24, 5'3 108 lbs, 300-325 Cc Mod Profile Saline. Atlanta, GA

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I have been contemplating having a BA for several...

I have been contemplating having a BA for several years now. Things like "I'm terrified to have surgery!" and "How the hell am I going to afford that!" have definitely held me back lol This year for my 24th birthday which is this upcoming Friday (September 26th), I finally decided to go balls to the wall and give myself the gift that I really wanted. Honestly, I have no idea what size my breasts are now. I always thought a 32 B but those don't always fit (too big). I seem to have a decent amount of breast tissue until I put on a swimsuit or a top and then my breasts completely disappear. I couldn't create cleavage even if I i had a bulldozer to push the two together! I have really been struggling with size. I don't want a "rack", I just want really nice shaped full breasts. I have seen a good bit of pictures on here of women who have gotten 275cc-300cc and I think that's the range I am most comfortable. Initially at my consultation, I thought I wanted 350cc but considering the circumference of my chest is only 24 1/2 inches I think that would look huge! My best friend who has had hers done as well (by the same PS). Recommends atleast 375cc, but for some reason I don't think I'll have boobie greed. Or atleast nothing I can't get over....and if I do there's always a push up bra for that right?

Happy Birthday to me! Not so happy Pre-op appt :-/

So my birthday was friggin amazeballs! lol Spent it in Mexico with my BFF Ivana, and we had a great time. We snorkeled with sea turtles, went kayaking, got massages, laid on the beach and drank mixed drinks like water haha! But anywho, upon returning from my vacation with travelers diarrhea I might add!! (Sorry if TMI), I had my pre-op appointment the next day at Dr.Colgrove's office. I was super excited because I thought the doctor would be there and that he would draw on me and measure me again and offer more insight on this internal conflict I've been having about sizing. But when I got there, I soon realized that I would only be meeting with the nurse and NOT the surgeon :-/ Has this been the case for anybody else? I went over all of the risks and complications....which I knew most of them already because I am a nurse on a surgical floor myself, and then I told her that I was unsure about size and wanted to try on the sizers again. This time she had me try on the surgical bra with the actual breast implants not the sizers. It was helpful to see the actual size of the implants (she bought in 350cc and 375cc) but I must admit that the implants themselves looked HUGE and that scared me. I don't want a "rack" I just want nice perky full small breasts. She measured my bwd again and said that because it was 12.5 the recommended size for me would be 375cc moderate profile. Has anybody else experienced this? Being pushed to go to a larger cc implant because of bwd size? I kept emphasizing that I didn't want gigantic boobs and finally she said that she would just write down that we would do a 325cc implant that could be filled up to 375cc. I am definitelyyyyy leaning more toward 325cc, I would be very upset if I got 375cc. I am going to emphasize this to the doctor on the day of surgery as well. Like many of you, my wish boobs are a photo of Jenah Yamamoto goshhhhh her boobs are AMAZING, perfect size. Does anyone know her weight/height??? I will post pre-op pics soon. Thanks!!

Before & Hopefully After HAHA

How many cc's do you guys think it will take to achieve this look???

Mas o menos 9 dias! Ahhhh :-/

I am obsessing BIG time about size and incision point. I don't know why I've been considering an armpit incision lately when from the get-go I said that I would get a crease incision. I guess I'm afraid of scarring :-( As far as size, I think Im pretty sure about 325cc although Im hoping now that it's not too small though I don't want really gigantic breasts hmmm.....thoughts?

3 days!

With just 3 days until surgery, I figured I'd post a full body picture of myself so you guys can see what type of body type I have and 2 more wish photos.

I have boobs!!!!

All done!!

Farting Boobies lol

Nobody told me that air would get trapped in the pocket that the breast implant sits, so everytime I move or adjust my bra my breasts "fart". Its 100% painless but I can't help but think I'm doing something wrong to them lol. Here's a pic of where I am so far...The left breast (your right) is my favorite, did anybody have a favorite breast and a stubborn breast during the healing process?? The right is giving me pain! It's not excruciating but its a little more sore and slightly bruised on the outside. I was wondering if I could have developed a hematoma there but then I googled pictures and my boob is minimally bruised compared to those pictures. Maybe I just need to appreciate them as "individuals" and quit expecting the two to be exactly the same haha I also thought I would get lucky and avoid the bloating bug since I hardly ever get bloated but nope WRONG. Got a big ole preggo belly right now.

Impatient for my boobs to be normal!!

I know that it's only been 5 days since surgery but I guess I had it in my head that BA is such a minor surgery that my boobs should be healed and done by now. I can move my arms a wholeeeee lot more now which is GREAT, and ive been gently massaging just to ease out the muscle cramps. My post op appointment is today, I think I'll feel so much more better once he tells me that everything is fine. My boobs are bigger than I hoped for but I don't mind, I just hope that they look proportionate with my body in the end. My husband loves them already , so I guess that counts for something haha

MUCH harder recovery than I thought!

I have read soooo many journey's and it seems like no one really talked about how HARD a recovery breast augmentation surgery is. I have felt absolutely horrible the last 2 days, from the burning pain in the muscles on the side of my chest, the bloating and rock hard bowel movements (sorry tmi), being completely winded and freaking out that I wasn't breathing properly, the thrush on my tongue and throat from the antibiotics, and finally I can roll onto my side a little and Im supposed to go back to work tomorrow. On all these posts I see women trying on so many different outfits showing their breasts off, I barely want to shower :-/ Maybe I'm the exception to the rule...but I think this will be my last plastic surgery haha

Feeling loads better!

Still not sure about the size on me, but physically I feel sooooo much better. I attempted to return to work Thursday but it was a little too soon, I got very winded and experienced a lot of nerve pain on my sides so I took the rest of the week off but feel ready to go back tomorrow. My husband, best friend, and family have been extremely supportive so it's helped me through the "boobie blues". I have taken pictures to post but for some reason I can't post from my phone so I'll try to figure out another way to get them posted. Thanks for reading!

Photo update!

Swelling decreased soooo much, still waiting on the implant to drop into the pocket though.

Photography and implants..

Something I didn't realize until I had implants, was that they photograph so strangely! They look smaller on camera to me than in real life, the shape doesn't look true to real life, and it's hard to tell the actual size all together! Just thought I'd throw that out those, for those looking at wish pictures.

Feeling almost 100%

I've been feeling much, much, better. No longer short of breath, no more burning nerve pain on my right side thank the lord!! I can work and sleep comfortably. And although they are bigger than they originally asked my hubby loves them! & they are also growing on me. I went to victoria's secret yesterday to get measured, and the vanity sizing is true. I'm a 32DD there. But I have the appearance of a nice C cup. I start massaging next Monday, but honestly I've been lightly massaging from probably Day 4 or 5 post op because I found that it was the only thing that helped with the tightness and nerve pain. I quit taking pain medicine a long time ago, but I've been off the muscle relaxant quite a while now too. Now that I feel well, I've been trying on clothes and the difference it makes in feeling out clothes....wow! I feel so much sexier. At this point even though I had an AWFUL recovery, I mean truly horrible, I am very very happy now. Would I do it again knowing in advance the type of recovery I would have had? I don't know lol that sh*t was rough! haha I'll post some more pictures as my implants fall into the pockets. Til next time.

My girls!

Lovingggg them.

Lingerie Shopping

I went lingerie shopping yesterday and felt like a new woman! I filled out everything perfectly and even bought something wayyy more revealing than I ever would have! As for my breasts, they are changing and looking more and more natural everyday. To me they have the appearance of a small C but are a Double D cup currently. It's like one day they magically got soft, now I love them more than ever. My PS told me to start sleeping on my stomach so I've been doing that. At first it felt like laying on two water balloons but after three days it's basically the same as pre boobs. I cannot believe I got my boobs done still. I have been wanting them since I was a young teen. I am so thankful with how supportive my family has been especially my husband. He has been listening to me talk about them and whine for months now lol and still at least pretends to care haha.

My New Body


Before I got my BA I had a ton of questions some odd that I couldn't find in reviews or through google searches, about how saline implants felt, if you could feel the implant underneath the breast tissues, if the incisions hurt and how long they took to be less tender or how long it would take for the nerve pain to go awake etc etc. So if anyone has any questions no matter how weird haha post them below & I'll be glad to answer :-)

Drop & Fluff = ouch!!

My breasts are dropping everyday, the sides and bottoms of my breasts are filling in (yay). However I had no idea I would be so sore during this process!! It's not horrible but it's like if you do too many push-ups and now you're achy kind of feeling. Sometimes at work I need a Tylenol but otherwise it's okay. I feel like I need to dispel some rumors about saline breasts. They do not have to look super round and fake! My PS created a natural slope and the more and more they drop the more and more natural they look just like silicone in my opinion (a friend has silicone). They are firmer than silicone but firmer does NOT mean hard! They are soft just not exactly the same consistency as natural breast tissue but that also depends on how much tissue you started with. & last but not least fake boobs do giggle haha

Oh &....

This is from a tiny girl who is otherwise considered conservative! When it comes to sizing. Trust your PS please! Initially they will be swollen, you will whine to your bf or husband incessantly and you may cry. But once it goes down, if he chose the correct size for your BWD you will love them. Implants tend to look small under clothes and huge naked, just comes with the territory. So if you go small to get a small look nude you may still look flat chested under your clothes. Just some boobs for thought :) lol



They look and feel more natural everyday. I had an air pocket in the side of my left breast that I was obsessing over, but I just checked today and it's GONE!!! Woo hoo! Can't wait for it to be bikini season, til then I'll be working out to get my killer summer body. Thanks for following my review so far

Can't wait!

Can't wait til summer to show off the girls!!

Dr. Colgrove was AMAZING, I felt really comfortable with him and could tell that he is truly a master of his craft. He is a perfectionist, I could not have imagined that my breast could have came out any more perfect than they did, and he seemed to know exactly what I wanted size wise even though I didn't!. There was one nurse who was rushing me and was very short and snippy with me which I did not like, but Dr. Colgrove and his amazing talents clearly made up for it. The facility was clean, beautiful, and conveniently located and the staff that assisted in the actual surgery were very sweet and awesome. If I ever need another procedure I will be going back to him!

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