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I have been unhappy with my body for a couple of...

I have been unhappy with my body for a couple of years, I had many drastic life changes which has caused me to gain a lot of weight. It is really hard for me to lose it all. I am mostly unhappy with my stomach, even at my thinest I hated the shape. I met with a few doctors and decided to stick with Dr. Castor in Tampa Florida because of experience and price. I am really nervous because I heard the pain is tremendous. Every day I think twice if I should get the surgery but I have been so unhappy for a while now and it's time for a change! I am 5'8 close to 200 and a size 14. This is the biggest I've ever been :(

August 14th!

My surgery date is set for August 14th! I am so nervous! I know its a month and a half away but already I'm having anxiety. I start school again September 1st which is almost 3 weeks after my surgery date. Does anyone think that I'll need more time?? I'm scared I will still be in pain.

Pre op

Ok so here is a pic of how I am now, I'm hoping I'll get a smaller waist with curves and a flatter stomach

Moved my day up

I was experiencing bad anxiety regarding the surgery and went ahead and cancelled on the 28th 3 days before my post op. After doing so I started feeling depressed. I went as far as picking my surgeon meeting with him and looking to change my life in a positive manner, and now I'm taking a step back. Today I called back to see if they would rebook me and they had a spot for the 12th of August which is NEXT WEEK! I'm very nervous but very excited. My new pre op app is going to be tomorrow the 4th at 3pm and hopefully he will write me something to calm my nerves. I'm making a list of questions to ask before I go that way I know I'm fully prepared!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!

Tomorrow is my surgery date. I am doing a TT with lipo to flanks and arms. I am so worried about the pain. I keep telling myself it's going to be okay and that I'll go through pain for a few days then be okay. It also isn't helping that I saw a few episodes of botched lol. I talked to my doctor and he said he's never had any issues or losing a patient thank God. I also talked to his office manager Angela, and she said that if there were any issues that the doctor stands behind his work and would fix it. I am not thinking too much of being botched because I researched Dr. Castor and feel confident that he'll do a good job....I just can't stop thinking of the pain. I loaded up on supplies, and all I need to purchase are pads, and compression socks for blood circulation. Pray for me people because I can be a baby when it comes to pain lol

1 day Post Op

So I had the surgery yesterday at 2pm and got out around 5pm. I woke up feeling woozy, but I didn't throw up. My husband said I was saying embarrassing things to the Doctor and nurse, and even though I wasn't dressed I thank the Doctor and asked for a hug BUTT NAKED lol. I drove back to Orlando from Tampa which took an hour and a half. I slept for the entire ride. As soon as I came home I slept as well. I woke up around 3am today and was in and out of sleep. I was really scared for the pain but guess what!? It was def. manageable. I feel more sore than pain. The only time it hurts a bit is when I get up or go to sit back down, but if I am just sitting I am fine. Tomorrow I go back for my check in and I'm super excited to see my results. Before I left all I remember is the doctor telling me "You're a skinny mini now" as I was getting in the car lol. I hope it's true! I'll post pics probably tomorrow.

seeing the doctor today

Today around 12pm eastern I will be going in for my post op visit. I have not touched any of the binders on my arm or belly because I'M TERRIFIED lol. I have changed the drains and gauze when need be. I super anxious to see my new arms and stomach and hope it's everything I've wanted. I will post pictures once I get to see my new flat belly. Am I supposed to keep wearing this binder or are there others I can switch to? Also how long before I can switch? Thank you everyone for your support. Promise new pics coming soon :)

One week post op

I had the best 3 days after surgery no pain no swelling. I didn't really take a look at my stomach bc I was scared. I got my drains taken out two days ago, the morning of I looked at my stomach. I was happy it was flatter but I was sad by the shape. I didn't have the hour glass shape I had asked for and my belly button was not centered it was to the right. I asked the doctor about it and he said its just bc of the garments and bc of me swelling, and within a few more weeks the swelling will go down and I'll have the shape I want. I really hope so bc every time I'm looking at it I start crying. I pray it's not the final result bc I wouldn't have had the operation for this type of result. I'm noticing more swelling near my vaginal area and plan on calling the doctor in the morning. I pray he gives me a positive answer regarding my shape.

Talked to the office and doctor

I talked to one of the office workers Terri and explained to her my feelings and I was reassured everything I am going through is normal. I was also told to email my pictures to Dr. Castor, and he responded right away reassuring me again that I am going to have swelling for a few weeks even months. I felt a lot better hearing that I will look normal after all of this lol

Getting more definition

My stomach is healing and it def looks a lot better than it did when I first got out of surgery. Although I'm getting the massages I still have some hard lumps mostly around my sides and above my vagina at my incision. I will see the doctor Wednesday so I'll know more then.

Starting to slim down

As time passes the swelling goes down more and more and I can start seeing a shape to my body now. Love it! Thank you Dr. castor

Final thoughts

I went back 6 months later for more arm and back liposuction. I also had more liposuction in my abdomen. I wasn't totally satisfied with my tummy tuck for a few reasons. I didn't feel like the doctor really used precision and treated it like an art. My belly button is not in the middle of my stomach it's too the right and noticeable. It also scared badly. I thought after this surgery I would be proud to show off my belly and wear a two piece but it's so noticeable and my belly button isn't centered which is embarrassing to explain. Secondly I ended up in the hospital after my liposuction the second time around and it felt like the staff didn't care. I called the doctor a few times and he only followed up once when I was at the hospital. No one went out of their way to make sure I was feeling better and there wasn't anything I needed. To be honest I'm so disappointed with my belly button and the first time I asked about it I was told it would be centered after I completely heal which could take a year.....but it hasn't. I'm extremely upset about it and probably won't go back. I have been researching other doctors to see if I can get it fixed and pray it doesn't require a whole new tummy tuck. I may be flatter but that's all I've achieved.

More disappointment

Here's a clearer picture of my uneven belly button. I would expect this from an amateur not an expert surgeon

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