24, 145lbs. , 5"4. Atlanta, GA

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I am 24, 145lbs , 5"4ish . I am getting 425cc's...

I am 24, 145lbs , 5"4ish .
I am getting 425cc's saline, under the muscle, moderate profile .
I am currently a 34A looking to be a 34C .
I was originally directed to Dr. Colgrove after watching a YouTube blog ( by beautifulmorgan) shed recently undergone a BA with Dr. Colgrove & shared her entire journey . From there I began to research his work & follow his real self reviews . My consultation was late January. The consultation was well coordinated & I was impressed with the technology ( sizing/imaging screen ) the nurse was very nice & told me that she is his Friday surgery nurse ( I then decided on a Friday date so that I could have her ). As many others have stated Dr. Colgrove wasn't the most personable, he sized me , asked a couple of questions & told me I was a good candidate . I probably met with him for 8-10 minutes & the rest of my appointment was with the nurse . Though I was hoping for more with him, his good reviews & recommendations as well as his affordable price led me to continue to go with him as my surgeon . My pre op appointment was 10 days from my scheduled surgery . I worked with a different nurse but she was pretty nice & she helped me try on different sizes. I was pleased with the organization & the booklet I received which had a very detailed of breakdown of before , during & after surgery . My prescriptions were already ready for me and I felt confident about my decision. I am currently taking the vitamins & iron pills I was given and prepping my house for my return .

My surgery is this Friday .

Pics & Reviews to follow.

Yes, I bought a surgery day outfit .

3 days before surgery : bought a cute & comfy sweat suit for surgery day ! I'm so anxious, I had to spend my time doing SOMETHING ! :)

The night before & day of ...!

On Thursday 3/3 I received a call from my both my nurse and the anesthesiologist confirming my appointment time and a few rules . That night I washed with the surgical wash , took all the pre-day medications & went to sleep . (I was prescribed a sleeping /anxiety pill which surprisingly worked very well for me.)
The morning of 3/4 I arrived to the center at 7:00 am and was in back prepping by 7:08. The nurses were very prompt & prepared . I changed into my gown , reviewed a few rules and began getting prepped for the anesthesia . During this time Dr. Colgrove came in the room to mark my body and discuss sizing one last time. He asked if I had anymore questions and then i was taken into the operating room. I remember the anesthesiologist telling me she liked my tattoos and then BOOM, was unconscious from that point forward . When I woke up I was fully wrapped, fully dressed and was told that my mom was pulling up front to pick me up . This completely shocked me , it seemed so fast , I could not believe the entire procedure was already complete and I had no memory of any of it. (Keeping in mind that I got there at 7am) by 11am I was at home on the couch watching tv! I set a 4 hour alarm on my phone so that I could remember to take pain meds every 4 hours even if I was asleep and this has worked VERY WELL FOR ME! I have not once been in pain. I am a few hours shy of being 24hours post op & my pain level is about a 2 out of 10. My arms hurt more than anything, I think I may have tried to move them to much due to how surprised I was that I felt great-- so today I'll take it much easier on the arms. It's only been one day but so far, everything has been great . I think I let YouTube videos and reviews psyche me out, because the pain in much better than I'd planned myself for. Last night Dr.Colgrove Called me personally to check in and see if I was pleased and feeling ok . It's a bit hard to say rather or not I'm pleased with results yet as I'm unable to take off the bandage and fully see the results but I'm very pleased with how everything went . I will return back to the center on Monday for my first post op appointment !

Attached is a photo off what I can see at this point .... So far so good :)

Day 3 = the worst , Day 4 = the best .

Day 1 & 2 were pain free . I took my meds perfectly on schedule & felt little to no discomfort . I ate regularly & was able to do most things by myself with some help from my mom . Just as I started getting excited ... there was day 3. That morning I experienced some itching and pain . I attempted to take a trip to wal mart & that didn't go so well . I immediately came home & got back to my meds. It was very hard to sleep or get comfortable on day 3. I moved from the couch to the bed , Back & forth trying to get situated. I felt very swollen and very heavy . It is now morning 4, I woke up feeling much better, I took a warm shower , took light pain meds & I am getting ready for my first post op appointment . I took a pic this morning ... This is pre op vs day 4 .

Pre op vs. Day 4 post op

post appointment ... No Bruising / scarring .

My surgery was Friday morning . It's Tuesday morning . Yesterday I had my first post op appointment . The doctor said I was healing beautifully and the nurse said I looked great for it to only have been Monday. I did not experience any bruising at all and my incision is very small . The nurse changed the incision tape to this smaller strip and told me to start changing it myself every 3 days . As of last night I no longer plan on taking any more prescribed pain meds . I am only taking the antibiotic and keeping some tylonal extra strength around just in case . I am not experiencing any pain at day 4/5. Just a bit of heaviness When I go outside & slight discomfort from taking the wrapped band off ( Dr. Colgrove told me to remove it ) . I think I'm recovering very quickly . I am off until Friday but may consider going back to work Thursday . So far so good :)

5 day update + sleeping discomfort

Ok, so I lied about going to work sooner . I will stick to Friday's return . I'm not in " pain " just uncomfortable & often feel pressure / a heavy feeling on my chest . Sleeping has been a process . I can't get comfortable in any position other than slightly propped and on my back . I want to sleep on my side so badly ( any tips for a more comfortable sleep would be appreciated ) . overall the pain is a 3-4 out of 10. The mild pain medicine isnt AS strong but helps with the discomfort . I'm very happy with the procedure , the doctor & the look. Today I plan to get out the house for just a bit & go bra shopping ( no underwire , light padding ) and get a feel for my new bra size ( I won't be wearing this until the 15th day) !

I took one last pic this morning (the left side seems to be rounding / dropping a little quicker ) but both still very swollen .

I hope these posts have helped someone & I'm open to answering any questions ! :)
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