25, No Kids, 5'0, Petite Body Build/bottom Heavy. Consultation W/Dr. Colgrove - Atlanta, GA

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I am 24 years old, although I will be 25 when I...

I am 24 years old, although I will be 25 when I get my breast augmentation. I have a consultation set for August 10, 2016 with Dr. Colgrove at Vingings Sergical Center . I am super excited to meet with him even though many reviews have said that Dr. Colgrove isn't very personable. I have done tons and tons of research in preparation for this and will probably ask 100 questions lol . Anyway, I want a BA because my breast aren't very perky or full at the top, and I don't have any cleavage . I want fuller more youthful breast since I don't have kids. When I was a teenager, I ended up losing close to 20 lbs (10 of which were lost over a duration of the summer, about 2 months) and my breast have not been full since. I want to be able to confidently wear strapless clothes and bikini tops without feeling self conscious! I will keep you posted, updated, and share my BA journey with you all from beginning to end !

Consultation w/Dr. Colgrove

Yesterday I had my consultation with Dr. Colgrove at Vining's Surgery Center . A lot of reviews that I read about Dr. Colgrove have said that he isn't very personable . I wouldn't say that he wasn't personable during my consultation, he was just very professional and straight to the point. But like everyone else said, i did not spend a lot of time with him, about 15 mins total with him .

Consultation w/ Dr. Colgrove part 2

(I accidentally uploaded the previous post before I finished lol)

So I arrived to Vining's Surgery center about 30 mins earlier than my 3pm appoint, and was called back by 2:50. The first nurse weighed me, took my blood pressure, and then took me to my room . I had to undress from the waist up and then put a robe on. The same nurse then walked me to another room to take a picture of my breast . After that I watched a video about breast lifts and was given a before/after book of Dr. Colgrove's previous breast lift operations . After the video, another nurse came in we looked at my picture, and played with different sizes to get a more realistic feel of how they would look on me. We also tried on different sizers and the recommended sizes for my body frame . Dr. Colgrove came in the middle of this . He introduced himself and got down to business . He took a few measurements of my breast, looked over my picture, explained how/where the incisions would go and what he would do during the procedure in general. He asked me about size, and when I told him 350cc he said "perfect, I love 350, that'll be perfect for your small frame" . He talked a little more about the surgery in general, breast size , implant type , etc. I asked him about the difference between silicon and ideal implants and which one he recommended. He explained the difference and even let me feel the difference between the two. He didn't recommend an implant type, he simply said, it depends on what type of result/feeI was looking for. He then told me that the nurse would go over sizes with me and left . The nurse and I continued to talk about sizes, we looked at all of the "want" and "do not want" breast pictures that I brought in, and I asked her A LOT of questions LOL . After that I got dressed, and spoke the financial advisor about prices . The consultation was about 45 mins long.

I do feel like Dr. Colgrove is more involved once patients actually get to the pre-op phase . Remember this is JUST a consultation and consultations do guarantee that a patient will actually book him for surgery . Therefore I do understand his short presence during my consultation. (Especially since there were a lot of people in the waiting room also) His nurses and staff were super helpful, professional, and nice !

Lab work/pre-op/surgery date

I got my lab work done on Saturday October 1, 2016 at any-lab test, the Cumberland location. I called Dr. Colgrove's office Monday morning to check on my labs and schedule my preop and surgery day. Pre-op is scheduled for October 18 and surgery is scheduled for October 28. I thought all was well until I got a call back from the nurse saying that my ALT and AST levels were too high. (Those test petty much test the enzyme levels in your liver) The nurse told me that I have to get those labs done again and if they come back with high levels again I have to get medical clearance from my doctor. I will be getting the labs done again tomorrow but if they aren't at a normal level this time. I think I'll just hold off on the BL/BA all together because there have been little things that just keep happening when comes to this. Im not very superstitious, but I feel like it might be a sign lol . Any who, I'll keep you all updated.

I did an initial review before when I was in the...

I did an initial review before when I was in the process of researching and choosing a doctor.) I'm 25 with no kids and I'm getting a BL/BA done by Dr. Colgrove in Atlanta, GA. When I was younger I weighed about 18 lbs more than I do now, and when I lost those 18 lbs, my breast sagged . I should also thank my mom for my saggy breast also lol. I've never really had huge breast to begin with, but when I was heavier, I at least had cleavage and my breast sat up. You can read my previous post on my initial thoughts of Dr. Colgrove, my consultation review, and lab work experience. I've gone to my pre-op appoint already, it was scheduled 10/18/16. I pretty much just filled out paper work, chose a size, (375 CC) went over how/when to take my medicine, and paid for my surgery, I financed by the way. The nurse that assisted me was very helpful, she explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions. My surgery is scheduled for 10/28/16, so I'm 8 days away. I'm not nervous or scared yet, I'm mostly just still in shock that I'm actually going through with this. I'll keep you all updated and post pictures throughout my boobie journey.

I got my boobs !!!

I got my boobs done yesterday by Dr. Colgrove in Atlanta, GA and I must say he and his staff are nothing less than AMAZING!!!! I arrived at Vinings a little before 7am, signed in, did vitals, and changed into a gown, surgery underwear, and a paper-like cap that looked like a bonnet. I singed a few papers, was given an IV, some took some before pictures. The nurse, my cousin and I went over after care instructions and everything that would happen during and after surgery. Dr. Colgrove, who was more personable this time, (lol) marked me up, explained what he would be doing doing surgery, and then another before picture was taken. When I walked back to the survey room, I was greeted by another nurse and the anesthesiologist that had given me my IV. They were super nice and talked to me until I went to "sleep". The next thing I remembered was waking up in barely any pain. On a scale of 1-10, it was probably a 3. I remember the nurse asking me questions and giving me sprite but I was sleepy I don't remember any of my responses. When I got home I took some meds and sleep for 4 hours . Dr. Colgrove called me about 45 minutes before it was time for me to take more pain meds, just to see how I was doing. He told me to walk around, do calf raises, and but ice packs on my breast . I feel more pressure and pain now, about a 6 , but it's not unbearable. I've been going back to sleep after I take my pain meds so that helps with not feeling uncomfortable. My boobs are sitting high and are hard, but it doesn't hurt to touch them. I can shower tomorrow so I'll take some pictures of what they look like. I also have drains in that will come out Monday at my post op appointment. I never posted any goal boobs so I'll do that now along with what my boobs look like currently.

Day 3 post op

I got my boobies done 3 days ago and I can honestly say I was expecting excruciating pain, but that is not the case at all . On the day of surgery after waking up my pain was a 3 on a scale of 1-10. Saturday, the day after, has been the worst so far, on a scale of 1-10, I say about an 8. I've been taking my meds like clock work and sleep lung like crazy, (8:30am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm, 8:30pm, 12:30am, and 4:30am) which is probably why my pain has not been bad at all . I took a shower the day after surgery, and i must say it was difficult lol. My first post op appointment was today, I did get the wounds cleaned, but I didn't get my drains taken out yet because there is still a bit of draining going on. I'll be back Wednesday to get them taken out . As usual Dr. colgrove and his staff were awesome and I even got a few laughs from him today.

1 week post operation

Just a little update, I am 1 week post op now. My boobs are still swollen and high, but I'm not in much pain. I stopped taking all meds this past Wednesday. My left breast is more sensitive than my right when it comes to moving my arms around and going about my day in general . I got my drains taken out on Wednesday also. The worst part now is that I am super constipated !!! I was taking the stool softener along with my pain meds, but once I stopped the pain meds, I stopped those also. I was in sooo much pain and uncomfortable for a while. I took laxatives, but they need 6-12 hours before they take effect. I keep you all updated.

1week post op pictures

6 weeks update

Yesterday was officially my 6th week post op. My breast are beginning to drop and soften/feel a bit more natural ... I still have a ways to go lol. Every now and then I can feel little "shocks" because my nerves are coming back, strangely enough, I don't feel the "shocks" in my nipples, just were my actual incisions (or where I was cut at) are. My left nipple has very little feeling in it (If I pinch my nipple I can barely feel it) my right nipple has more feeling, but not like it did before the surgery. Hopefully the feeling comes back! My breast in general are staring to get itchy. I have been using palmers skin therapy oil, olive oil, and palmers raw shea balm on my breast at least twice a day to help with the itching and to prevent more stretch marks (I had stretch marks on my breast before surgery) My scars look amazing so far, I'm very pleased. I'll will start using silicon scar scripts in about 2-3 more weeks. I haven't decided which ones I'll being using yet, but I'll keep you all updated. It's only been 6 weeks so I understand I have a ways to go before I see a final result, so as of now this is my update for you guys.

6 week post op pictures

More pictures to go along with my 6 week update. These are pictures of my scars so far.
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