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I'm a 27 years old woman looking for a change in...

I'm a 27 years old woman looking for a change in her body, I have a 9 years old daughter I workout everyday but it's kinda hard to get rid of stubborn fat and also my biggest dream was always to have a nice shape butt!! Dr. Windell boutte is the one I chose for my surgery I'm so nervous but not at the pain I'm nervous at my results.


The company I work for they can't be give me more than 5 days vacation I don't know if that's going to be ok with the recuperation, I know that you can't sit for 2 weeks so that way fat survive more and your butt would remain fuller and bigger. But anyways my manager helped me to get my 5 days vacation but, whenever I get back to work I'm going to try to sit max 1 hour for the whole day. My job consist in sitting down and making calls but also you have to deal with customer service as well so pretty much it's my choice if I rather sit or not!! But the bad part it's that I work sometimes 12 hours a day so that's a long time to be standing up so for me it's going to be a challenge lol!

Wish Pictures

My Wish Pictures

This are the type of hips and butt that I want. I hope that dr. Boutte really would do an aweson job with me :-)!!

My Pre Opt Appointment

Today was my 2 weeks pre ops consultation, I was very nervous they did blood work and also crystal gave me instructions to follow before surgery. Also today I need to start taking my vitamin A, C and Zinc. Crystal told me that before my surgery I must eat a good breakfast an hour before my procedure (jun 04). I'm going to be posting picture of myself before and after my procedure so you guys can see my results. When I was inside crystal office nurse lee came inside and introduce herself to me, she told me she is looking forward to see me :-) I'm so excited and at the same time scare :~|. Also my procedure is going to take about 5-7 hours that's a long, everyone at premiere dermatology was really really nice, but I haven't had the chance to meet dr boutte.

Things That You Must Have

I've been taking my vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc. Must take it 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks after surgery.

Prayer for all

Spongebob Squarepants Body

This is me every day my self esteem is so low I can't even wear comfortable clothes because I'm very uncomfortable with my body every day I wear a sweater to work because of the same reason my shape no curves no butt and no hips. Every day I fight with my boyfriend for the same reason that I hate my body but soon all negativity is going to be over with finally I'm going to have my sexy back. I am so happy because finally I'd feel like I am a woman again :-).

Wish Pictures

My results :-)

Im in love with my butt but still is ver y hard And swollen, i stopped my drainage yesterday, lee told me i can start wearing corset after a month

Day of Surgery

I arrived at 10:30am crystal had asked me what I ate that morning I told her 2 eggs, wheat break and powerade she told me that wasn't enoufht food in my system so I sent my boyfriend for a chicken sandwich at chick filet, after I finish with my sandwich lee came and got me took pictures all my before pictures and my measurements as well, after we went upstairs around 12:30pm took my shoes off she gave me my medicines took my clothes off and she started to mark me I have my butt and hips done together with my upper abs lower abs and love handles. She prep me mark me, then I layed in the surgical bed told me to face down because she was going to start with my love I believe well after she put about 3 different shots I fell asleep and I think I woke up around 4pm when she was doing my upper and my lower abs I think my lower abs the pouch it was giving lots of trouble because the fat that was there it was hard and it was hurting me like hell I told dr. Boutte that it was hurting me like hell she was really really nice to me I felt safe with her and her nurse was holding my squeezing my hands well I was squeezing her hands when dr boutte was doing my butt it hurted like hell then we finish around 8:30 my boyfriend came and got me and then I fell asleep

More Picture

Shower Time

I took the compression garment slowly didn't have any problem everything went well, I cleaned all the incisions and put ointment for cuts to prevent infection and I covered them again. So far everything is going well no pain at all :-)!!! Is just the bottom of my stomach is very swollen I hope it goes down my post appt is Wednesday.

Before and after pictures

Today I went to visit my best friend she was so happy for me that a tear came from her eyes it's little uncomfortable to drive I put a yoga mat on the back of my legs so I won't put any pressure at all on my butt, also tomorrow I go back to work so I was looking for dress pants because my old ones don't fit anymore but that's a good thing, lol. I wonder what everyone is going to say about my new body I work in a gym and I see lots of people everyday. My butt still swollen and it's hard like a rock I know that the swollen have to go down but I don't want to lose any inch from my butt :-).

At Work

Love my curves now I can say that I do have more curves, I'm more secure about myself!


Dr. boutte is the best plastic surgeon ever, I highly recommend her and her staff as well, I was so worry about my results but so far I'm in love :-)

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