly dont like it to look stupid for even a day. W this being so permenant good results feel crucial.

There is also a smaller mole in between my breasts im considering having removed at the time of surgery if possible. Has anyone else had this done? Would insurance cover something like that?

The surgery is about five weeks away. So much will have changed by then. Out w the old and in w the new I guess. Im really going to miss my family here and we know no one where we are going. *sigh*


So after we had decided to move forward w the BA and move we found out my MIL had breast cancer... Again. We were waiting to find out if it had spread (to decide on a definitive move) but moved forward w preparing to go. She found out it had not spread!! But then it took them nearly three weeks to have her Masectomy. Her lump was near her lymph node so we have been waiting on results. Today we found out things did NOT change!! While that is a relief I now feel almost guilty I will have my procedure before she has her reconstruction. It makes me feel guilty. Nevertheless we will be gone so it is something that doesnt need attention called to. I believe she will have hers done this fall.

On another note Im hoping to reschedule my consultation for about a wk before the surgery. It feels a bit overwhelming trying to make these decisions last minute. That would mean I dont check out Nashville on the way down to either Destin or Gulf Shores but what really matters is that I have time to process everything. We can always go there another time. I keep going back and forth on how big I want to be. I want to be a bit bigger than my husband prefers. We had a talk and he is on board w me walking away w what I want. Still he keeps going back to being more conservative than me... Wanting me to go w about the smallest implants.


Normally I'd never share a boobie pic w anyone but my husband... Now im posting one on the internet lol. This isnt flattering but it is as accurate as I could get. one is more deflated and hangs lower than the other. Im wondering if this will require a lift on that side or if going slightly larger will take care of the problem. Im also concerned about low nipple positioning.

Whats up!!

My consultation got moved up to June 12th!! Super exciting!!

We move in two days and im going a route that skips Minneapolis and Chichago which makes me much more comfortable. Last time i went that way my little girl asked why so many people kept flipping me off haha

We found out my mother in law has to do chemo today. I feel horrible for her. :(


Well I'm back to my original consultation date given my husbands schedule. I keep going back and forth between high profile and moderate plus. Recently Ive read a couple opinions that have me feeling like moderate plus is the best option for saline and my sz. I still want to look natural enough for people to wonder if they r fake or real... I dont want it obvious they r fake. My husband was thinking a large C and Im thinking a small D for sz. Is that pretty much the same thing?! Haha!! Im anxious to meet my doctor to hear his opinions after he has examined me. Two weeks baby!!

Schedule change

I have changed my appointments an obscene amount of times. The gal in my PS office gets an A+ for always being such a gem dealing w this. Surgery is in a wk!! Here are my wish boobs... But I have no idea if they are even a close possibility w what I have. I feel like all my spare time is spent looking at boob pics. Prior to going down this path I dont think I ever looked at a single topless photo. :P My mind keeps going back and forth trying to figure out which implant best suits me... High profile or maybe moderate plus. At this point i wanna show my doctor what I like and trust in him. Im praying the teardrop natural look can be achieved.

B Day

It's B. day!! I cant sleep. My consult was yesterday. My doctor picked high profile for my frame and Im happy w that. However, Im pretty sure I went w implants that are too big for my body. We have four kids who attend private catholic school. This NEEDS to look natural. If they look noticibly fake they are coming out. I went w 350-375cc. Tmw im calling first thing. Id rather look as i do pre op than top heavy or like a stripper... Kinda.freaking.out. Idk i should b focusing on the numbers. Wish I could sleep Zzzzzz

On the other side

So I got the transumbilical breast augmentation!! It is scarless and that makes me soooo happy. I also love it is the least likely method to have loss of feeling Dr Pound and his staff were amazing. He also removed a fat pocket by my belly button and a mole on my chest. I was in serious pain afterwards. Part of it had to do w not having caffeine. The pain was worse than my csections. Today at my follow up my doctor switched my pain med. he said if one doesnt work another usually does. We are going to get that filled asap. He ended up putting in 350 cc high profile implants. He said they all thought that suited me best. They are of course high and swollen but I feel confident they are going to turn out perfect. The staff were all so friendly from the office manager, to the nurse, and the doctor of course!! My husband and I couldnt be more happy as of now. Coming to Georgia seems to have def been the right choice. They referred me to a massage therapist who specializes in breast augmentation. Im on my way now to give that a try. It is supposed to really help. And man do i need relief. I also got very nauseous and slept sitting up. My left aide hurts more than my right. Im looking forward for the next week to go by so things feel better.


This morning I actually woke up hungry. I did take my nausea medicine before bed but hopefully that can be discontinued now. The gal that does massage therapy thru Dr Pounds office was so so good. We ended up staying an extra night so I can go see her one more time. Today I can tell things are going to start getting better. Im praying the drive home is bearable as thus far car rides have made the pain much worse. Still, i feel better!

5 days post op

Today is five days post op. Yesterday I cut my pain meds in half. Tonight Im going to take them before bed. I think we forgot the binder at the hotel so I've been using belts which seem to work well along w a sports bra and cami. Today I had my first BM (gross right) since surgery. Ive been taking laxatives but am sure the pain meds brought on constipation. Yuck. The swelling in my tummy (from going thru the belly button) is still there but it is decreasing. Its the only spot im bruised. Im anxious for them to drop but my husband already loves them and reminds me it wont happen overnight. He has cooked every meal and has been so great. Icing and massaging have been life savers. Today is the first day I havent experienced nausea. My arms are much better today too.

Down way low

So my breasts are boxy up top and my nipples point down. Im anxiously waiting to drop to see a change in nipple positioning. Patience isnt a virtue I was given but luckily i have a reassauring husband. Yesterday I started feeling much better and went out to eat. I cleaned up and just got around good. But the nausea came back. Ive stopped taking probiotics. It listed nausea as the second most common side effect and I think that may be the problem. This photo shows my fav belt. It is fits perfectly and provides support but isnt as tight as most of my other belts.


My nipples have been incridibly sore since the surgery. Im wondering how long this will last. My right side dropped (slightly) and that nipple came up just a little. It gives me hope!! That side had looser skin. The other side is still about the same. I massage 2x a day for about five minutes. There was a video online that i watched and I follow that routine. Here is a side view pic. I need to clean my kids bathroom mirror. Blah. After we have another baby Im kinda considering a mini tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin from all the csections. Thats a bit down the road. This morning I was down to 108 again. The nausea is better but its still here a bit. My husband convinced me to eat supper last night... Which was a good thing. Oh and i found the binder hidden!! It is waaaay more comfortable than a belt.

Boob bipolar

What can I say... The early journey after this procedure has given me many ups and downs emotionally. I must say how grateful I am that my doctor prepared me. He told me I would not like them after the surgery and that I would need to give it time. When i look in the mirror and see a displeasing reflection it makes me cry lol. Thank God I have my husband to remind me of my doctors words when feeling insecure. I wasnt going to post naked after pics but i've thought about how horrible it would be to be in these shoes w/o the support i have. I imagine a woman going in w a friend and afterwards feeling the same as me. What if she didnt go to her same friend or if that friend just wasnt there for here like a significant other. So on that note here is my early progression. I can really see a big difference already. Ive also stopped comparing myself to women who havent went through pregnancy and who are a goid 10 years younger. Clearly, they have different starting points than me. Many days i wear that binder uncomfortably tight... Bc i want them to drop badly.


I wanted to update pics since i havent for a while... As usual my mirror need to b cleaned. Kids! :)

+ 3

Here r a few more

Garments on

It looks pretty natural i think

Garments on


Belly button scar

Final update

They look natural and my dr did an amazing job!! I wish i would have went bigger even tho i panicked b4 the surgery and begged they went on the smaller side. I've considered seeing if i can have em slightly filled up more beings these r saline. For now I'm wearing push up bras a lot. So glad i went saline btw. They dont feel like a bag of water to me. W everything said and done I'm one happy customer!!

One yr later

So they look waaaay better one yr post op. Here is the final result.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pound did the TUBA procedure on me. I traveled far to see him and was hoping I had made a good decision. He and his staff were the right fit for me!! I trust this Dr and would with out question go back. It also meant a lot knowing that he helps disadvantaged children who have deformities.

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