23 Yrs Old, 255cc Silicone Submuscular, 5'5 110 Lbs - Atlanta, GA

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After years of wanting a breast augmentation, I...

After years of wanting a breast augmentation, I finally saved the money and took the plunge. Naturally, I was very anxious about the process but knew how badly I wanted to have it done. I have a petite frame (5'5 110 lbs) and was worried about how implants would impact my active lifestyle. I went with 255cc silicone, Allergan Inspira under the muscle and am thrilled by how natural the results look. They are the perfect size and I would not have gone any larger/smaller. I started a 32A/B in Victoria's Secret and am now a 32D there. I chose the inframammary crease incision because I wanted to make sure I would be able to breastfeed in the future and minimize the risk of capsular contracture.

Throughout the process I had a very hard time finding other women who chose smaller implants so if anyone has any questions, feel free to message me!

Two week update

I've been thrilled with how they look! Had a follow-up appointment and said I can expect to see the bottom filling out slightly, but there shouldn't be too much change. Swelling is gone and I've felt great. The only snag in my recovery has been that I fatigue very easily. I can walk on the treadmill for about 40 minutes or go to the grocery store, but then I need a rest. Avoiding lifting things is hard. I had a small thrombosis (Mondor's cord) that comes on whenever I'm wearing a surgical bra that is too tight. Pressing on it and warm compresses have helped.
Overall they feel very squishy and look natural!

Two weeks

Tried on a couple real bras again (of course not wearing them until I get approval), but fun to see!

3 Weeks

Just over 3 weeks post-op and I wanted to write an update. I know when I was considering doing this, I researched everything like crazy and I relied a lot on other people's reviews for information. Girls who are petite, don't be afraid to go small! Seriously - I am thrilled with the size. No boob greed, they feel totally natural.

Everything is healing very well! Pain is really minimal, there are just certain movements that feel funny so I avoid those. Some weird things - I've noticed that I have more body odor than I did pre-op...? I've heard this sometimes happens and it eventually goes away (I hope). They already feel very soft and I have been using Silicone strips on the incisions starting at 3 weeks. My Mondor's Cord resolved. I took an Advil morning/night every day and it went away almost instantly. I can sleep on my side, but I still wear a bra 24/7 except for showers. I have full nipple sensation, but there is still a big numb patch on the underside of my boob, hoping that will return at some point.

I'm a 32DD at Victoria's Secret. I included a photo of me in a 32D, but it's too small because the center gore sits off my rib cage. I know I still have a ways to go in terms of settling, but all the swelling is gone so of course I hit up the Semi-annual sale... At other stores CK, Nordstrom, etc I'm a 30DD or 32D. I still wear my sports bras/marena full-time, but cannot wait till I can sleep bra-less and wear an underwire.

For the exercise crazy girls - I am one of you and it's been really really hard not going to the gym. But it's SO important that you heal well! At 2.5 weeks, I started walking at 3 mph and 10% incline on the treadmill for 40 minutes a day. Just make sure you wear a really supportive bra (Marena's are good. Or any tight sports bra) I've really been loving these long walks. I've also done some light bodyweight leg work, wall sits, a little barre, anything really low impact and with no arms. Don't try to bike. Just don't do it. You end up using your arms whether you realize it or not. You have to remember that your body is burning A LOT of extra calories to heal, so make sure that you are eating plenty even though you feel lazy not going to the gym.

Happy to answer any questions!

7.5 Weeks

Haven't posted an update in a while! I had to move to a different town and have been a little busy since then. The recovery has for the most part been very uneventful. I started running again at 6 weeks and feel about 80% back to normal. Running is fine, but I can't wait till I can do yoga and rock climb again. I don't anticipate I'll be climbing until at least 12 weeks. While moving into my new house, there was definitely some heavy lifting involved but everything was totally fine! The boobs felt okay, I just tried to minimize my activity as much as possible.

Now, my only complaints are that I can feel a tiny bit of rippling in my cleavage when I'm not wearing a bra and I still have a little incision pain. Once the implants are supported by a bra, the rippling goes away. It isn't visible, so it doesn't particularly bother me but I wish they felt *slightly* more real. There is some incision pain when I arch my back to stretch my abdominal muscles. I think it just pulls at the "still healing" tissues a little too much, so I have to hold off on the full wheels in yoga. I'm still numb on the lower half of my breast. I do hope this comes back eventually! I've heard of women regaining sensation several months post-op.

I honestly can't complain though, my result is exactly what I was hoping for! I feel so much more feminine in all of my clothes. I'm still a 32DD at Victoria's Secret, and a 32D everywhere else. I've been wearing their zip-up VSX sports bras and they are excellent for running. No boob greed here! Small implants are great!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

The moment I met Dr. Castillo, I knew he would be my plastic surgeon. From the beginning, he understood my goals and knew that I wanted to achieve a very natural augmentation that would not impede my active lifestyle. Nelson and Lynne (his practice manager) made me feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process. He truly is an amazing and charismatic physician! I was very apprehensive about my breast augmentation and came into the office multiple times to have all of my questions answered. Dr. Castillo always made sure to devote a significant amount of time with me and address all of my concerns thoroughly. The surgical process went very smoothly and I have been amazed by how quickly I have recovered. I am now 5 days post-op with almost no pain or swelling. (I attribute this to Dr. Castillo's excellent surgical technique.) I absolutely LOVE my results and have no regrets! I would recommend Dr. Castillo to anyone in a heartbeat.

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