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Hello all..I am new to real self..well let me not...

Hello all..I am new to real self..well let me not say new Ive been viewing this site for over a year. So I finally decided to join, Im ready to get this show on the road. So originally I started my research with Dr Salma. As many women on real self it is hard to make a decision on the perfect Dr. With that being said I have decided to go with Yily!! She works magic framing bodies just right!!

It's Time 2014

Its been a while since I've logged into real self. I've continued to read posts and research finding any & everything I can possibly find out for my BBL. After further research I have decided to go with Dr. Duran as my final choice. Just watching her work & reading her patients experience with her is fantastic. I am getting more and more excited each day. The problem is I have been trying to get my quote for a month and a half now. I call almost everyday from 8:30am est to 10am est. Either someone keeps hanging up or I am told to call back in 30mins and when I callback I'm told to callback again. Last week I spoke to someone and she took my email address and told me I would have an email in 30mins and I never received anything. I called back so many times since then and still nothing. I'm going to try again tomorrow and I pray I finally received my quote. As I have decided I would like to have my surgery mid August and I would like to get it scheduled as soon as possible!!

wish pics

Slow Process

So I have been calling Dra Duran weekly several times a day since my last update. I get the quote and its for a tummy tuck and bbl for $4800. I reply right back stating I have lost weight since the original pics I sent in March when I originally requested the quote. To be honest if you see my pics and me in person you would never guess I weight as much as I do. I currently 180 and look like I'm 160 in person with big boobs..smh but hey what can I say they are beautiful! So now I have been calling like crazy for 3 weeks for a new quote minus the tummy tuck as I have no loose skin and that is not what I want. I told the girl last week that I want to send my money but I need the correct quote so I can get my apt scheduled. I would like to schedule my apt around Aug 18th so we will see..fingers crossed and Ill keep you posted.

Travel Buddy

Is there anyone traveling to DR in Aug?? If so can you let me know when? I need a travel buddy so I won't be by my self..my family is riding me cause they don't want me to go by myself however know one can go with me..
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