Dr. Salzhauer March 3rd, I made it through to the other side! - Atlanta, GA

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Hi Ladies! I've been researching this for about 2...

Hi Ladies! I've been researching this for about 2 years now. I have read a lot of your reviews and I wanna thank you for all of the helpful info that I have received from all of your experiences. I have had a consult with Dr. Mendieta I thought it would be better since I live in Miami, but I have changed my mind to Dr. Jimerson. My problem is that I cannot even get a consult until late Aug! I know that Salama is good and is in Miami but he is very busy as well. I will update everyone as time goes on and post pics...

Hi everyone! I am still trying to decide if I...

Hi everyone! I am still trying to decide if I should go to Jimerson or Mendieta. I don't see any recent reviews for Mendieta, but I like his work on his site. I have been trying to do this for the past couple of years but I am finally making the decision to go for it this year, the only thing is that I'm trying to save money and maybe pay for half of it myself then finance the rest, but I don't know what kind of credit score is needed to be approved for the financing. If anyone has any info on this I would greatly appreciate it!
I have also been preparing my body and gaining the necessary weight for this procedure, rightnow I'm about 128lbs. and 5'5''. I have gained a pretty good amount of fat in my stomach and back, but now its really going to my face and I hate that! Anyways, I will post some pre op pics as soon and I will keep everyone posted on my journey.

Hello everyone! Ok I keep changing my mind but I...

Hello everyone! Ok I keep changing my mind but I think that I need to go to Yily. I emailed her and I'm waiting to hear back. I want to go late July jus because I can't miss too much work right now. Is anyone else trying to go at the end of July?

Dr. Salzhauer March 3rd!!!!

Hi everyone ! I haven't made any updates in a long time, because I kept changing my mind about doctors and I had some personal things going on. So I'm back now, my sx date is coming up so fast and I'm getting scared, but I'm excited to finally get rid of the excess fat that I gained specifically for this procedure! People have been telling me I'm getting fat lol, they probably think that I just let myself go! Anyways, I'm going with Dr. Salzhauer and I'm so excited, he is such a nice Doctor and he really listens to your concerns and explains everything thoroughly. I live in South Beach, so I am very close to his office. I haven't told my family about what I'm doing, so I don't have anyone that can take care of me afterwards, but he did refer me to a home nurse her name is Liz and she will be driving me there, picking me up and staying at my place with me for the first night. She is charging me $150 plus gas and I will have to pay for her parking as well since parking in South Beach isn't ever free!!! I think that is a good price, it's cheaper than what other places would charge. So if any of you ladies need someone to care for you, I believe they know of a few people that can help you after sx.
I feel like I'm not even prepared! I still need to buy the foam and all of my supplies...Ahh!! I'm running out of time! I'm really getting nervous, asking myself, " Am I really doing this?" I have been wanting this since 2010 so I'm ready now. I will keep everyone updated ad I will upload some before pics and later my after pics of course. For anyone that has had their sx, I wish you a fast recovery!

Dr. Salzhauer in March yayy!

Hi ladies! Here is a pre op pic of me, not cute! I might need to change my date for personal reasons, I will keep everyone updated!

I got my medical clearance today and my meds!

I have been cleared for surgery and I'm so nervous! I can't believe that I've finally made it this far after years of searching and changing my mind over and over!! I wish everyone well that is recovering and that will be in surgery soon!

Any Salzhauer ladies that have a date March 6-12th wanna trade with me?

Hi ladies, I'm looking to switch my date otherwise if I don't have anyone in better those dates I will probably keep my date. Thank you! Have a good day everyone, and happy healing!

I need your prayers ladies please...

Hi everyone, I hope all is well with you all. I wanted to ask you lovely ladies to pray for me, I've been cleared for surgery, but I just got a call from my doctor to come back and get more tests done because my white blood cell count is high, so I'm kinda worried and I've waited years to be able to have my surgery, and I'm so close! I just want these next blood tests to come back normal. Thank you for all your support, and I'm here for you all as well.

I'm all good for sx tomorrow!!!!

Hey ladies, I've been waiting for my labs to clear me for my sx, and that's why I haven't posted anything recently. I didn't wanna get my hopes up. Also I just moved so I've been really busy! I got the call from Ruth to confirm, and I'm ready but very nervous!!! I'm scheduled to arrive by 8am, but my sx might not be until 2-3 hours after that. I will give my measurements later tonight, etc. Thank you for praying for me, I appreciate all the love!

Ahhh!! I can't sleep!!

Hey ladies!! Ok I wanted to share my pre-op measurements with you ladies:
Bust: 39.5
Waist: 33
Hip: 36.5
I can't wait to get this excess fat off! I was skinnier in my waist 2 weeks after I had my child. I am getting lipo on my stomach, full back, flanks, and chin. I am getting fat grafted into my hips and booty. I haven't decided on how many cc's but I will ask him when I see him tomorrow. I just want a nice juicy booty to be proportionate to my chest. I'm naturally a 34DDD, so my body looks off because I'm top heavy.
I'm praying for all of you lovely ladies that are recovering and for those of you that will be having sx soon! It's a really big deal, I've spent years contemplating this, but now I'm ready, and I'm trusting in God that I chose the right doctor and that everything will turn out great. I can't lie though, I'm scared out of my mind right now, maybe when I pop this xanex I'll feel better lol. Ok well I better go to bed. I will see you ladies on the other side!!

In pain right now...

Hi everyone, I made it, I've been bleeding a lot still, I'm not sure if that normal. I'm still very swollen. I'm very tired this sx is no joke! I will update later on thank you for the prayers, I wish everyone well!

Still very swollen

Hey ladies, sorry I've been really sick throwing up, etc. I was draining so much the first 24 hours, it was really gross laying in blood that long, my garment was soaked. So I was so happy when she came to give me a shower. It hurt taking the bandages off but it was worth it, she was very nice. I bought a few pieces of foam that they put on me after surgery, and I had a stomach board that she Judy put on me yesterday. There was a spot of fluid, that she said would go away. I'm hoping so, but she did say that I was draining well on my own. When she took off my garment, I felt that I could've had a bigger butt, but I'm still swollen so hopefully it turns out well. My fave is very swollen from the chin lipo as well. Anyway I'll Hey back to you ladies, I'm very tired. Thank you for everything

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't posted much yet, I've been so weak and I've been taking care of myself except for when my friend gets off work he comes to check on me. Still having pain, I tried to give myself a shower and it was painful and it took me awhile to get everything back on by myself. So my advice to you ladies is to have 24/7 care because it's been really hard for me. I had my overwhelming moments but I'll be fine, I really do thank you for all of the love and support, it has really helped me a lot.
I've been trying to eat slowly but I either get nauseous of heart burn, I just can't wait until I can feel better again. It's too early to tell but I kinda wish that he went a little bigger I'm not sure how many ccs I've had but I will ask at my appt on Monday. Oh and you should make sure you get the lipo foam it helps with the bruising. I didn't have enough foam for each area, but the places I had it, it really helped. I ordered mine from contourmd.com. I'm praying for all of you ladies and I truly appreciate your love and support! Muaaa! I will update later on when I'm not in so much pain.

Update from the day of surgery, I know it's backwards lol sorry

Hey dolls! I just wanted to give a little more info about the day of surgery, I wad so out of it I forgot to add things in my update! Ok so I was scheduled to arrive at 8am I took a cab to get there and even though he was running late I was glad to still arrive on time. So immediately I went to my pre op room and changed into the gown and socks, within 5 minutes Dr. Salzhauer came in to look at my pics and to mark me up, which surprised me because they said it could be a couple hours before my surgery. Then he left and the anesthesiologist came in to ask a few questions and he brought me back to the operating room, I was scared, everyone was nice, he gave me my iv and within a minute I was out! I just remember waking up in recovery at like 4pm, I was so out of it, I could barely open my eyes. I was extremely thirsty but they would only give me gatorade. My friend drove me home and the walk from the parking spot all the way to my apartment seemed like forever, I was hanging onto him so tight, I felt like passing out. Finally I was able to lay down but I was in a lot of pain and I couldn't stop draining. I did sleep the whole night though. Each day I've gotten more energy, but it really hurts to get in and out of bed, because my muscles are sore, I can't imagine how ladies that get arm or thigh lipo must feel.
I've been resting a lot, but I do get up to walk throughout the day too. My chin hurts the least and my sides hurt the most. I'm still very swollen in my stomach and back, so it's hard to see what it will look like in the end. Also I'm very stiff too.
Oh by the way I ordered 3 sheets of the lipo foam, 5 would be better, plus they get bloody too. My nurse only brought some of those padded bandages, for the leaking, not the foam. I also put in the an board that I ordered from the pink room, so hopefully that helps to smooth it all out. Also don't be alarmed if you see how swollen your vag gets! I was scared, like is that normal?! She said it is normal. I'm not sure if Dr. Salzhauer did lipo in between my breasts, because it's like blackish purple right there. I will take pics as soon as I can, I don't have a full length mirror, so I'll do my best. I love you guys!

Here are a couple photos post op

I'm still swollen, so it's hard to tell how this will turn out, I wish he would've gone a little bigger, especially because this experience is traumatic I would rather get it done in only one time.

Another photo

Bitter taste from meds

Heyy, this hasn't happened until today but the med school leave such a bitter taste in my mouth that won't go away with food, or drinks, or brushing my teeth, and is driving me crazy, it's such a horrible taste!

Feeling a little down today and garment issues

Hi ladies, I feel like I'm suffocating with these foams and ab board can I take it off for a short time? I feel like I'm taking longer to heal than others, I can barely walk down the street without feeling weak. I just wanna feel normal again. Without you ladies I really don't have anyone, and it gets to me sometimes, I think today is just a down day for me, Dr. Salzhauer did say u may have up and down days the first couple of weeks. I'll be fine. Thank you for the love and support. Xoxo

I wish it was bigger

Heyy dolls, I'm really disappointed in how mine turned out, I had a lot of fat to take out, and my butt still looks flat. He said he injects extra to make sure enough survives, but if I lose anymore fat I'll have nothing. I know it's early, but many others at this stage had a good amount of projection. I worked hard for the money I spent on this, I had to get fat, etc. .. I'm not downing him, others have great results.

I know I gotta just be patient

I also wanted to let you ladies know that I'm not trying to day don't go to him, he's a great doctor, and all of you will look amazing. I'll just have to be patient and see how my results turn out.

I haven't forgotten you ladies!

Hey beautiful ladies! I took a break from real self, to catch up on school, and I've been looking for a new job, so I will be continuing to update you all! I decided to let my booty simmer, to be patient, and to wait to take more pics. Dr. Salzhauer said to wait until about 4 weeks and it will fluff up. He said he put over 1000cc in each side, so I'll be posting pics in a couple weeks. Other than that, I've got way more energy now, I'm feeling a lot better. I've been trying to massage myself but it's painful! It will help me heal faster though, I want to get a massage package somewhere eventually. My money is tight right now though. I can't wait to feel all the way normal again! It's been hard to not be able to go to the beach because I've got so many layers on it's too hot and I can't jump all the way in lol. Anyways I'm here for all of you, and I appreciate all the love. Xoxo

Hello ladies!!!! 5 weeks post op!

Heyyy... I'm sorry I've been working and studying a lot. Well I feel so much better now, and yea my booty fluffed, then it went down a little bit, but I'm still happy about it. I think it was that 1st stage garment that I had that was compressing my booty too much, because once I switched to a garment that was still covered but not compressing in the butt area, it really fluffed up! Also I started getting massages at CS post lipo in Miami. I didn't start until 2 weeks in, when they recommend 2 days post op to start your massages. Anyway, it has really helped with the stiffness, they use ultrasound massage too. I got a package of 12 massages for $50 each. It is cheaper than most places for an hour massage. Yes it was very painful at first, but it does help ladies! Oh and I got my garment from stellascorset.com it's shorts, high back, with hooks and a zipper in the front. The first garment had zippers on the sides which made crazy dents, but those went away since I switched.
Since I'm local, Dr. Salzhauer requests to see me every month or 2 until this summer. I had a strange bright red bruise on my side that eventually peeled, then turned into a scab, he said it was Ok, but it is getting better slowly, hopefully it won't scar.
I feel great about my body, and I thankful to Dr. Salzhauer and his wonderful staff, they're very helpful and sweet. I'm happy with my results, but I am considering a round 2 possibly because I still have fat on my back and near my armpit, but I'll wait and see if9 it's just swollen still, although it would be nice to be a little bigger due to some fat cells not surviving. I am now cleared to work out, and go to the beach in a swimsuit too, so I'm ready to get my six pack! He tells you to not have liposuction areas in the sun the first month because it can cause long term discoloration. I did see a girl wearing a bikini with all her lipo bruises tho! I couldn't do it lol. Also, I highly recommend using the foams, and ab board and good compression. We all want the best results, I found that it really helped me, plus I had a heat pad and I massage at home too.
I'm thinking of all of you going through your sx and for those just thinking about it, make sure to do your research, also focus on a quality doctor more than the price, your life is more important, oh and I'm not implying to anyone in particular, just a general thought. Thank you for Everyone that had been there for me! Love you chicas!

Re post of the same pic.... It was deleted accidentally.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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