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Hi I am currently 1 week post op and am loving my...

Hi I am currently 1 week post op and am loving my new boobs :-) I started out 38A and I think I am around a 38D/DD now.
-700 cc mentor silicone, under the muscle, mod plus profile, crease incisions.
I couldn't be happier my recovery has been smooth. I have just stumbled with what bra to wear and how often at this point. My chest was very tight and I wore the surgical bra for the 1st week 24/7 now they ache in that bra and I've found the most comfortable to be a Cami/shelf bra... They are still high and I feel like the less support the better drop??? My next follow up is sept 7th...

Almost 3 weeks

I'll be 3 weeks on the 6th my check up is the 9/7/16. My pain is completely gone and I'm back to my normal activities for the most part. I can still tell my muscles and skin have a lot of stretching to do so I can get more fullness in my lower poles. Right now everything is still high and tight... I'm wearing a Cami bra most days but I did buy a VS no under wire bra that is a 38D and I wear it some. It fits well except the lower part or the cups aren't filled ???? I know/hope this comes in time. I have been changing my steri strips every 3 days since my 1 week follow up and my incisions are doing great in my opinion. I wasn't told to do any massages so I've just been feeling on them every now and then they are soooooooo much softer!!! I can't wait for the drop and fluff part!!

I think they are dropping ????????

I think my muscles are finally starting to relax!!!

22 Days Post Op follow up

Just got home from my 3 week follow up and the ladies are doing great. Dr.Colgrove instructed me to start my massages and stretches. I have to push them together push them down and push them up. He also told me to wear a good bra that pushes them together so I get the cleavage I want. No more tape over my incisions they are looking good. Now I'm just waiting for the dropping and fluffing ???? I go back for another follow up in a month.

Real Bra Size

Ok so I bought a bra to help out my cleavage like my PS said... I actually bought 3, 1 online and 2 cheaper 1s from Walmart. I guessed my size lol and went with a 38D. I got a push up and a more coverage reg underwire. Well I get home and the push up looks like it belongs on a small child. Then I go and grab the other one and it's a 38C well it fits better.... I mean the cups are a little small but it fits. I'm wondering if when I "drop" will I fill out a D? I really thought I would definitely be a D with 700cc... But it just goes to show how breast width truly makes a diff in sizing and how and implant is going to fit your body.

Noticing changes

It's happening... Slowly but surly I am dropping.... My 38D no padding no wire bra is filling out a lot better!! I'm getting excited now!!

Better and better everyday

I am loving my results more and more everyday!!! They are a million time softer now then before. They are dropping more and more everyday. I am a 38DD right now and I'm hoping they stay this size but I do want the bottom to fill out more. But I can see that the pocket is there just gotta wait for the implant to fill in down there.

The dropping continues

I see a huge difference in upper pole fullness they are starting to look more natural. I can't wait for them to be in their final place and all settled.


I am 2 months post op now. I have no pain just a lil stiffness in the morning. They have continued to drop and I already love them so I can't wait for my final results. I am currently wearing a 38DD comfortably. My scars are bright but completely smooth. I'm so happy I finally went through with the surgery.

Dropping and Fluffing

Ok I had my follow up. After some negative comments about how my breast were looking 3 months out I was very discouraged. Well my PS is very happy with my healing. He said my muscles are still very tight... my fault 4 kids kinda distracted me from my stretches... so I have stretches to do to help my muscles stretch more and I am making sure I do them several times a day. I've already noticed a difference. Well I'm happy. I know it takes time and not everyone heals the same. I just wish people would remember this is a support group to help all of us and to share experiences not to shame ppl or to criticize someone's results. Every case is different just like every body is diff. I was extremely flat chested with very little breast tissue so yes it is taking forever to stretch and drop fully. Just don't lose hope!! It can take some women up to year to get final results!! Don't base your results on anyone else's opinions. I'm posting some pics because I don't care what anyone say I love my boobies and they look amazing in clothes and that's all that matters to me!!!!

Massage and stretches are working

I am here to testify that massaging and stretching really makes a difference. I have constricted breast... that along with my large implants and tight skin and muscles it's taking forever to drop and fluff. I got serious about my stretches recently because I was unsatisfied with my lower pole fullness. Well I can already tell a difference!!! I am making sure I do the downward massage every chance I get!!
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