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I did not find this site till I had already...

I did not find this site till I had already finished my 3 consults. My husband went with me for each one and we got home and decided the first PS was going to be the best. Now after finding this site and reading SO much from so many lovely ladies, I would have probably gone with the 2nd PS. I know my PS will do a good job, but just knowing SO much more now... oh well. After selecting 410 hp Montor silicone, I was sure my PS would use the same NO. So at my po I find out he doesn't use hp, he Can he said but doesn't like the results (?) So I had to pretty much start over with Natrelle which sizes are different. So I am going with Natrelle 15, silicone under muscle, 304 in L breast (larger one) and 339 in R (smaller one). He says now, it IS possible that when my breast settle that the R will now be the larger one, kinda hit or miss thing. Hummm. I thought about all the ladies on here that have the boob envy and wished they had gone bigger, so I thought about the 371 and 339, he measured and checked his charts and then said I could do it, he was concerned about the nerves close to the underarms, but that those nerves could be closer in no way to tell until he got in surgery. That the difference would not be more than a shot glass (6 tsp) and with all that I stayed with the 339/304. He told me with what I had I would have nice results. He did ask the question "Which would bother me most, too large or too small of a results?" I told him anything unnatural looking would make me unhappy-no side boob b/c I went too large, LOL so I hope I will notice the changes and not look like I only got a lift! Of course the next morning I started crying that I should get the larger size, and called the PS surgery nurse and she reassured me that the PS knew what would look best on me and reminded me he does this a lot, but IF I wanted to come in again that they would be more than happy to go over sizes again. I felt better, but have been fretting over it all week!

Only my husband, and my bff know about this. I DO Not want any other family or friends to know. My mom had a mastectomy 5 yrs ago and did not do any radiation or chemo or reconstructive surgery. She read too many horror stories and did not want to go through any of it. So she especially would NOT understand and she is NOT afraid to tell anyone what she thinks. She will also blame my husband for letting me "do this" . My daughter has large breast and is now expecting her 1st child so she is growing by leaps and bounds! She has always hated having her 36D's and thinks they are heavy and always in the way, so she will think I am crazy, but will be Really upset when she finds out I had surgery w/o her knowing.

My family lives in other states and have come for a visit this week, we are having a great time, love seeing my mom, son, and his girlfriend. But last night I thought I was just constipated, but woke up this a.m. and have now found out that the pressure I had was a bladder infection!! I will go to urgent care this afternoon to confirm my fears/personal diagnosis. I am 9 DAYS out from surgery!!! I hope this will not postpone my BA. I will post about that later and will take before pics next week when family leaves. I Love this site and wish I had found it sooner, but I thought I had done my research. I have a cousin that works in a PS office in Ky and had asked her a few questions about different things. Happy healing to all those that have had their BAs!

Tomorrow is the "big" day!!!

So it is 8:20 p.m. and no nerves yet, trying to decide if I should eat more or not before midnight! Getting water down has been hard today, since I ran errands and cleaned upstairs. A little concerned about how I will feel afterward, PS doesn't use muscle relaxers, bras, the compression socks. They have moved me back a little more for surgery, now I have to arrive at 10:15 and BA scheduled for 11:00 (started out at 7:30). Thanks to everyone for all the advise and sharing your BA info. Wish me luck! Happy healing to all!

Doing great so far

Well yesterday I got home and tried to eat a little something, but was so nauseous I slept with the trash can. Since I had to eat something to take the pain meds, it did not seem that appealing, so I waited till 9:30, had a slice of deli ham and 2 crackers then slept off and on all night. Moved really slow, felt like Heavy rocks on my chest. Woke up today feeling better, but still not able to eat more than couple bites of watermelon. All I have had is 2 X-strength Tylenol. Sleeping a lot and finally ate a small dinner. I always thought everyone looked great and wondered why everyone had boobie greed after surgery, and now I know why! LOL They are just so hard and high it is hard to imagine them as soft and beautiful perky breast. Keep telling myself when the high part drops down into the pocket then they will look nice and perky like everyone else's! No bra and no binding, shower tomorrow!!! Yea!! Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes, thinking of you all. Happy healing!

Just an update

Hey ladies, I have not posted for a long time I have not had anything to post. I did go to my 1st post-op and had stitches taken out. The L side had been a little sensitive at the incision site, turns out nurse had to dig out the knot, my skin had already started growing over it. New steri strips were put back on and I can not take them off for 3 wks!! Hubby said he could not watch them digging knot out but he did get a quick peek and said it looked a little raw and angry. That spot is very tender still. At the end of the evening the incisions are a little sore where boobs lay a little on it, PS made the incision to fall in crease with implants in. So as long as I hold them up for a while it gets better. My breasts seem to have dropped some, still a little firm instead of hard now. To Me I look like my old self, just perky now. A lot of my clothes still fit, and some bras too just a little better. Ok Yes I have boob greed!! I just wanted to have a large C or small D, not sure what I have now or will be since it has only been 11 days. And I do have that but now wishing I went a little bigger. ;-P They do fit my body better than what I had, and that is what I told the PS I wanted. AND hubby loves them, so win win.
Still no bra for another week, very strange feeling, and hard to find clothes to wear. I have not had any pain even on day 1 just the tightness and fullness, and that L side where the incision was dug out! No pills of any kind since day 2. The massaging is just weird, not really sure I can explain it, just hate pushing up and down and together, I feel like I should "protect" them still. Not much in shooting pain with the nerves regenerating, never lost feeling in nipples, the L is a little more sensitive at the end of the day w/o the bra even if I wear nipple covers over them or not. Have not had morning boob that everyone has. PS still doesn't want me to get my heart rate up for another 2 weeks!! UGH! but think I can do small weights end of this week and have been walking. I go back the end of the month for my 1 month check up and will see what my incisions look like, I am hoping they do not look like they feel under this steri strip. They feel hard, and the marker is still there and dark so I can only imagine what they will look like.
All and all this has not been a bad experience at all. I prepared myself for everything that I have read about and warned my husband too. Hoping they will get a little larger when they do drop and fluff and come together more!
For anyone interested and if you have not heard, VS is having their semi annual sale starting Tuesday the 10th lasting 2 weeks. Happy healing for all and good luck for those starting their journey!!

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