35yrs old, 1 child, 5'2, 105lbs, 12.5 BDW, 28 ribcage, 385cc/415cc Natrelle SRF Silicone - Northern VA

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The site have been so helpful so I've decided to...

The site have been so helpful so I've decided to start my own feed to document my own experience and journey.

A little about myself: I am Asian, 5'2, 105 lbs with a 12.5 BDW / 28 ribcage. I used to have nice perky breasts but after having my son, they are now a deflated 34B :( After 4 consultations though, I'm must say, I'm glad I found Dr. Brown! The staff are exceptional and I love the family atmosphere of the practice!!!

During consultation I had chosen to go with 300cc/320cc (left side larger) silicone moderate profile. Hoping to be a D or DD afterwards since this was what I had when I was breastfeeding. Of course, I spent 2 weeks after that like everyone else, going back and forth with my decision about size. I went in for my preop last week and we tried the sizers again. We will now be going with 385cc/415cc silicone high/full profile. I don't want to have remorse about size afterwards but at the same time do not want to look too top heavy for my petite frame. It is almost 100cc more than what I had originally chosen but still looks proportional to my hips/butt. This is my final decision in cc and I completely trust Dr. Brown's expertise with the profile change to help me achieve "my look".

7 days left!!! I'm getting really excited and nervous at the same time!!! Here are a few preop photos while we count down the days :)

The night before...

Prescriptions filled, fridge stocked, house cleaned, essentials packed and ready for the big day!

Out with the old and in with the new!

I went in the OR at noon and before I knew it, I heard myself asking "when do we start?". My nurse told me "we're done sweetie" and smiled. So I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 12:39PM. Shortly after a few vital checks, I was dressed, took a percocet, given post op instructions then discharged smoothly. The sides and bottoms felt soft to the touch but the top of my breasts are as hard as a rock. I felt fine, no pain, just some chest pressure which felt like having mountains sitting on top of my chest.

Although still a bit groggy, we went to eat lunch. I was able to move my arms (can't raise them over my shoulders) and function as normal, just at a slower pace. Went home after that and lounged around for a few hours. The pain killer wore off around 4PM and OMG ouch this hurts! I tried baring it for as long as I could before giving in and taking another around 5:30PM.

Overall doing well so far today but I've been told the pain might be excruciating the 2nd and 3rd day. I hope that isn't the case but have prepared myself mentally for the worst just in case!

Post Op Day 1

I took a Valium along with my pain killer before going to bed last night. Got a good 5 hours of sleep before I was woken up with pain. There isn't much update in pain or shape today. I'm just staying ontop of my medications and taking them every 5 hours on the dot. I removed my dressing and had a look at my incisions for the first time as well. A little bruising and some markings still on but they are smaller than I had envisioned.

Post Op Day 2

I feel somewhat human today after being able to take a shower. Pain is manageable today and I am still keeping up with my meds. I can differentiate that my right breast hurts more than my left. I guess this is because there is more there. They both do feel a bit softer than they were 2 days ago when I was all swollen and tense. Not much of change in shape otherwise.

Post Opera Day 4

I had my post op visit this morning. The twins are looking better and I'm pretty much back to normal. My last dose of pain medication was Saturday morning. I tried on a few of my old dresses today and is shocked at how big they actually are. Probably because they are still high and I have yet to get use to the fact that I now have boobs again!!

8 Days Post Op

I can't believe it's been a week! I am done with antibiotics and things are great!! My left breast dropped faster and is softer now. I'm focusing on my daily massages and more so for my right breast to hopefully catch up to the other side. I can't really tell how my large my incisions are or how they are healing since the steri strips have yet to fall off. Hopefully soon since I am stressing about this quite a bit. Being Asian, I tend to bruise very easily and will more likely have a noticable scar. I haven't been bra shopping yet since it's pointless at this point to stress about size...and I'm sure it will change over the next few months. I did try on a few old bikinis and is loving life again!!!

Morning boobs, boob blues & size matters...

I'm sorry it's been a while since I've post an update! Today I hit my 4 weeks post op mark. The girls have dropped a bit more and my left is still doing so faster than my right. I do still wake up every morning with "morning boobs" or that tightness feeling. I've had the "boobs blues" and have been depressed for about 2 weeks now as well. They seem smaller and smaller as they drop and the swelling goes away. I've been assured over and over again that the implant size and cc does not change. A friend even comforted me by telling me to think of it as a bean bag sort of. My muscles are tense, which compresses the implants, hence they rise so high up top. Once my muscle relaxes, the implants will drop into position, making my bottom fuller instead of my top. I'm not loosing or gaining anything in reality so don't sweat about it too much. Yes, I do know it's all in my head, however, I can tell you the blues are very real!!

Today I was given the clearance to also resume all my normal activities. I went bra shopping for the first time so I can be back to the gym at full force. First stop was Macy's: I'm told I'm a 32DD or 34D after being measured. I wasn't able to find much of anything in these sizes so bought a few sports bra in M (which seemed to fit ok for now). Second stop was Saks, whom told me I'm a 32F. The band seems to fit well and so does the cup of this size...I really like!! Found a nice large selection but did not purchase any since I'm told to stay away from underwires for a few more months. Lastly Victoria's Secret: 34D seems kind of loose yet 32DD is too tight. I did purchase a few of the Bralettes in size M for now since they resemble wearing bikini tops.

Bra shopping and seeing actual numbers/letters have lifted my spirit! I did book some tee times for this weekend and is very excited to be able to play again. Hopefully my golf game isn't affected too much, yikes! Okay I'm off to the gym now, will update to everyone later!

3+ months, drop, fluff and etc.

It's been a while...as life goes back to normal and holidays rolled in, I had forgotten to post updates. The girls have dropped & fluffed at this point, I think! Pretty much fairly even and I forget they are there sometimes. They are softer and more natural looking. As far as size, I don't think I've gotten any bigger or smaller. With clothes on, sometimes I look like I have C cups, other times D. I'm officially a 32DD, though no one told me this is a fairly rare bra size. I could manage a 34D but the band tends to be a bit loose making it quite uncomfortable (feeling like I would fall out of my bra the whole time wearing them).

All in all, I'm happy with the results thus far! Dr. Brown's work is ART!! These are my boobs, just bigger. I had asked for voluptuous but natural looking for my frame and got exactly what I wanted. THANK YOU!!!
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