Breast Implant Revision & Axilla lipo

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I got implants (Mentor HP round saline 325 cc...

I got implants (Mentor HP round saline 325 cc filled to 360 & 370 ccs) 5 1/2 years ago in March 2008. They are sub-glandular (over the muscle) and the incision was aerolar. Most of my problems started about 2 years ago.

1. I have been having sharp, needle-like stabbing pain in my cleveage area
2. The center of my clevage has shifted to the right (the middle of my breasts no longer align with my clavicle... it is noticeable and affects how clothes fit & lay on my body)
3. my left breast appears to not have ever fully dropped
4. i have a "bubble" on my right implant that moves. 2 surgeons told me it was the valve. 2 tol me it was not the valve. i dont know what it is, but it grosses me out.
5. the shape of my breasts has changed a bit, and they look noticeably fake.

i have gone to 4 different surgeons in atlanta. one office in buckhead wouldn't schedule me with the surgeon, even after explaining the complexity of my case. they swore that the assistant would know exactly what the doctor would say... however, once i got there, she said that i "stumped her" and she took pictures of me to let the doctor see, and then said i needed a full Mastopexy and possibly Strattice, along with silcone replacements. they would keep the same pocket. $12,990

another doctor said i just needed them replaced, over the muscle, and that i had a Baker IV capsular contracture. $4800

The third surgeon, who originally put my implants in, said i needed to have the pockets redone, and that he would keep the implants in the same pocket, over the muscle. $6600

I went to Dr. Connors, who is going to be doing an internal bra with suchers, removing the implant shell (which will be drained 1 week prior to surgery), soldering the old capsule, and putting silicone implants under the muscle. I wil also be getting some lipo on my bra buldge, under my armpits. total estimated cost for all of this is $9670.

I will add photos after my breast implants are drained next week and do my best to update this through my journey! I am so nervous, yet anxious, to have this done. If anyone has any advice, please reach out!!!

Night before pre-op appt & implant draining

I'm scared to death of having my implants drained tomorrow morning. I seriously haven't slept well in 3 nights.

I am scared to see what the will look like, and how my breasts will feel without the saline. I know this is very temporary- only 1 week with "no boobs" but hey have become a big part of me. I don't want to be without them.

Has anyone ever had their saline implants drained before revision? Did your breasts look like they did before implants or were they saggy? Did it hurt during the procedure or afterwards? How did your clothes fit? Did you wear the same bras and just stuff them? (Ha... I'm seriously considering this)

I'm going to try and document the procedure live tomorrow. There isn't a ton of info on "pre-op implant draining" so hopefully my experience-good or bad- can help inform someone else.

Day of surgery.... Omg

Good news:
1. It's over
2. No drains
3. Surgery was only 2 hrs, not 3-4 as anticipated
4. No nausea or vomiting
5. I am very aware and alert. Still myself. Probably because they used propophol to knock me out.
6. My breasts look smaller and more natural already.

Not so great news:
1.Holy sh*t this hurts.

Seriously... This is much more painful than my first BA. But it's tolerable.

He removed a lot of scar tissue and the internal bra is stitched to my chest wall & rib cage (I think...?) on top of going under the muscle vs. over the muscle the first time. I had some limo done underneath my armpits, too, which likely contributes to this pain.

It hurts to breathe. It hurts to move. But I am walking around a lot and standing to help prevent blood clots in my legs. My throat hurts pretty bad too from the tube they insert.

My mom can already tell a difference about how much better they look. I do not have a ton of swelling around my neck and clavicle which is good too.

I had an absolute All-Star operative team. My anesthesiologist was laid back and answered my questions in 2 ways: Medical terminology & real talk. Dr. Connors answered all of my mothers questions and put us both at ease. The recovery nurse (who is actually a travel nurse) was Auh-may-zing. Couldn't have asked for a better team handling me.

I ended up switching out my 325 cc (overfilled to 360 & 370 cc) HP round sub glandular implants for 400 cc silicone moderate plus sub muscular implants.

Can't wait to see how these end up. I am happy.

My breasts look GREAT

It's one week post-op, and i had my follow up this morning with Dr. Connors. They took the tape off and I saw my new & improved implants for the first time.

Wow. They look great for 1 week out. They are level, symmetrical, proportionate, have a totally different shape, and look like I just have a really great set of boobs... Not necessarily fake boobs.

Minimal swelling from the implants as far as I can tell. No bruising from the implants, but I do have bruising from the underarm lipo. I still have surface pain from the lipo, but its not bad.

I only have two 1-inch scars... One under each breast. He initially marked me for 2 other incisions for the lipo, but decided to do it through the same incisions under my breasts. Crazy.

I am in another surgical bra, size 34d. They said I will likely measure out to a 32DD in le mystere bras.

I keep having this weird feeling when i lay down... It feels like my implants are going to fall out of the pockets to the sides. Is this normal? I don't remember feeling that the first time.

Dr. Connors is simply amazing. He was right about what I needed to have done, which I am obviously happy about but it's scary to think about what I could have gone through with if I had chosen another doctor. It would have been a lot of unnecessary work

Saline implant drain / deflation pre-op

I had a lot of anxiety about having the saline drained from my implants a week before my surgery; however, doing this gave me 3 benefits:
1. I could be sized for my new implants correctly. I can see where I may have gone too big or too small without dr. Connors seeing my breast shape and what I have to work with. It levels the playing field and gave us all an idea of what he was going to be working with.
2. It let my breast tissue & pocket heal
3. It was a good reminder of why I wanted implants in the first place

Emotionally it was hard. It felt like my confidence was being sucked out into a syringe. But it was also nice being able to sleep on my stomach again and run without pain. I also looked a lot skinnier.

The procedure itself wasn't bad. They numbed my skin, then gave me a shot of local anesthesia in my breast, and then Dr. Connors inserted a large needle and drained the saline into a syringe.

The next few days I had a cramping- achy feeling in my breasts, but nothing crazy.

I forgot how flat chested I was. I couldn't wait to get my new set of silicone implants.

4 weeks post op

I am still amazed... They look real and they haven't fully dropped yet.

I am feeling less uncomfortable when I lay down and pick stuff up. They said I could walk on the treadmill and begin to work out two weeks ago, but due to my work schedule (and a little fear) I have not done anything workout reacted besides walking & 100 squats (no weight) each day.

My breasts feel softer than they did the first time around, not sure if that is the silicone, going under the muscle, or just a better job all around. The little swelling I had is down. I had some swelling from the under-arm lipo, and it has subsided a tad but is still present.

I have arm "pits" now, which is exciting! I think I will be very pleased with the final result of the lipo. That area in particular is tricky due to the glands and thin skin, so I'm glad he did it while I was already under anesthesia.

So far so good... Glad I did it with Dr. Connors.. He is the BEST!

Pulling sensation?

I'm 4 weeks post-op and still have a pulling sensation at the bottom and sides of my breasts, usually happens at times if I lay flat on my back or in my side. Is this from the internal bra or going under the muscle? How long should it last?

I am still amazed at how natural they look.

I go to my 6 week appt in 2 weeks and can't wait to see more before & after pics. I will post them up if they give me copies.

Dr. Connors & his staff continue to provide exceptional service. I literally love all of them. Ms. Tammy, Ashley, and Kristie are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Almost 7 weeks post op

I had my 6-week post op appt. last week and everything incoming along nicely. I still have a pulling sensation frim the internal bra suchers on my rib cage. also, i feel a weird pressure/movement sensation around the implants when I lay down flat, like they are going to fall out of my body or something.

They look great. The arm pit swelling is going down too and my scars are healing well.

A bit nervous, pain at almost 8 weeks post op?

I started working out Sunday. Light cardio and bicep curls. Yesterday (Monday) I did cardio in the morning and tried to jog but freaked out. My boobs were moving a lot and I started having the pinching, needle-like pain in between my breasts like I used to have before my surgery. My breasts seem more firm not afterwards and I still have the soreness in the cleavage area.

Anyone know if this is because of the internal bra stitches? Is it still too soon to workout?

Also, my left breast is starting to look like its sitting higher than my right breast, which is how my old implants started.

Should I be worried?

3-months post op today!

I feel great. It's 3 months post op, I finally sleep with my arms over my head or on my side, I have been doing moderate exercise (although not much jogging) and weight lifting, and my boobs are soft. There is very little discomfort or pain, although sometimes when I wake up they feel swollen or if I lift something too heavy or try to use my chest muscles I can still feel my stitches pull.

I can tell a difference from the lipo underneath my arms and I'm super glad I did it.
My scars are healing well, too.

Finding bras has been a challenge, but a few people thought I went down n size- when in reality I went up. It's amazing how the right profile of breast implant can make you look so much better!

I LOVE my boobs! So glad I did this!

21 months Post-Op... Doing great!

Almost 2 years post op... And they're doing great!

I knew immediately Dr. Connors would be doing my revision. So far, so good. He has answered all of my questions entirely, taken the time to ease my nerves, and give me options.I am confident I chose the right doctor to do my revision.

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