26 Year Old Mom, Breastfed 2 Years 400cc HP - Atlanta, GA

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I went in for my consult/pre-op July 20th. The...

I went in for my consult/pre-op July 20th. The nurses were all very friendly I was expecting to speak with the Doctor but he came in for 3 mins if that. He didn't ask any questions just poked in and walked out. Day of surgery was June 21st. On this day again nurses very friendly. I spoke with my doctor a few minutes. I asked him bout sizing and he offered no real opinion or suggestions which at that moment should have been my cue to leave. I'm only 1 day post I'm not sure if I'm happy or not with my results as I can't tell yet but I fear I didn't go big enough for the look I wanted. I thought for sure the doctor or nurse would see my wish list take my body and we pick sizes from there but that's not at all how it went. It just wasn't a very personal or helpful experience.

Day 2 (doubts/flying)

I really think 425 maybe even 450cc would've been good on my body. Right now 400cc looks decent but I know I'm going to lose that size once the swelling goes down. By the way I flew in for my surgery and I honestly felt good enough to go home the next day, I had already planned on staying close for at least a week but if anyone wanted to travel and had doubts it's def doable.

48 hrs later

Its been almost 2 whole days since surgery. The anesthesia must have finally wore off cause I woke up with my chest hurting so bad I called my mom. I stopped taking the heavy pain killers after 2 doses and went to the mild ones. Monday the 25th I go in for my follow up appt. Ill probably take a heavy pain killer because I am also flying home that day and would love to just sleep the whole flight. I hope during my follow up my surgeon is a bit more vocal. I have very little to review him on cause he simply didn't talk to me much. When my boobs drop I'll do an update to see if it was all worth it. I will say if I had to do it again. Again my biggest concern is did I choose the right size. I decided that although 400cc will look small and ill hate that I like that people probably won't know I got my boobs done. I always wear bombshell bras and cutlets.

startng to soften up

my boobs are still very high an d tight but I can feel them getting more soft. i can squish the top just a smidge. The more I stare at the them and compare stats I start to believe anything bigger would have made me top heavy. Again the biggest I could go was 375cc moderate plus or switch to high plus. I'm really happy with my decision to do high plus. I like the slope of moderate and how natural they look but HP is really sexy and I cant wait to see final results. Sometimes I forget that even though ny thighs and butt and arms are big ny actual torso ribcage and waistline is not so from breast perspective I am a tiny girl

May have cause damage

I ended having to lift something really heavy as no one was around to help me not in any pain but there's a weird motion near my left armpit and my boobs look uneven. As of today I'm officially taking it extra easy I've been pretty active since surgery and scared it might have done damage

1 week tomorrow

I'm very happy I got my BA as I was constantly wearing push up bras and cutlets and avoiding certain tops due to my deflated boobs however I hate how stressful the whole process is. I keep wondering if they're going to come out okay or if something will go wrong as there are so many things that can go wrong. Idk what I would do if these came out messed up I'm already putting funds away for a revision just in case but I sure pray these turn out beautiful I waited 2 years for this and worked hard to save the money.

No changes in appearance

So far my boobs look the same as they did high and swollen but they feel much better I can squeeze them a little. Impatiently waiting for them to drops and to see if it was all worth it


Still high but not as high.

6 weeks

So they are for sure dropping and getting squishy and I love them. I still don't feel ready for any workout that uses my chest. My scar is doing surprisingly well I guess was scare it would keloid but it's coming along nicely. One side is more smooth and lighter than the other I'm going to ask my dr bout creams to help the scar faster. I'll post more pics after I crop my face out. But I'm very happy with them so far still holding out til my 3 month mark to put 5 stars for my review

I love my boobs

They're high still but not ugly. I just love seeing them after a shower or when I'm getting dressed.

I've done a full review if you want details I just...

I've done a full review if you want details I just wanted to do a second one Saying that I believe it was absolutely worth it and I recommend Doctor despite it not feeling so personable the job was done and done well. I love my boobs very much.

Mom of 1 breastfed for 2 years never had anything bigger than an almost B but they became very deflated. A boob job was a must for me to be comfortable again.

Almost a year

Been 10 months thought I post pictures. I get a lot of compliments
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Not very personable or helpful. I really would have liked more assistance and advice on picking a size so that I could leave sastified. Nurses were great on the other hand. Anesthesia lady was nice.

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