30 Yrs Old... Ready to Get my 22 Yo Waist Back (Lipo of Abdomen and Full back) - Atlanta, GA

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I've been trolling this site for about 2 years now...

I've been trolling this site for about 2 years now and I've finally decided to make the leap to get Lipo. I'm scheduled for Monday to get my full abdomen & upper back done. I've been doing a ton of research and putting all my faith in to Dr. Davoudi. My life is so consumed with work that I haven't put much time in to keeping my body right. I've gained a ton of weight within the last year. I'm 5'3" and couldn't believe that I had tipped the scale at 180. Luckily by the time I reached that point, my appointment had already been set. I already have big boobs & a big butt naturally, just needing the small waistline to complete the package. Lol. I've only taken a week off from work, so I'm hoping the downtime isn't too extensive. I see a lot of tummy tucks and breast lift reviews for Dr. Davoudi, so if anyone has had just lipo only, please share with me your experiences.

Postponed...yet completed

I was unable to get my surgery done as planned on Monday the 25th. There was a miscommunication with the staff and I, as to when I was supposed to take my blood thinner prescription. I was taking them before the surgery, which cause my blood to be too thin for Dr. Davoudi to proceed. So long story short, I had to wait until Wednesday.

I'm now 1 day post op and I don't think I've ever experienced this much pain in my life. I've cried and freaked out about 5 time so far. I think it's because I've never seen this much blood on my own body. I'm soaking up my pads very quickly with all of my draining. So glad my Mother came in town to help take care of me, because my hyperventilation episodes have scared my boyfriend half to death. Lol. My oxycodone medication has not helped a lot, I feel like I'm immune to it. Laying down and getting up out of bed is the hardest thing to do. I feel like I've been doing sit ups, crunches & push ups non stop for a week straight. But surprisingly when I'm up walking around, everything is cool.

I'm seeing some good results already. i can't wait to see it all when the swelling goes down.

Before Pics

Before Pics

1 Day Post Op

After removing my first set of bandages & cleaning my incision sites

Pain & Anxiety

5 days post op... And I keep having to remind myself of that. I keep saying, 'it hasn't even been a week yet, so stop trippin!'. I think I was expecting specific results in a couple days, that usually take people a couple months to achieve. Im working on this thing called patience. My pain is still crazy. I had to request an extra week off from work. Not sure how some people are able to go back after a couple of days. I have a very low tolerance for pain. No babies, no injuries and no surgeries (besides wisdom teeth) before this. So far, couple things that I believe will be essential to those about to go through the surgery, or that are still in recovery. 1. Get yourself a heating pad. Trust me, it helps 2. Smooth Move Tea. I thought I wouldn't have a problem with constipation, because I've always been regular (2 times a day) but boy was I wrong. It took me 4 days to use it. 3. Maternity pants. These will be your best friend upon returning to work. I personally don't see jeans anywhere in my near future. Lol.

Garment Shopping

I was out shopping at Leonisa yesterday for a new body shaping garment. The one that I got from the Doc is killing me. It's one with the butt out, for bbl patients I guess....but it digs in to my skin. No bueno! Dr. Davoudi gave me a list of sites that I could go to that he approved of for post-op garments. Just so happens that Leonisa was on the list, and this company has a physical store that is close to my house. So of course I took a dressing room pic while in the process of trying on the garments. Thought I'd share the update. Yesterday would've been 9 days post-op for me.

Itching like crazy!

Ugh! This is so annoying!!! I've read that it is normal after liposuction, but OMG! It's becoming unbearable! Just needed to rant for a hot second because this is currently keeping me awake and I have to work in the morning. Smh. But in other news, my pains are subsiding. I've only taken 1 of my pain pills in the last 2 days, so that's great. It's still painful, so don't get me wrong, but I can deal with it. The most uncomfortable I've been is when I'm driving with my binders on. Today marks 2 weeks post op for me. I'm gonna start my lymphatic drainage massages next week, so I'll be sure to update.

Massage Envy

Im one day shy of being 3 weeks post op, and today I got my first lymphatic drainage massage. I decided to get a membership at Massage Envy because there's one right by my house, and they have them all over the country. So that works out great if I'm traveling. And might I add... their customer service was awesome!! From the front desk to the massage table. My therapist was so knowledgeable with the lymphatic system. She could obviously feel everything that was going on underneath my skin, because she knew exactly what to focus on without me having to tell her. It was painful, but felt great all at the same time. This was my first massage ever, and I just wish i could get one every day. Lol. I just hate that I would only be able to see her once a week due to our schedules, but hopefully the next person I get is just as good. (I plan to go twice a week) It's probably all in my head, but it seems like whatever she was doing is working already. I feel like the massages (plus the ab board that I got in the mail today) should have me all the way flat sooner than later.... Well at least I hope so. Hope you all are doing well out there!


I've been putting my navel ring in once a week, just to make sure my hole doesn't close.

(Side note: my friends hate that I still have one, but my stomach looks so bare to me without it. Lol)

It opened up my eyes to my results so far, because now I can actually see the whole thing! Check my before pics, and you can see how the bottom of it was pretty much hiding inside of my navel. Lol.

This post is really random, I know. But I was starting to feel like my shape was at a stand still. So this just gave me a bit of hope. It's hard to tell the changes some times when you're looking in the mirror every single day. I know I still have a long way to go.

One year later

Truly not happy with the results. My back rolls came back months ago, and my lower abdomen never flattened out. I wore my garments and used my ab board faithfully. I went to the office about 2 weeks ago to see what options I had for gettimg it redone. The Doc was out of town, so the staff just weighed me and took pics. They couldn't tell me what my options were without having seen the doctor. So I go to the front desk to schedule an appt for whenever he returned from vacation. The receptionist tells me that it would cost $100 just to see him. Really? After spending $8k already? That's absurd! Especially when there's a possibility that he can't even do it due to scar tissue. Waste of money for me.
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