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Hey BBL SISTERS!!!! I'm a newbie but I have been...

Hey BBL SISTERS!!!! I'm a newbie but I have been thinking about this procedure for the last 5 years. I have it pretty much narrow down to 2 Dr's that both do amazing work and have great turn outs. I want to here your thoughts and views on who did you. Dr. J or Dr. Yily? Price? Stay? Procedure? How do you look now? How long has it been? Kids? Before or after procedure? How did your body return? Can you please if you still have information on Dr.Yily can you leave in the comment along with where you stayed and price? Lymphatic massage? Garments? What work best? Did you lose weight before procedure? How are you maintaing your new booty now? Did you loose your butt? What excerise are you doing now to keep your bottom shapely? Ladies, I need all your ideas and info!!!!

About me: I'm 28, AA,no kids but want some. At least 2. 5'8 225lbs. Solid weight but have a gut but not nasty. Have hips and a ok butt, but I want a more fuller rounder bubble butt with shelf(?).

Thanx ladies. Can't wait for your response

So I emailed Dr. Yily about 3 weeks ago and asked...

So I emailed Dr. Yily about 3 weeks ago and asked her about the procedure, recommendations for those that didn't have kids and plan on it, additional price for extra area inner thigh, upper back etc. So she first apologize for the delay for she receive 80-95 emails a day. She quoted me $3300 for BBL with fat grating to butt lipo of back, armpits (?), flanks, waist and abdomen. It also included 1 garment, room, clinic fees and etc, 3 meals, pre-operatory test. Massage is $31 each 10 session and prices on extra garments medicine and more. I'm super excited and initial starting my journey to become a YILY VIXXEN!!! My girlfriends are coming with me I have to look up the other places she sent me for stay.
Now to book my flight and start googling and researching recovery pills, supplies and more. I hope she can give me the projection that I want. More fullness round and bubble-licious.

I just updated this post and it erased the whole...

I just updated this post and it erased the whole post!!!! FML
Received a updated email from Yily with additional fees. Going by my current body figure I would need inner thighs and arm lipo. I do plan to lose 20-30 and tone before December for the best results. I don't want to get a bbl done and still have back rolls and stomach like some of these after surgery pictures I see. I've been looking up pre and post recovery supplements along with other items that I will need for my trip. I rather be overly prepared then under prepared. So is there anything that you wish you took with you on your trip or your must have wouldn't left home without it item? What's the best product you used to help you recover? It was a young lady on here that had a list but I couldn't find her, I forgot her name.
I sent Dr. Yily pictures of my friend that's going with me and hopefully will be hearing something from her soon. If my I have enough time saved up in December I will be taking the full 2 weeks off in DR. Can't WAIT!!!

Well after further research and emailing, I...

Well after further research and emailing, I decided to go to Duran. Loved that she's prompt on her emails, gives details, down to earth and very easy to talk to. Her pictures are amazing. Work is outstanding. And I think she will be able to give me the perfect body and the booty I want. Projection projection fullness and bubble licious..., yaaasssss. Yily party just stop emailing me all together. It's been over 2 months since I heard from them and waiting on response for my friend. Found great places to stay after drains are removed. And by the beach!! Can't go to DR without visiting the waters. My gf is coming along with me going support and to help out. So this will be a mini vacation for us. I've been getting my supplie list together and going to start my weight loss regimen. She (Duran) told me to lose 40 lbs at 1st. But when I sent her another picture and told her I wouldn't have no fat to transfer she went with my original weight loss goal which was 20-30. She said I don't look like a women to carry 230 lbs. I'm solid and tall. Once I get info for my friend we will start planning out trip. The end if the year is our goal.
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