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Hello BBL sisters! Before I had kids, I used to have a nice full booty and it was a greattt ASSet. I'm 5'5.5" and was 135-140 before kids. then I gained 60 pounds from my first pregnancy and lost 40 of it from diet and exercise but that crap took me 3 whole years. and as soon as I got down to 160, I got pregnant again. and from my second pregnancy, I went up to a whopping 215 pounds. then i found the HCG DIET. i dropped an amazing 65 pounds in less than a year. It brought back some of my confidence but the depressing part about the HCG diet is that all of the fat from my booty melted away. My hips also went down and so did my thighs.

Im the type that like to have a bigger lower body than my upper body... thick thighs and big butt. its crazy that now my body has been flipped upside down - my lower body is now more narrow than the top of my body and not an hour-glass shape like before.. sigh... So at first i just wanted a tummy tuck/lipo from my stomach and a friend was like "why dont you just get a bbl and use the fat for your butt instead since your butt isnt as big as it used to be"... and so the researching began.

At first, my choice was Dr. Salzhaur in Miami... His website is AMAZING. it was all the pictures that got me sold. At first, Dr. Salama was my second choice because he didnt have as many pictures on his website. I actually flew down to Miami to see Dr. Salzhaur for a consultation and even the girls in his office looked amazing. I booked a rhinoplasty with him and then wanted the BBL with him as well but when i was told it would be an extra $9,000, I had a whole lot of thinking to do. I continued to research Dr. Salama and again, the photos on his website were "ok" ... but thanks to all of you girls on REALSELF who went to Dr. Salama, I was convinced that he is just as good as Dr. Salzhaur (if not, even BETTER).

To the Ladies that have gone to Dr. Salama, you should all consider letting him use your before/after photos on his website because they are absolutely amazing and it was a major factor in helping me choose him. *** And also thanks to his brother RUBEN who has been AMAZING and answered all of my questions through email. if you ask me, i must say that Ruben is a very important factor to Dr. Salama's practice. (Ruben, you should let him read that part so when he gives you a raise, you can reward me with a BMW hahaha jk) but seriously, I have had consultations with other doctors and their staff wasnt as wonderful as Ruben. He is also another reason why I chose Dr. Salama because he is very caring and made me feel comfortable. Others offices, on the other hand, have made me feel like I was just a number.

So now i am 153 pounds- i gained 13 pounds hoping that i would be able to have surgery in May but looks like the next available is in July. I must say i feel soooooo freaking yucky with this extra weight that i worked so hard to get off!! July is so far away! ahhh! and the scary part is that im going to Cali/Vegas on July 20 for my cousin's wedding and im worried that Im going to be so swollen that i wont be able to drop it like its hott lol and then its gonna be hot as hell too in july so im really worried about being extra swollen. I hope there are ways to get the swelling down much faster... any input?

BTW, im having a periareolar lift and augmentation. At first i was told that i would have to have 2 separate surgeries and i was SO DEPRESSED! but since im not having a full masteoplaxy, i should be ok having my periareolar lift. i am currently a full B and will be getting silicone to have a full D. i think around 500cc's. I dont want to look like a porn star but i also want to make sure i get them big enough because all of my friends who have had their boobs done said they wish they would have went bigger. the total cost for my surgery is $9,199. AWESOME DEAL! i am hoping to have at least 1000cc per cheek after absorption and a teeny tiny waist. i will post pre-op photos soon! GO TEAM SALAMA!!!!

Ladies, I am having a hard time thinking of what...

Ladies, I am having a hard time thinking of what to say to peers and co-workers if they start questioning if i had work done. (after i get my bbl) i won't be afraid to tell others about me getting my breast done, but what about my butt?? my uniform at work consist of a pretty big and loose smock but you can still see some of the butt or whats underneath at times. i will be taking about 6 weeks off from work and telling my manager that im going out of state to run my brother's business while he goes out of the country (which is in the same industry that i am currently in). i am also going to tell her that my brother is going to pay for my boob job since i am doing him a favor lol but what about my butt? im hoping nobody at work will notice but im pretty sure people will start to wonder. my butt isnt completely flat right now but after i have my bbl, i want to make sure i get my money's worth and have results like BAM!!!!!! when im in a tight dress. i have shut down my fb so that people will wonder where i been and once i come back out into public all my friends will be like damn you look good what you been doing? and i will be like "i been working out like crazy.. p90x" lol i used to have a nice full butt so people that i havent seen in a while probably wont question whether i've had my butt done or not but its my co-workers that im worried about. i have told 2 of my co-workers but thats because they want to get it done too and i know they're not gonna tell anybody. please tell me your thoughts of how to deal with going back to work and people questioning you!!

Hello my bbl sistas! im finally putting up my...

hello my bbl sistas! im finally putting up my before pictures... YUCK! i never realized how disgusting my body really looked til i took these pics!! i posted some pics from when i was 153 and then i have gotten used to eating like a pig so now im up to 160. as you can see, i have tire tracks all over my fat ass stomach. and then my aereolas are huge thats why im getting those reduced in size as well. i am starting my diet this monday and getting back down to 150 at least. i am also debating if i should get back down to 140 because i do not want to lose my booty after surgery from losing more weight. from those 160 pound pictures, i was told i could get 800-1000cc's in each cheek. im like WTF?!?!? AS MUCH FAT AS I GOT ON MY BODY THATS ALL I CAN GET?!?!? i was hoping for AT LEAST 1200cc AFTER absorption. for all the ladies that had the bbl already, i really need your opinion on whether i should drop back down to 140. i dont want these huge fat arms and a small waist after surgery!! or should i just get back to 150? i am 5 feet 5.5 inches.

Hey sistas! so my flight and hotel has officially...

hey sistas! so my flight and hotel has officially been booked today! i have been having a hard time booking a hotel because there's so many places to choose from but all the places that were in my budget were all run-down looking. after surgery, i want to be as comfortable as possible. i found a studio right on the beach so that way it will encourage me to walk around alot during recovery. i will be staying at the La Playa de Varadero on Sunny Isles Beach for 11 nights at $715. it looks very cute but very small. but to be on the beach in a clean room at that price i cant complain. it has a small fridge and microwave but no stove so i will be bringing a skillet to cook on in case i want to make eggs or grill anything. but there is also a bbq grill outside by the pool and i heard a publix is around the corner. if you're having a hard time looking for a place and want to see where im staying at, just inbox me. this unit is alot cuter than the other ones in the complex because it was remodeled. 6 more weeks to go!! im excited but very scared at the same time.... just hoping to God that i will be completely happy with my decision and not regret anything at all....

2 more weeks to go til my big day... but this...

2 more weeks to go til my big day... but this morning i wake up with a phone call from dr. salama's office and they tell me they have decided to no longer do double procedures where they have to flip you over. so that means i can only get my BBL and lipo and then 6 weeks later i have to come back for my breast lift and augmentation. im very bummed out but if the doctor feels that this is the best thing to do as far as results, then i will have to just deal with it so that i can get my money's worth. the only problem is i have to dish out another $700+ just for 2 more plane tickets, hotel, food, and more lab work. theres supposed to be a price change but i hope it is fair for me because coming up with another $700 isnt that easy at the moment. on top of that, i will be out of work for 6 weeks since my job requires me to sit all day long and there is no way possible to stand at my job because i am a pedicurist. im hoping this is all worth it because everything is starting to become inconvenient. i told my parents im going down to have my breast done and they have no idea im getting a bbl so when i return they're going to be like "WTF? i thought you were getting your breast done??" so im probably gonna just say i did lipo because if i tell them i got a BBL they would probably call me an idiot or kick my ---- LOL im a grown woman, but with the traditional parents that i have, i will always be a baby to them no matter what age i am or how big my kids are. im waiting for my email from the office to see the new pricing and im just praying i will be a great discount or deal. maybe add some lipo to my inner thighs and arms for free too would be nice. wish me luck....

Time is ticking and i still havent gotten my email...

time is ticking and i still havent gotten my email from the office about my new pricing.... on top of that, my labs came back saying i have a urinary tract infection. so now im on antibiotics for 5 days and then i have to go get another urine test. there goes more money. and im still bummed that i have to go back in 6 weeks for my boobs. im just afraid to go under anesthesia again... and did i mention im getting my rhinoplasty in january?? that means anesthesia 3 times.... im so scared... i read another girl's blog and she said she had her boobs and butt done at the same time and just put 3 pillows into a triangle and slept on her stomach with her boobs in the triangle. i actually tried it for practice and it seemed to work out ok. i wish they could just do both procedures.... sigh.... im so stressed out. time is coming closer and i find out i have a UTI, gotta take another urine test, and then they tell me i gotta spend more money to come back down again for my boobs? man.... wth... sigh... pray for me and that everything will be ok and will only get better from here.

OH HELL F***'N NO!! so i get an email saying i...

OH HELL F***'N NO!! so i get an email saying i gotta cough up an extra 1100 just to come back down to get my boobs done. it's to cover the anesthesia fee. on top of that, flight and hotel for me and my fiance is another 700. then i gotta do labs again. thats close to another 300. So $2,100 i gotta come up with just because they decided to change their minds about doing booth boobs and butts at the same time?? DO YOU ALL THINK THIS IS FAIR FOR ME AT ALL??? HELL F***EN NO!!!!!!!!! if anything, they should be giving me a damn discount for the inconvenience dont you agree????? I agreed to the original price that they gave me and was told they would do it at the same time. if they feel its better to not do it at the same time - then ok, i can live with that. but for them to think its ok to charge me more money for something they decide to change TWO WEEKS BEFORE MY DAMN SURGERY.... HELL NO! BEST BELIEVE IM PISSED!!! this is just not right AT ALL. I responded to the email as nicely as i could even though i wanted to drop "F-BOMBS" like a muther!!! i do not feel this is the correct way to conduct business. If i wouldnt have paid $1,500 already for 3 plane tickets and hotel, i would just throw my $900 deposit away - THATS HOW PISSED I AM! i truly hope they will work something fair out for me because as a previous business owner, i would NEVER treat any client this way. I would ALWAYS do whats fair for the client and to ACCOMMODATE ANY INCONVENIENCE - DONT YOU AGREE THATS THE CORRECT THING TO DO? i know dr. salama is a great surgeon, but i hope the business ethics will be just as great as his work. because right now, i am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

Ok so i feel a little better now... i worked...

ok so i feel a little better now... i worked something out with them and even though i still have to cough up more money, i know that this is for the better and i better get my money's worth. i only have one more week to go and all my excitement has turned into fear - fear of complications and fear of this being a waste of money. just gonna keep praying everyday that everything will be ok....

As i read everyone else's blog, it looks like its...

as i read everyone else's blog, it looks like its normal to be this scared as time gets closer. i have exactly one more week until my big day. im so scared... after reading a girl's blog about her experience with the surgeon that i was gonna go with prior to choosing dr. salama, i am very relieved i chose dr. salama. but thats only half of it.... we'll see how it goes after my procedure. i just hope dr. salama and his staff will take great care of me and make sure everything goes smooth. im seriously scared as crap right now and have 2 small kids that i want to make sure i will be able to come home safely to... and then 6 weeks later gonna get my boobs... and then january have my nose done.. dang... am i going to the extremes now? after my body was damaged from my pregnancies, i lost all self-confidence in myself... and then after being forced to sell my business 2 years ago, i basically lost everything and had to start all over. i decided to finally go with having these procedures to so that i can finally have my self-esteem back. because when you look good, you feel great. and when you feel great, nothing can stop you from taking over the world = ) my life has been all about my kids and i always put everyone else before myself. so now im finally doing something good for myself... so no, i shouldnt put the guilt on myself that im going to the extremes for myself. once i have my confidence back, i will feel great and driven to become the successful young entrepreneur that i am meant to be. sorry if im babbling but this blog is to record my journey through this process. so if you have the slightest guilt that you are wasting your money or being selfish, think otherwise - like i've been telling myself these past few days - I DESERVE IT. I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND CONFIDENT. IT'S MY TURN TO TREAT MYSELF. i'm sure all the baby mammas know what i mean. even if you dont have kids, you deserve it as well =) ... just pray that everything will go well.. no complications... actually, i gotta pray that my lab results come back normal so that i can go through with the surgery. stupid U.T.I. better be gone or imma be pissed...

I'm at the airport ladies.... reality is starting...

i'm at the airport ladies.... reality is starting to sink in. i'm trying my hardest not to cry I have never felt so scared in a long time. I feel like i'm having an anxiety attack. I miss my kids so Much already... I have two of the most beautiful kids in the world and I just keep praying to God I will be able to come home safely to them. my life is in dr. Salama's hands so let's pray for him as well. I made a list of things that I brought and I will post that soon. but when I return home is when I will know what are the absolute necessities. wish me luck and keep me in your prayers please....



omg the weather is GORGEOUS!! I was scared it was going to be hot as crap like in ATL. its been 103° and humid add crap in hotlanta so I've been dreading burning up down here but its actually cooler here.

I meet Larry and he's a hoot. we waited about 30 minutes for him but its no biggy. I've learned that he's a very busy man and once you hear his hectic schedule then you won't be so upset about the wait. he's an older man and just had hip surgery so I kinda feel bad that he's so busy and driving around like a maniac. DON'T FORGET TO TIP HIM. he's providing a service so you're supposed to tip. I work in the Spa industry and tipping is a majority of my income. so let's not be cheap over a few dollars. its like eating at a restaurant and not tipping. how embarrassing! lol even if service is crappy, you leave a small tip to reflect their service. if they were great, then do more. i'm not saying you have to tip, but its appreciated.

pick up from airport, take to office, take to grocery store, then to hotel- $15 tip. that's all.

I just meet Nomie and Nancy- GORGEOUS! they are beautiful and sweet as ever. they made me feel welcomes and it took some of my anxiety away.

TIP: Dr. Salama was approved two Weeks ago for a type of insurance at his office where it will cover any costs in case an emergency during or after surgery. I forgot what its called. BUT GET IT. it will give you a piece of mind. it was $160.

TIP#2: if you are traveling with someone and the...

TIP#2: if you are traveling with someone and the place you are staying at has free parking, rent your own rental car from FLL cuz Larry is super busy and you will always wait 30-60 minutes everywhere for him. that's if you don't have patience. i'm fine with it but my man was getting irritated lol we checked in an hour late and the owner of the rental was mad she had to wait so long lol oops... but since I don't plan on doing much but resting, I don't need to go anywhere. but having a rental car would have been good for my man to run to the store for me. publix is in walking distance but its too damn hot lol plus my sister is flying in too and she's gonna go hang out with my man so he's gonna end up getting a rental anyways. should of used that discounted $200 towards the rental man!

TIP#3: if you just have a small refrigerator and microwave in your room, bring a big shopping bag like the ones you get from TJ Maxx or MARSHALLS for 99 cents. that way you can carry groceries if you are walking to the store. I brought a few to be able to double bag the heavy stuff.

TIP#4: BUY A ROBE TO WEAR ON THE DAY OF SURGERY. I brought a button up shirt and sweat pants. Nomie said its gonna hurt putting those sweat pants on. and bring a beach hat and sun glasses to cover your face. I sure don't want anyone seeing my ass in a robe so I will be sure to cover my face. plus we're not allowed to wear make-up and I look scary as hell with no make up so hell yea i'm wearing shades and a hat to hide myself lol. Nancy told me how pretty I was- YEA RIGHT! she's gonna be in for a shocker tomorrow when she sees me Lmfao! (missing eyebrows and all) lol

TIP#5: book a nice comfortable place and research it asap. I booked a cute little studio right on the beach. but this place smells like mold and had mold everywhere cuz the previous guest left the AC off. i'm worried as hell. the girl came to replace my stinky sheets and pillows but the owner should have inspected the place first. its ok now.... I hope. I paid 700 for 11 days but now I wish I would have spent 1200 for a whole apartment with a full kitchen that's nicer and bigger than this place. I will post pics up of this place. its cute but the mold has got me highly disappointed.

6 MORE HOURS! I should Prolly sleep now.

I made it ok! will post pics soon cuz I can't do...

I made it ok! will post pics soon cuz I can't do it on my phone! he did 1000cc's per cheek and i'm kinda sad it doesn't look as big as everyone else's. still too soon to judge but I was hoping for bigger. maybe my skin wouldn't take more I don't know. but he took 3500cc's of fat. will update soon on how everything went.



Woke up at 6:00am and took a nice long shower. I literally scrubbed my body down with dial soap and rinsed and repeated the process about 10 times. Wanted to make sure I was super clean to prevent any infections on the skin. As my body dried – OMG… TALK ABOUT ASHEY AS HELL! LOL that’s how dried out my skin got from the constant washing of the soap. I was gonna do a sugar scrub to exfoliate my entire body the night before but I left my freaking sugar scrub at home. I have lots of spa products because I work in a spa but you can make your own sugar scrub just using sugar and olive oil or any type of oil like baby oil. I would actually do this 2 or 3 days before surgery to slough off the dead skin so you wont look as ashy as I did lol blow dried my hair and had no make-up on. Since my face wasn’t looking too hot without make up, at least my hair looked great! Lol do not use hair products though! I just did a nice blow out on my hair like they do in the salons.
Larry picked me up at 7:00am so I was the first patient of the day. I didn’t have time to go buy a robe so I just wore really baggy sweat pants and a button up shirt. I should have bought a bigger and looser button up shirt because I got lipo on my arms so they had to wrap the compression around my arms and the shirt was hard to get over it. I had my hat and sunglasses on so that did the job of covering my missing eyebrows LMFAO. When I arrived at the facility, nobody was there yet I waited just a few minutes and in came two girls that worked there they opened up the door for me. Let’s just say that the “Blond Crew” at his other office were much nicer and made me feel so much more comfortable. The girls at the surgical office just spoke Spanish to one another and the only time I was spoken to was when I was instructed to take off my clothes and put on the other stuff and when I was taken to the other rooms. They kept speaking to each other in Spanish and I just would have felt a lot better if they were to try to speak to me a little even if they didn’t speak much English. It would have made me less nervous cuz believe me, reality sinks in as soon as you step foot in the center. But you know how you get the feeling when you go get your nails done at the salon and the workers always speak Vietnamese and you feel uncomfortable? But luckily with Spanish they don’t sound like they’re arguing or fighting lmfao Yeah you know what I’m talking about lol even though they weren’t talking about me I just would have felt better if they were to communicate with me some- at least ask how I was doing. Instead I was the one who kept trying to make conversation. Oh yeah, and I hope nobody was offended by the nail salon analogy but that shouldn’t be held against me because I’m Asian myself AND I do nails lmfao. But I am not Vietnamese so I know how it feels too cuz I used to work in one of those salons lol I hope they will get a few girls who speak English into the surgical center.
What they gave me to wear:
Compression socks, shoe covers (but you don’t wear the shoes during surgery), a sexy paper blue panty lol (oh yeah they’re in for the season girls), a hair cap, and then a paper robe to wear with the front opened. Then you pee in a cup to do the pregnancy test. When I took off my hat and my sunglasses I bet the girls were like DAMNNNN YOU UGLY! LOL omg so embarrassing I kept looking down when I talked to them. Yeah I’m prolly gonna get my eyebrows tattooed like Nancy said before I come back for my boobs lmao
Met dr. salama and he seemed like he was tired. I had to ask him if he was ok cuz he didn’t seem too excited to be at work. But I’m sure that bank account is happy as hell lol he seemed so serious but laughed a few times I tried to loosen him up a bit. He explained all the risks to me and when he was saying if fat is injected into a vein, it could be deadly, I just started crying. Scariest thing ever. Don’t want to scare anybody but that’s just a rare risk but I was so afraid of that I couldn’t help but to cry. He took pics of me and I was just so embarrassed the whole time I feel so fat and ugly. I don’t even let my man see me naked often and we’ve been together for 11 years. That’s how much I hate my ugly body after having kids. I asked him how much fat would he be able to get out of me and he said about 2.5 liters. I was like mannnnn take more than that im fat as hell. And he goes no you’re not. But ended up taking out about 3,500cc’s I think that’s the equivalent to 3.5 liters. Im not sure but I shall google that! Im just happy he took more than 2.5 liters though =)
Oh yeah, let me tell you about me bringing my wish pics- as I showed to him and explained what I wanted, he didn’t seem like he really cared about the wish pics and I kinda felt hurt that it was brushed off. And as I saw his reaction, I just cut it short and was like just do the best you can and do what you do. That really hurt my feelings but as I told one of my buddies on realself, she explained to me that he don’t really like wish pics cuz its unrealistic cuz everyone’s body is different. He can only improve your body, he cannot give you someone else’s body that’s completely different from yours. so that made me feel better cuz I agree and know where he’s coming from. He’s probably annoyed by wish pics but he could at least tell people I can’t give you her body but I can try my best to make you the best you can be. That would have made me feel better instead of feeling like I was dissed like “yeah ok whatever bish lemme do my job i know what im doing” lol
OMFG! LET ME TELL YOU!!!!!! So how about I ate papa john’s last night and finished my dinner at 11:45pm. The morning of surgery, my stomach started bubbling and when I left, I was like F***!!! I should have tried to take a dump man and clean my a-hole real good. I farted a few times when I arrived at the center but when I went to meet with dr. salama naked… OMFG…. STUPID STOMACH STARTED BUBBLING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! So with my back facing him and he was drawing on me, I tried so hard to hold my fart in. I tightened that booty-hole so damn tight like an extreme Kegal exercise… and it went away. THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! FML!!!!!!! I tried my hardest to tighten my butthole again and all I could think in my head was HURRY UP AND DRAW PLEASE PLEASE HURRY UP AND DRAW DON’T FART MAN DON’T FART…. And so I did feel a little gas silently leak out while he was drawing… then I heard him laugh quietly a little bit and I just froze… I like omg… he smells it…. FML! FML! FML! SOOOOOOOOOO EMBARASSING! I WAS MORTIFIED AND I BET HE WAS TOO!!! I was so mortified I just stood there with my eyes wide open staring at the wall and I just kept thinking “WTF MAN… REALLY? OUT OF ALL THE TIMES TO FART, IT HAPPENS IN HIS FACE?” WHAT ARE THE DAMN ODDS OF THAT MAN SERIOUSLY! Cuz this one time I was doing a pedicure for a client and the lady leaked a fart I was so damn mad and grossed out but poor Dr. Salama’s face was right there where my butt is… man… God bless his heart the poor guy. LMFAO. Ok enough of that – just wanted to let yall know try to take a dump before you leave for surgery and make sure that butthole is nice and clean too. So then he sends me to the operation room…. As soon as the doors opened and I saw the table where you lay on, I was like “WOAH”…. And they laughed when they saw how shocked I was lol it was like damn… its time…. As I lay on the table, I was greeted by the Anesthesiologist ( I think his name was Alex) but he was VERY NICE. It was him who finally made me feel comfortable because he made conversation with me. He was very nice and how about I asked him if girls ever fart during surgery cuz I know im gonna be tooting away lmao – he said “OH YES ALL THE TIME TOOT TOOT TOOT LOL” and then he says he was just playing and then said Dr. Salama is the one who farts all the time on us lmfao and we all crack up and then he goes no im serious you can ask the other girls he farts all the time LMFAO. So the laughter loosened me up. And then as he was giving me the anesthesia he goes – “alright im gonna give you some good tequila”… and I go im a Crown Royal girl make sure you give me the good good. Next thing you know my eyes start to slowly close and all I saw was yellow. I tried to say one last thing about liquor but knocked out… then next thing you know, I woke up and was in the recovery room. I felt the girl pull up the garment and let me tell you that sh*t hurt like hell I was so out of it I couldn’t cuss loud enough. She then dressed me and lifting myself up to pull up the sweatpants hurt too. Then she put these nice warm blankets on me and I was shaking non-stop. I was FREEZING. I was shaking for a good 5 minutes and then it got better. My ass was hurting like hell!!!!!!!!!!! Then she sits me up to move to the other chair and let me tell you my stomach was so damn painful from the lipo. My back and my butt felt numb and hard as hell. My arms felt fine they didn’t hurt at all but I hope to god he lipo’d those fat arms real good cuz I hated my arms. I then started to feel like I had to pee and the lady goes oh no you don’t its normal it just feels like that cuz I just took the catheter out. And then I go… I gotta DOO DOO!!! And she just stood there and looked at me. I kept saying DOO DOO! DOO DOO! And she said it just feels that way but you really don’t need to. And then I was like OMFG I BETTER NOT S*** ON MYSELF CUZ I ALREADY DONE FARTED ON DR. SALAMA’S FACE! I kept saying to myself “please don’t s*** please don’t s*** PLEASE DON’T S***!!!! I tried to sqeeze my butthole but everything is so numb and swollen you cant feel it!!! So then the lady calls larry to come pick me up and I was like omfg… I hope he does not take forever this time cuz I don’t wanna be sitting on my expensive booty and losing results. So I waited.. and waited… and waited… I WAS PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I was like damn I should of gotten a rental foreal so that way I could leave right away. They should have called him like 30 minutes before the doctor was done so that way he could be there waiting for me instead of me waiting for him. I seriously think they need to have two drivers because larry is just too busy and I feel sorry for the man – and I also feel sorry for all the girls that have to sit and wait for him! Including myself!!!!!!!!! So I got wheeled out and the girl finally talks to me some cuz I asked her how do you say BIG BOOTY in Spanish lol she laughed. I forgot how to say it already lol but she was nice. They weren’t mean towards me at all, it was just a language barrier. I wish I would have paid attention in Spanish class during high school – but that was 1st period so of course I was never there lmao
Ok this is getting really long and lemme try to cut it shorter so you wont get tired of reading cuz I know not everyone likes to read but I really like to be detailed so that everyone will know what to expect.
Getting into Larry’s car was ok. But getting out of it…. OMFG!!!!!!!! HURT LIKE HELL!!!!!!! And my room is right in front of the pool so EVERYONE out there saw me. My man was telling me everyone was starring at me like WTF is wrong with her??? Lol I ate steak right away and took my pain med right away. I emptied my drains they were both hanging on the front of my garment. I emptied it out like 5 times in a row I was draining like hell. I started to get scared of loosing too much blood so I called nomie like 5 times freaking out kept asking if it was ok. She said it was ok and normal… and I bet I annoyed the hell out of her … and I felt bad… so I asked her what kinda wine does she like lol she likes red wine so I will pick up a bottle for her before I leave to go back home lol Dr. Salama likes white wine so imma grab him a bottle too lol
So as the pain killer kicked in, I FELT GREAT! I was like mannnn this isn’t so bad! I was walking around the room and texting at the same time. I drank lots of Gatorade and water and pee’d many times. I kept saying to myself, GOTTA STAY STRONG I CAN DO THIS I CAN DO THIS. Instead of getting up to walk every 2 hours, I basically got up every hour. And then I realized I felt better walking around than laying down cuz my stomach hurt like hell! And then getting up from the laying down position has been the hardest part of the process. My stomach and my ass hurts. The incision on my elbow from the lipo started to bleed a lot because I was bending my elbow’s just to push myself up. They gave me a plastic cover for the bed but I still got blood on the side of the sheets. Tomorrow I will ask for more covers cuz I ripped this one a few times just getting up from laying down. But as soon as the pain killer fades away, OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURTS LIKE HELL AGAIN! So take your meds!! The bottle says take every 4-6 hours but I called nomie and she said I could take 1 every 2 hours, or 2 pills every 6 hours. I just stuck to the 1 pill every 2-3 hours. I have drank a whole gallon of water AND a whole gallon of RED Gatorade already. Which means I have pee’ing like hell too. I use a red plastic cup to pee in. I find if you bend your knees some it prevents from getting pee on your garment. I also had to cut a slit on my croch area of the garment to opening it up some so that I don’t pee on myself too. Oh yeah, I brought PROTEIN SHAKES so I can get plenty of protein without having to force myself to eat so much solid foods. Today I have already eaten a steak with mashed potatoes, a ham sandwhich, 5 egggs scrambled, and 3 protein shakes. Hope im not over doing it cuz I don’t wanna gain this weight back. When I walk I bend over slightly cuz my stomach and my back is tight and hurts. I raise my arms as well so that it doesn’t get swollen cuz when you lipo your arms and walk hanging them down, your hands and arms get pretty swollen. I am now on my knees as I type but I am kneeling on top of a comforter inside of its plastic package that the owner of the unit brought to me. I bought knee pads but don’t feel like putting it on. Im not wearing any underwear and another buddy on realself said she really didn’t wear undies the whole time cuz of the garment. I don’t have a robe or anything on, just the garment and a button up shirt that’s halfway buttoned up. That way you can go pee faster. My routine consists of walking around constantly and drinking fluids. I keep walking and texting until I feel the urge to pee and then I go pee. I will not go lay down until I empty my bladder, sometimes twice. Oh yeah, and then we were watching music videos on t.v. and that gave me the energy to walk around and I wanted to dance all I could do was bob my head and swing my arms a lil lmao oh girl wait til this booty gets soft im gonna make sure I learn how to make it clap lol
Ok so let me be honest with you all – when I heard 1000cc’s per cheek, I was kinda disappointed. I was like damn… I was hoping for 1200cc’s at least. I don’t wanna have to come around for round two and my job consists of sitting on my butt all day. On top of that, im traveling to California in 3 weeks for a wedding. I told dr. salama im gonna sit on a pillow at the wedding and he laughed and said no you don’t have to do that lol but im like shoot im not gonna lose this booty I don’t care what nobody says imma tell everyone I got hemmerroids so I cant sit on my ass lol my mom doesn’t even know I got my butt done I told her I just did my stomach back and arms. She’s gonna kick my ass if she finds out so I better wear some loose clothes but knowing her she’s gonna try to lift up my dress and check it out. She’s the worst person to tell cuz she will tell everybody and their mamma’s! ahhhh I gotta deny deny deny lol
Well anyways, as I looked in the mirror, I was kinda sad cuz it doesn’t look all that big like the other girls I see on the site. I was hoping it was a donkey ass cuz I know I will lose volume and plus I sat waiting on larry. I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO SAD! But then my buddy on realself FABNEWME texted me and made me feel a whole lot better. She was telling me cc’s mean nothing and that its too soon to know. Plus im super swollen, even my freaking eyelids are swollen like hell… or maybe that’s from all the crying I did lol My stomach looks thick as hell. Let’s wait and see how big it really is… well, when I walk into the bathroom, my butt keeps bumping into the dresser (hurts like hell too) so I guess that’s a sign that is pretty big lol. Dr. also told me I lost a lot of elasticity on the skin of my stomach. Im thinking it was the same on my butt so that’s prolly why I could only fit 1000cc’s? stupid HCG DIET! I mean im glad I lost close to 50 pounds on the hcg diet, but I also lost all the fat that was in my butt and my hips. Once I find a pic of myself before I had kids, I will show you that I actually had hips to begin with but after the hcg diet, seemed like every thing changed. With women, it eats all the fat in your butt and on your hips, but with men, they lose the fat on their stomach. I wish it was the other way around!!
Anyways, my butt crack feels really wet its so annoying. I cant really wipe in there cuz my butt cheeks are shut closed. Its so wet it feels like I sharted on myself – not a good feeling. Lol what I did was get my man to use a baby wipe to swipe it in between my cheeks like you’re swiping a credit card but it didn’t do much he was scared cuz the drain was in the way. Oh yeah, and you already know about him spilling the cup of blood- thank god there’s tile on the floor cuz if it was carpet man I wouldn’t even know what to say lol ok this is enough for tonight ladies I will update you all soon!!

(LOL FEELS LIKE IM WRITING A PAPER IN SCHOOL)… wait I’ll do a summary for yall later that’s too much damn reading and my knees starting to hurt lol ;)

Ok so i know how excited yall get and want to see...

ok so i know how excited yall get and want to see pictures cuz thats how i get - well how about literally as soon as i stepped foot into my room, i took pics justttttttt for yall even before i ate and took the pain killers lol thats how much i love yall i know i know lol so i was super duper swollen in the pics but after i emptied my drains like 10 times i noticed the swelling went down some. i will take more pics tomorrow. oh yeah and dont laugh at me cuz i say "yall" alot - im from the south lol i also took pics of my room. its so cute but the idiot that stayed in the room before me left the ac off so there was MOLD!!!!!!!!!!! on the door, microwave, dresser!! omfg! i was mortified!!! i called the owner and they brought me clean new sheets that didnt smell like mold and bleach to clean everything.

and let me mention as im on my knees typing this, my butt muscle is contracting so i dont know if its a good idea to kneel so long. imma go walk around again after this. i was walking earlier singing "BEND OVER SHOW THE WORLD... BEND OVER SHOW THE WORLD... SHOOT THAT BOOTY OUT GIRL!!"... what yall know about that old school Raheem the Dream lol (my atl folks know what im talkin about) lol but thinking booty shake music is helping me to not be so sad about wishing my butt was bigger!!

i also recorded a video on how to release the fluid out your drains. im too lazy to make a youtube account right now cuz my knees hurting. i will post tomorrow for yall ok!!! =) its nasty so let me know if yall wanna see it or not

DAY 2: So all day yesterday Larry kept teling...

DAY 2:

So all day yesterday Larry kept teling me that today would be soooo much better…. YEAH RIGHT!!!!! Today has been horrific and im in so much pain that I started to ask myself what the hell did I get myself into? On top of that, last night around 4:00 am was a NIGHTMARE. I had to poop so bad and no matter how hard I tried to hold it in, that turtle’s neck was coming out! So taking off the garment was so painful and my man had to help me stand as I bent over to push. The rim of the toilet is pretty small so I rolled up and old towel to try to sit on so my butt doesn’t get any pressure. I couldn’t even bend that low and push cuz it was so painful. Im talking about my poop was SO HARD and SO PAINFUL I thought I really was gonna get hemmrhoids from pushing. I was like damn I hope I don’t jinx myself I was gonna tell people I got hemmerhoids so that I could sit on a pillow at the wedding. Well, it got so awful, I literally had to reach down there and try to pull my poop out of my hole. It finally came out when I did that but I swear I was bending over the toilet for over 30 minutes so my thighs were hurting like hell. I was so exhausted and I felt sorry for my man too that he had to see all that. So wiping was a pain in the ass cuz your butt cheeks are so swollen that you cant really get in between the cracks. I had to spread my legs out farther just to keep wiping. Poop got on the cord of my drain and everything so I had to wipe that as well. After I thought the pain was over… it was time to put the garment back on. IT WAS THE MOST PAINFUL EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE! It was as bad as my contractions when I was going through labor. That’s how bad it was. I was so swollen so it was hard to get it up and I cried and screamed as we tried to get it up. Im talking about I cried so much and tried so hard to get it up that I was sweating and breathing so hard. So painful… I wish I would have taken a percecet before I pooped so it wouldn’t have been so bad. NIGHTMARE I TELL YA… by far the worst experience of the recovery process.

So today at 9:00 I went to go see Dr. Salama and he took off my garment to see how I was healing – and then again, I had to poop! So he let me go poop but thank god this time it wasn’t so hard. Actually, it came out my ass shooting like a cannon ball. My man just busted out laughing and at the same time wanted to faint from the smell lol I think I have to poop a lot cuz im forcing myself to eat a lot. And once again, wiping was a pain in the ass and I was in there for a good few minutes trying to wipe cuz poor dr. salama would be smelling something again if I didn’t lol so dr. salama helped me put my garment back on and this time it wasn’t as painful as last night. But he was sweating like hell trying to get it up lmao he was like “damnit im sweating. Its too early in the morning for a workout I like to workout at night” lol oh yeah BRING A FITTED TANK TOP to wear underneath the garment for today. Make sure its not too long because it will wrinkle up and put marks on your skin. Make sure its fitted enough. so I told him about my horrific night and he said that’s very rare that people have to poop the same night after surgery. So it turns out it was the poop from the morning of surgery that kept making my stomach bubble that day. SO DON’T FORGET – PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF TAKE A DUMP THE NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY OR THE MORNING OF SURGERY IF YOU DIDN’T POOP THE NIGHT BEFORE. And then how about I asked dr. salama if I farted on him yesterday and he said no. I was like omg thank you jesus! But im wondering why was he giggling when I leaked that fart? He prolly did smell it but didn’t wanna hurt my feelings. So that day at the office, I ran into BIGBOOTY2012, MEELEE and BBLCHICK – lemme tell you they look GREAT!! When I say big booty, I mean BIG ASS DONK! It kinda made me sad that mines wasn’t as big as their’s. I know I need to quit worrying cuz its too soon, but I cant help it. After going through all this pain, I will be so upset if I don’t get the results I wanted cuz as I look in the mirror, if my butt gets any smaller than this, it would feel like a waste. I have noticed my waist as shrunk a little. I will post a pic of it and you tell me if it did.

OMFG! So how about today as I was walking around my room, my stupid knee gave out on me and I FELL DOWN AND LANDED ON MY LEFT HIP/BOOTY! I was in so much pain I just laid there. I was so worried I flattened my ass I just started crying. Stupid ass knee! I’ve been having problems with my left knee going out on me since playing sports in school. But anyways, my ass has been in so much pain all day. My stomach doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. But when I feel on my left side where I fell down, I swear I can feel a dent where I landed. Im so worried =( again, I started to ask myself what the hell did I get myself into. My butt is SO SWOLLEN AND SO STIFF today that it hurts like hell when I walk. And not only is my butt swollen, but my va-jay-jay looks like it has elephantitis (you know that disease when a body part gets soooooooooo freaking huge) and also my FACE is swollen as hell. My eyes are literally almost swollen shut and my nose and lips are swollen I look like I got beat up.
Oh yeah, today I started taking my anti-biotics but dr. salama said I was supposed to start it yesterday after surgery but nobody told me that.

Sorry guys, no humor in this post this time- my ass is in too much pain i don’t have a sense of humor today I just wanna punch a hole in the wall that’s how much my ass hurts. I feel like im getting dependent on the pain killers. Tomorrow morning I have a massage with celia at 9:00am. I hope its ok to shower before she comes cuz I cant take this anymore.

Outfits so far:
-Something cute to wear when you get here. Better enjoy for the day cuz you wont be looking cute anymore from here on.
-robe for the day of surgery…. Hat, sunglasses
-LOOSE long maxi dress to go to the office when they take off your garment. I had a loose dress on but realized I would be flashing larry as I lay down in the car so I put on sweatpants and a zip-up hoodie instead. Remember to make sure your dress is loose enough to put on and take off comfortably. Plus your drains will be underneath your dress as well so make sure your dresses aren’t too tight.
-Bring fitted tank tops to wear underneath your garment.
-I see the doctor again on Sunday so that would be dress #2.

I will update and tell yall how many outfits in all you will need cuz im sure everyone had that question like how I did. At the hotel room, I just wear my fitted tank and the garment all day. No undies or bra at all.

I can hear the fireworks outside on the beach. Im so sad that I cant go watch them cuz my ass hurts too much wahhhhhhhhh!!! Pray for me!!!

Alright bbl sistas! Will update tomorrow!

I'm fucken pissed off... my ass better not get any...

i'm fucken pissed off... my ass better not get any smaller or it will be a waste of money, time, and pain.

My BBL bombshells, I have updated daily on my...

my BBL bombshells, I have updated daily on my laptop but the wifi here sucks. and then typing a novel on my phone sucks lol so I will update my daily journey as soon as internet is up and running. as for now, I really want to let you ladies know:

the day you arrive you will be signing lots of paperwork. you will not see the doctor until right before your surgery. my advice is to write a list of questions and make sure you drill him and let him know all your expectations. I regret shutting down after he made me feel like a dummy when I pulled out the wish pics. do not bring wish pics. if I could do it all again, I would have said to him "give me the biggest ass you can give me cuz round two is not an option". its easier to make your butt smaller with a super tight compression than it is to have to come back for round two to make it bigger. my sister flew in to take care of me today and she even agrees that the size it is right now would be the perfect size after absorption. my butt has gone down quite a bit and if it goes down even more I will Prolly cry in the corner. I know its still too soon right now but i'm praying that I will be wrong about it not being big enough. the frustration on top of the physical pain is what's making the recovery process feel so slow to me. or I could just be a bit depressed which I hear can happen sometimes after surgery. I just hope the pain would go away so that I could start to have a more positive attitude. this process is 50% physical and 50% mental... I was not mentally prepared at all. I don't want to scare any of you girls but this is real, although everyone's experience is different. all I can say is get someone to have the procedure.done with you so you won't feel so alone OR make friends with some of the girls who will be having the procedure done around the same time as you so you could be eachother's support system and not feel so alone. I have been texting bblchick back and forth whenever I need something or have a question about the healing process and it has really helped me to not feel.alone. and then there's fabnewme who's been texting me as well who's.coming down soon and has been giving hope and to not stress so much. thanks to everyone else on this site as well for the kind words because I need the positivity to get through this painful process. sigh...

so in conclusion, ask the doctor as many questions and let him know all your expectations without bringing a wish pic.

and of course, make sure you have a strong support system to help you get through this... be mentally prepared...

good night gorgeous bombshells....

Got my foam and board put in today Woohoo! I took...

got my foam and board put in today Woohoo! I took it off when I had to poop and I see a difference already just from the foam! there's hope! lol the pain still sucks but it is getting a little better :)

POST FROM DAY 3: (sorry for backtracking) Had...

POST FROM DAY 3: (sorry for backtracking)

Had my first massage today with Celia. I took a nice warm shower on my knees and lemme tell you that felt GREAT. I left my garment off for like an hour waiting for Celia to come. It was kinda hard to climb up on her massage table but what she did was let you lay on your back first with the bobby pill under your butt, a pillow under your head, and another pillow under your knees. It felt good that I could lay on my back for once. My neck has been killing me from sleeping on my stomach. So she massaged my stomach first with a machine and it wasn’t too bad but I did feel the pressure. Then she started to massage with her hands OMFG HURT LIKE HELL!!!! I kept kicking my legs and biting my teeth trying to be strong. When she massages your legs, feet, and arms it felt good and soothing. My arms hurt a lil since I got lipo but it was a good hurt. But damn the stomach hurt the most. Then she flips you over and massages your back. That crap hurt like hell too but not as bad as the stomach. After the massage, I walked around naked a little hoping to make my poop come and it did. Took a poop and got my garment back on. I felt sooo much better after the massage. Today I wasn’t in so much pain as yesterday. Celia taught me some yoga moves that she made me do and that shit hurt like hell but its good to stretch. I tried it a few times on my own and once again, I had to poop. So I pooped again and it was hell wiping like always. But I was amazed that I was able to get my garment back on by myself for the fist time. It was still painful but not as bad as before. So the massages are a must! I hope to get the other one soon and will try to schedule as many massages as I can while im down here cuz im scared I wont be able to find someone good back at home in ATL like celia. She was an absolute sweetheart. You might have to wait on her though cuz it seems like she’s late for everyone’s appointment from what im hearing lol but people down here drive crazy so I wouldn’t hold it against her.

So amazingly, I didn’t have to take a perk every 2 hours like I did yesterday. Im taking it like every 4-5 hours now. I thought walking would help but it seems like walking makes my butt feel even more stiff. Its so boring walking around in the room I think imma go walk on the beach later tonight with my man. Gotta get the blood flowing.
Oh yeah, so my man ended up renting a car today lol he couldn’t take it anymore so we went and got our own. IT’S A MUST!

DAY: 4
Had another massage with celia. Painful as hell. I thought it would be less painful today… umm YEAH RIGHT!

Pain level: 3
Pain level when I first wake up: 6
The pain has subsided a lot, thankfully. But everything is SO UNCOMFORTABLE! Just annoyed… and most of all, IM ITCHY AS HELL!!!!!!!!! Bought cortisone cream and it helps a little but dang I just wanna pull my hair out. I guess being cooped up in the room all day adds to the irritation. I hope that once I get home and resume my daily life, the distractions of this garment and the itching wont be as noticeable. My va-jay-jay is so swollen that it looks like I have balls – no lie. Wait til you see yours. lol my arms are still bruised like hell and I really cant see that big of a difference as far as the size decrease. My butt has gone down a lot.. depressing…. Sigh. But everything is starting to look better. I cant wait to start working out again to sculpt everything even more. Omg my ass is so itchy right now I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!! Well, I’ve posted my one week post-op pics. As you can see, my blogs are a lot shorter now and days cuz Im just iratated and not excited anymore. Just want this stupid itch to go away and for 7 weeks to hurry the hell up and pass by. =(

8 days post-op had my drains removed today. I...

8 days post-op

had my drains removed today. I really enjoyed my time with dr. Salama today he was more relaxed and spent.alot of.time examining me and giving me directions for when I get home. I wish it was like this Everytime :) he needs a vacation he works so hard and sees (and smell lol) so many asses its overwhelming lol he should drink a few glasses of wine between each patient to relax - I've seen the man sweating bullets just trying to pull up my garment so I can't imagine what other hell he has to go through when he's in the operating room (toot toot lol)

when the lady pulled out my drains it hurt like hell because it was so unexpected and omg the front drain is so much bigger and deeper into the body than I thought! the back drain wasn't so bad. I got my arm sleeves and they feel so much better than those wraps. I got to chit chat with Ruben and did I tell you the whole office knows about my farting blog Lmfao how embarrassing lol its funny how dr. Salama was speaking Spanish to the lady who pulled out my.drain and she.starts laughing and I just knew he told her I was the fart girl lol he started laughing and told me that he told her lol I said my farewells to everyone and it was kind of bitter sweet. i'm glad i'm going home but the people at the office just felt like family today. this was a painful journey but dr. Salama, Nomie, Ruben, Nancy, Alex, and Larry made it the most wonderful experience. I look forward into seeing everyone again when I return in August. btw, I stayed 11 days which turned out to be unnecessary- 9 days would have been perfect since I got my drains taken out today. I will post a pic later tonight in a dress without my garment on. bottoms up BBL sisters!

So i'm at the airport and its embarrassing...

so i'm at the airport and its embarrassing kneeling on the ground so I got my hat and shades on. people are starring at me and I just told the lady next to me I just had back surgery lol so she goes "don't be embarrassed dear we can all kneel with you and start a new trend" lol so how about I had to pee and I got a new garment on and didn't get to cut the front bigger so I had to take everything off to pee in the airport. how annoying. I was sweating bullets in this hot ass airport trying to put on this garment. i'm dreading the 2 hour flight but thank God its not as long as other folks flight. I tried sitting on the boppy but got up quick as hell cuz I can't afford to make this booty go down anymore. la la la la... 30 more minutes til boarding and time can't go by any quicker FML!! will update later my sisters. but I will say I am becoming more and more happier with my results. this booty starting to look right in these pants ohhhh yea!!

My only regret: doing this in the summer-time!...

my only regret:
doing this in the summer-time! damn its hot!!! tired of feeling like i have a sweaty ass crack this is not cute!! for the girls doing their bbl in the winter-time: SMART MOVE! it will be so much easier to hide this ugly garment in cute layered clothes. and you wont have sweaty-ass syndrome either.

flight home:
freaking SUCKED! well, just the part when i had to sit. i showed the flight attendant my doctor's note and she was snooty about it saying with an attitude "if the seat belt sign is on then you have to sit down regardless and there's nothing i can do about it". and just handed my letter back like she didnt give a crap. i should of gave her my pimp hand cuz i do keep it strong. >=( so i walked to my seat and told the guy flight attendant instead and he was a lot nicer about it. so i was standing the whole time at the bathroom area while everyone was boarding and as soon as the last passenger sat down i went to my seat. the boppy pillow i just cant believe that it protects my butt so i basically used my arms to lift me up from the seat as i lightly sat on the boppy... and of course my arms got tired cuz take off took forever. and then i used my legs to push my body up. whatever i did, i just tried to avoid sitting. people around me were looking at me like i was crazy. but thats because i was like the "tallest" person sitting down my head was so much higher than everyones cuz of the pillow and me holding myself up. as soon as the seat belt light turned off, i went to the back again where the bathroom was. the guy flight attendant was so nice he told everyone i was a flight attendant in training so i needed to stand in the back during the whole flight lol so everything was going great until this tiny lady comes to use the restroom. when i say she dropped a bomb... im talking about she blew that sh*t up! i was standing right there next to the toilets so i could smell everything. hell naw... you know i jumped into the other bathroom to escape the smell lol so i ended up taking my shirt and my garment off to tinkle and put everything back on. took a good 10-15 minutes so that was great for killing time. and then turbulence started so the seat belt sign came on and i had to sit down... FOR 45 FREAKING MINUTES! it was horrible. i was so sad i had to sit that long. oh yeah! DO NOT WEAR PANTS like i did on the plane. they were drawstring khack pants but they weren't "stretchy". so when i sat down it just felt like i was hurting my new bum. i recommend wearing a maxi dress or loose sweatpants so it wont be so bad when you sit.

what else would i have done differently on my flight back home? i would have brought a corset or compression vest to wear on the flight back home that way i wouldnt have to worry about "omg please dont poop please dont poop". luckily, the flight i was on didnt have too many people running back and forth to the toilets so i was able to comfortably take off my garment and potty and put it back on without feeling the need to rush. so just in case, it would be good to wear one on the flight back home instead of the entire garment so you wont have to worry about taking it off.

OMFG! so how about i stepped on the scale and i gained 15 pounds!!!!!!!!!! please tell me this is just me being swollen!! i ate like a pig this whole week just because the doc said to eat eat eat. i hope i didnt over-do it!!! im going back to my protein shakes tomorrow. gotta quit eating like i got fast metabolism because i sure as hell dont! im scared to gain all that fat back that was lipo'd and that would be a waste! ahhhhhh please tell me this is normal!!!!

Hello friends! just wanted to let yall know i've...

hello friends! just wanted to let yall know i've decided to do whatever ENJOYSELF did during her recovery because i want ENJOYSELF RESULTS! lol she said she did the ass-less garment at around 3 weeks. i've been doing the ass-less garment since i got home from surgery. i just cut out the butt part along the seam of the orginal garment - actually, i just cut the lower half but the top is still on there and i wear this at home. but when i go out in public i would wear my regular full garment with the butt part covered and its a size XL and i just wear an old corset i already had over it. that way, the thigh and butt part is nice and loose but the waist is nicely cinched. the ass-less garment is a size L.

OH YEAH! GREAT TIP: i started wearing an old pair of spanx that i already had. it's the one that covers the belly and goes up to the bra-line but it has no straps. it's the thong one, not the panty - that way it leaves my ass bare. i started wearing this under my garment INSTEAD of a fitted tank and OMG it's GREAT!! when i take my garment off now, i dont see those ugly lines that my tank top used to leave. i also dont have to worry about tucking in my tank top like before since the thong spanx goes upwards instead. the fabric is very nice and smooth so thats how the skin looks under the garment - nice and smooth. so the layers that im wearing right now:

spanx, then the board and foam, garment from dr. salama's office, and then another corset over the garment to make it nice and tight. this is what i wear at home. i tried to order the same brand garment that dr. salama uses but just in a compression vest form with no butt part, but the site is wierd ( i saw a really nice compression vest on there it looks like it would get the job done but nobody from the site has contacted me yet about my order going through. tomorrow im going to the mall and looking for some columbian made garments like the ones dr. s has. once i get this vest, i will only wear it over my spanx and board instead of having to wear the ass-less garment.

Also, Celia told me to use warm compression on my stomach to help the lipo'd areas. what i do is warm up my icy-hot pack, put it on my stomach, and then wrap my belly band over it and just wear it. once it cools down, i warm it up again, and repeat on each side and on my back. the belly band i bought on ebay a long time ago i used it after i gave birth to help my tummy go down. it was less than $10 its just a belly wrap with velcro. looks like the "belly bandit". you dont have to go out buying all these things im using, just use what works for you but these are things that i already had that have become very handy during my recovery.

come to think of it, i really wish dr. s had the perfect garment - nice and loose on the butt and thighs, and super tight on the waist. that way we wouldnt have to cut the butt part and go out buying all these other vests and stuff. i have fat thighs so the thigh part of the garment would keep rolling up and leaving marks on my thighs which also became very itchy.

This is part 1 of my BBL review. Click here to read part 2

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama and his staff are the shiznitz! So glad i chose him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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