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I live in VA so my only form of communication has...

I live in VA so my only form of communication has been by email (trying) and phone. I don't think they are great at replying to emails my email was responded with a very generic reply. when i wrote back didn't hear anything from them s i called in a week later. asking what i needed to do being out of town. they gave me the information i email in my pics got no response so i called. got all of my questions answered and was just waiting to nail down a day to get them done. i paid the deposit today and have the day set for the end of September :)

3 more days!!!

I have been horrible at updates!! when they are done i will be sure to update more. I ONLY HAVE 3 DAYS!! i have sent in the paper work blood work complete. i just have to clean my apartment so i dont have to worry when i come back i need to buy food... i need to add that to my list of things to do.... so much going on but im super excited to be at this point! i will post before pics in the next few days.

Night before

I'm super nervous!! Had the worst luck coming down here. Couldn't get a rental car because the company was being stupid. THEN after dealing with it for 4 hours I decided to drive my car down.... long story short 4 hours before I'm set to leave I hit a nasty pot hole destroyed my tires. Also I forgot to pack pants so I have the onsie I was going to wear there and the sweats I have on now.... but plenty of shirts....

Good news is my insurance company gave me a rental. But I missed my pre-op with everything. Going in super early to get everything done. Just a few before pics. Will post more tomorrow.

Today was the day!!

I'm excused! Not much pain. I am taking my meds on time my chest is a tight and I have a little pain on the top. By everything went well. When I shower tomrrow I will post pics without the bra. I got 450cc under the muscle the bottonnpics ante WhT they should look like. Once they aren't up to my next

1 day in

I am about one day after the surgery. I got 450 ccs placed under the muscle. They don't look amazing regent now but I have boobs!!
As far as pain goes I haven't had much of any at all. I am going to keep on with the morphine they gave until later tomorrow. Theycarenditting very high and tight

1 week out.

I don't think my surgery bra is as tight as it's supposed to be. So I have switched to sports bras and started massaging them hoping to get them to loosen up on my muscles. It's supper tight on my chest and it will start going in to my back.
Other than that the incisions have almost closed up. I should have take a photo before I put the tape back on. I'll show them in 3 days when I change the tape. The photo of the incision is from 3 days ago
I think I'm in that phase when I'm depressed about them. They are so high and uncomfortable right now but I have to remind myself I'm only 8 days out from the surgery and I have to give them time.
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