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I truly cannot begin to express my satisfaction...

I truly cannot begin to express my satisfaction with Dr. Harley, his staff (Juanita and Kelly) and the results I have seen from the procedures I had performed on May 29, 2015. Anyone considering having a neck/lower face lift should do themselves a favor and have a consultation with Dr. Harley regarding his Biltmore Lift. I sincerely believe you will be impressed with his knowledge, skills, and his delightful demeanor.

I am just a bit past 2 weeks out from surgery. In addition to the Biltmore Lift, I had an Upper Bleph, some fillers injected into deep facial wrinkles and a 30% TCA Chemical Peel. I am extremely pleased with everything I had done.

The most difficult thing regarding having these procedures done was THE WAIT. I swear that was the LONGEST 6 weeks I have ever endured in my life! I contacted Nananna (another person who has posted on Real Self who is a patient of Dr. Harley). After Nan reached out to me, she somehow settled my nerves a bit. She has been my Surgery BFF. I'm going to declare Nan as Ambassador of Asheville.

I have never written a review in my life (not even to get a discount on Amazon). There are 2 reasons why I am writing this one. First, I truly want to highlight the skills of Dr. Harley. He is absolutely OUTSTANDING. His skill is excellent. His patience is unending. I'll use three words to describe Dr. Harley: CALM, CARING and CAPABLE. The second reason I am writing this review is to thank EVERYONE who posted a review before me. It was ALL of you who, by taking the time to document your experiences, who enabled me to summon the courage to pick up the phone and call Juanita at Dr. Harley's office to make the consultation appointment.

This is a very quick review. I have had so many private messages. So many that I will have a difficult time trying to return each one with answers. My husband and I have documented my progress with a high definition camera. I am technologically challenged and will need his help in uploading the photos. That will have to come later. Please be patient. I went to great lengths to give everyone what they wanted. No makeup before or after. Pictures were taken each day until the stitches were out at 10 days. The photos are what everyone (especially you Grace) has requested. Facing front (up close with eyes open and closed), both side views. The same lighting and camera was used for each photo. We even tried to position my head as close to "same" each day. We also tried to take the photo at the same time each day which was upon awakening. In this way, swelling would be portrayed as accurately as possible. One thing for you to remember when I post the pictures...remember I had a Chemical Peel. I looked totally different than someone who did not have a Chemical Peel (A&D Ointment and all). BTW.....I think I've enjoyed the results from the Chemical Peel more than anything....it was INCREDIBLE.

I will answer questions if you post. I will be honest and fair. I have tried to keep an "open mind" regarding Dr. Harley. I did not want to start our relationship with any preconceived opinions. I have to say, however, that I would feel confident to challenge any of you to walk out of his office at the 2 week post surgery mark to not feel as if you were truly fortunate you made the decision to choose this skilled surgeon to do your surgery. Photos later...I promise.

Update on My Biltmore Lift - Asheville, NC

Hi Everyone: I have had several private messages asking about how I am doing. So I thought I'd post a quick update. On Friday it will be 6 weeks since my surgery. First I will update the 30%TCA Chemical Peel. I still LOVE how my skin looks and feels. I do want to emphasize that this was my first peel. I think if I had it to do over, I would have worked up to the 30% TCA. In hindsight I would start with some lighter peels. However, I am still glad I had it done. I will mention to everyone that you might want to consider having a peel more toward the winter months. I am not a big "outside in the sun" kind of person, so it hasn't affected my lifestyle; but if you like to garden, etc. you need to realize that strong sun and 30% TCA Chemical Peel do not mix. My darling husband has been working SO HARD trying to get the pictures online for all of you. He bought this fancy camera which takes beautiful pics. He has successfully uploaded the photos to his iPad. Now we have to admit that old people shouldn't try new things. Every time we try to access the photos we get a message about iCloud and lack of storage! Aarrgghhh! Guess we either have to dig out the laptop or call the Apple Store for a crash course in iCloud. My eyes are really doing well. I'm very pleased. If anyone is interested in the dry eye issue...I will tell you my experience. We all remember little Lane who never posted again after she proclaimed she had blurry vision from dry eye. The reason I had the Upper Bleph is because I have a disease called Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy. Since 2010 I have had had 3 cornea transplants, two corrective refractory surgeries and 2 cateract surgeries with lens replacement. So I feel like I'm the Queen of Eye Surgery. Actually the reason I needed the Upper Bleph so badly is because of all the surgeries. I haven't seen my eyelids in years! For those of you who choose to have upper eyelid work, you will know from your research that there is a chance of blurred vision due to dry eye. Please know this is NOT permanent. I've lived with dry eye for years. There are remedies. I know ALL the remedies. I'm also The Queen of Dry Eye. So do not fret. If you need tips, contact me. My recovery from the necklift is basically unremarkable. Dr. Harley did not continue the peel anywhere near my suture line. Consequently my bruises and the line of demarcation from the peel were basically in the same place. It has actually given me a good reference point for seeing the results of the peel. My scars are healing beautifully. I have been using the silicone strips on them. In that way I haven't had to use the Mederma. One last thing...I didn't become addicted to the pain medication. I only took a few pills. However, I am HOOKED on A&D oIntment and Aquaphor. One would think I would be one large pimple while using this. Quite the opposite.....smooth, clear,smaller pores and a healthy glow. I am now hooked on peels. I have an appointment with an aesthetician in a couple of weeks for a consultation on maintaining this beautiful new skin. Hope all have been having a good summer. If you have questions, please ask. Again, to ALL who wrote a review before me...THANK YOU....I am so pleased with my results so far.
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Dr. Harley is an exceptional surgeon. What I enjoyed most during the consultation was the expression on his face as he "assessed" my face while he was answering my questions. I could tell he was anxious to see the results even before the surgery. I think he sincerely loves doing what he does. He is an incredibly caring and conscientious individual. His patience is unending. Not ONCE did I feel rushed or made to feel as if my questions were not being answered in a caring honest manner.

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