Getting Married in a Few Months and Want a Straight Nose...FINALLY! - Atherton, CA

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I would like to have a straight nose so that I...

I would like to have a straight nose so that I don't constantly have to adjust my face when I take pictures and what better a time to do that than prior to my wedding. I also have a very slight bump on the bridge of my nose where it is wider and then my nose gets narrow and my septum is "twisted" like an S shape. I have consulted with 3 plastic surgeons over the years, but the timing has never worked well for me so I put it off. Now, I am ready to do this. I am also excited that fixing my deviated septum will improve my breathing (especially when I exercise), decrease my nasal congestion, and maybe decrease on snoring and the throat irritation I experience when I wake up in the morning. I am not sharing this information with most of my family, so I would rather not post pictures on this site but am open to sending to members on here if they request them personally from me.

Potential Consult with a doc in Sac

I was going to consult with Dr. Clutter in Sacramento because I have a friend that got her nose done by him, however after looking at all the people who had a rhino by him, I realized they did not have the same issues as me. From what I saw, he is really good at reducing bulbous tips and wide noses and when I called to ask his M.A. If she has any before and after pictures of people who have deviated septums with an apparent crookedness to their nose like me, she said there's pictures online and why don't you just come in for the consult and he can talk to you about that. I tried to explain that I didn't want to pay for the consult and drive to Sac if he didn't have any results to share with noses like mine. After meeting with Dr. Mehta I decided to cancel my appt.
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

My most recent consult was with Dr. Mehta and I was very impressed with his experience, especially with repairing deviated septums. His price was a little higher than my last 2 quotes, but his office staff and his comfort with septum repair made me feel a little better about spending the money. He is a board certified ENT which is another one of my requirements and for the most part has great reviews on here for rhinoplasty and rhino revision. I was concerned about the one negative comment, but I have since talked to him and his staff and I feel comfortable moving forward. During our consultation, he shared that he gives talks to other doctors about septoplasty for deviated septums and is the go to guy for complicated septum cases, which made me really feel comfortable.

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