Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty - Virginia

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I've been reading everyone else's reviews and have...

I've been reading everyone else's reviews and have benefited from them so greatly, so I thought it was time to add some of my own info!
I share a similar story to others-- and recently gained momentum & the courage to actually do something about it! I knew I had a deviated septum, but was surprised just how deviated it was-- that gave me the extra incentive. I also found a doctor I felt really good about. He wanted to help improve my breathing while also pushing the profile back/lessening the over projection, but was very realistic about what he could do without adding any extra risk of secondary complications. This is what I wanted as I didn't want to risk any more complications than I needed to.

I'll update later more on the actual recovery (I'm on day 3 I guess? Surgery was a couple of days ago) but before I forgot I had some tips I wanted to pass along.

- definitely have popsicles ready! My throat was so sore and dry, and I just happened to have popsicles. I now realize that others had recommended that too.

- get those surgical face masks at Walgreens if you're concerned about being self-conscious. The cast is fine but the cast plus drip pad is a little scary, and wearing the mask made me a feel little less self conscious for a few minutes here and there getting in and out of the doctor's.

That's all for now. My nose is really swollen and scary looking, but I guess that's to be expected! Thanks to everyone for your support.

I guess I am on day 5 now (surgery last Thursday)....

I guess I am on day 5 now (surgery last Thursday). I'm less swollen so that is good! But still don't look of course like myself, which is to be expected. I'm trying to keep things low stress and eat an extremely low sodium diet. I recommend soups w/ no-salt-added broth (which is surprisingly hard to find). I've also been sleeping with a neck pillow on top of 2 pillows. I thought sleeping on my back would be hard but generally I've been able to adjust.

I should really adjust it to "worth it" already because I can breathe better than I could before, and it's day 5, and I still have silicone strip things in my nose that don't come out until Friday! But that just goes to show how I had a severe deviated septum (I guess I had gotten used to it over the years).

My sense of smell and taste never went away, so I am lucky with that. Good luck to others!

I will say I fainted for the first time in years when the doctor took my packing out on Friday. He and his assistant were really comforting-- told me this was common and the nose was very sensitive. They helped me put my knees up and lie back, and just reminded me to keep breathing and that I was doing fine. Everything had turned blotchy and gray so and I just focused on breathing. I'm not a fainter, so just something to be prepared for for anyone who has a closed septo/rhino and has to get packing out the next day.

One other note, as I told Angie below, by surgical mask I mean the wide kind that goes over each year, not the band around the neck-- you wouldn't want anything putting pressure on your nose! These are common in my area with people having the flu etc. My cast doesn't have a bottom part under the tip, so it's not too bad.

I revisited my doctor's before/after pics last night and highly recommend others do that too if they get nervous about the swelling. It's just a reminder that it WILL go down and we are only in the first few days. I'm trying to take a break from the nose galleries for now, ha!

I also agree that having a good support system is really important. My mom, boyfriend, and sister have been really supportive and helpful. They're the ones who made me the no-salt-added soup etc. I am making my own sodium-free oatmeal, but I wouldn't have had ability or patience to cut up veggies etc and make soup the first few days.

Good luck to everyone for continued good recoveries!

Just a pleasant surprise I wanted to share with...

Just a pleasant surprise I wanted to share with folks. I had been afraid of messing with a family nose/my ethnic heritage, but something funny. Of course my nose is still very swollen, but oddly enough right now the tip looks MUCH more like my father's and my mom's (but especially my dad's) after the procedure!
We had a fun laugh looking at the mirror together (at my expense- laughing hurts, ouch : ) because I guess my septum had twisted so much that I actually didn't have a nose that resembled either of my parents' before. So it's kind of fun to me that we resemble each other more now, a few days in.

Swelling has dropped and like others, I'm enjoying the stay-cation! Headaches aren't that bad; off of even Tylenol. I'm going to stay low-sodium and no alcohol for a while too.

I still have bruising and discoloration especially on one eyelid. My cast is off in about 48 hours.

Best wishes everyone!

I got my cast off yesterday and couldn't be more...

I got my cast off yesterday and couldn't be more pleased. If this is what it looks like with swelling, I can't wait to see how I progress as the swelling goes down.

I have slight bruising that I'm trying to cover with concealer (might try dermablend today) but most people wouldn't even notice that as it could look like a dark under eye circle (even though it's lower).

It has only been about 24 hours but I already carry myself better than I did before-- I was a confident person for sure, but never feel I truly saw the beauty others saw in me, because I was afraid someone would see I wasn't as beautiful as they thought once they saw me from another angle, which was only reinforced by terrible men I encountered and even dated (not after those comments : ). I know of course those comments had to do with the remarker's insecurities, but it was hard to ignore when I had secretly felt the same way.

I still have a large nose by American standards-- but my profile from the "bad side" is now slightly softer, and I can walk confidently knowing I made the best decision (to have conservative functional rhinoplasty/septoplasty).

I am back to breathing 100% better-- for others, hang in there! I did have a combined septo/turbinate reduction/rhino so this was a major goal going into surgery for me, but also a welcome surprise as I really didn't realize what I was missing out on.

In the 1 day since I've been out and about, I can already say I'm so grateful and so happy, and will be trying to figure out how to put this into words. For anyone with over projection (I feel like most people are focused on humps and understandably so) just know that even a millimeter can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself, which is the goal.

I ran into a friend already and she didn't say anything or notice (despite the swelling & bruises)-- if anything she or others will probably just notice that I'm happier than I normally appear, which already was generally very outgoing, happy, and confident. It's almost like now I can see my own beauty inside & out -- what everyone else who wasn't focused on my nose always could see.

Thank you so much to the Real Self community! And as others have said, I feel like I can now see my real self.
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