25, 450CC Silicone, over the Muscle. 5'8 115 Pounds - Atlanta, GA

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Hi All! I am two weeks away from my breast...

Hi All! I am two weeks away from my breast augmentation with Dr. Larson at Buckhead plastic surgery in Atlanta. I have one child who is two years old. I only breast fed for a month but I still lost the firmness I once had. I am currently a 32b and we have agreed on 450cc high profile implants over the muscle. So far my experience with Dr. Larson has been great. His facility is beautiful and the staff are all super friendly. I consulted with one other surgeon and the decision to go with Buckhead plastic surgery was easy. I will do another update the day before surgery!

Surgery is done!

I had my surgery yesterday. Everything went well. I'm super sore today, also have a lot of pressure. Surprisingly I wasn't nervous at all.

I did throw up in the car on the way home: it was awful. Getting my bandages off today. Can't wait!

Boobs revealed!

Went to the doctor today to get bandages taken off. Surprisingly they look a lot better than I expected. I'm in quite a bit of pain though. Everyone told me it's not painful it's just pressure but I've got both. I've been advised to massage my boobs every hour for two months... It's pretty painful, and seems excessive but I'm gonna do it! Doctors orders lol. Overall I'm really happy with my result so far. I do wish I would have gone bigger but I'm gonna wait to judge. Everyone in the practice has been super sweet.

More pics. 2 days post op.

Loving them!

My days are off...

So surgery was Thursday. Today is Saturday. So I'm technically 2 days post op today? Right!l? Who knows. Today has been a little sore and painful for my right incision. I've been out shopping a little and went out to dinner and lunch and might have over done it. Today I'll be doing nothing but laying in bed. My boobs look really good. I know they're going to drop but I like where they're sitting now?? Is that weird? Overall so in love. Still wish I would have gone much bigger but oh well. I'm still on the pain meds around the clock but I have an extremely low pain tolerance. Below are some pics!

Today has been painful.

Right incisions is giving me a lot of pain. Breast seem to have dropped. I honestly love where they're sitting already and would prefer they don't drop anymore. Just soften. Tried to cut back on pain meds today but my right incision is causing me troubles that Tylenol isn't helping with.

4 days post.

I'm 4 days post!! And I'm loving where they're sitting. Hoping they don't fall much more. The exercises be been doing haven't been painful anymore. Only weird thing is that I can hear fluid and gurgling moving around in there. I was told this was normal though. Pain hasn't been too bad. But I also just woke up so we'll see how the day goes. I've surprisingly slept well since the surgery and I've not taken any of the sleeping pills. But honestly they scare the shit out of me. Below are some pics. My next apt is on Wednesday! So two more days.

5 days post

Well it's been 5 days. Boobs are good. Incisions kinda hurt but nothing crazy. I do have a blister on one part of the tape that's pissing me off. They are a lot softer today compared to the last few days but I don't care about how they feel honestly. I just care about how they look. I know they'll soften in time. Totally off all meds but antibiotics. I've noticed a lot of other women in these surgical bras? My office has me going with no bra or a loose sports bra. I guess that varies between doctors. I'm happy with the no granny bra, and my boobs seem to be dropping quickly. Still wish I'd gone bigger. 600 cc's? Maybe when I find a new husband who will pay for them I'll upgrade. Lol ;)

6 days post. Pain. Post op appointment.

Tomorrow will be one week with my new tata's! Everything has been pretty smooth sailing until today. Lots and lots of pain in my right boob by the incision. Or I guess it is the incision itself hurting. I just feel like a lot of pressure on it and Tylenol isn't cutting it. I was totally off the pain meds but I just took one before I go to bed. Seems to be helping. I saw my Surgeon today. He's great. The nurse told me I'm not massaging them hard enough... :-l seriously it hurts. They've got me squeezing the implant to my collar bone and squishing together! Lol for real though. It sucks. Appearance wise they are looking good. Got some rounding out today. From the profile they look like cones. Haha. I guess I did get high profiles but I know they'll settle better. Still loving them. Updated pics! I put a few in showing my entire figure and how they look with my frame. Still think I should have gone bigger. Im 5'8 and 115. Next appt is Thursday to get the tape off!

11 days post op. Feeling pain.

So I'm 11 days post! Feeling a lot of pain the last couple days but I haven't been taking Tylenol. Thoughts I was past it but no.... My right incision is still throbbing constantly. I am always holding it. I see a nurse Thursday to get my tape removed and am going to mention again about my pain. My she's not my surgeon so who knows if she'll even know. Girls are looking good. I am so ready for them to round out. They're still very cone shaped. But they have dropped nicely. I love where they're sitting now but I do think they've got a little more falling left to do. My nipples are completely numb. They've been a bit bothersome lately. It's weird. I don't like it. Haha. I was bad and tried on a bra. It was a 34D. Not wearing bras yet... Still loose sports bras. Praying this pain in my right gets better. It's discouraging. :( I'm still doing massages around the clock. Basically, I squeeze the implant up to my collar bone hold for 30 secs, them squish them together for 30 secs. Not painful anymore to do massages.

A few more pics.

Forgot to mention, old bathing suit tops are trash. Lol I thought I'd just fill them out.. No. Can't even come close to making it work. Also here's a picture of the 34D bra. Lightest padding there was.

Over 3 weeks post.

Not a lot has changed. The pin in my right incision is much better! I got my tape off and incisions look great. Im using scar gel that my surgeon provided me. Overall very happy so far. I've started sleeping on my side... Hopefully this doesn't affect anything. I go to my doctor again in a week.

Two months post op!

I'm just a few days shy of being two months out. For the most part I feel pretty good. Still a little discomfort here and there but nothing major. Overall appearance I'm really happy. My nipples are still pretty sensitive and uncomfortable at times. Hoping this resolves with time, but I know it's one of those things that could last. :( My scars are doing great and fading. I do have days when they're super bright pink but not many. Updated pics are below!

7 Months Post Op!

Wow. I can't believe it's already been seven months. Every passing month I grow to love my boobs even more. I'm super happy with my results and my choice in surgeon. As far as numbness, and sensitivity, I do still have some numbing on my nipples but it doesn't bother me. My scars are healing well. I hoped they'd be more faded by now but I imagine they'll Improve with time. I also love that I went with high profile. Even in a loose fitting bra like my attached photos, they have a really nice projection. Overall, I'm super pleased!
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