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I'm really hoping to get better symmetry, big...

I'm really hoping to get better symmetry, big giggly(lol), smaller areole boobs. I have always wanted big boobs. I don't hate my body and at times I even like my boobs, I have wanted to do this for a long time though. I'm doing it for me and no one else and I think that's what makes it so exciting. :)

Preop and Surgery booked!!

So I paid my deposit to hold my surgery date. I am really excited! I am nervous I was planning on doing the silicone implants and an areole reduction at the same time. However I have been reading a bunch of Doctors answers that suggest the areole reduction at the same time is not the best idea. I read that it can have a higher chance of capsular contraction, worse scarring, and that depending on the size of implant the areole could stretch back out. I read that its best to do augmentation wait 6 months and then do the areole reduction. I havent spoke with Dr. Castor yet about these concerns but I will be asking alot of these questions all the way up until surgery day and Im sure even after.

Wish pics

Here are some of my wish pics. I really like the shape and cleavage. I'm wanting the go to a D. I'm not sure what implants I will choose.

Ok this is hard to post

So I'm gonna post a before picture of me, this is hard because I'm so self conscious.

I wish I could give an update

Well I really wish I could give and update, however my doctors office isn't getting back to me. I emailed last week didn't hear back for 3 days. Then I got an email saying doctor is out and that she was working on my chart would have some info by friday afternoon or Monday morning. Its now mid day Monday still haven't heard anything. I'm just really anxious I guess. I'm still confident in the doctor and his office, I just really wish they would communicate more. I'm guessing they are busy.

Preop done

Well I'm all set. Picked my size 500cc and 550cc he is gonna place sizers during surgery to fix my symmetry as much as possible. I'm so nervous and so excited!

Surgery is over

Wow, I was so nervous but it was so smooth. She put my my iv in and when I laid down she put something in the ice I felt weird and the next thing I remember is waking up in recovery so groggy. My chest is tight my left boobs hurts more than right. I got home popped two pain pills and waiting on my ice packs to freeze. The doctor said they really help. I feel fine though just sleepy and really got hungry. Lol. We talked about 500cc and 550cc but he put sizers in to get the best fit. I will ask at follow up what they needed up being. So far I'm so happy and I loved Dr. castor and his staff is sooooo sweet. I would recommend him for sure. I may go back and have so skin stuff done lol.

Post op day 1

Ok I'm hurting a little now. I think I'm gonna start icing. I am not the kind of person that can sit around all day so I'm totally going stir crazy lol. I can take the wrap off but I folded it down a tad to see them a little.

Post op day 2

Well I couldn't sleep well. I am a side sleeper. I woke and felt pretty tight and heavy which I know is normal. All in all I feel pretty good. I am gonna try and shower with out getting my top wet. I am really struggling to stay out and relax. I want to clean do laundry cook, lol my boyfriend says I though.

Ready for them to drop

I started with my right being smaller than left. It still looks that way a little but I know I can't judge until they have dropped. My areole is huge like I suspected so I may go. Back in six months and get the areole reduced. Overall I am pretty happy just ready for them to be out of the awkward stage.

Can't sleep!

Well my chest is tight and slightly sore. I have been icing on and off. I can't sleep though, I need to sleep on my side. So hopefully i get some sleep this weekend. Here's a pic of me in my sports bra, I can't wait to try in clothes and bathing suits.

My review on Doctor Stanley

I had an amazing experience at artistan aesthetics. Dr. Castor is very thorough. He is helpful and ready to answer any questions you may have. Angela is so sweet and very comforting. The nurse and the anesthetist are very helpful and very calming. My surgery went so quick I felt like at least I don't even remember falling asleep. I woke up so groggy and the nurse was right there with me until I was fully awake. My preop was quick only because everything went smoothly and I didn't have any questions. I am only a week post op but so far I am very pleased with my experience and will definitely recommend Dr.castor to my friends. I will also go back for any future treatments.


I'm so ready for them to drop and settle. They are so high and tight. I can tell that the left is dropping first but the right is slightly starting.

Oh here is a pic

I have brushing on right and left but the right bruise is the worst.

Frankenboob still here

I am still experiencing frankenboob. I really hope that they star to look more round soon. They are getting softer but they are still really high and full up top not so much on the bottom. Sheri strips haven't fallen off yet. I massage three times a day for a good half hour. No pain really, nipples are sensitive.

So far so good. I just trying to figure out a price. I want to know a quote because I am just gonna pay for them in full and be done with it. Dr. Castor has been really helpful so far. I am overseas and trying to do cas much as I can before I arrive for preop and surgery.

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