5'1, 110lbs - Silicone Mod Plus 350-400 Via Infram Fold, No Lift (Lift Recommended by PS) - Atlanta, GA

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*Treatment results may vary

Hello all! I have been researching BA for some...

Hello all! I have been researching BA for some time now and am excited to finally be pulling the trigger.

I'm 5'1, 110-113lbs. I've a small waist, wide hips and shoulders. Currently a 32 full B small C. My left breast is smaller than the right.

My measurements from the PS are as follows...
Band size:
Above (in inches) 32
Under breast crease (in inches) 26
Breast circumference (in inches) 32

Last week was my consultation with Dr. Colgrove. It is the only consult I needed as I knew right away that he is the PS for me. Office, staff and doc all met or exceeded my high expectations.

At the consult: Measurements taken. Video on what to expect. Before and afters reviewed. Sizers tried on. Q and A with both Dr. Colgrove and his nurse.

*Something I would like to note...the nurse shared with me that her daughter will be coming to Dr. Colgrove for implants, and that she recommended to her daughter that she select silicone via infram fold. This sold me on my decision with silicone and her comment has put me at ease.

Dr. Colgrove recommended that I have a lift with my augmentation to achieve best results. I am opting out because I've yet to start a family and do not want to jeopardize breast feeding. If need be, I can always add a lift later. I'm more optimistic than anything. Although my photos look as if I have significant ptosis, in reality it is not as bad as my photos depict.

Once your consult is complete and you've decided you would like to proceed, the next step is pre-op with a nurse. Payment at pre-op. Then surgery.

Pre-op, Op, Post-op days one - eight - temporary Frankenboob

My pre-op took place with one of the nurses. All of my questions were answered. I was given materials to review at home that included information about everything we discussed. Tried sizers on to make sure I was confident with my decision. Given prescriptions for pre and post op. Paperwork signed. Paid for operation and two recovery bras with coordinator. Left feeling very confident and prepared.

*Would like to note...whether or not a lift would be necessary was discussed again. I was told for the absolute, most overwhelmingly best results ever, a lift would probably be needed. For very good to good results, no lift needed. Both Colgrove and all of his nurses said I would be more than okay without one. HAPPY.

Day before...
Nurse anesthetist called to introduce himself, ask if I had any questions. Thought this was great!
I made sure I had everything prepared at home.

Day of...
I hardly remember day of now! My boyfriends Mom accompanied me (my boyfriend is in on the road for a professional sport over half the year and we scheduled this knowing he would be gone)...she is a great supporter and advocate, hence selecting her as my companion. It was important for me to not only have someone I felt comfortable in my skin with, but someone who is a trusted voice if need be.
We went together to prep with the nurse and Dr. Colgrove. Confirmed sizes which were written directly onto each breast along with some other markings. Before photos. Into the operating room. Mostly foggy memories in the recovery room, but I do remember Colgrove saying he placed several sizers in me, picked 375 and 350, and felt that they provided me symmetry, lift and a natural appearance, and that things look good without the lift. Off to home where I really don't remember much!

Post-op #1...
Surgery Friday and post-op Monday.
I have FRANKEN BOOB. This is NORMAL. Both Dr. Colgrove and two of his nurses checked me out and didn't seem the least bit alarmed, concerned, frustrated...this was a big relief. Looking at one-two months for my implants to drop into place. The implants are high and tight on my chest. The top, or upper pole, is much larger than the bottom of my breast...from there my boobs are long and come to a point at my nipples, which face the ground. Once the implants drop my nipples will come back up. Right now swelling and the implant are causing them to appear this way.

I am a very logical person and have plenty of self confidence. Admittedly, this recovery is mentally tough. I find myself needing to 'convince' people that my breasts will be OKAY, and not appear deformed for long...that this is normal. I've never been one who felt like I needed others to be okay with me, or explain myself to anyone. My boyfriend is flying me out to spend some time with him on the road. Instead of finding comfort in this, I am mortified that I am so uncomfortable in my own skin, that it will be hard to feel comfortable around the person who adores me most and judges me the least. I am only saying this because I would like to make a point to people out there considering PS. The recovery is tough for everyone. I can't imagine having gone into this for the wrong reasons, or with low self esteem. Please, if you struggle with your mind or your body, work to get yourself in a healthy place before making this leap.

I am posting photos of days one, and three. Today is day eight and my breasts feel much better, but look almost identical to day three.

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