16 Days For Countdown For My Breast Lift..Anxious & Excited - Atlanta, GA

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Hello, I am 39 years old 5'1 128..I have 4...

Hello, I am 39 years old 5'1 128..I have 4 children 22, 17, 9 and 6. I love the size of my breast but despise the sagging. All looks well with clothing on but just drop, drop, drop after taking them off. :-) I have been wanting to get a Breast Lift for at least 4 years now. I made the final decision to go ahead and just do it. Soooo, I am on a countdown to Sept 16. I have chosen Dr.Deutsch in Atlanta to perform my surgery. RealSelf has been such a GREAT help with information, reading other stories, feedback & definitely the before and after pics. With that being said I wanted to give back and share my story.


Ok I have 7 days left before the big day. I'm still anxious, excited, nervous, uncertain..just all mixed emotions. I took this weekend to do some major grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing, picking up prescriptions, buying books, movies you name it I did it. I added a few more photos of my saggy boobs soon to be perky. Again I adore the size with clothes on but I want to adore them with clothes off too. I will keep in touch by checking in the day prior to..


OMG I'm soooo nervous, anxious, excited I don't know what to do. I didn't sleep well last night so hoping tonight I'm able to get some decent rest. Have to be up @4am & at the hospital that is almost 45 minutes away by 6am. I have the kids settled for transportation to/from school, groceries, laundry, cleaning done, and help lined up for the week. So looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Praying for a safe procedure, safe recovery and great results. Will check back in once I'm able to..


Had my lift yesterday 9/16 and everything went very well. The DR & nurses were extremely great. Not much pain other than the drains in my breast(sooo uncomfortable). Also I'm very bloat assuming from the fluid plus haven't been able to have a bowel movement. Had to sleep sitting up. I haven't got a full view of breast yet but from the peeking their good and perky. They are still semi swollen. I go back PS tomorrow to have the drains remove(thank goodness) I will post some pics tomorrow once they are removed. Until then...


Went PS today and had those painful, annoying but much needed drains out. My breast are still swollen and one is bigger than the other/plus one nipple lower. I'm not to concerned about it right now will see how the healing goes. I DO LOVE THEM even though they are not settled yet..will follow up as healing takes it place..Hoping the scarring will not be as bad

2 Weeks Post Op..All Going Well

I had my surgical tape removed today. Can you say OUCH!!! It did feel very good to shower these babies and get them cleaned up. PS said I'm healing very well and can start applying vitamin E and massaging scars. Thus far I am still very pleased with my results. Will check in with updated status as I come along.

2 Months Post-Op..Healing well

Had my 2 month post-op on Wednesday and all is healing very well. Incision itching is bothersome sometimes. I am using the Scaraway silicone sheets during the day & vitamin e oil/cocoa butter at night. So far the scarring is improving. Still sleeping on my back with occasional side sleeping. I am very much pleased with my results..will check in again in another month or so. Thanks to all the ladies who have posted & followed up with results. This site has been a great support group thru this process. I have added some updated pics

Loving My New Breast!!

It's been almost 8 months and all is healing very well. The scars or lightning up(using Bioderm stick), no more nerve pains, nipples have even more sensation now and can go braless if I choose to. Can't wait for this summer to wear my new summer dresses.
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