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Hey everyone! I am so glad to have found this...

Hey everyone! I am so glad to have found this site! I have always pondered getting a boob job since I was in high school, but the older I got the more this pondering became a desire. Now that I can finally afford it, I'm taking the plunge! A little about my story, when I was in middle school, I had a slim ruler shaped body with stick legs...and I didnt mind it! Life was great! As I passed through high school, I noticed my hips and thighs filling out while my boobs remained the same middle school state. At that point I decided if my boobs didn't catch up by the end of college, I would go forth with my dream. Alas here I am with the same early high school sized boobs pursuing my dream of adding new partners in crime to my physique.

After several months of research on plastic surgeons(including reading every single review available) in my area as well as obsessive wish boob pic searching lol, I've decided to go with Dr.Colgrove!
My stats:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165
Current bra size: 34A

Wish boobs!

Be warned I have quite a few :-) I am looking for more fullness and a size large enough to balance my curvy bottom half

Consultation with Dr. Colgrove

Hey ladies! So I'm a little (or a lot rather) behind on posting this review of my consultation with Dr. Colgrove. I had my consultation on February 4th. I brought my bf with me as a 2nd opinion on the sizers as I had a small inkling of what i wanted from looking at reviews (no more than 425ccs I was sure of it!).

Anywhoo, once we got there and signed in, there was a bit of a wait as some of the client consults had ran over. However, the staff was very friendly and the office was nice and clean. We were led into the consult room by Dr. Colgrove's nurse and watched a short video on BA as well as were given 2 picture books to look at his previous work. On the table,  they have the 2 picture books, and 3 different size/type implants: a 300cc saline implant, 400/425cc gummy bear (cohesive gel) implant,  and a 600 silicone implant.  Based on feel alone(as well as prior research on the different types of implants), I loved and chose the Silicone implant.

Once the video was over, I was given a sizer bra try  on with the sizers. The first size I tried on was 375cc. Omygoodness I felt there was no difference at all than when I wear a softly padded bra! I asked for the 50cc additions (taking me to 425cc) and felt that I looked like I was wearing a moderately padded bra :-(. Wanting to try on a bigger sizer, the nurse brought in the 500cc implants. These looked humongous!  After closing mine and my bfs mouth from the shock of how huge they looked lol I tried them on...and they felt awesome! Definitely more of the feel I was going for.

After deciding on 500ccs(meaning 525cc implants), Dr. Colgrove came in and took my measurements.



Hey ladies playing catch up here lol!! So I had my preop appt with Dr. Colgrove on the 10th of this month (March). Actually, I never saw Dr. Colgrove during my appt I met with the nurse practitioner I believe. She did an awesome job and was very patient with my indecisiveness about my desiredo implant size, however, I was hoping to have met with Dr. Colgrove himself for my preop appt to reiterate what look I'm going for. I was wondering for those of you who have had your BA (whether by Dr. Colgrove or not) did you feel that you had time to share your wish photos or discuss with your PS one final time about what you do/don't want? If so then I will wait until my BA day otherwise I was thinking of scheduling another appt to speak with him specifically before my BA (I guess more so for reassurance that were on the same page).

Anywho, preop details: I went with my bf again for a trusted 2nd opinion on sizing..and for a free photographer ;-). When I arrived, I was a little put off to find that I wouldn't be meeting with Sr. Colgrove, but rather his nurse practitioner. However, she was very friendly and warm and made me feel comfortable. First things first was to fill out the paperwork. MY GOODNESS the amount of paperwork to fill out would make a grown man cry lol!! I felt like I was filling out an application to travel to the moon followed by a volcano exploration. Anywho, after completing the paperwork...pat yourself on the back after this ladies, you now know what it's like to write a short novel (kidding of course ;-p),I was given a few books including 1 brochure with details on the type of implant I will be getting (mentor memory gel silicone), a notebook with blank pages for notes and more information on the BA procedure and tips in the back, and a book with preop/postoperative instructions. After that we moved on to the fun part- sizing!!!

After my initial consultation I realized I didn't want anything less than the 500cc I had tried on so at my preop I tried on 500-550ccs. I found sweet serenity at the point right in between: 525ccs. Given that I'm going under the muscle, I opted for a 550cc implant with the idea of my boobs dropping and shrinking a bit down to a 525ccs size. And with that, my decision was made!! After finalizing my size, I was given a BA book to look at in which I was to choose 3 pictures of boobs that I thought were too large, too small, and just right. Given that I felt the pictures were a little outdated, I plan on bringing my own wish pics to my BA to show Dr. Colgrove exactly what I'm going for.

After they made a copy of the pics I chose, I was sent to Shae to pay for my BA. I decided to finance with care credit thus my total came out to $4295 ($4200 BA + $95 for 2 support bras provided by the facility). My date was finalized for March 27th (this Friday guys!!!), I was given my prescriptions and aloha I was done!

I should've worn a different shirt for sizer pics (like something more plain) but hindsight is 20/20. I'm attaching my sizer pics (one is 500 and one is 550). Alright hope you enjoyed reading Tata for now!

Rice sizers!

Since I didn't really get good pics of my 550cc sizers, I made some at home! I actually used lentil beans because we ran out of rice...perfect timing smh. So I'm attaching those pics here. I went shopping for some open front bras at walmart and brought my sizers with me to see which bras would fit. I have been wearing the sizers for a few hours a day to try and get used to the size. I'm not sure how close post BA results are to rice sizers, but I feel comfy with this size :-)

Current size

To appreciate the afters, you have to know the before lol! I am currently a 34A

Surgery day recap!!

Ladies I made it to the other side!!! I ended up having my BA yesterday around 3pm instead of 330. I have to say it went pretty well! Dr. Colgrove is so cool and his staff was very friendly! My lovely bf drove me there despite being a gimp (on crutches lol) and I am so grateful!

The day before:
I started taking my antibiotics 24 hours before my BA and started my laxative regimen to clear out my system (2 doses of colace +2 cups of smooth move tea 1x in the am and 1x at night). I also showered my chest and abdomen with the hibiclens cleanser that was recommended. I setup my recovery station (pill box, water, fully charged kindle, books, colace and remote) and cleaned up my room, set up fresh bedsheets and made lentil beans soup and coconut curry for my lunch and dinner. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make my overnight oats so will have to depend on mommy dearest for breakfast.
I received a call from anesthesia in the afternoon to explain the type of anesthetic I would be receiving (propofol) as well as the IV pain meds (fentanyl) and anti nausea medicine. Oh don't forget to call the office on the day of your BA to reconfirm your time! My surgery was actually moved up so leave enough time for that and make sure your ride is available to take you in earlier/later than expected!

The big day:
I couldn't eat anything past midnight, but since my surgery wasn't until 3pm the next day, my anesthesiologist said I could have a glass of water at 6am to prevent me from being dehydrated. I call the office at 9 and 1230 for updates on my schedule and arrived at 230. Once I got there, I was taken to the back for preop photos and to change into my sugary attire (gown, panties, cap, and booties). Oh make sure to bring your medication with you (especially the pain medicine prescribed) and an inhaler ifor youre asthmatic like me. After changing, filling out a consent form and taking my photos, Dr. Colgrove came in to explain my measurements seen on the photos taken as well as mark up my chest with the handy dandy blue marker :-). From the photos it was evident that my left breast appeared between 34-68ccs larger than my right breast. He said it could be a combination of both having extra breast tissue on my left as well as my left rib cage being slightly more extended than my right. Either way, we decided to place a smaller implant on the left (500ccs) to match the 550cc implant going in my right side. I also had ample time to ask any questions and gave him 3 full sized printed photos of my wish pics which to my delight he said were very doable :-D. After this I went to tale a 2nd set of photos with the marks on my chest, had 1 last chance to empty bladder and it was time to say bye to my bf and hello to anesthesia.

In the OR:
I met with the anesthesiologist (such a sweek kind hearted lady) and had my IV put in. This being my first ever IV let alone OR the nerves started to kick in a bit. She talked to me and kept my mind off the needles and gave me some oxygen. When the fentanyl started settling in I could kind of taste it in the back of my throat which she said was normal. She then administered the propofol and I don't even remember falling asleep!!**lights out**

This part is a bit hazy as I don't remember much except waking up with lots of pressure on my chest. All the stories I read about ladies feeling lile there were 2 huge bowling balls on their chest...sooo true!! I felt like I had 2 huge dumbell balls sitting on my chest...after having done 100 pushups...talk about sore ladies :-/. I wouldn't necessarily call it pain, I was just sore and tight. Couldn't really move my armsuch so I was aided in putting on my sweats and jacket and placed in a wheelchair. The ride home wasn't miserable but boy I could feel every crack in the road. I was so glad to finally be home. I didn't have any appetite to eat and praise Jesus I never felt nauseated at all! This is a long enough post lol I'll post another update on my recovery in the next post. Feels mighty good to be in the other side :-)))

forgot my left boob pic

Post op day 1-2

Hey ladies! Recapping post op day 1 and 2 because I was too in and out of it to post much yesterday. After I got home on the day of my surgery I felt so sore i needed help with everything: getting into bed, had to be fed, getting out of bed my sis had to lift my head and upper body (I could move my legs on my own). I dont think my body metabolized the oral morphine very well so I took two 5mg percocets at my next pain pill time. By dinnertime, I was able to get up,walk around, warm my food and feed myself prett comfortably. Therefore I didnt take anymore morphine and stuck with taking two 5mg percocets every 4hrs on the dot (it's much easier if you set your alarm to remind yourself when to take each pill.)

Post-op Day 1-Saturday
Well hello morning boob! I woke up with sore hard boobs, but not as sore as on the way back from surgery. My sister made me some oatmeal for breakfast and I was able to get up and add some fresh blueberries (so yummy). With that I took my antibiotics, colace (stool softener), pain pill, and a glass of prune juice to help with the bowel movement. The percocets tend to make me sleepy so I was in and out of naps...literally falling asleep mid conversation lol. I noticed that each time I fell asleep in my bed and woke up from a nap, my boobs felt increasingly sore getting out of bed. So I decided to hang out in the living room recliner with my mommy dearest. Day 1 went pretty smoothly no sharp nerve pains just yet, only pushup type soreness. My right side is definitely more sore than my left, however my left boob sits higher than my right (might be able to tell in pics). Felt a little nauseous at the end of PO day 1 so I took 1 Phenergan pill and to sleep I went. Oh yeaaa I have been icing but not as consistent as I would've liked due to falling asleep quite quickly and feeling too much soreness to get out of bed to ice.

Post op Night 1 going into Post op day 2:
Taking the 10mg of percocets (two 5mg tablets) had me feeling decent enough during PO day 1 that I thought I could start tapering off by taking hydrocodone 7.5mg. OMG bad idea :'-(!!! I woke up early this morning feeling like I did when I had gotten out of recovery! Mad sore on both breasts, tough to move etc. Smh guess I overestimated how fast I was recovering due to the effects of the percocet. I've been drinking lots of water and so every pee break I took after taking the hydrocodone I just felt in more and more soreness/pain. I am very grateful for having been athletic most of my life because I can definitely equate this soreness to having a hard upper body workout which makes me tolerate it more mentally. I'm still working on ta king deep breaths as my chest feels tight, but I find it's easier to take deep breaths comfortably when I'm on the percocets vs morphine/hydrocodone. Needless to say I'm back on the percocets this morning and just finished my icing session (post op directions say 1hr on 1hr off). It seems to be easier for me to sleep and get out of the recliner than my bed so may sleep in the living room for the next couple of days. I plan on showering this morning/ afternoon with my dial bodywash. I'll let you all know how that goes! Oh yeaa so I took a sneak peak at my boobs lol I'll post the pics under this review. Not sure if it's from the icing or anesthesia, but the bottom halves felt a little numb while both upper poles felt normal to me.

Post op day 2

Today went pretty well, I think the post op bras provided to me might be a little small. They are sized 36 C, but as the day went on I kept feeling like the bras were compressing my chest a little too much. I have my post op appt tmw with Dr. Colgrove so I will ask him about going up a size in the post op bras (OMG a D cup :-D)! The percocets are still working very well for me but my goodness do they put me to sleep! Also I was able to go #2 today lol!! I might have been a little too eager with my laxative game because I was more runny than hard/straining (sorry if tmi). My laxative regimen started 24 hrs before my BA (Colace and smooth move tea) and everyday since my BA I took 2 colace pills in the am and 2 in the evening +1 cup of smooth move tea at night. I think for now as I try to taper off percocets and transition to Ibuprofen, I will just take 2 colace pills a day instead of 4.

I'm still feeling more sore on my right chest/armpit vs my left and will be asking Dr. Colgrove about massaging those areas out. Hopefully I will be cleared to massage/stretch my boobs/chest muscles because that's really the only relief I can find from this soreness.

Post op Day 3 & Appt

I forgot to add that I took my 1st post op shower yesterday! I used Dial lavender bodywash and washed up with my hands. I took all layers off except for the sterile strips (as advised by my PS). Being that I was still sore and unable to move my arms much, my bf helped me with my shower (forever grateful). As for Day 3, I'm still feeling a little sore today but I feel the tingling/burning nerve regenerating sensation coming on stronger. I think it's the hypersensitive skin a lot of the ladies speak of? My nipples and lower pole of my boobs still feel numb other than when the burning/tingling sensation comes on. I might have been presumptuous in trying to taper myself off the percocets by taking one 600mg ibuprofen instead of my usual two 5mg percocet pills. The soreness in my upper and side boobs came back with a vengeance...I can't win :'-((

So I went back up to two 5mg percocets this morning and felt great pain relief...along with the sleepiness :-/. I noticed that alot of my soreness was relieved when i loosened up the 36c bra that my PS provided me with. Prior to my BA, I bought two 38c bras from Walmart to wear once my boobs settled in. Given my increasing discomfort with the 36c bra, I decided to switch into my walmart bra....ahhhh instant relief! From then on I reduced my pain pill dosage to 1.5pills.

At my appt, I made mention of the uncomfortable fit of the bra and they switched me out to a 40c bra after their 38c didnt fit me either. I was instructed to return to the 36c bras once my swelling decreased and they were comfortable to wear. I believe the tight bra was adding to my increased soreness because my pain has improved since then! My PS said my boobs were looking great and the nurse switched out my sterile strips with instructions to change them out every 3 days. Next appt in 2 weeks which hopefully I'll be able to drive myself :-)

4 days out!!!

So I'm definitely passing the soreness stage and am in the Stiff and tight phase!! I am also feeling the dreaded "zingers" I've heard so much about. Man have my nips been on fire!!! I've decided not to try and be a she-ro and will continue taking the 5mg percocets for pain until my body feels ready to wean off. I wanted to wean off quickly to avoid the sleepy feeling and for the sake of believING I was healing faster since I was off the hard stuff earlier...but I'd rather heal in my own time and endure the sleepy feeling than to suffer unnecessarily. I am glad to have a wider range of motion of my arms (can reach above my head and behind my back) so I'm happy about that :-) I'm so ready to get back to my regular routine...patience is truly a virtue. I am able to gently rub out some of the muscle aches that I feel intermittently. I also took some progress pics today!

Post op days 5/6

Day 5
So it's getting better day by day, but I'm starting to get annoyed by the numbness of my nips and lower breasts. Today overall the most "pain/soreness" I felt was from my incision sites. Which could be a good thing in that the nerves have done some regenerating there. I'm just anxious and ready to gain normal sensation back in my full breasts. Is there a generalized time line for that? Maybe I have rushed expectations.. was tired of being stuck in the house so went out with some friends and my goodness! I knew to avoid laughter because it made my boobs feel sore/tight but I was laughing literally all night long! Gave the girls a seriously good workout! I'm excited to say that I only took 1 Ibuprofen today and tolerated the various soreness/nerve/incision pain pretty well! Gotta find progress in the little things :-) Range of motion has improved and am working on doing slow brief arm stretches to help my tight chest muscles.

Day 6
Today marks my 1st day waking up without morning boob!!! Hooray for that ladies! Although I have not had much issue with sleeping pretty comfortably on my back (close to a reclined position as I am using several fluffy pillows to prop myself up), I want to try sleeping on my side soon. I'm normally a side/belly sleeper so I'm missing my favorite sleeping positions. Im thinking about giving it a try sometime next week. Still moving around a little slow for cautionary purposes and from the slight stinging pain of my incisions but I am glad to have been able to do mostly everything on my own. Here's to hoping for more progress tmw at my 1 week mark! I'll post 1 week pics tmw.

1 week anniversary!!! (7 days Post op)

So far today is awesome!! I'm excited to be at my 1 week mark. I managed to comfortably lay on my side last night for a few minutes which was great! However, I think I will continue to sleep on my back until my 2 week post op visit as it is not as bad as I initially thought and I'd like to do all I can to make sure my girls drop naturally without sloping sideways from my sleep patterns. Also I somehow unintentionally managed to fall asleep almost flat on my back and paid the consequence of sore boobs this morning.

Tired of being homebound all week, I went for a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood and got some sunlight! Definitely a highlight of the afternoon. I am able to fully stretch my back and for the most part my arms. I can now say there's a light at the end of the tunnel :-) Attaching Day 7 progress pics: I see progress in them slowly dropping!! I will continue to practice patience

Post op Day 10!! (post op day 9 pics)

I'm feeling alot better now! The tightness  feeling is minimal and I'm taking 1 ibuprofen at night. There's still a minimal bit of soreness on my side boobs around the armpit area, but that's only when I press on it. I do some arm stretches every now and then to help with any tightness and icing helps alot! I don't really feel any incision pain anymore  which likely means they're all sealed up (yaay!)

I went bra shopping at Target on Saturday and didn't have much luck with the cup sized wirefree bras. The bralettes were more rewarding I found a great fitting one in XL that was awesome! Only downside is my nips poke through when they get ready :-/ think I'll go to Walmart and try my luck there. Not sure if I'm dropped enough to know what size I am..but if the sports bras I'm wearing now are of any comparison, I'm thinking 34C/D

Post op Day 12 pics

Went driving all over town today! My boobs are getting more and more used to driving, but I still take my time with turns and am using both hands most of the time (I usually just drive with my left hand). I'm excited to say these foreigners are starting to feel more like they belong here and like they're a part of me :-). I'm still working on doing some arm stretches to stretch out my pecs and have been sneaking in some massages (sorry Dr. Colgrove lol!). Although I am definitely appreciating how much softer they've gotten, I wish they would drop a little faster. I'm thinking about calling the office tmw to ask if I should start using my wrap from my post op day1-2 as a compression strap to help them drop faster. I'll let you guys know what they say.

Few lessons learned along this journey

To all the ladies who are suffering through the first few post op days (for me it was pretty rough through to Day 7) I want to say stay strong and stay positive it really DOES get better! Just a few things I've learned:

1) --Don't overwork yourself too soon-- I think I delayed my recovery process by trying to do too much/be too independent too soon.....Aka tip 1.5) ASK FOR HELP when needed!!

2) --Please please please, take your pain meds as needed!-- Don't try to be a she-ro like I did and wean yourself off too quickly. Learn to listen to your body for when it's ready to stretch the pain meds longer than every 4 hours.

3) --Try not to feel too guilty about needing FULL rest and relaxation-- the better you are to your body, the faster it'll recover and you can get back to your regularly scheduled program called life.

4) --Gain support and share your stories with ladies who have traveled the same journey as you-- I have learned sooo much from chatting up and following the stories here on realself! It's definitely helped in the healing process (physically, mentally, and emotionally)

5) --Try to stay positive-- It gets better day by day. Instead of focusing on what you can't do, try to find little things you are able to do today that you couldn't do yesterday. The war is won by being victorious in the smaller battles :-)

6) --Have fun trying on new bras/clothes-- it's okay if you still have high/squarish boobs when naked...sometimes the right bra/shirt can make you feel like a whole new woman ;-)

7)--Remember this is a journey, not a sprint-- Some days you will love your girls and some days you will wonder WTH have I done!! Some days you will have a full house of support and some days there will se like there's no help at all. Just take it day by day (sometime it's literally hour by hour) and remember you always have a full support system here!

Til next time ladies, be blessed :-*

2 week post op update!! (2 days late lol)

I'm so happy to reach this point!! I no longer feel tight really and I notice I usually only get sore in the mornings when I accidentally end up sleeping a little flat overnight. I slept a majority on my side last night (remembering a tip i read on here to switch sides) and woke up not too sore. Think I'll alternate side sleeping with sleeping in the couch recliner.

I think my boobs are finally starting to round out and not look so squarish! My nipples still seems a little low which means I've definitely got more dtopping and settling to do. I'm getting more comfortable wearing regular clothes out and have no major issue raising my arms. Washed my hair all by myself as well! I wore a dress today that before used to cover all my boobs...now it barely covered half!! Guess if I didn't think my boobs were much bigger, there's the proof lol!

Nipple sensitivity ohh man! The nerves are definitely coming back because they seem to go through fits of hypersensitivity daily. I will be getting some nipple covers or making my own with gauze/cotton balls and band aids until they settle down. On a positive note, I'm starting to get more feeling back in my lower poles :-). I have my 2 week post op visit on Monday. My goals are to: 1) Get cleared from wearing the sterile strips 2) Green light for massaging 3) Allowed to leave the compression bras in the dust!

I'll update after my appt! Hope everyone is healing nicely!

2 week post op appt!

Sorry for the delay! So I had my 2 week post op appt with Dr. Colgrove yesterday. It went more than amazing!! I had some set goals in mind of what I was hoping to hear at my appt....and all of the came to fruition! Once I arrived, the nurse removed my sterile strips pretty much pain free with this adhesive remover solution. Why didn't the 1st nurse tell me about this?? I mentioned to the nurse how it had been painful replacing my sterile strips every 3 days with nothing to help ease the stickiness and she immediately offered to give me some of the solution to take home with me (such a sweetheart). However, Dr. Colgrove had some better news... NO MORE STERILE STRIPS!!! Praise Jesus! It seems my incisions have been healing very well so he said I can go ahead and start using some scar cream. I have my bio oil and silicone scar away sheets. I think for now (maybe for the next month or so) I will just be using the scar away sheets until my scars shrink a bit/get a little flatter then I will use the bio oil.

Oh for the record ladies, if you feel that your incision is slightly bumpy/lumpy and you have dissolvable stitches, that is the cause! As the stitches dissolve that lumpy feeling along the incision line will smooth out and become flat :-) I was also cleared from those God awful surgical compression bras and given instructions on massages and stretches to help my boobs drop quicker.

My instructions were also to do more side sleeping and strangely enough to sleep on my belly! My concern was that this would flatten my boobs giving me a wide flat look... however when I mentioned this the nurse said that it won't flatten my boobs it'll just help decrease the last of the swelling. The instructions say to start with 5 mins of belly sleeping and eventually work my way up to an hour. Have any of you ladies ever been given these instructions as well (belly sleeping to decrease swelling)?

Regarding bras, Dr. Colgrove told me I will need to be wearing bras that push my boobs in towards each other for the rest of my life otherwise my boobs will end up in my armpits and I will be back in for another surgery (my BWD was 15 and I have 500/550cc mod plus profile unders)! Quite humorous the way he said it lol...but I was really thinking...am I going to have to wear bras that push my boobs together forever?? I'm not sure if that means underwire bras..push up bras...would sports bras with great support work? I might have to call in with some clarification on that. Any wide bwd/mod plus profile ladies please chine in on this! Also I was cleared to wear underwire bras. It was the nurse who told me this after Dr. Colgrove left the room. I have to say I was a bit taken back at how soon I am being cleared to wear underwire...also not to sound uppity, but I kept thinking in my mind Dr. Colgrove didnt mention anything about underwire bras...should I hold off on those until my next appt in a month? I will be going bra shopping tmw for bras that do just as he says (push my boobs in and not so much up).

I hope you guys chime in as I'm really confused at the belly sleeping and underwire bra clearance. Thanks for reading :-))

week 3-6 updates!!

Hey ladies! I'm so very sorry I haven't updated regularly like I was doing before, I have been out and about all over! Now that I'm back home I would like to update you guys on my week 3 to week 6 progress. During week 3 I felt my boobs dropping, but they still looked square like to me. At the four week mark, I didn't really feel any more nipple hypersensitivity and the numbness in my lower breast has returned tremendously! Its not fully back but I would say about 90 percent back which is great! I still have more dropping to go but my boobs have dropped tremendously as well! I love the way they look and I am perfectly happy with my size! I feel that if I had gotten any bigger I would be a little disproportionate and so I am definitely grateful for the 550 size I chose. Although I have been cleared to wear underwire I am still wearing wireless bras for the most part and feel comfortable wearing them. I trued underwire for a day and it wasnt bad but I will wait until my 2 month mark to consider wearing underwire regularly. I'm glad to be back on realself and can't wait to catch up on everyone's progress! Thanks for checking in!

Photos don't want to load so I will add them in a next post
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Colgrove and his staff are a wonderful group of people who made me feel welcome and respected every step of the way. They are very informative, kind, and make themselves available to answer any questions that may arise. Dr. Colgrove is professional funny, talented and very cool and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon and awesome price.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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