Booked my Labs, Pre-op, and Surgery! - Atlanta, GA

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I am so excited that I'm nearly a month away from...

I am so excited that I'm nearly a month away from having my dream boobs. I booked all of my dates and now the anticipation is KILLING me. The last time I felt this anxious was my 9th month of pregnancy when "nesting ". lol I don't know whether to start buying things for surgery and prepping or if I should wait until after my pre-op.

Four days away!

Anxiety kicking in. I feel like I have so much prep to do that I just want to lay down and just rest. Lol Hopefully these few days will fly by so that I can have my coffee back, my tea w/ginseng and everything else.

My befores

Don't laugh at me but yes being the makeup artist that I am, I contour and highlight my chest for added dimension.

So it's my surgery day! Got everything all packed and ready to roll even though I'm scheduled for1pm. Wish me luck!!!

On the other side!!!

Surgery was a BREEZE. I was laughing and talking with my operating staff then next thing I knew my nurse was waking me up in recovery. I am not in any pain, nor feel an elephant on my chest. Just a TON of pressure and tender to the touch. I'll include pictures as soon as can stay awake over 5 min. These drugs are STRONG

Day 2 post op

Im still feeling pretty good. Just pressure and a little sore around my breast. I switched off of the heavy drugs onto Advil. Still wrapped pretty tight so I haven't gotten to really see my boobs yet. As soon as I take a shower I'll snap a pic for you all.

Day 2 post op

Could they be dropping already???


I hear and feel fluid or something gravitating around my boobs. Not to sure what it is but I hope it's normal. Also I'm not sure if my sternum is swollen or implants are being pushed too far together. Luckily I have my first post op visit today so I'll ask my surgeon then.

Sensitivity is CRAZY

Since yesterday my boobs have been crazy sensitive, adjusting to the tightness and weight is rough and zingers are a bitch. They feel a lot more soft and a LITTLE bounce to them today. Lol horray for jiggle.

Compression bra

So I'm debating keeping on my compression bra or buying a less heavy duty sports bra just so that it's a bit less tension so that these babies can drop. My surgeon just said to keep them supported.any recommendations????

Day 6

Two months post augmentation

Sooooo pleased with my results. I'd recommend Dr Colgrove to anyone.

4 month Post op

Loving my results more and more each day

I met Dr. Colgrove upon my consult back in February. Loved him, and respect simply because of his clarity and experience.

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