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Hello my beautiful woman, the woman that cares...

Hello my beautiful woman, the woman that cares about themselves... I feel you already like part of my family (my boobs sisters) I read so much information that I feel I know you guys already. I have decided to do this because it's not fair that your transitions helped me so much and I don't do mine. I know This will help somebody and I'm here for any questions, plus I want to let you know how sincere, professional and beautiful being is my dear doctor Urmen Desai, I just heard anything but good comments and compliments about him and here is my opinion and sincerely transition. I want to start by saying that this seems like a dream, each day closer, something that seemed so far, impossible from where I come from, I'm Cuban've been in this country three years, I have 23 years and always knew I wanted my breasts done (my language is Spanish so do not mind my English lol) I never thought that I was going to operate in this country and to close to my home, I was planning to go next year to my country to have the operation there, with the disadvantage that I could not have an appointment with my doctor until I got there, whether he can liked me if not well then fucked me, the other reason against was that also I wanted to spend time with my family and with this operation nothing is known because all people do not recover the same way, sombody more fast others slower and I will have to do a lot of rest and I could not go to my beautiful beaches, have fun etc. In my country, there is a hospital that is only for tourists mean if I live there could not go, but now is different because I live out of my country so now they see me like a tourist (racism) I follow Aaliyah for long time ago and I saw her on YouTube speaking about breast augmentation in New York I thought it would be super expensive when I go to the page, surprise, seeing that price immediately called and made my appointment who was Thursday-August 6 at 11 am, It came perfect because that was my day off and my boyfriend too . The night before I could not sleep I was so nervous, that was my first appointment for my boobs lol, sound crazy because I know that I did not going to have surgery but still important to me. The trip was like an hour and something and there was an accident so I arrive 15 minutes later. When I first came in Omg everything very clean, very nice, I was perfect, I got the papers, I filled everything up and I sit down , they call me 5 minutes later, so fast I entered the office with my boyfriend, the nurse ask me what I do for living, my measures and then she gave me like a surgery dress I change and then the doctor came In, he's wonderful tho ,very enthusiastic it was amazing, he was very sincere, something that I love, when he measured me I realized that I have a bigger boobs than the other, that was crazy I never noticed before... he said he would fix it but would never look the same but he will make the effort, time to try in the sizes ... yeiii !!! So excited tho, the nurse asked me what I want to be and I said D cup ????????????, so I got a black brasier and the first size that I tried was 450 cc's , very small I climbed to 500 cc's and then 550 I couldn't tried in 600 cc's because my boyfriend did not let me, He said it was enough haha ??... He's not used to see me with big boobs Lol, from the first that I tried on he said it was enough ????????????. I'm so happy that he support this decision that I made long time ago, he's the best man in the world. Well after all was said and clear Catherine came, everyone told me a lot of good things about her and I can tell why, she is beautiful and her way of being more, very sweet and patient,we talked a lot , she gave me the price which is 4900 which will be up if I did not make a 1000.00 $ deposit which I did lol, the price is super affordable, in Cuba by email they sent me was like 3546. 00 + tickets, medication, brasier, everything. I'm very happy with my decision, I scheduled my operation by December because two months ago I started my new job (starbucks) and I'm still not in completely (3 months) and school also begin in September and many things, so my best time is in December, which is my birthday too that will be my best birthday gift ever I have no schedule the exact day yet but it will be from day 21 on... I hope you guys can understand everything if not let me know kisses and I hope to update soon... ???????????? Ohh before I forgot I'm thinking about 600 cc's, because is under the muscle and 50 cc's is gone so yeah, they going to look like 550. Good night y'all

My advice for those who are getting implants

There are a few things a girl needs to understand when you have implants under the muscle. When you come out of surgery your boobs will look pretty weird and will look pretty weird for the first month or so until they settle, drop and fluff. When that implant is placed under the muscle it's flat and over time they rise like dough. For the first few weeks your breasts will be swollen. Take Arnica and keep them on ice for the first week at least. I iced mine for two weeks. Takes time for The swelling to go down while your muscles heal. You won't see the final results for up to a year, so don't panic and freak out about how they look 8 days after surgery. They are going to look weird like I said. Mine were almost touching my collarbone. When it comes to choosing size there are a few things you need to understand. If you want projection high-profile 325cc is not going to give you The results you are looking for. Why even bother with such tiny implants even if you are petite. 99% of women who choose smaller implants are never happy with their choice. You want nice full or bigger boobs go at least over 450 or 500cc - Seriously don't waste your money on tiny implants. You will wish you went bigger. When I went for high-profile 700cc's at first I thought I had made a mistake and had too much boob greed. But now I'm really very happy with my choice as they have dropped and look amazing. They are perfect for my height and my weight and my body frame. When it comes time to choose the filler I would definitely go with gel. Technology nowadays have made it way safer. I've heard girls complain about their Saline making swishing sounds and feel unnatural and have a high tendency to Ripple. Why bother seriously it's a lot of money to waste.
Im 2 and half months post surgery and my breasts are still dropping.
Ok so you spend thousands of dollars getting breast surgery so be patient when it comes to the healing process or you will waste your money and end up with ugly scars and boobs I have one dropped and one sitting in the wrong place. Take care of them for goodness sake. I still boobs for up to two weeks don't mess around taking off your dressing too soon or you'll end up with infections. Take the time needed to allow your body to heal and not straying and lift anything heavy and wreck your implants. I know you're all excited to get new boobs and want to try on all these pretty bras and all honesty he won't really see what they're going to look like to look at least six weeks after you've had surgery. Cause they still going to look at that weird and out of shape. Trying on a bunch of new bras and new tops and not allowing your scar to heal properly will cause them to stretch and cause ugly scarring. Be patient you waited this long to get them done you can wait for your scars to heal properly. Wear your sports bra for a full six weeks. Don't strain your pectoral muscles or you will cause them to ruin your implants. Patient and allow healing process to take place and don't try to rush things. It takes up to a year for you to see the final results. If you wanted nice big round breasts and chose tiny implants, then too bad for you, suck it up and get bigger implants. Seriously stop wasting your money on tiny and implants, you will not be happy I promise you. If you want projection 325cc will not
Satisfy you. Just remember this is all my own opinion and from my own observations. What's the point in going half way? go bigger than 400cc or You will regret it and waste your money. Just remember sizes relative to your height bodyweight and frame. If you are tall and 140 pounds go For a minimum of 600cc's. If you are petite, still dont go under 400cc or you will regret it. Just my two cents worth for the day if you are looking for the best results.

Wish pictures ????

Trying on rice sizers and me without push up bra

I'm sorry girls, my rice sizers are a little deformed but I tried, I don't have idea how many cc's they are because I don't have a the cup that I need to do that but I tried to do 600 cc's

Answering questions

Many of you girls have texting me for inbox asking me if I know girls that are had surgery with Dr. Urmen Desai the answer is yes.These were the first talks that we had on Instagram. They are in love with the results and I know that I will be too... I have a God and my excellent doctor.

Second girl, so sweet and honest

she is beautiful 5'11 575 cc's under the muscle

New information for my boob sister

I'm trying to be very active with this , and I have an idea, I want to do an account on Instagram about the woman who going to... Or have done already a surgery with Dr urmen desai I think is going to be so helpful and interesting let me know what you guys think, they have an account but they don't are very active so for me and for you girls I want to do this, real results and pictures, stories etc.. It would be very important for all who live near New York know this place that gives you the opportunity to change what makes you feel insecure about your body at an affordable price but at the same time without risking your health. A few women have traveled to have cheap surgeries in another countrys and becomes a nightmare. Also the trip to Miami is not worthi iteither if we calculate hotel, food, plane ticket and more it will be like $ 7,000. Many people do not know about this surgery center so close to us and affordable but I want to change that, tell me girls if you are agree kisses my boobies sisters ????

Changes ????

Hi girls, long time that I don't do an update, many things have changed. Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Joshua A. Greenwald at 11 am, I'm excited. I never thought I will change drDr desai because I really like him but I don't feel safe and I'm so worried, maybe that's a sign. I want a doctor that I feel 100 % sure and secure. I was forcing myself to do it with him, first because is affordable second because I didn't want to star with all the process again finding a new doctor etc and last the deposit that I did already. This is stressful but is necessary, my life and health first.God I know that you are leading, and I'll let you do it, the only thing I ask is for... Is a caring doctor, who likes her job and everything goes well. I'll star blogging tomorrow about everything my Instagram : mybajourney_575 let see how everything goes.... kisses

New wish boobies...

They are so perfect,huge and Beautiful

Plans Changed ????????????

I feel is time to make an update of what have been going on in my life because my surgery day is coming... How you girls can see I changed my surgeon because when you don't feel secure the best that you can do is change it because this is not games is my health first of all, money, family involve and a lot of things. Your really have to feel that you trust in the person who your life is going depend of... When I went to doctor plastic surgery I was so excited and that was my first consultation ever so I did not keep having consultation with others surgeons to compare and I made my deposit without being 100 sure so later on I keep looking information here, Google and everything and found out that he's not a board certified surgeon that worried me a little but a paper doesn't described you so I keep researching and found a case here on realself that really scared me. No I'm lying, before all of that when I found that aaliyah (YouTube guru ) had surgery with him, she blogged everything I was down to made my visit so on one of her pictures on instagram about her boobies I left a comment asking her if was worth it because I was interesting in that doctor so another girl texted me saying that she saw my comment on aaliyah page and if I go to that surgeon I'll regret it because a friend of her had surgery and she almost died, she send me pictures and everything so later when I had my consultation with the doctor I talked about that they today that they don't knew nothing about that so maybe was so competitor trying to took them down so OK I made my decision, deposit and stuff everything fine So one day being here looking on the doctor page a girl' review pop up and she had horrible pictures Omg and her situation was just incredible and that was not what make me set-up other consultation and change my doctor was his reaction. She was begging him two days later to take the implants out and he didn't pay attention so another doctor had to save her life she almost died,so Instagram case was not false at all and I told them but they act like they did know so is time to move on because I'm not going to pay to somebody to fuck my life so was a lot of God signal to turn everything down and that's what I did. The problem is not the accident because nobody is perfect and I know that it doesn't matter how good a surgeon can be will have at least a case who did not go well because this a surgery 50/50 depend on the doctor and patient so what made me take action was his reaction and Despite that he had a culpability when she put she wrote her case here on realself the surgeon contacted her lawyer saying that if she doesn't take the review down he going to sue her (smh) not good looking.

The day is coming yeiiii!!!

4 days to go.... crazy, excited, super calm, let see when the day arrive.
The pay is done, medicine everything is on point. I'm super healthy and ready to have this done. I can't wait.

My boobies

Wish boobies <3

They are so perfect and perky, all the boobies that I like have more than 600 cc's but I don't want to go so aggressive in my first breast Augmentation because I don't have babies yet so I want to prevent the saggines.

Surgery day... ????????

I wasn't nervous at the beginning when the time was arriving but later I couldn't even sleep. The day before I was preparing everything, I cleaned my house, did laundry , I cooked my food for three days , bought a lot of yogurts, can soup and pineapple juice. After 12 am I couldn't eat anything else so I felt so thirsty because when your brain know that you can't do something it star playing with your body so at the time I started washing my hair and body with antibacterial soap. In the process I had to suck an ice cube because I couldn't hold it any more. I went to bed at 4:30 am and I had to wake up at 6 am to do everything on time, let my bed prepared and everything well I did not feel my alarm and I wake up by myself at 7:06am Omg I was rushing like crazy, I was so nervous, I wanted to throw up I was so late. I was supposed to be at the clinic at 9 am and I live one hour away and we still had to pick up my mother. The traffic was insane I was super nervous, the time was passing and the GPS still marking 58 minutes . I thought I would not have my surgery that day, I called them letting they know that I will be there at 9:42 am my God what a nightmare but they calm me down. Finally I made it to the clinic, I had to do the urine pregnancy test, they took my pressure and gave me a pill to Prevent vomiting after surgery. They were so sweet and helpful. I felt in love with the anesthesiologist, so calm and positive that everything is going to fine, I was asking a lot of questions if something can happen with the anesthesia and he said everything is monitored nothing is going to happen because we are a team who's going to fix everything so happy to hear that. Time arrive 10:30 am SURGERY TIME!!! a sweet nurse comes to pick me at the recovery room, she helped me to get constable on the operating room and put some warm blankets on me. I felt so easy and comfy. The anesthesiologist cames and we started talking about my country. He started trying to put the IV in me but my veins was a little tricky they were hide. One of the things that impressive me was how he used local anesthesia before he tried to put the IV and was constantly asking me if he was hurting me so sweet. I saw Dr Greenwald entering the room and saying good night jaja I quickly ask did you put the anesthesia in my already? He said no, he's being silly jaja beautiful team, I started looking the lights and then I don't remember when I fell asleep.
When I opened my eyes I was in the recovery room is crazy it felts like 5 minutes So fast when I looked at the clock was 12 pm crazy. This is weird I don't remember when I felt asleep but I remember everything since I wake up, contrary to most people. No pain at all just a little bit of pressure I saw my boobies they looked so perfect from the beginning is crazy, 12:30 pm I went home, I was talking walking everything fine Omg this was a breeze the best experience ever, the best doctor...


I hope they don't change no more because I'm in love
New York Plastic Surgeon

He's perfect

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