27, 5'5", 118lb, Asymmetric Breasts

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So like many of you, I have been stalking realself...

So like many of you, I have been stalking realself for a very long time...like years. I have always have assymetric breasts that I'm very self conscious about. Growing up my doctor and mom would always tell me they will even out as I get older. Well here I am at 27 years old in a couple days and still nothing! But looking back I'm sure my mom and Doctor knew the whole time it would never get better but you wanted to give me hope. So here I am entertaining plastic surgery to correct my chest. I have had several consultations over email since recently starting a new job and not being able to take vacation time yet. However this Friday I will be going to two in person consultations. It seems unanimous between all the doctors that I will need a lift on my larger side (right) and different sized implants in both. But I have to admit...I'm SO SCARED about putting something foreign in my body and worried about if I don't like it or if it doesn't turn out good. Then I would have wasted all that money. The only alternative is getting a reduction on my larger breast but that means I would be only a large B cup and that wouldn't look good on my proportions (big bottom girl here). Does anyone have any advice for me? Have anyone done an augmentation and lift on just one breast? Thank you ladies!

2 consultations down

So I went to two doctors today for consultations and I will definitely be going to one of them...who? I'm not entirely sure right now. I'm adding a before and after vectra 3-D image. This is which 300cc on my larger right side and 375 on my smaller left side. This doctor suggested two different profiles to account for my projection and it looks like it just works. The larger side would be given a moderate since there's already existing projection and the smaller side would be given a moderate plus to gain projection. My inframammary fold would also need to be lowered just 2 centimeters. A different doctor said they looks about the same. While they aren't far off, I can still tell they are a bit and since I have realistic expectations about getting symmetry I understand that my nipples won't be in the same place and that my smaller breast will have more roundness since there is less breast tissue to start with. I did not discuss implant profiles with the first surgeon so I sent an email to the coordinator I'm working with and will get a reply probably Monday. But I really have to say I'm leaning toward the doctor that suggested different profiles. What do you think??
Regarding a reduction, I was told they would have to do liposuction on my larger breast and also a lollipop lift. I'm not sure how much it would be in comparison to an augmentation but I know I'm not fond of my smaller breast and definitely not a large scar when I may want to get an augmentation in the future anyways. My fiancé also brought up a good point when he asked how it may affect me mentally seeing not just one but two very small breasts...I can say 99.9% sure that I would probably be distraught. SO...an augmentation it will be. The good news is it looks like I won't need a lift but one doctor told me if I decided I really wanted one down the road that he could do it with just a local anesthetic. The bad news?? The Sientra gummy bears I so terribly wanted have stopped production due to inspection problems. They found one implant with a carbon and cotton particle. If you ask me, it sounds like the FDA (or whatever inspection agency) is trying to get money because neither carbon nor cotton should cause any sort of problem for anyone.
I forgot to add this to my first post but I am 27 (in 4 more days!) , 5'5" and currently 132lb but still wear the same size as when I was 126. I just weight lift so I've got more muscle now :)

One more thing...

I forgot to add that the second surgeon who suggested the different profiles also suggested a subglandular implant and not submuscular since I have a decent amount of breast tissue starting out. That way I will have a natural result without worrying as much about the constriction that submuscular can give. Hmmm......decisions, decisions. Below or above the muscle is also something I need to ask the first surgeon. It's probably pretty normal to forget questions!! Lol

Consultation #5

Today I went to a consultation with Dr. Wang-Ashraf over my lunch break. I can finally say I've found the one! She was straight forward and honest with me and really put me at ease with the safety concerns I had regarding implants. She was very welcoming and her advice, unlike others I've received, was sound and confident. She is confident she can get me to very close symmetry and I'm more than happy with this. I've booked my surgery date for Friday February 12th so I can make use of the 15th which is a holiday off and that way I use less vacation time. I'm finally doing it! I couldn't be more happy/excited/nervous/anxious!! I'll be getting Mentor Memory Gel unders, in the 250 to 300cc range for my larger breast and 325-375 range for my smaller breast. Dr. Wang-Ashraf does things a little different. Instead of focusing on exact cc's, she checks with sizers during surgery in the range you want since everything looks different on everyone and then she and her team make a decision based off what in the range you want looks best, so yay! Having a female doctor I think it definitely an advantage being that they understand the want for symmetry and a natural look.

3 months away ;(

Hello! So originally I wanted to plan my BA surgery around a holiday to make the most of having time off work, hence February 12th right before Presidents Day the following Monday. I'm getting so anxious though! 3 months seems so far....
I just started my job in September of this year and don't have enough vacation to do it this year but maybe I could move it up to January instead. I'm getting married in December 2016 and desperately wanted my asymmetry fixed well in advance so they had time to drop and fluff. How long did it take for all of you??

Augmentation on hold

So originally I was going to be getting my breast augmentation/lift on February 12th, and just in time for Valentine's Day. That is now going to be on hold.
I moved to Atlanta to be with my fiancé in September, after 5 months of job searching. We also just closed on a house less than a month ago.
About 3 months ago he started having really bad anxiety. Over the last 1.5 months it got to the point where I had to find a counselor last minute for a same day appointment because he was in such bad condition and we couldn't wait another week for a psychologist appointment he had. He had started taking something for panic attacks about 2 months prior to that.
I've been secretly in tears almost every day at work when nobody is looking and have to hide it at home for fear it will make things worse. I've been so upset and overwhelmed with all of this.
I was planning to wait a little longer but last night I came home and broke up with him. It's the single hardest thing I think I've ever had to do. I was crying my eyes out for an hour prior knowing it couldn't wait anymore. I've felt like a personal nurse for someone who can't even go to a doctor's appointment alone, remember to take their medicine, or even remember things for their job. And it's eating me up inside; I feel like a total b! But I know it's not healthy to stay in a relationship out of pitty and it's been effecting my whole life. Now we're going to have to sell our awesome house because neither of us can afford it on our own and I have no idea where I'm going to even be living. I can't go back home because I'm in a very specialized work field that's hard to find jobs in.
Needless to say, I'm having to save all my money currently and I'm completely distraught over this whole thing. I don't even have a single friend or family member here and I feel like he's sabotaged our lives and plans together.
I'd appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts!
I'll keep you updated on a new BA date when I figure it out.

Almost ready to reschedule

I've finally listed the house that my ex and I had purchased together (yay!!). We've gotten a lot of interest so my fingers are crossed that we will get an offer in the next couple weeks. As soon as that happens, I'm free to start putting in offers for a place on my own. So I'm projecting that I'll be able to reschedule my surgery for a day in May (fingers crossed!!). Also, I found out that Sientra has started distributing their implants again as of March 1st and I'm soooooo excited.
I plan on calling Dr. Ashraf-Wang to set up another consultation since its been a while and I have more questions for her.
I would like to find out her opinion on reducing my right, larger breast and then putting the same size implant in both. That way one day if my breasts grow with age, I could have the option of getting the implants removed and just get a lift. Also, I really don't think I want my size to be much larger than my larger breast. I feel like it can age a girl look wise, and I like to run so there's that. Let me know if you're scheduling a surgery soon with the Sientra implants!

New consultation scheduled

It's been a while since my last consultation with Dr. Ashraf Wang so I've scheduled another one for April 27th and wow do I have many more questions! I've always been into my health and fitness. I've been gluten free for almost 7 years and a pescatarian for about 4. Recently I've been getting into more upper body work like push ups, pull ups, burpees, planks, lifting free weights, and dips. I've also gotten into regular high intensity workouts like tabatas multiple times a weeks and when I'm not doing those, I'm spending never less than 2 hrs in the gym and/or outside. Needless to say, I feel amazing. So that brings me to my main question I'll be asking: how will implants effect my fitness life? While I'm not a body builder and never want to be, I do have my goals like being able to pull up all of my weight and not just 75 lb of it and have to wonder if implants will limit me in any way. I do want my asymmetry corrected for my own sanity but I also don't want to cater my life to implants and have to change the way I live for them. Can anyone tell me about their fitness after augmentation? I've been trying to read up on it. Old school doctors seem to be the ones telling everyone they can never do a push up ever again and others have somehow linked problems being associated with implants that are too wide for the person. Thoughts? Thanks ladies!


Since I originally started on this journey, so many things have happened to hinder my surgery. Finally I've set a date for November 16th with Dr. Amy Alderman and I'm SO excited!!!
Disclaimer: at the last minute I decided to change surgeons from Dr. Ashraf Wang who I believe would have also been an excellent choice but something about Dr. Alderman set her over the top for me. Her patients rave about her after care and she has her own surgery suite so she can guarantee the costs regardless of any extra time the procedure will take.

Procedure: I've been working out a lot and unfortunately it hasn't made my breasts any closer in size...it was worth a try at least! Currently my smaller (left side) is barely a B while my larger (right side) is a small C.
To correct this asymmetry Dr. Alderman will be performing a lift on my larger side (which will also remove some tissue) and an augmentation. I'm hoping to not be much bigger than I am now...maybe a large C to small D (32).

Re visit and Pre-Op

Got everything confirmed with appointments for my re visit on September 13th and my pre-op will be on November 3rd, my birthday!! This will be the best birthday present to myself ever! It'll also make remembering my boob-versary (anybody have a better term for this??) easy to remember ????

Re consult on the 13th

I'm getting a re consultation with Dr. Alderman on Tuesday the 13th just to go over everything and also bringing a friend to give me her opinion on implant sizes since my mom can't be here.
Speaking of which, I asked that my mom come down from Cincinnati and help me for a few days after surgery. My dad just told me he will ALSO be coming! Kind of wanted this to be something between just my mom and I but my dad is being super supportive of my decision. I feel rather blessed he's so understanding since so many women on here are afraid to tell their parents they got an augmentation. He knows however that I've always had a complex about my asymmetry. He's even been doing research and asked if I'll be going over or under the muscle!!
I just hope it's not awkward with him being here though....

Re consult

On the 13th I had my re consultation. I brought a friend from work to give me her advice on implants. I think we all agree 200CC is slightly more than the look I'm trying to achieve. I tried on 175CC which looks much better on my frame however Dr. Alderman says I will need to give her wiggle room in case those are too small for my breast width (12cm). I trust her 100% and I know the 200CC will look smaller anyways once it's behind the muscle and with less tissue after the lift. Speaking of which! She told me she may be able to get away with a doughnut lift on me since my right breast isn't terribly off in height which would let me go without a vertical scar. (Happy dance!!). She won't know for sure till we are in surgery though and she will try that way first since she will need to cut around the areola either way. I asked her about my nipple diameter expanding, as is common with a doughnut lift. She says she actually leaves in permanent stitches under the skin to prevent that and if it happens to occur that it's a quick in office procedure she can do to fix it. Getting so excited! The photos are with 200CC on my larger side and a smaller implant on my left smaller side.

6 weeks and 2 days to go!

So excited I can't stand it! I really wish I was able to schedule this sooner but just 6 weeks and 2 days to go until surgery day!

5 weeks!!

I'm so excited I put together my collage of dream boobs ahead of schedule :) sorry for the slight gain effect...had to take a picture of my computer screen. Also posting the originals in case anyone would like them for their own surgery.

Implant weight formula

So I was curious how much extra weight I should expect to see on the scale after getting implants. I found a formula for silicone implants:
Total implant cc's for both breasts x0.0375 +1.5 ounces (for the shell)= weight in ounces. You divide the result by 16 ounces to convert to pounds. So basically if I get 200cc plus 250cc in my smaller side (450cc's total) I will be about 1.15 lb heavier. Not bad!!

Dream boobs

Trying to upload these one more time...

Date change!

It turns out I won't be needing a couple of my vacation days for a trip I was going to take so I decided to move my surgery date up to October 24th! Yayyyy!!! Only 1.5 weeks away now and I couldn't be more excited.
I'll be taking a full 7 days off work before returning.


Ladies the pre BA nesting is a REAL THING!
All I can do right now is keep going over to do lists and errands. I've gathered all my recovery items though:
Arnica tablets
Metamucil (hoping this is enough!)
Ice Wraps reusable ice packs I bought off amazon
Huggies for the first couple days I can't shower
Dial soap (only thing I can use before surgery)
Stress relief bath and body works products (I won this at work and figured it would be good to save for recovery!)

The only thing left on my list now is a 2 pack of front closing bras from Fruit of the Loom that you can buy from Walmart for around $15. I've seen a lot of women comment that while you can purchase something more expensive like from Under Armor, these ones are just as good...especially considering you aren't likely to continue using them. These will be extra bras to switch back and forth after the first week of recovery with a surgical bra.

One other item

Mepitac silicone tape for helping the healed incisions go flat.


Finished with my pre op appointment yesterday. Luckily everything is written down because it was honestly information overload!
I'll be getting between 200-225cc in my larger side and a coordinating slightly larger implant in my smaller side.
Everyone at the Swan Center has been so wonderful so far, I hope surgery goes just as awesome :)
My mom is flying in Saturday to help me for the next week...thank god for moms!!!

Less than 3 days!!!

One of the surgery coordinators called today and I'm to arrive at 11am on Monday. I won't be able to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before so I was really hoping for something earlier. Guess I will eat a lot of protein and then stay up till 1am to make sure I sleep through most of the morning and don't get as hungry :)
My mom is flying in tomorrow morning too, can't wait to see her!!

Midnight before surgery

So it's currently 12:20am. I just finished an exam for an online class and trying to stay up late so I can sleep in since my surgery isn't till 11am and I can't eat or drink anything from this point forward.
I have to admit though...I'm getting REALLY scared about this! Here I am finally getting this after years of research and I'm honestly scared about everything that could possibly go wrong:
Not getting the results I wanted from the implant size range I'm choosing
Developing hematoma
Capsular contracture
....just to name a few
Also not being able to exercise for so long is a real fear of mine.
I'm trying to stay positive. One of my friends told me ok now no more stuffing your bra after this! Haha!
I plan to tell my surgeon tomorrow that I know we talked about 175-225cc implant range for my larger side but I would like her and her team to use their best judgment on whatever size gives me the results in my wish pics.
Fingers crossed for me everyone!!!!

Got My Boobies!!!

Omg! Today has been a whirlwind. I arrived at the surgery center at 11am, went through all the prelim pregnancy test, blood pressure, etc. I got a cocktail in my IV consisting of Valium, Benadryl, and some anti nausea medicine. So glad they gave me Benadryl because my face stated getting really bad red blotches, it also gave me restless legs, and make my scalp it! I didn't know Valium could do that.
So on to the details:
I got both implants with the mentor memory gel and moderate classic profile.
235 on my right larger side and 300 on my left smaller side.
From what I can tell they already look so much better. Tape and all lol.
I think my right side just looks a little more large because of the amount of gauze.
I'm not quite sure if Dr. Alderman was able to do he donut lift or not but it looks like she had to do the anchor lift since there's so much dressing on it. All in all it took 2 hours and my post op will be this Friday. They will be putting me into a surgical bra for a week.
So excited about these! They are already at a good height I feel and aren't high up like a lot of people's in the beginning.

Day after

Everything seems to be going well with the new ladies :)
I stopped taking the narcotics today and started taking ibuprofen instead.
They feel pretty sore though but I'm already up and about.
I can't wait till Friday when I get to see the incisions.
The worst part of this is that I can barely see what I'm texting right now. I had some sort of reaction to the anti nausea patch and the blurry vision is so irritating!


Got all my tape taken off today, such a relief!! Riding in the car feels so much better now with my supportive surgical bra. Everything seems to be settling well.

Almost 1 week

It's been almost 1 week post op and I'm feeling pissed at the world. My chest is on fire and I'm really hoping the pain goes away soon. I've been icing regularly too; sometimes it's the only thing that helps me fall asleep. I really hope all this pain is worth it.

Early post op #2

Not sure what's going on but my right eye has been very blurry since surgery. I went in to get it checked out since I'm several days off any medication and the anti nausea patch which caused my sight to be so blurry I couldn't even read a text. Talk about frustrating!
Dr. Alderman couldn't think of any link between anything and referred me to an optometrist who I plan to see tomorrow. I have very slight astigmatisms in both eyes but it's never been a problem and I find it ironic that this is happening only after surgery. Maybe the medicine is taking an extra long time to wear out of my system??
They went ahead and took out my stitches today and changed my tape. I really wish I hadn't asked to see my incisions yet :O
My left side looks fine but the breast with the lift looks slightly scary...though I've seen MUCH worse looking pics on here.
While the nurse was taking the stitches out she commented "aww they're so tiny!" I didn't realize she was talking about the stitches at first though hahahaha!!
I'll get a picture of my incisions when I change the tape again next week.
My pain has subsided greatly I'm happy to report! I only feel occasional pain when I've had to turn my car wheel hard in one direction but I have to get myself to work so just doing my best.
I've also retained feeling almost everywhere except the lower half of my breasts beneath the nipples. Luckily I didn't lose sensation in my nipples (which I was worried about) but now they are just hyper sensitive to where it almost hurts.
Still icing everyday and I cannot wait till I can actually enjoy these!

Old bra

Thought I would try on a bralette I already had since I need a couple more to trade out with my surgical bra. This definitely won't work since I need fuller coverage during recovery but it's super cute :D

In clothes

Tried on a cropped sweater I already had. Everything looks so much better in clothes now too :)

Update pics


Today will make officially 3 weeks post op and I remembered to take pics of my incisions before putting on new tape this time. You'll have to take my word on it that they look SO much better than even a week ago. I think there's still marker on me especially on the center of the incision around my right areola which makes it look worse. On a sad note, I've been moisturizing with shea butter and emu oil but have noticed some non discolored stretch marks that blend in. I've always been more prone but it still sucks knowing how much I've moisturized.

4 weeks!

Just hit 4 weeks and everything is looking good. My incisions like to be healing very nicely. The ones from the lift on one side are just a fine line of red....amazing! They are definitely settling at different rates but are still too high. Any thoughts on when I'll start seeing more drop and fluff?

5 weeks

Can't believe it's already been 5 weeks. Everything is feeling like mine and the girls are starting to soften up. I've been doing massages 3x a day. I still can't get over how good my incisions look! #NoRegrets

32 DD/ 34D

I couldn't help myself so went to Macy's to try on some Heidi Klum bras that I've been dying to try! I fit perfectly in a 32DD to 34D.
Super happy and that's pretty much the perfect size I was going for :D

32 DD/ 34D pics

I guess my pics didn't post

Another pic

Almost 7 weeks

Earlier this week I had my 6 week post op and have been cleared to exercise, take any supplements I want, and wear any bras I want. S/N upon being measured, I'm actually a 32DD to 32DDD and finding bras has been very difficult in these sizes. My gap between my boobs is also very narrow so I can't even wear most of the styles at Victoria's Secret; I had to go to the Pink section!! I had to spend time finding a good sports bra before going to the gym. By far the best I've found has been Brooks's Moving Comfort Rebound Racer. They run really small in the band so I went for a 34D and it really lives up to its name! So comfortable and almost no movement whatsoever. Today I went for the first time...it was rough! While running there was no pain with this awesome bra whatsoever (I bought 2 more today!). I ran 2 miles, then another half, and did 120 squats. Just lifting my arms straight in front of me while squatting even make my arms wobbly lol, kind of pathetic. I have noticed some horizontal lumps all along my vertical incision from the lift that are only painful if I push on them. After looking it up it seems to be normal scar tissue that will absorb with time.

Almost 10 weeks

It's almost 10 weeks post op and I can't believe how time how flown! I'm almost done with my 3rd week back at the gym. I was surprised that my cardio level hadn't diminished too much and I'm still pretty strong but of course holding all my body weight and lifting heavy is a no right now. Or at least for me it is. It still feels a little uncomfortable so I backed off the planks and amount of reps I do with 10lb hand weights.
I found THE most comfortable and supportive sports bras. They are the Brooks Moving Comfort Rebound Racer bras. Seriously, NOTHING moves even while sprinting so I already bought 3. I'll never use another VS sports bra again for high intensity stuff.
I found out the lumps along the incisions I was feeling are in fact scar tissue around the internal stitches that dissolve with time. Other than that, the only thing I notice is the lower area below my nipples is still a little numb but that doesn't bother me much.
My right breast is ever so slightly higher but nothing anyone else but me would probably notice. They looks amazingly better than my pre op breast regardless :)
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