36 Year Old, 2 Kids, Deflated 34B returned to a perky D

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I have been reading reviews on this site for 5...

I have been reading reviews on this site for 5 months. This site has been so resourceful that I have decided to start my own review. I hope its a positive one. This Wednesday Dr. Wang-Ashraf will preform a lollipop lift and give me Mentor silicone implants under the muscle.

Pre kids I was a full C cup. I always wondered why anyone would have a BA. When you're "blessed" to begin with you don't always understand why someone would pay for boobs. Well after 2 kids I became delated. My boobs are so sad and look like half filled water balloons.

I am 5'6" and weigh 125lbs. Dr. Wang-Ashraf feels that since I liked the look of the 400cc sizers she will end up going with 425-450cc. I am a personal trainer and workout regularly so she feels to get to the look of 400 under the muscle she will have to go as high as 450. Totally trusting her on that. My fear is ending up with something is is way bigger than I want.

If anyone has any last minute advice please comment. I am a little nervous but mostly excited to get it over with.

One more day

Tomorrow is the day! I have been battling a cold and cough the last few days. No fever thankfully but have felt pretty yucky overall. Nothing is coming in between me and this surgery though so in the morning I'm not saying a word about being at the tail end of not feeling well. It is happening tomorrow!

Here are some photos with me in the rice sizers I made over the Summer. Hoping for a similar result once they calm down.

Back where they belong

I am on the other side! Doc went with less cc's then we talked about. She said my frame looked best with 375cc and 400cc. Forget what side got which but they are Mentor moderate plus.

I did give her an inspiration photo and she said the look would look great on me. Right now I feel tight and a little sore. Also, let the bloating begin. Here are a couple of photos. One is my inspiration and the other is what's happening now.

Sneak peek

Took the bra and extra layer of gauze off to see what they look like. Think the size is just right.

Day after

I woke up after midnight feeling completely engorged. After icing (frozen pease) and a pain pill I finally fell back to sleep around 2:30. I feel best when I am up walking around. Too much laying keeps me stiff. Here are some photos with no gauze. I am bloated from the surgery. Hopefully that will go down in the next couple days.

Feeling pretty good

I iced just about all day yesterday and moved my arms to do simple tasks around the house. My husband and I also took a walk in the evening and I felt great getting around. While I am still very swollen some of the soreness is subsiding. I find it easier to get myself up from the bed today and have most of my trunk rotation back. Until today I hadn't been able to reach for anything on my night stand without sitting all the way up with my legs off the side of the bed. Of course I still had to get up for meds through the night but didn't experience the engorgement pain like I did the night before.

Hoping the worst is over and that today will be the last day I am on Percocet. I'm ready to get back to my daily living. My first stop will be to Victoria's Secret for a front zip sports bra.

Keeps getting better

I have gone 12 hours now without a pain pill. It feels great to be out and about again. I can feel sensation coming back on the outside portion of both boobs. The feeling is hard to describe but it kinda feels like I applied icy hot. Haven't taken any updated pics because nothing has changed. Still riding high and tight. I do feel very fortunate too feel so good at this point. My friend got them done 2 days after me and has been in agony. I stretched to a good "f" during pregnancy. I wonder if that makes a difference in BA recovery?

Rice sizer and real deal comparison

The top photo was taken pre BA with 400cc rice sizers. Bottom photo is a a few days post BA. Pretty darn close if you ask me :)

Forgot to mention supplements before and after BA

Two weeks prior to my BA I started taking Bromelain and 1000 mg of Vitamin C. I also started taking Arnica two days before BA. I'm also on Zinc regularly but heard it was a good supplement prior to surgery. I've continued with all the supplements after my BA and have had an easy recovery. Not sure if it's because of the supplements or not but I know it did no harm to take them. I bruise very easily. I mean I almost always have a bruise somewhere and usually don't know how I got them. Well I am very happy to say that I have not seen one bruise on my body post BA. I believe Bromelain is to thank for that! Definitely put that and Arnica on your pre-surgery shopping list.

Hit the gym

Today was my first day back to the gym. I stuffed my new "friends" into my pre BA sports bra and took it super slow. I did 12 minutes of intervals at level 3 on the stair climber, body weight squats, lunges, light weights on the leg extension, and a 15 min 3.2mph walk at 5% incline. It felt good to do something that was part of my daily routine.

My boobs are still hard and sore to the touch under my armpit. My stomach is still bloated too but I suspect that will go down all the way in the next few days. Unless I indulge too much on Thanksgiving ;)

Bikini tops

Decided to try on a couple bikini tops that I didn't fill out quite right before. Can't wait to shop for more in the Spring. Finally it will be a fun experience.

Postop Today

According to the nurse I am healing quickly. She replaced my tape and said it stays on up to 8 weeks and then I can begin scar gel. I took a peek at the incisions and I have to say I was surprised to see how good they looked for only being a week post BA. I do have to continue sleeping on my back at 45 degree angle. She say taking breaks from the bra during the day is okay but I need to continue wearing the surgical, or a sports bra with the same or more compression, for the majority of the day. Massages will not begin until after 3rd or 4th postop visit. I will be fitted for the compression strap at 2nd or 3rd postop appointment. That just depends on how much they drop between now and then.

Funny how other docs have you start massages earlier and send you home from surgery with the compression strap. The nurse says to trust Dr. Ashraf's process and I will be more than happy with the result.

2 week update

Its almost been two weeks since my BA. No regrets whatsoever. I am feeling good and am seeing differences. I took a side photo to compare how much they have settled in so far.

I do have to remind myself to stay patient with the process though. I would love to ditch the surgical and sports bras, sleep on my side, go for a run, lift some weights, and not wake up feeling like I have to nurse a baby. I know all these little annoyances will soon be a thing of the past. Going through with my BA and lift was 100% worth it. I just have to be patient with everything that comes along with the healing process.

Best recovery sports bra

A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple of the VS Kockout Front-Close WIRELESS sports bras. They arrived a few days ago and totally rock. I guesstimated and ordered a 34-D and a 34-DD, both fit great. They are a brand new line and sold out pretty fast but keep your eyes open for them online and don't confuse it with the one that has wire. It will say "wireless" underneath the photo when it becomes available. And FYI, I didn't have luck finding it in the store yet. Definitely put this on your "must have" list.

VS Sports Bra pic

Photos from last post didn't upload so I'm trying again

3 week update

Can't believe 3 weeks have gone by! I saw my PS today and she was amazed at how good everything looks. She let me take a peek and then retapped me and said that I could remove the tape myself for good one week from now. I will not have to wear the compression band because according to her I am falling nicely. She said to start massaging a few times a day as long as I didn't feel too sore. I am approved to begin wearing underwire as soon as 4 weeks post op as long as it is comfortable. I can even go braless for an evening if I have a cute top to wear that doesn't require one :) Next week I will start using the scar treatment I got from the office. I got both Silagen gel and Silagen sheeting. Both are made with 100% silicone. She said I can go back to all exercise but push-ups in 3 weeks but to continue with lower body cardio until then. Push-ups can be done around 3 months post op. Best news of all is she doesn't want to see me again for 2 months. I am very happy with how my
recovery has gone. Here is a pic of how one of my incisions look. She says the nips will round out. I'm pretty happy with what I see at this point and think the scars will fade nicely.

Tapeless and starting the scar treatment

The tape did not last but a few days this time. Not sure what was up with that. Everything under them looked so great that I went ahead and started the scar gel. I am going to alternate between gel durning the day and sheeting at night. Here they are at 24 days post op. Left one is still higher than the right.

VS Bralettes are awesome

Picked up some VS bralettes that give good support. So nice to be able to take breaks from the surgical and sports bras. I tried their lounge bra with wire in a size 34D and 2hipe it fit good it just wasn't quite comfortable. The lounge was my favorite pre BA. I think my vertical incisions will have to heal more before I feel okay with wire.

Red didn't post

5 week update

At 5 weeks post op I can say I feel 100% like myself again. Honestly I think I could have said that just past the 3 week mark but I suffered for almost 2 weeks with a ruptured ovarian cyst and bladder infection which made me feel pretty sick on and off. Anyway, I've started to notice lots of changes lately. It took a while for my bloating to go away. I stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time since I got sick and I am now 122. A little over two weeks ago I was 131 and my ideal healthy weight (prep weight) is around 125. But I am happy to have a little leeway since the holidays are upon us, lol. The daily massages really have helped them drop. They are feeling so natural and squishy. I keep the scars covered with the silicone strips most of the time. When I go to the gym I use the silicone gel instead. I am happy with how they look at this point. I expect to go through a reddening phase before the scars start to fade for good. Shaving my armpits is pretty much normal again so yay for that! The biggest change that I am most thankful for is not feeling that constant weight in my boobs. I felt like weighted golf balls were sitting inside there and nothing I did would make the heavy tight feeling go away. It wasn't painful, just annoying. My nipples still have a ways to go before they are fully rounded out but I notice slight changes every week.

Next Wednesday is the 6 week mark! I'm looking forward to lifting some light weights and going for a run. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017.

Scars at almost 8 weeks

Really pleased with how they look at this point :)

3 months update

Last week I had my 3 month checkup. My doc says everything looks great and to continue use of the scar treatments. She says right now the scars are in the phase when they are at their reddest but I can expect to see lots of fading over the next several months.

I was previously told no push-ups until I was 3 months postop. At this last visit she said she doesn't want her patients doing them until a year postop. When I asked why she said she prefers to give the pocket the maximum time for the implants to settle but the first 3 months are the most crucial. I told her I was a trainer and said it would be nice to demo when someone isn't doing the right form. She told me demoing a few here and there is okay. I can see the reason for waiting. I've done some of push-ups and it is super hard. Before implants I could do quite a few and now it feels almost like the muscle is barely attached to my body. Very strange feeling.

I don't think I will drop anymore. At least I hope not. I am very happy with the result. My right areola still has to round out some more but it it's making progress. I've only become comfortable in underwire bras within the last month. Love the way they look in a v-neck shirt. Right now a 36D fits best. I will know for sure over the next few months if that's my official size.

I will be sure to update my scar progress in the coming months.

6 Months!!!

Wow, can't believe it's been 6 months since my surgery. Time has flown by!

My new boobs are so much apart of me now. I don't think I would think about the fact that I had them done so often if it wasn't for keeping up with the scar treatment. I am still using silicone scar sheets, and silicone get. Recently I started using Bio-Oil too. Honestly though, I think the scar treatments have helped as much as they possibly can. Now its up to time to completely fade the rest. I have had my brain wrapped around 2 years post surgery to see the final scar result. I put SPF on them when I wear a bathing suit and also cover the scars with waterproof sterile strips. Sun darkens scars so taking no chances here, lol.

I am still so glad I did this! All the tops with cute backs are possibilities when shopping. I've even gone braless a couple of times. Bathing suit shopping has been so fun. No more worries of looking like I have sagging deflated breasts and every suit in the store is an option. Having the option to wear anything I want is priceless.

I will update here and there as the scars fade. I've had a hard time finding posts where people are a year or two post surgery so I'd like to show people what they may see in time.

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Wang-Ashraf to me. I was very pleased with the time she spent with me and she really helped me to understand the entire process. I felt very comfortable in her skilled hands and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Her entire team is helpful and understanding of any concern.

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