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Well here I go...... after watching and reading...

Well here I go...... after watching and reading all the reviews and stories on mini lifts, lower face lifts, and neck lifts (because I really wasn't sure which, if any, was right for me), it is now my turn to give back. I truly feel that's what it is, because I am NOT a public person , not a Facebook person, and quite honestly, not really sure I even want to post any photos....... HOWEVER, ...... I would probably not even have scheduled my procedure at this point, if I hadn't read so many stories and seen so many awesome results here on RS.
I have been struggling with this decision for over a year. I've also struggled with choosing a Doc.
Let me just say...... I have chosen Dr Harley ....... who is NOT close to where I live and this will NOT be convenient for me. I'll need to be away from my family and business for 9 days........ which is a real struggle for me. After reviewing Dr H as well as I could on RS, the New Beauty article, and his website, I finally made an appt with Juanita (a complete doll as everyone on RS has mentioned) to have a phone consult with the Doc. I felt completely at ease with him on the phone, and after a few weeks, I booked a surgery date.
I just happened to be in NC recently (nothing related to the procedure)........ So I drove up to Asheville to meet with Dr H. I felt so comfortable with him. He just oozes confidence without talking too much about specifics. I'm sure he would have gone into specifics if I asked more questions...... And I am usually HUGE on making notes ahead of time and asking questions........ I just didn't feel the need with him. He told me I was a good candidate and my results would be great and I believe he said they would be fairly long lasting. I do believe I'm doing this at a great time....... just as I am starting to see softness in my lower face...... and before I see too much sagging in my face and neck.
I plan to do a "play by play" review once I get to Asheville ........ It helped me so much to read the stories of so many women on here , so again...... This is my "pay it forward" XO

Well........ It's my turn tomorrow morning.

It seems like I've been waiting forever!........... As I've read so many posts and viewed so many photos…… I couldn't wait for it to be my turn. ......... Again…… "Thank you" so very much, to all of you gals who posted reviews and photos.......... I wouldn't be here without you! I'll be posting photos every day starting tomorrow…….fingers crossed and prayers please . XO

The day after

Well… I made it through… And very easily I might add.
I did sleep the majority of the first day ( Yesterday).
I had the gals from TLC with me all day and night until I had the head wrap taken off this morning. They are really great… And those of you who are hesitating, or possibly bringing a friend… I would highly recommend TLC. They are equipped with just about anything you need. The most amazing thing is they get such a deep discount at the Fairfield Marriott that it actually pays for their services. I got a nightly rate of $72…… I looked online up until the day I left , and the published rate was still $149. So it's a great savings….And I will tell you, they just got all new beds and they are awesome. I was so worried because I have a bad back….And I was afraid I would not be able to get comfortable sleeping in an upright position. The beds are actually so comfortable that they feel better than my expensive bed at home :)
My experience on the morning of the surgery was pretty much as I had expected after reading all of the reviews here on RS. The doc meets you in his reception room and goes over everything with you again. Then he gives you a small cup of pills to take before he takes you back to the procedure room.
It's a very relaxed atmosphere in there… Dr. H and Kelly pretty much talked to me the whole time while he was drawing on my face. Then came the shots....... and yes… I was awake for the shots. I'm not going to lie and say they were pleasant….But they were just shots….How bad can they be. The doctor talk to you through every shot … And Kelly is next to you rubbing your arm and they both make you feel very calm. When Melina from TLC came to pick me up….I had a very easy time walking to her car and getting into the hotel bed. I slept most of the night….She would just wake me up for my medication and she would change the cold compress around my eyes… Which feel great every time. As most gals have reported on here….There really isn't any pain….I would say it's just more discomfort from the tight bandages on your job. So I guess you could call that pain. Ha ha ....... But more like a very bad ache….That went away soon after you take your pain meds again. The whole experience is everything I was hoping it would be and more. I don't have much bruising at all… But I sure do have alien face right now due to the swelling....... but that is to be expected. Even with alien face….I'm able to look in the mirror and see my tight neck and profile from years ago. I am so so glad I did this! If you are thinking about coming to Dr. H for this procedure….I would call soon, as he is booking out pretty far in advance these days. I think a very high percentage of his patients come from out of town… Which speaks volumes to his ability and outcomes. I traveled all the way from the West Coast….So believe me, it was not an easy trip. But I wanted to have this done correctly… And I wanted to look natural… And after two years of research….I knew Dr. H was the guy!

Breakfast Ninja

So here are some pics of me on my second day....... I went downstairs with a black scarf and sunglasses… I kind of look like a breakfast ninja!
I'm going to include some side-by-side before and after's also. This experience has been a complete breeze! No pain medication, no nausea, no constipation,......... only boredom :) It helps that all of my friends are checking in on me by phone and text constantly… And I have my RS buddy, mama , texting me as well. I'm allowed to wash my hair today… So I think I will put on my ninja scarf and glasses and head out to check out this awesome little town. Feeling great!

The true breakfast ninja look

I just realized….That when I posted my breakfast ninja look ….I didn't add the picture with the sunglasses on. I'm pretty sure I stuck out like a sore thumb in the breakfast room of the hotel .........I mean who goes to breakfast at 7am with a black scarf and dark sunglasses on? ......... According to my little girl….Only a ninja! Haha

10 days out ........ back home and back to work

I've been meaning to post new pics for days now........ I've just been so busy. I returned home from Asheville 3 days ago. I went back to work the next morning and had a full day in front of several clients. I still have some swelling........ but I know that is normal. I think you'd have to really study my face to see the swelling that well since I'm able to pull my hair forward to hide it. My daughter said I look weird ......... I told her I had an allergic reaction to something and that satisfied her. Im posting a few side by side photos now........ but will update details later ........ or feel free to ask. I am so happy I did this and have a few friends and family members who will be calling Dr H in the near future to begin the process. One friend told me I look so "fresh"....... That's exactly what I wanted. ....... . I still look like me......... It just looks like someone ironed my face! Lol

2 months out...... Just a quick update.

I can't tell you how many times I've vowed to do "updates"...... and can't seem to find the time. ...... I do still feel like I want to continue to post photos and answer questions when I can, since the reviews on RS lead me to Dr H....... and gave me the courage to book AND the answers to all of my questions. If I can help anyone else out there........ it's the least I can do. ......... I'm making this quick but here are answers to a lot of the questions I see.

1) I still have a bit of swelling ....... However my swelling didn't really get better and worse as most gals have posted. Mine was "moderate" in the beginning and stayed that way for awhile...... I think it's down to "minimal" at this time. No one noticed either way :). 2) I still have no feeling in front of my ears and under my chin..... doesn't bother me in the least. 3) my scars look great in my opinion. A bit pink but can be covered well with make up...... I use mineral powder. 4) as you know if you read my previous post...... I had virtually no down time. I stayed in Asheville for 6 days after surgery...... But was out and about (a lot) from day two. 5) I'm extremely happy with my results....... I did not have my "3 month follow up" with the doc ....... I'm going to try and do it in person but may only be able to do it by phone since I'm so far away. I'm anxious to hear his accessment of my progress. I have 3 friends who have started the process of booking with him...... I have more friends coming AND at least one family member........ That should tell you how happy I am. :)
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr H and felt completely at ease and know I'll be in the hands of a very confident surgeon. My procedure is a little more than 3 weeks away. Can't wait!

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