22 Years Old, 5'6" 115 Lbs, No Children, Looking for a Very Natural Yet Full Breast. Atlanta, GA

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So I've wanted a breast augmentation for some time...

So I've wanted a breast augmentation for some time now. I am almost 23 years old, have always been very petite all around with small breasts, barely fitting into an A cup bra. When I was younger it definitely affected my self esteem. However, the older I got I came to appreciate my little "fashion tits" as I call them and learned to love my body for what it is. Now that I'm older and my perspective is a little different, I've decided I still want a boob job. I've had two consultations with the same doctor, and feel confident that she is going to do an amazing job. I've communicated to her that I'd like to be "very french" about it. Nothing crazy big, a full B/small C cup. Silicone, Submuscular, moderate profile. Now I am just struggling with cc size. Initially I said 250 but am willing to go up to 300 at the most. I must say I am crazy excited, and hope I don't get the booby blues!

Date change

So surgery was set back to September 23rd (so I could take off a full two weeks from work). I'm a little bummed it's being pushed back but I figure I'll be alright waiting an extra month. Still struggling with cc size. Would be happy with 250cc or 275cc but if I'm paying up why shy from 300cc if it still looks/feels nice? Looking for some persepective. I'm also not telling my family about the procedure with exception of one brother. I grew up really religious/conservative and would not have support from my parents :/

About a month away

So i can't wait for my BA. I'm practically shouting it from the rooftops to all my friends/coworkers. However I am going through mourning until the surgery... I'm a little sad to say goodbye to my itty bitties. I just hug em tight at night and go to sleep. I can only imagine "bizarre" is the feeling I'll get once the boobs are here. And not to ask if this is normal or not/to justify it, just to kinda inform people,...I've been a weeeeee bit more promiscuous lately and I think it's cause I wanna get a good run out of my body in its natural state cause it'll probably be a minute before I get comfortable (sexually at least) again after my surgery.

6 days away!

I'm starting to get really nervous the closer surgery day is approaching. I don't feel like I'm super prepared for what to do right before and after. I will have a friend (who is a nurse) take off work and watch me for 3 days so I'm not stressing too hard but I still like knowing what's up. I've also been taking some nudes with photographers to remember my lil fashion tits. :]

Tomorrow is boobsday (as my friend referred to it ????)

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, paid everything in full (including anesthesia fees). Went over my do-s and donts before surgery. I am so so nervous. Also ladies, I got little casts made of my breasts. My best friend did them for me and I'm so thankful for my artist community. As for my size, its still so up in the air. I flip flop every other day on where I'm seeing myself cc wise. All I know is that I trust my doctor and I'm gonna try to not have an anxiety attack over it. Waking up and heading out bright and early at 5 am, arrival by 6 am, surgery beginning at 7. AND I'm so proud, I went out last night with some friends for monday night karaoke and I didn't drink at all because I knew I'd be tempted to smoke. And I didn't! Woo! Now just another month of being smoke free (at least) is gonna be the hard part.

I did it!

I am so happy. Everything went very smoothly. Nurses, doctors, anesthesiologist were all so wonderful. So, *drumroll* I went with 275cc! Can't wait for them to calm down a bit so I can show you all better of what they look like. When I woke up I said, "oh! I could've gone bigger!" Thank you all so much for the encouragement and just the general support system that is realself. I'm gonna take a nap now cause I could use one. Still a lil groggy :) thankyou all again. Aaaaaah! I have boobies!

Some photos for you all :)

They've swelled and hardened a bit since leaving the hospital 3 hours ago but I can't already tell how wonderful they will look once they drop and fluff. I'm so happy!

I'm in love

I really didn't think I'd be so ecstatic but I am, truly. Check out how wonderful they are! Thankyou Dr. Wang-Ashraf, you truly are an artist.

Day 3

Wow am I sore! I had surgery on Wednesday morning. Got all wrapped up and left around 11 am. That whole day I was feeling wonderful. No pain, hardly any discomfort. My breasts looked so nice already. Then day two: the swelling began. It's kind of extending to my side, under my armpits (the implant I guess/think??) is this normal? I don't want crazy side boob. Also with the process of swelling, they've hardened some. Been massaging lightly. Taking my muscle relaxers (I'd be causing myself so much pain if I didn't take these) and painkillers. They are also sitting a little higher up than I'd like. Does anyone know where I can buy a compression band? To pick up, not order online. // im aware all these symptoms are normal so soon after the procedure, so I won't freak out too much over them. I'm so happy with them, honestly. Now drop and fluff, please :D

6 days post

So far so good! The tightness in my skin is brutal, especially through the middle of my chest and on the far sides of my breast. I'm in a constant battle of inflammation when I wake up aka "morning boob". Trying my best to sleep slightly elevated. I'm icing on and off all day. DEFINITELY taking my painkillers and muscle relaxers. Bless them. Overall they are healing very well. My left breast is a little slower to comply (im left handed) but I figure this is normal. Doc says I can't start massaging til about week 3 :/ not having nausea too bad. Ginger ale and crackers help. Wish I could fast forward 3 months to start working out again!

More pictures

3 weeks post op

Everything is going real well. Continuing to drop, soreness is still minimal and I got the ok to start massaging them :) I can start working out again in a week. I finally saw my incisions and they are *so* small and neat. Adding some selfies so don't judge :P

Coming up on two years!

It'll be two years since my surgery on September 23rd. Just wanted to follow up and help anyone out to see how they've fully healed and become part of me now :)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wang-ashraf and staff are perfection. They are all well versed in their trade, very knowledgable and work with you in the process of you have questions or concerns. Most importantly, she doesn't pressure you to do anything you don't want. They are keen at Artistan Plastic Surgery to doing tasteful cosmetic procedures. So if that's your aesthetic, they are the way to go. Everyone is friendly and comforting, especially the day of surgery. Took great care of me the hour post op til I fully awoke and left the surgical center. I really can't rave enough.

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