In Need of a Booty by Davoudi!!!! 28 Years Old

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I had a consultation with Dr. Davoudi on March 15....

I had a consultation with Dr. Davoudi on March 15. I drove almost 4 hours to meet him. He talks very fast and a lot. That initially threw me for a loop because in the examination room, I barely said 5 words. I was like, what just happened. lol Then we went to another room where we sat down, looked through pictures of his work, and discussed what I wanted. He still talked a lot and fast but I genuinely like and trust him. I think that he can give me the results that I desire. At the end of the consultation, he told me that he needed one thing from. That was a hug and I was sold. I want someone who genuinely cares about me, my results, and my safety. He is that person/doctor for me.

I want a Beyonce/JLo look not the Kim Kardashian/Tiny/Blac Chyna look. I want a prominent butt that looks natural, as if I was born with it. I'm a curvy girl in the making :) I plan to take you all on the journey with me. Please watch out for updates. I'm so happy to have realself as a community to share information.

Before Pictures

Here are my before pictures. Fat will be transferred from my stomach, flanks, and back.


Here's picture straight out of surgery. I was in the recovery area.

9 days post-op

I took off my garments to wash them. I decided to try on a dress since my garments were off. I'm liking what I see so far. I'm still swollen but I'm certainly making progress. I was super swollen after my surgery. I gained almost 20 pounds in fluid from my surgery. I'm down 16 pounds. It was all in fluid. I didn't expect to go in surgery weighing one amount and come out 19 pounds heavier. It happens though. The weight is falling off as my swelling goes down. They told me not to get on the scale for 6 weeks bc it would scare me. Well I had to get on the scale once they told me that. lol The number shocked me but it's falling off day by day so who cares :)

After Care + Bra Rolls + General Update

The after care from Dr. Davoudi and his staff has been great. He called me personally after my surgery to check on me. I even called him, left a voicemail, and he responded back with a text. Toni (Dr. Davoudi Staff Member) has called me twice. It feels good to know that they care and that you're not just a number.

I do have one problem that will need to be rectified. I noticed earlier this week that Dr. Davoudi didn't lipo my bra rolls. I sent in pictures of my bra roll with a white X on the rolls. I clearly depicted that was what I wanted to have lipo on. As well as I told him in person at my consultation. My quote went up due to me wanting that area liposuctioned. I paid extra ($1,100 est.) for that specific portion to be liposuctioned. I'm not bruised, sore, or numb where my bra roll is. It feels and looks just like it did before my surgery. It actually looks worse because my bra roll looks abnormally big now since my flanks/mid back was liposuctioned and is smaller. My body is no longer proportional. I said that I was only doing this plastic surgery thing once but no way am I leaving those bra rolls on my body. I do not think I should have to pay to get this fixed because, I paid to get it done and it wasn't done. I told Toni (Dr. Davoudi Staff Member) in our last conversation that it wasn't done. I told her that I will discuss it with Dr. Davoudi at my appointment which next Tuesday. I trust that Dr. Davoudi will make this right. He seems to upstanding and he seems to genuinely care about his patients. That is why I chose him.

The other areas that I had lipo on are still swollen, bruised, sore, and numb. My butt and hip region is still swollen as well. One hip is still very swollen so it looks bigger than the other hip. I'm sure that it will match up when the swelling goes down. I'm just praying that my swelling continues to go down, that I heal quicker than expected, and that I love my final results.

I've been off from work for two weeks. I plan to take off until June 23rd which make me 1 day shy of three weeks. I'm going to use a poppy pillow when I go back to work. I've been laying my stomach which I am over. My neck and shoulder blades hurt. I have not laid on my sides for fear of messing up my hips. My chin and face in general is tired of being on pillow lol I do have a patio chair with how cut in it. I tried using it from time to time but initially it would make my legs go numb by sitting in it so I stopped sitting in it. I haven't sat in it for about a week. I tried it again this morning and it seemed to be ok. I did't feel my legs go numb so we shall see. I cannot wait to sit on my butt again!!! :) Not sitting on your butt for three weeks takes dedication and will power. I'm just thankful to have a job that I can take off this long from and still get paid while not using all of my leave. I'm truly blessed in that department.

Overall, everything is going good. I'm glad I had the surgery done. Now Dr. Davoudi just has to fix my bra roll that I paid extra to have done and that he some how missed.

After Care + Bra Rolls + General Update (Typo Corrections)

*I told her that I will discuss it with Dr. Davoudi at my appointment which is next Tuesday.
*He seems to be upstanding and he seems to genuinely care about his patients.
*I do have a patio chair with a hole cut in it.
*I've been laying on my stomach which I am over.

Bra Roll Update

You can't help but love Dr. D! :) He's so sweet and personable. My follow up went good. He said, he did lipo my bra roll. He said, he's an artist. He said, I'm still very swollen and especially in my bra roll region. I can't tell that he liposuctioned my bra roll nor do I feel numb or sore in that region. I'm just going to trust him and watch it over the next 3-6 months. I pray that it is swelling and that it all comes together in the end.

Front View Picture

Butt Picture

Let me start by saying, I haven't taken a picture of my butt in over a month. I absolutely hate the right side. I have red arrows pointing to the side that I don't like. I knew it was off but I didn't realize it looked like that. It looks much better with my garments and clothes on. I wear my garments 24/7 unless I'm showering or washing them. I pray this gets better. I don't want a revision but it may be necessary.

Comparison Picture

Comparison Pic (1.1)

Comparison Pic (1.1) Correction

Picture taken July 29th

Picture Taken 08/13/2016

I still don't like one side BUT the booty does looks good from the side. The one side that I don't like makes me look unbalanced from the front. I'm still hoping that it gets better. We shall see.

Picture Taken 08-12-16 Front View

I don't like the right side.


I just left my check up appointment with Dr. Davoudi. I just love him! He's always so comforting and positive. I'm so glad that I chose him to be my surgeon. He really cares about his patients and he shows it. I always leave feeling renewed and confident that things are coming together.

He told me to give it time and that it'll be 9-12 months before I see my final results. I'm going to stay out of the mirror and stop taking pictures because, I'm an analyzer and I can find anything that it wrong. It will probably be a long time before I provide another update. I want to give my body time to heal without casting judgement.

Best wishes to everyone that is on this journey! It can be emotional but it's so worth it! :)

Updated Pictures

I don't have a back view of my results. I'll have to get my boyfriend to take a picture of it. I'll upload a back view soon.

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