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Hi Beauties! Like many of you, I have stalked RS...

Hi Beauties!

Like many of you, I have stalked RS for some time contemplating the decision to be "made over." I scheduled three (3) consultations this week with Atlanta plastic surgeons.

-Jimerson/$100/non-refundable/applied to balance
-Celestin/$100/non-refundable/applied to balance
-Davoudi/$50 hold/released after appt

My goal is to have surgery in I will make a decision this week!


All I Want for Christmas is a TT, Lipo, and a BBL!!!!

I'm a 38 year old, married mother of four children ages 16, 14, 7, and 4 (whew that was a lot to type-lol) seeking a physical transformation despite my husband insisting I don't need it (yeah right)??? after careful prayer and considering Dr. Cochran in Columbus, Dr. Okoro, Dr. Celestin, and Dr. Jimerson, I have decided to go with Dr. Davoudi.

I paid my deposit, secured my pre-op and surgery date, got approved for the entire surgery amount, and received all pre-op, supply list, surgery requirements within an hour!!!!

His results and patent reviews are consistent, he delivers "natural looking" results, he is known as a perfectionist in his field, and he performs surgery in a hospital.

I decided not to go with the other doctors for the following reasons (no shade), just my preference:

Dr. Cochran: i like his results and his reviews were okay, but his results were inconsistent. If I only needed an average tummy tuck, I would've chosen him because he is the closest to me. But, seeing that I need a major "body over-haul" I had to go with someone with more precision!

Dr. Okoro: Again his results were okay, just not consistent. His staff was really nice and informative.

Dr. Celestin: At one point I was convinced that a woman surgeon would provide me the best results, because we're usually particular about how we like things to be done. Again her reviews were good and her results were okay, but she lacked the experience that I was looking for.

Dr. Jimerson: I was set on going to Jimerson, but his results were hit or miss. Plus being from Atlanta my husband was not feeling me have what he called "a Jimerson booty" - LOL. I was like....well I can tell him only do this only a little here....he was like that's too much explaining, and I agree. Plus he was convinced that I would be recognized sitting in Jimerson's waiting room. (as if I require a certain level of anonymity)?

I'm so excited about my decision. I have so many questions about what to expect and how to get great results with the right garments? I have had 6 abdominal surgeries so I'm sure recovery will be similar if not easier than what I've experienced in the past.

My surgery proposal includes:
full abdominoplasty, lipo of epigastric and anterior flanks, lipo of posterior flanks, and fat transfer to buttocks and hips

If any of you lovely ladies have advice, suggestions on recovery, supplies, garments, etc. please share....flat side here I come!!!!

All I Want for Christmas is a TT, Lipo, and a BBL!!!!


What is the best stage 1 and stage 2 garments to use for a TT and BBL? It's soooo many choices, but I want to get the best ones with proven results!!!!!!

Let the Shopping Begin...

I am simply beside myself!!!
With ONLY 43 days away from EXTREME MAKEOVER: Barbie Edition, I have been busy ordering suggested items for pre|post op recovery. I tend to OVER plan and OVER think details....but I think I have a pretty conclusive list thanks to my RS fam! I was a bit shocked to find out yesterday that I've gained 7lbs and 3 inches in waist & hips. So, I've decided to start the liquid diet early and dedicate it as a FAST. I definitely do not want to go into surgery weighing this much over my goal weight and have to maintain it in order to keep my results. So, no more cookies, cakes, croissants, and frappacinos for me...(well maybe on Thanksgiving ;). That's all for now, but if any of you have any advice to help me on my journey to surgery preparation and recovery, please let me know. Thanks Dolls!! xoxo

22 Days To Go....

Things are definitely getting real. I received my first shipment of pre/post-op supplies: VITAMEDICA Recovery System & Arnica pills/cream! I'm waiting on other items to arrive. I basically created a supply list based on RS reviews that I follow and items that I know will personally make recovery a lot easier for me. Still undecided about sleeping arrangements. Not sure if I want the anti-gravity chair w/ hole, 6" memory foam w/ hole, or the holo lilo inflatable bed? Plus, I noticed that the dolls who go to DR don't seem concerned about sleeping on their backs (per certain doctor post-op instructions) and their results are better than great. So....I'm still up I the air about that. Otherwise...I'm excited and trying not to be so nervous. I can tell I've lost weight, but not sure how much yet. Trying not to weigh myself until after I complete the required 7-Day Liquid Diet before my sx. I don't want to lose too much weight because hubby loves curves and I don't want to compromise my results by gaining weight after the sx. I'm also debating about getting BBL...not that mine is perfect, but I want a more natural curvy hourglass shape. My pre-op appointment is next week, so I looking forward to speaking with Dr. Davoudi about it! Until then...I will continue stalking RS!!!


19 Days To Go....

Ok sooooo...I wanted to post pre-op pictures BEFORE Thanksgiving dinner and THE liquid fast so that I can compare measurements. Still waiting on other supplies to arrive. Still stalking RS to make sure I don't miss anything. Still contemplating BBL. Still super excited....

Pre-Op Pics

Pre-Op Pix

Pre-turkey, dressing, mac/cheese, collard greens
Pre-muscle milk, smoothies, and V-8
Pre-tummy tuck, lipo, bbl

15 Days To Go...Maybe 12?

Ok so, I just received some of my recovery supplies. So far I have:
-heating pad
-Ninja blender (for pre/post op liquid fast)
-nonstick long gauze (for incision)
-Benadryl cream (for post-op itching)
-cloth surgical tape
-arnica salve (got the cream too, but like this better)
-straws (per doctor's order) in pink of course ;)
-case of pineapple juice

I'm still waiting on:
-powder free latex free gloves
-alcohol spray
-peroxide spray
-cotton balls
-q tips
-anti gravity lounge chair (to cut hole)
-leonisa garment
-lipo foam
-ab board
-triangle board
-bbl pillow

I think that's it. The doctor's office was closed on yesterday, so I could not confirm my request to move my sx date. I'm praying that I will be able to go in a few days earlier due to hubby's schedule, kids schedule, and Christmas vacay. Oh and I started my Vitamedica vitamin regimen for a smooth recovery!

Davoudi Doll in the Making!

Davoudi Doll in the making…I had my pre-op appointment on Thursday and I was super excited! The office staff was really nice and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Davoudi was a trip…he’s very down-to-earth and made a great first-impression with hubby. Here is my visit in details (for any future potential Davoudi Dolls):

Office Location:
Dr. D’s office is located in Duluth inside of the Gwinnett Medical Center Professional Building. Turn into the hospital parking lot and turn left to enter the Professional Building parking lot. His office is located on the 3rd floor Suite #300 (pics included).

Office Procedure:
Entered the office, which is beautifully decorated and received consent forms to sign. This took about 15 minutes because I had my husband to take "staged” candid shots of me completing paperwork and lounging in the waiting area - lol.

It wasn’t long before I was called to the back and placed in an exam room. I did feel a bit uncomfortable getting “fully” undressed because I was lazy and had only shaved my bikini line. My husband’s face was priceless - LMBO. Oh and I had on UGGs (no socks) and had to keep them on during the exam. So I’m standing butt naked with some UGGs on in front of a strange man with my husband sitting in the corner looking crazy…lol.

Doctor Encounter:
Dr. D came in and began “the talk”…and boy was it fast. In fact, he told my husband to start recording him so that I can listen carefully later on. He examined my body and had me to stand in front of the mirror to explain his thoughts and plans. He stated that I did not have much fat (could’ve fooled me - lol) and that I had nice hips and a nice butt with projection (could’ve fooled me again - lol). He suggested that he focus on the lipo and contouring my body to give me “that look”. He also stated that since I had projection and a nice size butt that he would be injecting the fat into the lower/bottom part of my butt to fill out the indentions to give a more full look. Not necessarily bigger because according to him I don’t have He showed me pics of what I can expect my results to look like based on my current shape and body size. He even showed me pics of what to NOT expect based on my current shape and body size. He shared post-op recovery tips…which I expected (lawn chair, body pillow, etc.) He asked if I had any questions and then had Toni to speak to me about the next steps. Oh…when he was explaining how to use the spirometer he told my husband to “pop in the movie Friday and every time they take a hit, have her to take a hit”…we were cracking up!!!

While Toni was in the room explaining the prescriptions, lab-work/procedures, drains, etc. Dr. Davoudi came back into the room and asked to speak to me again. I was a little concerned, but it ended up being good news. He stated that after looking at my pictures online (which I sent during consultation stage) he didn’t think I needed as much work as he initially thought. So he refunded me the $500.00 deposit and offered to do lip on my bra roll for freeeee! The other portion of the surgery was covered completely via medical financing and paid in full back in October. Toni came back in and began to take pics…and OMG…she got sooooooo close…that’s what I get for not taking “shaving” seriously - lol.

She provided the following prescriptions:
Colace - to be used AFTER surgery for possible constipation
Keflex/Cipro - antibiotic to be started the DAY AFTER surgery
Percocet/Norco - pain medication to be taken AFTER surgery
Xanax - to be taken the night BEFORE surgery (if needed) for anxiety
Zofran/Phenergan - to be taken AFTER surgery for nausea
Lovenox - injections to be taken the day AFTER surgery for blood clots

She suggested that I purchase the following items for recovery:
antibiotic ointment
maxi pads
soft foods such as soups, puddings, jello, etc.
saltines (non buttery crackers)

She explained how to measure output for the drains and how to remove them so that we do not have to schedule an appt for removal when they are ready to be removed.

She suggested a body pillow for traveling home after surgery and since I don’t need the injections to my hips, I can sleep/rest on my sides (thank you Jesus). I still have the anti gravity chair for sitting in the living room though especially since it’s around the holidays. Plus I purposely avoided watching the latest Scandal, Being Mary Jane, Empire, and Power episodes so that I can have something to watch during recovery. You can NEVER depend on Netflix to have something worthwhile - lol.

Oh she also mentioned the Exparel (Dr. Davoudi told me about it too) which I plan to get. You have to choose it the day of surgery not in advance!

I got dressed, received my folder, got my refund added back to my debit card and went across the hall to have my pre-op lab work done.

Lab Work Procedures
The pre-op lab work is completed in the Suite next door to the doctor’s office, so it was super convenient. We waited for about 5 minutes and went back to speak to a pre-op registration representative. She further explained what to expect on the day of surgery, gave me my surgery arrival time which as of now is 10am. I am still praying to be worked in on Friday instead, but if not I am okay with Monday too! My pre-op care is what I expected and pretty much what I have read on RS. But, for Dr. Davoudi’s patients I think it’s kicked up a notch:

7 days prior to surgery - drink liquids such as water, smoothies, and Muscle Milk. (We can eat baked chicken breast, baked fish, and/or spinach if needed for protein) STOP ALL Multivitamins (including the Vitamedica which I was taking faithfully) because they interfere with the anesthesia.

5 days prior to surgery - drink liquids such as water, smoothies, and Muscle Milk. (We can eat baked chicken breast, baked fish, and/or spinach if needed for protein) STOP ALL aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen, Aleve, naproxen) TYLENOL is OK.

3 days prior to surgery - drink liquids ONLY (no chicken, fish, or spinach) and start Smooth Move tea each night up until surgery. Bathe with antibacterial BAR soap such as Dial, Lever 2000, or Safeguard AND 1/3 of Hibiclens bottle provided during pre-op lab appointment.

2 days prior to surgery - drink liquids ONLY (increase water intake to 3-4 liters). Bathe with antibacterial BAR soap such as Dial, Lever 2000, or Safeguard AND 1/3 of Hibiclens bottle provided during pre-op lab appointment.

1 night prior to surgery - drink liquids ONLY (increase water intake to 3-4 liters), take Xanax for anxiousness and anxiety. Bathe with antibacterial BAR soap such as Dial, Lever 2000, or Safeguard AND 1/3 of Hibiclens bottle provided during pre-op lab appointment.

Oh…I was also given a spirometer to practice daily at home. I have to bring it to the hospital on the day of surgery along with filled prescriptions and surgery folder.

That concludes my pre-op visit. Hope this helps any future dolls! :)

Pre-Op Office Pics

...these didn't post last night. Sorry!

Liquid Diet....Day 1

Let me start by saying I absolutely hate the taste of protein powder (in shakes), but I'm willing to do what's necessary in order to get optimal results. I purchased the following liquid diet ingredients this evening:

Muscle Milk powder (Vanilla Cream)
Activia (Strawberry and Peach)
Naked protein drinks
Cold-pressed Apple & Grape Juices
Frozen pineapple chunks
Frozen peach slices
Frozen strawberries

I used a recipe I found on Pinterest which made the shake bearable, but extremely thick. I'm still working on developing a recipe that suits me (flavor, consistently, etc.) overall it wasn't too bad...just praying that I this will satisfy me until my sx date.

Funny Story...Warning TMI!!!!

I decided to stay in the Duluth area for the weekend. It's giving me a chance to relax before my surgery. Yesterday, while out and about...I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute items. I was walking around minding my own business when all of a sudden I started sweating and cramping in the middle of the aisle. My husband looked at me and said "uh oh...that's that Smooth Move working" eyes got soooooo big. I have a rule to NEVER use public restrooms UNLESS it is an EXTREME emergency. Nothing gets on my nerves more than my children asking to use the restroom as soon as we get somewhere (I'm weird like that-but they're used to it-LOL). should've seen me walking briskly through Wal-Mart praying that no one would be in the restroom when I got there. Low and behold.....I get to the restroom and there is a LINE!!! Really? A line? By now, I am getting nauseous and about to explode. I couldn't get in the stall fast enough...all dignity, all rules of no public restrooms, all pride...GONE completely out the door! I went once...not enough...sat back down....I went again...not enough...sat back down...and went AGAIN. I was soon embarrassed that I strategically exited the stall when I thought the restroom was empty, and sure enough it was. I washed my hands and hurried out to find my husband waiting for me by the door. I said to him "hurry up lets go I don't want anyone to think that was me in there!" He said, "but it was you?" he couldn't even say it with a straight face, he was laughing so hard!! So my advice to anyone drinking Smooth Move...stay at home!


I visited Temptations @ Sante Fe Mall today and purchased two items. An ab board and a funky version of a triangle board, called a lumbar molder. Not sure of the difference, but I was intrigued so I bought it. If you're ever in the Duluth area, stop by they have tons of garments and supplies!

The INFAMOUS Pre-Op Pics

Ok so tomorrow this time I will be in surgery. I had a moment of second-thoughts this morning. Not sure if I should go thru with the bbl? I was looking in the mirror and thinking "how big do you really want your butt to be"?.....hope it's not too late if I do decide to change my mind...anywho I'm enjoying this yogurt, but being tempted by bacon and cinnamon rolls....sheeeesh! ;) Have a lovely day dolls...I will post pics first thing in the morning!


Hey ladies!

I made it to flat side. Not sure how flat because I have seen it. The only pics I have is the before/after when he marked up. The outpatient surgery center staff was AMAZING! They treated me like royalty & kept saying I was at "Spa Gwinnett". I arrived at 6:15, but found out he had a small procedure before mine which didn't take long. Met with nurses and anesteiologist & was prepped & back in OR by 8:30am. Hubby stayed in lobby and prayed the entire time. Surgery started @ 9:06am. I went to phase #1 @ 11:20 & woke up in recovery phase #2 around 12:00pm. I left hospital around 2pm because of the post-op training videos, etc. I must say that I was shocked that they sent me home with a catheter!! Hubby says Dr.D came after the surgery was over and said he's done 1,000s of these surgeries and my muscle damage was in the top 100 they were so bad. But, he got it tight and right-lol. I didn't sleep much last night I kept waking up to walk or snack on crackers and water or just to aggravate my husband-lol. By the way he's such a sweetheart the nurses thought we were newlyweds...I woke up to him feeding me bits and pieces of a cracker and holding a cup for me to drink out of...back to the story, we left hospital, went by smoothie king (we're smoothie fanatics) and got on the road. It wasn't as much pain as I thought it would be. I felt like something was stinging me like a burning sensation but it was tape thank God. Dr. D said I could return to normal diet to build up my strength which was music to my ears. Still played it a chicken pot pie from KFC, but only ate 1/4 of it. So far I've been staying on top of pain meds like many of you, and just trying to find a comfortable position. Last night I went from side to side to chair-lol. I'll post pics when I get up and get cleaned...right now I feel like a hot mess!!!

Post-Op Pics Day 1&2

Hi Ladies,

Thank you all for your support, prayers and words of encouragement. I'm dropping a few pics to show my immediate results. I know things will change over the course of the next days, weeks, and months. This recovery has been something else....not necessarily pain, just discomfort!


....didn't post!

Recovery Woes.....

Today is post-op day #4. I had procedure on Monday. Yesterday/last night was probably the worst day of recovery. Pain meds are horrible.gave me terrible nightmares and panic attacks, insomnia, etc. I stopped taking them and now only taking Tylenol. Spoke to Toni today...I'm going in on Monday morning to have 1 drain removed and some sutures. I'll be so glad that I can finally shower! I saw you waist today it's getting smaller and now the line that was drawn on day 1, is way too loose and I feel like I have to hold it up. I know it's still lots of swelling, but I'm happy with results. A$$ is huge and that's a bonus considering I only wanted it to be filled out. I'm sure it'll go down and whatever size it ends up being will be fine with me (can't be any smaller than before-lol). Oh....figuring out how to sleep has been punishment!!!! So I'm back in the chair!

2 Week Post Op

Yesterday was 2 weeks exactly that I had my Sx. Recovery has been goo so far. The first week was definitely the hardest and most emotional. The second week I started to appreciate the small things like showering independently. I'm standing and walking straighter each day. I'm still a little hunched over when I first get up, but it straightens rather quickly. There is still some swelling, especially in my back but it's not as bad as the beginning. I had one drain removed at 9 days PO and the 2nd drained removed 2 days later! The 2nd drain site leaked a couple of days afterwards but it eventually stopped. I love my new shape and can't wait to see final final results. My butt is okay (hubby loves it). It's what I wanted...not huge or obvious just better shaped. I can tell a difference with clothes on especially. But with clothes off it looks weird. Hubby says it's because I tense up and don't relax for pictures (could be true) On my way to my 2 week PO appoint to have all stitches and surgical tape removed (yay). I'll post pictures in a few!!!'

2 Week PO Pics

Here are a few before and after pics of my progress so far. I am soooo pleased with my scar/incision. Today was my first time seeing it without the surgical tape. Nurse Toni also removed my stitches. I had one on the center of my back, one at the top/inside of my butt crack (sorry), one at the top of each butt cheek, and one at the cuff of each butt cheek. The pics of my butt are not a true representation of how it actually looks. I still can't stand straight and I shift from foot to foot when I do. It causes me to tense up on one side or the other and as a result my butt looks weird in pics. I kept trying to relax, but hubby got tired of re-takes. I know it's not perfect, but it's perfect for me & him and that's what counts. Oh...I tried to drive today...huge mistake! I was okay until it was time to get on the interstate (forgot I had to do that to get home...duh) and had a panic attack. I'm waaaaay too tense to drive, but at least I know now. I'm planning to return to work on next Monday, so pray for me! That's all for now....

I am super excited to be a patient of Dr. Davoudi. His staff is awesome!!!!

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