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My breast surgery has ruined my life. I saved up...

My breast surgery has ruined my life. I saved up money for years and was so excited to finally have breasts. I was always so self conscious of my breasts and all I wanted was to be more confident. I was told by my surgeon that I needed a breast augmentation and an areola lift. He performed the procedure and already less than a year later you can see the crease of my old boobs. Worst of all, he completely messed up my left nipple. My nipple looks like it got mauled by a tiger. Im honestly convinced he didn't even preform the lift on my right boob because it looks completely different than my left boob. My right nipple points to the right and my left nipple points straight ahead.

My left nipple is the worst part about this augmentation. 3 months after the surgery, my nipple popped open and the stitching began to come out. it was very painful. Green puss surrounded it and there was a giant gapping hole on my boob. I called the doctor for help and he said this was normal! he said to pull the string out myself and cut it and it would heal itself. LIAR. that is not normal. Every problem he caused with my breasts he tried to write it off and pretend nothing was wrong. I pulled out a 4 inch long piece of string and cut it out myself.

I went back to his office to tell him I was unhappy about the results. I said you could see the fold of my old breasts and the scars on my nipples are terrible. All he did was try to convince me he did an excellent job and that my boobs looked great. So did his nurse. 'This double bubble is barely noticeable. I wouldn't even call it a double bubble. and your scars! they look great! they healed beautifully! you can even notice a problem with the left nipple!" then he said "i dont think you remember how bad your breasts used to look. Im going to print you out a picture of your old breasts and your new breasts side by side. you will see how great you look!"

The picture revealed exactly what I already knew. That my old folds showed and that my left nipple smeared completely into my skin and was covered by a terrible red mark. both nipples had roping.

I have been wearing an underwire bra literally 24/7 to try to help the double bubble from getting worse. I literally never take the bras off. This means I can only wear certain clothes. My breasts havent gotten any better. I have been using silicone scar sheets every single day since right after my surgery and my scars still look awful.

you can still literally see the stitching in my left nipple. a long sttring you can still see it in my nipple 9 months after surgery!!!!!!! Has this now turned in to an abcess? how do I get rid of this? should I get rid of the stitching?

I dont have any cleavage. I have to wear extreme push up bras to have the slightest cleavage and I can only wear certain shirts to show it. My boobs only look good when I lay on my right side. Otherwise, you can see the fold when I stand normally. When I bend over. When I sit down. when I lay on my left side. and my boobs look awful when I lay on my back.

I hate the doctor for being able to do this to me. He over charged me for the surgery. I saved money so long for this. Now i worked my ass off and was overcharged to have my body destroyed. I am in college and cant even date because my breasts look so awful. I cant afford revision surgery for several years so I am stuck with this body. I can't believe im in this situaiton. I cant even be happy. I am depressed everyday. I feel more ugly and less confident than before the surgery. I wish i never got the surgery.

I have to work everyday and go to school full time. not to mention the homework. to pay off my breast augmentation monthly from carecredit. My life is nothing but work for a botched boob job. I cant even enjoy my life or my boobs because they look awful. I cant date. I dont want to go out because I have no confidence because my breasts are botched.

I dont know what to do about revision surgery. I dont know who to trust anymore. I dont even know if the scar on my nipple can be fixed. I dont want to get a second surgery and get botched again. What do i do? who do i trust?

am i just being hard on myself, or did i get a botched procedure? please let me know the truth! i have to know the truth.
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