33 Yr Old Smart Lipo Stomach, Flanks and Bra Roll - Atlanta, GA

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After months of research and multiple...

After months of research and multiple consultations I decided to have Smart Lipo done at American Lipo Centers by Dr. Myla Bennett. I had my consultation with Dr. Lin who was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.

Within the past year I've gained weight around my stomach which I didn't have before so My goal is to get my stomach as flat as possible.

My procedure is tomorrow morning and I'm excited to see the results.

Surgery Day

Today was my surgery. I wasn't nervous more excited. Once I arrived I completed some paperwork and met with the nurse Monique. She took my vitals, explained the procedure and post care in great detail and took pictures. Then I met with Dr. Bennett who was very friendly. She examined me and asked more questions about my health history and gave me realistic expectations of my results. She made me feel very comfortable which kept me from getting nervous.

Next I took the medication and while we waited for it to kick in I ended up falling asleep. Then Dr. Bennett began numbing my stomach which was uncomfortable and caused sharp pain in certain spots. I did get a little nauseous because I hadn't ate much so they gave me some pretzels and I was fine.

Once she started the Lipo I didn't feel any pain at all, it kinda tickled. We talked throughout the whole procedure about where we were from and different things. Definitely was not what I expected.

Afterward Monique helped me in the compression garment and gave me a pain pill. It's now about 4 hours later and no pain and I'm still very numb. The drainage is a lot I've changed the pads twice mostly from the lower incisions.

I can't wait to see what I look like but for now I am happy I chose Dr. Bennett, she and her staff are amazing.

Day 2

The drainage was a lot and it lasted about 12 hours. I used super overnight sanitary pads which worked better that the medical pads they give you and I used dog training pads to cover the bed. I had to changed them 3 times as everything was soaked. Outside of that the pain overnight wasn't too bad it felt like bad cramps but of course I was still numb and I took the pain medication as well.

I didn't sleep too well. Mostly uncomfortable from sleeping on my back, didn't sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time. I was able to walk around and go up and down the stairs in short spurts.

Didn't have much of an appetite but had to eat so I could take the medicine. As long also was laying down pain was minimal but moving around and sitting up brought it up to about a 5.

I did shower and wash my garment. I had another garment to wear while the one they gave me washed. And you can't dry them they must air dry.

The doctor said once the drainage stops I can lay on my side if it doesn't hurt so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight.

Day 4

I'm sleeping better but I'm still very sore and swollen which is uncomfortable. I do not see much of a change in my stomach at all. I can tell the top of my stomach is flatter but the rest is the same. I'm trying not to get discouraged, because I know it's a process.

My incisions are healing good and I plan on starting the lymphatic massages this Friday.

I've ordered a second garment and a compression board which should be here later this week.

Day 6

Went back to work today and felt very uncomfortable. I sit down all day so didn't have to move around much. Mostly sore not real bad pain.

When I got home my new garment arrived and it's a world of difference. I totally don't feel the same discomfort I've been feeling. It was a JOB getting it on I needed help and it hurt like hell but I've had it on about an hour and I feel so much better. I didn't take a picture in the one they gave me but here's the new on which Dr. Bennett recommend.

Compression Garment

Here's the one I ordered http://www.leonisa.com/en/products/power-slimmed-mid-thigh-body-shaper/018674/ I searched Google for a 10% off coupon code

Slow progress

Massage and Post Op Appointment

4 days ago I went for my first lymphatic massage to help drain the remaining fluid. It was uncomfortable because I'm still very sore, but it will have to be done at least once a week. While there I purchased a compression board with help a lot with the discomfort of sitting in the new garment. I had ordered one online but it'll be another 5 days before I get it.

Yesterday I went for my post op appointment. Didn't last long at all. I'm still very swollen and sore but no issues. The doctor says I should be sore for another week or so.

Results are a much slower process than what I had been seeing in reviews when I was doing my research. I'm not discouraged, but I expected to see more by now.

Day 17

Sleeping better, soreness very minimal. Seeing results. I'm wearing the compression board under my garment at least 20 hours a day. It gets irritating for some reason on my drive home from work so I've been taking it off in the car. I'm still swollen but the massages are helping. After getting discouraged the first week I can now say this was worth it. I'm not where I want to be but I'm happy I'm not where I was.


Haven't seen much more change. The swelling has gone down on my sides and I'm still getting the massages every week. I wear the ab board all day but I no longer sleep in it. I have also gone down a size in my garment. I'm going to start working out and see if that helps with the results. I've still got to wear the garment 24/7 pretty much until the end of the year so I'm hoping the good part is yet to come. Thanks to everyone for all your support.
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