32 YO, 114-144 lbs 5'4" 1200cc full body lipo

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I am currently interviewing doctors. Dr. Salama...

I am currently interviewing doctors. Dr. Salama and Dr. Cortez would be my first picks, however the flight makes me uneasy because i don't want to damage the precious fat I am currently trying to gain.

I am usually 114 lbs. Im 5'4. Wear a size 2 (size four) when I have the PMS bloat. I am athletic and my body type is skinny buff. I work out like crazy because i get cranky if I don't.

I am up to 124. I feel like I wobble and sometimes I'm grumpy because I am not used to have the sensation of "fullness"

I bought my pee funnel today, which was symbolic because there is no way that i WONT get the surgery.

I had a consultation with Dr Agullo in El Paso Texas. His staff were friendly and so was he. I felt a little rushed though (it may have been that i was so excited). He recommended I get butt implants, but the complication rates are so high- i don't need that in my life. I am currently waiting to here back from his office, because I had some questions about the lip type and pricing if i choose to do only 2 sections. I have heard that he is the best in El Paso, but because his gallery is limited, I am hesitant.

I emailed Dr. Mayberry In Albequerque and I got a reply telling me to send pics. I did and i got o response, which is weird, considering i sent a bunch of naked pictures. I think that sending him an email directly from here might be spam, because it was a short response and not "business like."
Dr. Salama and Dr. Cortez both responded to my emails and gave me 10,000 quotes. They are the best and I think it would be worth every penny because i know they are trill experts (done more than 3500).

I don't want to have to fly back though..

I have been corresponding with Ivette from Marco Saucedo's office in Noglales Arizona. They are prompt in there responses and I am impressed with his gallery. The pricing is right too.. My concern is the fact that they don't uses general Anastasia. I am TERRIFIED of being cold during the procedure.

Anyway, I am soon excited and can't wait to set a date.

Blessings, Lovlies!

Up to 127 lbs- it's a little overwhelming

Getting my labs done tomorrow. Setting the date soon. Late April or early March. Wondering what kind of garment to get.

More wish pics

Feel fat, but I'm not fat enough :-(

Two doctors on this sight kindly told me that I do not have enough fat for 700 cc's in each but- not even 300 per butt cheek. And I have gained ten lbs. I'm sad because I feel fat as fuck and I have heart burn from trying to pack it in. thank god for heart burn meds

FYI ladies : 6lbs of fat is approximately 1000cc = 1 liter of fat.

A doctor on this sight said that being 15 lbs above your ideal body weight is recommended. I'm gonna get up to 130, but after that- NO MAS!!

My panties don't fit me because they are to tight and I have therefor developed a rash on my hips.. Stupid trivial 1st world problems :-(

I'm obsessed with looking at butts to the point where I'm more interested in reading other girls stores, looking at before and after pics, and researching questions I have than paying attention to my boyfriend. Classic case of ocdbbl.

I am waiting to hear from my coordinator, Evette, who is a doll.. I have a very good feeling about my surgeon..

I decided Dr Agullo is a no go because the coordinator never followed up on my questions and $10,875 seemed like a rip off for El Pao Texas plastic Surgury. Beverly Hills- maybe- but geez, you got to be a Salama or Cortez to charge that kind of money- which I unfortuantly don't have. You have to pay $100
For a consultation with him too. Overall- wasn't impressed.. He recorded a hair transplant and butt implants, which are both bad ideas after doing more research.

Dr Saucedo is going to use the regular Lipo to harvest and then the Vasor to sculpt- I'm
Super stoked about that.

I ordered a bbl pillow. $15.00 for shipping ! I tried to find one on eBay- but there weren't any. I think I paid 75 all together for the indiscreet pillow.

Bought two garmantsaf online. I will post pictures and give a review once I get them.

What kind of Doll?!?

Fisher has a special for BBL.. I think I'm just going to have to fly my ass out there and rent a condo for a week.

Made a deposit for SALAMA!!!! :-)

I put down a deposit for Salama! The staff is so genuinely friendly and professional. I am relieved I finally made a decision.

I'm the type of girl that used to go to the movie store to rent a movie and walk out with nothing because there were too many choices.

Dr. Saucedo in Arizona's price was right, but the credentials were lacking.

Dr.Fisher's correspondence was nerve racking, unprofessional, and zoo like.

Dr. Salama was actually my first choice, but because of the price, I looked elsewhere..

But then I realized paying an extra $4,000 to be operated on By the King of Brazillian butt lifts is the only way I can go.. I know from past experience- always go with your first instincts.

I have read that one girls horror story and honestly- i don't care. Experts sometimes mess up- he's human.

He looked at my pictures too and said I only have to gain 5- 7 more lbs! Thank god cause I'm definitely chunkin it.

I finally feel like I can stop obsessing over reading reviews and focus on work and school..

Serenity Recovery House Questions

Hi ladies, I am traveling 1962 miles to get the bbl with Dr. SALAMA..

I will be traveling solo and had some questions about staying at the recovery house.

Is ten days enough? I was thinking I should rent a hotel room or condo for an additional week, because the flight home terrifies me.

Also, how many people should I be tipping? and about how much?

I've heard the first three days are rough. What happens after that? Besides eating, sleeping, and walking a little, what other activities are there to do at the recovery retreat?

Is ten days necessary? Do you think I could take care of myself after certain amount of days?

Any recommendations of a hotel/ motel that is economical and close to the airport and a convenience store in case I do decide to stay longer.

More fat= more shape

I've noticed that the ladies that have more fat on there bodies are getting the better results.. I'm starting to think that I should be at least 20 -25 lbs over my ideal Body weight.

I just feel like I'm gaining more muscle
On top of that fat.. I wish I knew if I should stop
Working out. Definitely no cardio. But my lifting has a cardio effect.

BBL DATE: JUNE 12, 2015

Super stoked. going to book my plane tickets. Also added outer thighs. Sorta sad he doesn't use laser lipo after initial harvest. My skin is loose :-(........ohhhhh well!!! Just did some math. Boy I'm going to be poor. Thank goodness I don't have children. My butt cheeks are going to be my expensive twins.

Weight Gain Update

My weight has been fluctuating between 124 and 127.. I'm constantly grabbing my stomach to feel for more fat.

I think it's interesting that I have very little interest in sweets now that I eat more and no longer fast. When I was restricting and skinny- I wanted to live in a bakery.

Freaking out about the unknown and weigh gain.

Im up to 132. I feel DISCUSTING. I really hope that Dr. Salama can lipo my entire body without me getting deformities. Im super nervous. I LOVE being skinny. Im not skinny anymore though. I feel depressed and worried. I hope its work it.

Does anyone know how Dr Salama purifies the fat? I have so many questions- I want to know all the details and I feel a little helpless and apprehensive and depressed because I want to know the details and be assured that his technique will be long lasting. I just want to feel assured that getting fat is going to be worth it.

I used to weigh 170 lbs when i was 12 years old. I worked very hard to maintain my 114 lbs body for several years, and gaining this weight is terrifying- as stupid as it sounds. I am extremely anxious. I wish I could talk to him so he could assure me that gaining weight is a good thing and that i will turn out to be one of his best masterpieces. Instead, I am just hoping and wishing. I know that he is super busy and probably only meets his patients right before surgery, but I am on the verge of panic attacks randomly because It freaks me out to be 17 pounds above my ideal body weight.

I have 63 days till surgery. I wish i could speed up time. Living inside my body with this excess fat does not sit well. However I told myself that it is necessary to get fat quick so i can maintain this fatness for a while. I know I sound snobby, and I have nothing against large people. I just personally do not like to have fat on myself. Its an OCD thing, and also probably has to do with the negative feedback I received at a delicate time in my life when i was very overweight. I was teased and ridiculed by family and my peers. Growing up obese was a traumatic experience. I never thought about how awful it was until today- because I was trying to figure out why I am so upset.

Anyways, i need to suck it up and be strong. Its okay. Sorry for my ramble. It feels good to vent and now i realize how ridiculous i sound. lol

Weight gain

I weighed 133 yesterday morning.
In the evening I weighed 130.. I'm going to take a break from the scale. Numbers can consume
Me me too much sometimes.

Salama Gear

I want to get a picture With Salama. Im gonna frame it lol. I also want a Salamfied pair of shorts- even though I'd only wear them around the house. I wonder if he has his own line of souvenirs or if his clients make them. I Feel like I'm his biggest fan and I haven't even spoken to him. Lol I think all this food is making me go crazy.

My boyfriends "wish pics"

He doesn't really have wish pics, but Ive made him tell me what he thinks would look good on me.

Lip implants?

I'm thinking of getting lip implants with my bbl. I'm waiting to hear back from Nancy to see if I can do it even though I had restylane 2 months ago.

I'm not sure if I can because I want to get three extra areas of Lipo and So far my calculations for this trip is over 12,000. However, the lips would be discounted and I feel like since I'm going to have downtime, I should do it.

I think I should. I need to get a third job. :-)

Have any ladies had experience with lip augmentation?

Shelf, no shelf, or little shelf?

I'm curious what all you ladies think about a shelf? Do you want it, and why? Or do you not, and why? I'm trying to prepare myself for explaining exactly what I want, but I'm not even sure.

Jeans and Pants

She really doesn't have too much hip- which I like because then hopefully I can fit in Atleast half of my jeans. One thing I do like to spend money on is jeans- I don't have kids, so Ill spend 200 on a pair. And I have quite the collection. If the doctor thinks something else would look better, then I will have to put my pants on eBay.. Sooo sad...

Love this one too

Another wish pic

BBL Pillow

Prpink! This ones for you. BBL pillow seems like it's going to work.

Random Venting

Hi ladies,
So I have gained 20 lbs in the past month. It's really not that hard. You just have to feel a little sick. I've eaten more red meat in the past month than I've eaten in the past decade. My feet and ankles were swollen this morning. Not sure if it's due to all this fat. I've also developed a rash on my thighs. I think it's because my clothes are too tight. NOTHING fits and I feel pretty ugly. Oh wel! :-)

The reasons I gained the weight so fast was 1) I'm a little OCD (ie- dedicated whole heartedly) about packing it on and 2) I want to make make sure that I can maintain this weight. It makes sense to Maintain a higher weight for Atleast 30 days to ensure I can keep it up post op.

I spoke to Nancy and she added on 4 additional areas to my tab. I want to 2 inches off each lateral thigh. 1.25 -2.25 inch between my thighs- I don't want my thighs touching at all. In addition to inner and outer thighs, im getting the front and the back of my thighs. I don't want big legs. I'm adding chin and arms as well.

I'm not thrilled about the amount of money I
Am spending. My plane tickets, recovery house and Surgury total to $12,438. That doesnt include tips, the ez pz thing i got, the bbl
Pillow, or the supplies that I need to get. The amount I'm spending makes me feel selfish. I was crying the other night because i could have donated that money to shamu cause, a poor
Circus elephant, or the local animal shelter. I think I'm going through a depression. Maybe it's the red meat.

Anyhow- no need to dwell. I can say I'm going to take a break from real self for a while ( or Atleast cut down to 30 minutes a week. I am
Obsessed and it's not healthy for me. The next
Month and a half I'm going to focus on spending time with my boyfriend, my dog, parents, visit my girlfriend, work one garden and grow sprouts to make some extra money. Oh- and make all my customers
Love me so I can get a bonus. :-) Maybe volunteer at the animal shelter. Being selfish is miserable.

So lovelies, hope you are all well and in good spirits :-)

Bbl pillow PIC

Keep in mind I had to lean forward a it because the coffee table I'm sitting on is a little high.

Can Dr. Salama Remove more than 4 Liters of fat?

Does anyone know if it is true that in Florida, only 4 liters of fat can be removed? I feel like I have a lot more than 4 and am thinking I should loose some weight if that is the case. I don't want huge botty or hips. Just a nice perky one that looks good in pants.

Pulling up my "fat pants"

So I've been wearing mainly yoga pants and alternate between some cheap "fat pants." I am adjusting to being large. Designer jeans aren't in the budget anytime soon. Even though my pants fit, I still have to pull them up- like every time I get up from sitting. I look forward to not having to do that. Maybe even wear a belt.

Pics I love

I have a poor sense of what kind of outcome I will receive. However, I do know what I do like. Here's some pics.

HELP! Potential FMLA problems

Has anyone worked there way around getting time off? I applied for 4 weeks and now I'm sorta scared that it will be denied because FMLA doesn't inclide plastic Surgury. I applied for personal leave - but the place I work for is a mess and completely unorganized.. I hate my job, but unfortuantly I need it.


My boyfriend says Im like a pregnant woman with my suitcase- ready to go to the hospital to give labor. Being excited is an understatement. I think i'm getting on his last nerve. Managed to get everything in one carry on. Ill cary the BBL pillow separately. I used shipping tape to compress the baby wipes, chux, and gauze.

What i Got in my Suitcase:

50 Chux
3 sundresses
1 button up dress
1 pair slippers
2 pairs of undies ( i heard we won't need them - but bringing them just in case)
2 towels
5 fitted t shirts
1 pair boxer briefs
2 pairs or compression sox
2 packs of baby wipes (unscented)
2 bras
2 mini gel ice packs for my lips
Anti-bacterial soap (i cut it so i wouldn't have to take the entire bar)
Basis soap (i cut it too- i have sensitive skin)
My skin care stuff
Hair ties
toiletries, meds
Lidocaine (for my lips- not sure if ill need it- haven't really gotten any pre-op instructions for the lip implants)

All i need to remember is sunglasses, a baby toothbrush, iPad, chargers, Bedazzler, light colored shorts, sandals, and Fabric markers

People Are asking my BF if I'm Prego :-/

My bf and I work at a large corporation of about 300 people.. Two people went up to him yesterday (on separate occasions) and asked if he was having a baby. Lol My self esteem is down the drain, but I remind myself looking this way is for a good cause.. I Wish I could speed up time. I'm soooo ready to get all this fat off me.

Gained 20-24Lbs.

I sure hope this weight gain is worth it. i sent some pictures to Cynthia and she said it would be helpful to gain another five.. I feel like a caterpillar. Butterfly in the making.

Stopped dexadrine, starting bromelain and arnica.

Yesterday was the last day I was able to take dexadrine ( it's an anphetamine for adhd). I'm a little worried that my work performance will decrease. I feel like I'm "all over the map" without it.

Today since I'm 14 days pre-op I am beginning bromelain (3 times a day between meals) and Arnica Montana (5 pellets 3 times a day). I've used arnica before for restylane and all I can say is: it works.

I got the bromelain 600 GDU/GRAm by source naturals for $6.00 on Amazon.

The arnica is between $5.99 (blue bottle strength 30c) and $8.99 (purple bottle strength 200ck) depending on the strength. I bought these at "Natural Grocers." You can find it any health food store or online.

Feeling Emotionally Low

I took a picture last night to compare my weight gain, and I feel like I have destroyed my body. By boobs are too big and everything else is too big too.. I want to loose weight now, but my instincts are telling me not to. When I first started this journey I didn't want a big ole Donk- just some nice shape. And now I've gained almost 30 pounds. I feel like I went overboard.. Feeling pretty depressed and don't know if I even want the Surgury anymore.. Maybe i'd rather be skinny without a butt. Maybe I should loose some weight. I don't know. I'm feeling preety upset.

Arnica gel or cream?

Just wondering what you ladies think about these products.. In the past I have used Doterra Deep blue of muscle soreness. Works wonders..
I'm going to bring it for my neck. I bought arnica gel but wonder if I should buy the cream to. And how many bottles did you go through?

Pillow Suggestions?

I'm staying at serenity recovery retreat, which is Dr.Salamas aftercare home. Does anyone know if I'm going to need additional pillows? Or are there any pillows that you found helpful in your recovery?

Also, do we need to bring chux? I heard they provide a robe, so I will not bring one.

Any tips are appreciated. Thank you real self sisters for all the support and love. Namaste!

Prayers Please

I'm not terribly nervous at the moment, but my chakras were definitly spinning in the wrong direction on my flight. Surgury is at 9am tomorrow. Wish me luck and please say a prayer for me. Thank you, Dolls.


Thank you ladies for the payers- I am so greatful for every single one. Day of treatment was the hardest. The Anastesia has taken a toll on me emotionally. I am fortunate to be able to use my arms even though I got arm Lipo. The worst part was peeing all over myself. I have been writing a review in my note pad and will post it when I get home. Here is a pic. I look funny but I am very swollen. My entire face and body.


This surgury may have been an aweful mistake. I'm worried about my health. My heartbeat is so loud and the swelling is out of control. And I feel to weak to get an uber cab to go to the walgreens to get a powder for a rash I hAve down there. I feel so alone and scared. I wish my mom were here with me.

Cold and butt indentations

I have tube indentations that were
Left on my butt frommy drain tubes.. Hope it goes away. I'm worried.. I wish my mother were here to take Care of me. Lourdes just left and I feel sad. I'm shivering cause my dressings are wet. I'm waiting right now for Assistance. My butt with the indentation hurts.

I was given a breast band for my chin Lipo but it hurts so I'm using ace bandage. I hope the boppy pillow arrives soon, Nomie said that Fed X has been giving them problems.

I'm. Afraid of my massage tomorrow. I hope my interactions are friendly faces. I try to smile as
Much as I can, but I think the culture here is sort of cold. I miss New Mexico and the genuine love that radiates from my hometown and family.

The Flight

Once Justin said goodbye, I began to feel relived that I was really on my way home. I thought that my mother would have to come down and rent a hotel to take care of me until the swelling went down more. I thought it was sort of weird that they never checked my vitals. Anyhow, I am safe and alive and i walked and stood most of the flight. Several people asked me if I was in a car accident and I definitly got a lot of stares because my dress didn't do the best of covering up my swollen legs. My left leg was also covered in fluid because the incision on my inner knee is producing a lot of flow. I wore the chin garment to for a while in the plane and at the airport. I also traded my bbl pillow for the bbl pillow (from my friend at the recovery house) and wrapped up a thin blanket to put at my bra line. It worked perfectly. My parents picked me up and after laying in the back of the car for an hour, I could barely get out. I shuffle tiny steps or waddle like a fat old grandma. My posture differes daily.

Not getting better

I knew recovery would be hard, but I thought each day would get better. I feel more stiff and more pain than I did the first few days.
My knee pain is the worst. It feels like i have carpet burn. Going to the bathroom is like giving labor to terds. I feel so bad that I am putting my boyfriend and family through this. It
Is nice to have constant care in the middle of the night to get my pillow situation correctly because I have to elevate my legs and arms due to the sweeping which is still really bad.

Im definitly not one of the lucky ladies who get so enjoy seeing a new body. Right now, I am covered in purple, blisters, cuts, and tape that I can't seem to get off. I see a nice shape, but overall I look bloated. I'm not going to worry about my shape at this point. The recovery is slower then I expected. I haven't tried on any clothes for fun because I'm so large at this point.

If anybody flies back, please remember to drink A LOT of water.

My swelling is worse, but I have a deep tissue massage tomorrow morning.

I went in weighing 144.4 lbs at 5'4 and received 1200 CCs per side. He lipoed my inner knees, chin, anterior thighs, inner thighs, outer thighs, arms, chin, back, and abs. Luckily I have strong arms and can use them to get out of bed for the most part.

Here's a pic after my first massage. I look more bloated now.

Which Ab Board is the Best?

I was supposed to receive one from the office, however they seem to have inventory problems. Does anyone know which one Dr. Salamas office uses, or which one you personally liked? I called the office and they told me that it would take about 5 business days for them to send it out, however that is after theory receive them in the mail. So I just want to order one myself because I already feel like I'm not getting enough compression in my stomach.

Drain Removed

My doctor lives in a town close by and had a meeting in my city. He is such a gem- he came to my house and removed it. AND- IT DID NOT HURT!!

I ordered a Tabla since Elite Plastic Surgury failed to send me home with one. I am disappointed of how they didn't have supplies available ( like I had to wait till day 6 to get a boppy pillow and how I was given a breast strap for my chin. They also didn't have my lip implants and blamed it on Fed X.

Anyhow, I also bought a smaller garment now that my weight is slowly dropping from a proper low sodium diet ( I'm at 157) I'm starting to see shape and wonder when the disappearing act will begin. I just pray that my butt doesn't look flat after all this time, money, and ache.

Progress of Healing

I'm still swollen and a dinner that had salt increased my weight 4 lbs.

Today was the first day that the pain wasn't bad and I am able to bend over and pick things off the floor ( Ididn't realize how much stuff I drop)

Not sure if this whole procedure was a waste of money yet. Haven't taken any pics because i Awell up fast and do not like to be out of my garment.

Today was the first day I was able to remove the garment and put it back on all by myself. I still can't put my compression socks on by myself.

I walked my dog for the first time and feel a little more limber and my speed has sped up just in one day. Yesterday I was SLOW. Thebhealing process in just one day is amazing.

I had three massages this week and the third one emphasized my thighs- they went down A LOT. I think I peed out excess fluid right afterward.

Not much else to report. Hoping to get into a size medium Lipo express tomorrow. My size large feels too loose.

Narcotic Withdrawls and Tight Garment?

Can anyone relate to getting off painkillers without AWEFUL withdrawls? I took only one today because I felt like I had the flu along with some major anxiety. 30 minutes after taking a pain killer- I felt better. The pain isn't that bad, but the soreness is debilitating.

My mom helped me get some yoga pants on yesterday and once they were on, we looked at each other and started cracking up. My butt looks ridiculously ginormous. And I have a shelf- which I don't like. My butt looks kind of square to me and it shouldn't because he said I have an "a" shaped butt. I wanted the upside down heart. These are just observations and reactions. I know I need to be patient for a final result.

My measurements are 27 in waist and 41.5 booty. I have lost 15 lbs in the past week of water weight and I'm guessing lymph fluid.

How tight should your garment be?

I thought I posted this in the last blog, but it didn't.

I also know that if your garment is easy to hook, then it might be too big. Does anyone have suggestions about the garment sizing? Is it okay for it to feel tight? And if so- how tight? Like "your lungs can't expant to its capacity tight?" I I

I have a Lipo express size medium and it fits, but when I take it off- it's hard to get bellow the butt and I need assistance. Size large is easy for me to get on and off by myself. I weight 147 and I'm 5'4".


Notes from yesterday.

My inner thigh lymph nodes feel like mini golf balls.

Took one pain pill today. Might take another before bed. Either that or ambien.

Drove for the first time and went shopping after taking pain meds. Used the Booty buddy under my thighs and a rolled up blanket and pillow behind my bra line. It worked.

Leggings look okay on me. I hope the shape remains the same as the butt dwindles. Want it to go down.

Going through post op depression.

Been wearing my waist cincher on top of my garment because the medium garment I have is too snug. Maybe after another 5 lbs weight loss I can wear the medium.

Bought a massage roller at Marshals. Going to try it out in hopes of draining my inguinal lymph nodes.

Sent Nomie an email about lymph nodes in thighs. Concerned it's not cellulitis.

Sorry the pics aren't great. Being out of my garment is uncomfortable.

Rookies: Lipo foam to work? Significant others negative reactions?

I go back to work exactly one month post op. Is it necessary to wear the Lipo foam 24/7? It makes me look fatter than I already am?

I know I need to be patient, but honestly-
I wish I had never done this surgury. My boyfriend doesn't like My new body either. He used to tell me I was beautiful, but now I feel like a freak.

Sorry for venting, but if anyone can relate,
Please feel free to leave a comment because I feel so lonely and sad.

Go back to work tomorrow.

I'm feeling about 70% back to normal. Three days ago I was able to finally wash the bottom of my feet on my own. I'm also able to dress myself although it does sometimes feel taxing.

I went to the mountains for a mini vacation and an 80 year old man told my boyfriend while we were shopping, "she's going to cost you." Not sure what that meant, but I assumed it was a compliment.

I am also in day 7 of antibiotics for cellulitis. The lymph nodes in my groin are still very swollen, but they are slowly improving.

The right side of my body is significantly more swollen then the left side.

I'm of pain meds completely and have gotten through the withdrawl blues for the most part.

I found a cute pair of Prana yoga pants. I'm afraid to wear them to work ( I'm afraid to wear anything to work for that matter). I don't want to attract any attention. All together I have about 6 outfits that I can mix and match and wear to work. Nothing fancy. Simple. It's hard to conceal my booty, but the dresses make it look a little less large.

I took these pictures today. Sorry for the poor quality.

Work and Healing

Hi ladies,
I went back to work three days ago and thankfully have an accommodated schedule where I work 6 hours a day with several breaks.

Physically, it's been rough. I seem to get extra stiff ( I stand at my desk and use the booty buddy sometimes). My ankles were extremely swollen yesterday and I had to put my compression socks on again. They are fine today.

Emotionally, I am happy to be at work. For the first two days I wore a hoodie on my hips, but today I decided that I need to stop hiding. My biggest fear was getting negative feedback from co-workers. I have read so many sotriws on here about haters and insecure woman. Well, the thought of me catalyzing another woman to feel bad about herself makes me sick to my stomach. I would never wish upon anybody to feel insecure. I also had a fear that I looked rediculous.

Well, on that same note I walked into the bathroom today and two ladies confronted me and said, " who ever worked on you did a really good job." And they were sincere and sweet about it. It made me feel so much better to know that a live person ( although I thank everyone one of you for your kind compliments) would give me some positive feedback and not hate me.

My boyfriend still hasn't said much about my body and doesn't seem to 'love it, but maybe cause I'm always wearing a garment.

Foams: I am still wearing the foams. I also wear a waist cincher over the garment. I am suing a sqeem because the Lipo express size small is to big. At night I'm wearing the medium Lipo express with sleeves. I also bought a vedette 929, but since I got my knees lipoed, I feel like I need compression on them as well.

Measurements: my butt has shrunk and I am VERY happy about that. I am 36, 26, 41.5. My waist is swollen so I'm guessing once the
Swelling goes down my waist will be a 24.

Every day I am getting more comfortable in my own body. I plan on posting pics and a diary of my first 8 days at the recovery house, but I just haven't had time or the will to proof it ( my experience was a nightmare). I promise I will though.

Also, since I started working, my ambulatory has changed. I'm walking more pigeon toed and my limp is back. Fudge. Lol

I am also finished with a round of Bacrim. I still feel like I have mini gold balls in my groin. I have been getting deep tissue massages. But tomorrow I am getting a two hour massage- one with deep tissue and the other a lymphatic drainage massage. I'm worried.

I'm irritated with the aftercare and unimpressed and annoyed with the aftercare letter they gave us. Aside from the misspellings and format, it says to massage in downward strokes. That makes so sense considering the way the lymphatic system works. I wonder if Nomie is a nurse, because she was the one that signed the paper.

Anyway, I'm not an expert but I did take two semesters of anatomy physiology and worked my ass off to get an A both semesters.

I still maintain that Salama is an artist and expert in what he does. I sometimes
Wonder if I should have gone with Haasan, because I LOVE his work, but Haasan had a patient die on him and I belive he injects fst under the muscle which is dangerous. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Nothing else to report. If anybody wears hard tail yoga pants and has bought them recently and love them, let me know what kind you bought. I'm not ready to embark in irritating Jean shopping.

Correction: butt measurements are the same.

I guess it was 41.5. Now that I like myself in one pair of pants, I don't want it to go down.

Rookies: When did your butt start to disappear?

Also- I forgot to mention that I use the Booty buddy under my thighs to drive and before I get in the car, I put the boppy pillow around my waist. It works.

My post op instructions said I can sit on a soft surface, but I feel like I should wait longer for a new lymphatic and circulatory network to be firmly established. Any thoughs on sitting are

Perceived Unsupportive Boyfriend?

Maybe I'm just tripping and maybe I'm just super needy, but before I had my SX, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about how I will need massages. Well I bought a package of 12, however I'm a physical mess and need more.
I'm really worried that I might have sepsis. However if it's just enlarged lymph nodes, then I
Need a drainage massage. Well I have been getting deep tissue massages as directed by the doctor. The post op instructions say I need deep tissue/ lymphatic. Well these massages are completely different. Maybe my groin isn't getting better because I had planned to get the lymphatic ones from my boyfriend- which I am not getting.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I agreed that he'd help with the massages to save some
Money. He hasn't really helped. He'll massage me once in a while, but I practically have to beg.

I'm starting to feel like if I got super sick in the future, he would just resent me and not be nurturing. And this is making me have second thoughts about even being with him.

When I got back from Florida, my parents dropped me off at my house and I was about 23 lbs more of fluid. I really needed a massage. So I found a video on you tube and he was "watching it" as he was watching tv and massaging me at the same time. I felt so unimportant. I asked him to turn the TV off to focus.

Anyway, my point is- I guess I don't feel like I'm special anymore. I love him very much, but I am very well aware that just because you love someone, doesn't mean you should be with them.

Anybody else experience perceived unsupportive partners? I'm seriously thinking about breaking it off. If he were sick, I'd be doing everything in my power to help him heal. Most of the time I ask him for help, I feel guilty and a burden.

On top of that he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful anymore and he's not attractive to me anymore. I can tell. Maybe because when I was lean and muscular, I looked good in my wardrobe. Now I have two pairs of pants that look good on me, and it's not really even my style.

I don't blame him for not finding me attractive.
I guess I'm just sad. I wish he would just break it off with me so we could move on, because it's obvious that there is nothing special about me in his eyes. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't think I'm amazing. But I know if I bring it up he will get mad. I don't know what to do.

5 week update

Hi ladies!

First I want to say thank you so much for your insight about my boyfriend insecurity issues. I am so blessed to have such a supportive community of lovely virtual sisters. I read every single comment more then three times and am so grateful for your thoughts, advice, compliments, and suggestions. I'm still marinating on the comments. But thank you so much! Hugs to each and everyone of you.

Since I've been back at work I am realizing I should have taken 6 weeks of instead of 4. I stand at my desk for work and at the end of my shift, I'm limping and my feet and ankles swell up.

I feel more pain in my lower back when I wake up. Today it was probably the worst that I've experienced so far. The doctor said that its a good sign, because my body is repairing itself. I'm also starting to itch a little, but it's not too bad.

I still don't have a thigh gap because my legs are so swollen. My arms are hurting too. Again- I'm guessing that it's because they are healing and therefore I'm experiencing pain. I can't wait for this pain and inflammation to go away.

It's been frustrating from going from super flexible to having a struggle putting on socks from bending over. I started doing yoga at home this morning. I've also been walking my dog 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the evening.

As far as my shape goes- I think Dr.Salama did an amazing job. I'm still not "in love with my body," but I think once I start putting on muscle and loose a little fat everywhere I will appreciate it more. Im praying that will occur. My butt isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be and I wonder if it's because he doesn't inject fat under the muscle. Oh well.

My boyfriend thinks that there is too much shelf, which makes it look unnatural. I appreciate his honest opinion. I agree and hope that the shelf goes down. I'm a little worried about this since Im already 5 weeks. I don't want a shelf.

I emailed the Salama about my thigh. He said its normal. My doctor at home told me that my compression garment in my thigh is loose and suggested wrapping ace bandage.

My measurements are 25.5 41.5 on a non bloated day. Anytime I eat salt and don't drink ten glasses of water each day- the pain and swelling is worse. MAKE SURE YOU DRINK YOUR WATER!!

Here's a pic of five week post op. Sorry it's blurry. The shape looks nice, but it's a little too much for a NM booty.

I'm also posting a pic of what I hope to look like six months from now.

6 week update

Hi Lovely Ladies,

I started lifting weights and doing some light cardio. My body is very sore. Salama's post op instructions said I can exercise 6 weeks post op. I read that Hassan recommends his patients to wait 4 months to exercise! That's crazy. I rely on exercise for serotonin. Then on the q&a forums, a lot of the doctors say 3 weeks. It's so weird how all these doctors have different opinions. Physiology is pretty concrete. I'm just curious when i can start with the calorie deficit to loose weight. I had the booty greed before I even had a bbl- and now- I want it to shrink. I don't care about having a big butt. I just want a nice shape.

I feel like my hips are to big. But I'm Hopeful they will disappear, because I've read that hips don't really last that long anyways. Anybody have experience with disappearing hips?

My butt looks the same as it did last week and the measurements haven't changed either. My love handle area is swollen, and I have faith that it's not fat.

I've expereinced some itching on my stomach, back and sides, but nothing terribly bad. I was experiencing electrical shock type sensations in my back last week, but they dissapered.

I still haven't sat or slept on my back yet. Going to hold out on that as long as possible.

I have a lipoma on my stomach ( a ball of fat), and my doctor said he could inject it with a steroid in hopes of dissolving or softening it. You can't see it, but while self massaging, I felt it.

I also developed a dozen tiny varicose veins in my legs. I am going to have my doctor inject them with saline solution (and maybe something else) to collapse them. He said they might disappear on their own. They look like broken capillaries.

I still wear my garment and foams 24/7 aside from showering and massages. I am looking forward to the two month period so I can ditch the foams. I'm not grasping the idea of not wearing a garment. I have a feeling if I stop the garment, I will swell up.

When I sleep at night I notice I wake up and my hands and arms are numb. That is very annoying.

Hope I didn't forget anything. My stomach is flat. It's not lumpy. I hope it stays that way.

7 week update

Hi chika bonitas!

So I'm starting to feel normal. Waking up isn't too bad anymore as far as stiffness goes.today was the first day I woke up to looking in the mirror and liking what I saw. My waist looks tiny and I like my curves. I don't have a lot of
Projection, but I've been realistic since day one. I wasn't expecting miracles. Although I feel like I am a product of Dr.Salamas talent and expertise. Finally!

My butt has lost a quarter inch, but I don't care! My waist has gotten smaller too! I'm at 41.25 and 25.5. I am hopeful and curious to see if I mantain a similar shape once I get several months into my work out routines. My eating had always been healthy, but I feel like I was overeating because I didn't want to loose weight too early on. I weight 4 lbs less then my pre-op weight and I think the only thing I don't like about my body is my arms. They look fat and weird. I think it might be swelling from lifting weights. I think Salama was conservative with my arms, and I'm a little disappointed, considering I paid an extra 500 for them. The bruises on my arms were weird afterwards too. But whatever. I'm not going to dwell, and I definitly don't need to judge his work so early on when I'm a sweller.

On a brighter note, I'm not limping anymore either or walking like I have congestive heart failure. And I can pick stuff off the floor, however sometimes I do say "owe" because I do get stiff.

I lifted weights three times this week, and did cardio once. I thinki need to wear the butt in garment for plyometrics, because jumping is not like it was pre-op.

I have itchy moments but it's really not that bad. The area above my butt crack and my lower back have experienced the most itching. I love using the apricot scrub in the shower because it's a gentle scratching that feels like heaven.

When I use the heating pad before self massage, I noticed when I get up to get myemu oil to massage, my sides feel really tight. Not sure if it's because I don't wear my garment when I'm using the heating pad.

Also, I may or may have not mentioned, but I've been using Emu oil on my skin and rubbing my incisions with it. I heard about it from another girl on RS- her surgeon recommended it. And Amazon ratings were very good. I like it so far. I got a bottle for about $25.

My boyfriend said I looked, "great" this morning. I went from "good" to "really good" to "great." I can't wait till he says I look, "hot."

My face looks fat right now, so I hope loosing ten lbs doesn't make my shape weird.

I'm happy with the chin Lipo and the thigh Lipo. I know I need to wait 6 months to get a better grasp of what my results will really be. I'm
Probably in the honeymoon phase.

Here's some pics with clothes.

Namaste bonitas!

Lipo Foam and my butt isn't dimply anymore!

Hi ladies, so I have pics from when I first had my SX. I took them so I wouldn't forget how to place the Lipo foam. I still wear the foam. It makes my skin feel protected and smooth. I'm not sure why.

I also forgot to mention my butt isnt all dimply like it used to be. I am about 23 lbs less then i was post op because I swelled up pretty bad. But my butt is smooth now! I'm so happy, because from the pics- by butt had a lot of dimples and wrinkles. The wrinkles actually seemed to disappear over night. I woke up this morning and my butt was smooth. I'm not sure if it is related to massaging my booty for a good 3 minutes yesterday with more pressure. In the past I had massaged it but I massaged it like a butterfly, because I was afraid of killing the fat,
Plus it hurt. Now it doesn't hurt to apply
More Pressure. So there is hope seven weeks
Out of your butt is still dimpled.

Also after two weeks, I replaced the front foam with a tabla. The board that elite gave me broke after about three weeks. So I'm using the one I got on Amazon.

Short Funny Story

My boyfriend and I went to jack in the box a couple days ago, and I was standing by a father and his 12 (?) year old son , waiting for our food.

Anyhow, my boyfriend didn't tell me until today, but he said that as I was leaving the restaraunt, the young boy told his father, "I hate to see her leave, but I love to see her go." Lol.

Will the Top of my Butt Soften?

I have a shelf that I pray will drop. It's firm. I'm
Exactly two months post op. I hope it's not fst necrosis. Has anyone had experience with this?

10 week update

Hi Ladies,

I started peeing while sitting half way through week 8, and I lean forward.

My 13 lbs dog stepped on my butt and it hurt.
I still have not laid on my back, but sat for a moment and it felt uncomfortable. I sit on a booty buddy at work and that has been a life saver.

I was happy to stop wearing the Lipo foams at 8 weeks post op. I wear a squeem and board during the day and a garment, board, and sqeem at night.

I've been exercising 6 days a week (cardio and weight lifting), but I haven't lost any weight. I'm irritated about this. My body is probably in a bulking phase, so I'm expecting the weight to start coming off within the next couple of weeks. I'm 144 still and want to get down to 124. At this point I don't care about my butt. I want to look and feel athletic again. Right now I feel like one of those fat baby Angels.

I am realizing that this whole surgury was a waste of money. I don't like being thick. My shape is okay, but I can tell once I loose weight, I won't have a booty. I feel stupid for gaining so much and thinking that I could keep some booty.

I've been following Dr.Stanton, and he says that he sees Atleast two pacients a week that have fallen for the BBL weight gain gimmick, and that the butt dissapears between 10 and 12 months. I should have just gotten butt implants, but at this point, I don't have any support to help me through a recovery. Plus I'm in debt, but that's entirely my fault.

I am dissapointed with my arms and feel like he just poked around for a minute, just so the tab would be higher. This Surgury has cost me more then 13,000 and I am regretting that I didn't have implants. I am a fool for thinking that I would enjoy curves when I am in love with a lean hard body.

I still belive Dr.Salama is talented, and I liked him a lot. I am disappointed that my negotiation skills lack and that I didn't get the price lower like other women. In addition, I am
Disappointed I put on too much weight.

My measurements are the same and I feel about 90% normal. My sides get tight and my right thigh and body still gets swollen. I still use the heating pad at night and roll around on a weighted ball. I had my last massage on week 8.

Hope all you ladies are doing well. I'll be back for an update. Blessings to all of you.

I've also attatching some pics. I know I shouldnt apologize about the mess, but I can't help myself. Please excuse the clutter in the background. I recently found a sick dog on the street and she's been a handful.

Booty update.

Hi ladies,
For some reason I can't view any of my comments, so I apologize if I didn't respond. Maybe I need to erase the app and add it again.

I've managed to loose a little weight, but I have a long way to go. I'm at 137. I haven't measured myself but I'm guessing my waist is 24.5 and my hips are 40.5.

I stopped using my booty buddy a week before the three month mark. My butt hurts sometimes when I sit, and I'm afraid that I have fat necrosis. I also have little nodules in my lower back; they aren't visible but if I massgae it I can feel them. I also feel like I have lump at the top of my left butt cheek . You can't see it either, but I can feel it. I'm praying that it doesn't get worse or that it becomes visible.

I still use the heating pad at night and roll around on a weighted ball. It's a chore I doont enjoy.

I finally fit in some jeans I had. I think I may look good.. For the most part I wear wear yoga pants and soft elasticky clothing, because they are the most comfortable.

I sometimes wear a full garment at night, but no matter what, I always wear a waist cincher. I ditched the waist cincher during the day at 2.5 months because it made my body look unnaturally freakish.

I think my shape might be on point, but of course my skins not the best and I have some dimples and imperfections, particularly my outer thighs- I think he may have taken away too much fat from them. It makes me sorta sad, but oh well- they are just thighs and it's not like I'm a beach bum. I don't even like the sun.

My boyfriend loves my shape and I don't feel sad anymore about being fat. It's crazy to think that three months ago I was almost 35 lbs heavier. I must say it was the worst experience of my life : two months of doubt and discomfort and helplessness makes me wonder if this SX was a good or bad thing. I think it might be good if I don't have irregularities as I continue to loose weight.

I must say that since I have gained weight, my hair is a lot healthier, which I am very happy about.

I slept on my back for the first time for a few hours about a week ago. It didn't hurt.

I hope I didn't leave anything out as far as landmarks of the healing process. Hopefully I can get my account working too.

I'll post pictures soon too. Been busy. Also, tallchubbyIrish girl, I know your date is coming up and I'm excited for you!

14.5 week post op

5 months post op pics

Hi ladies,
I am able to finally do crunches and Pilates and yoga ( anything that involves being on my sits bones). I couldn't do that at four

I started p90x3 three days ago because my arms and back and upper back have a lot of fat on them. I'm pretty disappointed in that area. I don't really feel like I'll go back to Salama. The recovery house was a nightmare and I just didn't feel good vibes while I was there. I feel about 99 percent back to normal. Thank God.
My butt has gone down to 40 inches. So I'm
Just witnessing the disappearing act. I'm
Not going to try to loose weight, just gain some
Muscle definition. Here's some pics.

6 month Post op pix

I'm down to 137. I feel healthy which was my secret main goal for having surgury. I was tired of starving, but I do miss the the lean waifer look- even if it wasn't healthy for me. A part of me will always miss that..

I don't particularly like my body when it's naked, but I never have and I never will. I need to get over that aspect of my life. I don't want to waste my life obsessing, which is why I'm going to refrain from saying anything negative about my outcome. On a positive note, it looks better then it did right before surgury.

What really dictates my self esteem is how I treat my body. If I exercise and eat right, I feel good about myself. Once I am finished paying my butt off, I'm going to invest in a career that is more active and creative. I'm looking into cosmetology school and to my surprise it's almost 30 grand! I would love to have a tune up in the near future, but I would rather invest in a daily routine that I love and makes me money.

Hope everyone is well and in good spirits!

Serentity Recovery House Day 1-5

Day Before SX After stepping outside of Hollywood International airport, I felt like I walked into a sauna. Justin said he was parked and would be there in a moment. He said he'd flash his lights and gave me a description of his SUV. Fifteen minutes later he came and I got some relief from the damp air. Justin wasn't very talkative and I almost felt like an annoying kid trying to make conversation. He was polite though and a good driver. He drove me to Elite Plastic Surgury Office to sign a stack of papers. Nomie didn't smile at all and I wondered if her cheeks hurt or something. Maybe she needed a plant and a window. I guess I wouldn't be inclined to smile if I had to sit at her desk all day long. I asked her if she could add inner knees and she did. Apparently inner thighs and inner knees are separate areas. Areas I will have lipoed are are: anterior (front) thigh, inner thigh, outer thigh, inner knees, stomach, back, arms, and chin. After signing my papers, Justin took me to the pharmacy to get Valtrex. I've never had herpes, but I guess it's standard procedure. The lip implants were not delivered by Fed X, so it has been postponed for Thursday. I'm not very happy about that because I don't want to have another surgury two days before I go home. When I walked in the Recovery house,Lordes and Grace said a hasty hello. Grace bombarded me, demanding to see what kind of pee funnel and gauze I had. I hadn't even set my stuff down- I felt ruffled. Grace told me that the gauze I had wasn't the right kind-Apparently it's not the individually wrapped gauze. She also told me that I needed to buy one of their pee funnels because the one I had would not work. Well I tried mine out already so I don't see the point of buying more supplies when I know the one I have works. I felt like she was a saleswoman trying to make a buck.... Hmm. Wasn't expecting such an unwelcoming welcome. I met the other ladies and we chatted around the island that is attached to the spacious living room. All the ladies were very welcoming. The abrupt and abrasive intro was quickly redeemed with a balanced dinner that Grace made. chicken, baked potato, with steamed broccoli. Before I went to bed, I pulled down my sheets found a a chip in the sheets. It looked like a sun chip. There was also a wad of hair. Yuck. I threw it away and decided to let it go. I asked one of the caregivers to help me flip my bed because it was on a slope. Like a really heavy person had sat on the edge. Grace helped me and the bed's slope was better. I had a roommate who had just had butt implants. Dr. Salama doesn't do them anymore because they get infected. He re-did hers though. My roommate wasn't too friendly, but I think she wasn't feeling well. She seemed irritated. I went to sleep about 20 minutes after taking my ambien. I woke up ?at five am? and couldn't go back to sleep and was lucky to have company with one of the ladies who was walking around the kitchen island. . We walked and chit chatted for a while. She was very sweet. Day of treatment SX was scheduled ?at 9AM? and I was hungry by 8 and wished I had eaten a larger dinner. Justin picked me up ?at 8:30? and two of the ladies from the house drove in the back seat- both on there bellies. We dropped them off first so they could get there massage and then Justin dropped me off. A nurse greeted me and gave me a cover up gown, compression socks and paper slippers. The bathroom that I changed in looked like the cleaning person must have been out sick. When I was finished getting dressed, I walked down the hall and could see Dr. SAlama, performing Lipo through the operating room windows. I saw a video of Dr.Hughs performing Lipo and the shoulder movements were the same. Anyway- I passed the operating room and sat in a black recliner chair. There was a digital scale in the corner and I weighed myself. 144.4. Dr Salama walked in and had a peaceful aura. Salama does mean peace- I forgot in which language. He asked where I was from and I told him New Mexico. He told me he had never been there. I told him how Northern New Mexico is beautiful and its a good place to go hiking or backpacking. He said "I don't think I've ever been hiking." He asked me which areas I wanted to focus on. That worried me. I told him ,"everything." He said he wasn't going to take too Much off my stomach, because if he did I wouldn't be able to wear a bikini. I told him I don't go to the beach, I live in the desert. While he was marking me up he was telling me about the risks and then said, "are you paying attention?" I reiterated what he had just told me and told him, "assymety might occur but I'm not going to worry about it unless its drastic. He said, "ah- a realistic patient." I chuckled. I had read in reviews that he is shy. I don't think he is. I think he is extremely intelligent, focussed, and maybe disinterested or perhaps neutral in trivial small talk. He was kind though and I would rate his bed side manner 5 stars out of five. I'm not there to have a friend, I'm there for a body transformation. I walked in the operating room and thought it was weird that I wore my my dirty paper slippers onto the operating table. Last thing I remember was wondering if I would wake up alive, while looking at the super hot anesthesiologist. I remember waking up crying and in pain. They gave me some medicine. I'm almost sure I woke up on my stomach . Then I remember it was time to get into the wheelchair and I told them I wouldn't sit, so I got on my knees. They wheeled me down three floors and I got into the back of Justin's SUV. This was all a blur to me. I don't remember the ride home much, although I think I may have been sobbing. Once I was helped into my bed at the house, I started crying. My knees felt like they were on fire. I was nauseous too. Grace told me to take two zofrans, so i did. I also took two pain pills. I woke up a little later needing to pee and decided to buy the funnel since Grace must know best after her scolding lecture on how mine was "wrong." I peed all over myself. I was pissed. I should have used my funnel that I already tested out. I ate some yummy lentil soup and wondered what was in it. It tasted too good to be salt free. I swell up like a bloom with high sodium, so I was a little concerned. As directed by Dr.Salama I have been walking - every two to three hours when I get up to pee. Night one I woke up in the middle of the night several times to pee. My EZpee funnel worked perfectly and I didn't pee on myself. After peeing, I went to the kitchen to walk around the island. Dr. Salama said to walk every 2 hours to avoid blood clots. Grace and Lourdes got out of bed and told me that I had to go back to bed and shouldn't be up walking. They told me I couldn't walk because I could fall. I told them I felt fine and had no dizziness and was following the doctors orders. I started crying and Grace told me I "wasn't aloud to cry." This upset me because 1)Nobody can tell me that I'm not aloud to cry and 2) I am following doctors orders. Anyway- after I explained myself they said it was okay. They went back to bed and I continued walking and went back to bed. I felt pretty discouraged for being scolded. I don't want to vibrate negativity, but Grace seems to naturally radiate it. My bed is a nightmare. My Kees are Leaking fluid like crazy. By bed was soaked in fluid so I changed my chux several times. I am so greatful that they left them on top of the dresser because I could not bend over to the bottom drawer to save my life. If I drop something- I am SOL. The caregivers sleep on the opposite side of the house. Grace gave me her phone number, but I didn't call her because she needs her rest. I've been a caregiver before and I remember how hard sleepless nights were. Day 1 I had a pre-op visit that made me sob. I started crying because the nurse was using a neosporin bottle directly on my skin and it had already been used and I could see that my blood had gotten on it. There was blood and hair on the floor too, so she wiped it up, and right after she opened the hazard bin an drained my drains. I cried because it was unsanitary and I'm terrified of sepsis. I was in disbelief and sobbing. She then put a breast strap around my neck; it hurt. I wasn't given a boppy pillow pre-op because they ran out. I also didn't get lip implants because "Fed X is giving them problems." I should have called them and reminded them that they need to order them. I am unimpressed so far. You'd think, "elite plastic surgury," would be on the ball. I am disappointed there isn't any pineapple juice At the recovery house, especially when I specifically asked Justin upon my arrival, if they have it. And my one free ride was to get the Valtrex, which in not even sure I'm going to take considering how swollen my lips are. There are some oranges and bananas in the fruit bowl. I hope they go shopping soon. Night 2 I called grace’s phone, but she didn’t answer. I needed help changing my knee dressings because they were soaked and I couldn't bend over. I wish I had hired a private nurse. I've never been this helpless before. My friend Caroline ended up going to the hospital earlier today. She got all the same areas that I had lipoed. She looked very weak when I first met her. Weak in a very bad way. I'm a little worried because the caregivers are not nurses. Nomie told me that hearing the heart beat in my ears is from the pain killers. I feel abnormally weak. But i still have balance and am able to walk. Day 3 I couldn't sleep. My heart beat was so loud I could hear it in My ears. My face is so swollen it like there isn't room for my teeth. My cheeks are lacerated from my teeth. It's a good thing I didn't get lip implants because my lips are extremely swollen too. I developed blisters on my arms from Grace wrapping the tape to tight. I REALLY wish she had taken a course on proper bandaging. I borrowed the 9x by 7x gauzes, but need to get more. I have a plethora of gauze, (the kind that was on the list that Elite told be to bring) but Grace has her mind set that mine, "isn't good enough." I got an uber cab to right aid to buy pedialite, tape and 9x 7x gauze, and dandelion tea. I was disappointed that there wasn't pineapple juice. Feeling disappointed as far as the lack of warmth that I have received from staff. Lordes has been the most helpful and sweet, but I think she is tired. She had to take one of the other ladies to the hospital to get two blood transfusions. She had been there for six days and had the same Lipo areas I had done. I think she should have gone to the hospital earlier. Lordes and Grace aren't nurses. I'm worried about my own well being too. Nomie at pre-op seeemdd cold, and I was surprised at the lack of warmth. I had read previous reviews about Justin being so friendly, but I stopped asking questions because I sensed he didn't want any car conversation. I think Grace needs better glasses. She placed my drain tubes on messy so I had a huge loop indentation on my butt. I didn't even notice, but my roommate told me. My roommate is sweet but her past experience with Salama haven't instilled faith or hope. I'm Scared that my Lipo will turn out bad. No need to worry. Worrying serves no positive purpose. Night Three Grace walked into the house with a carton of cigarettes and bags of powdered Gatorade. I rushed to my room Because the living room smelt like Cigarette smoke. I hate being so hypersensitive. I get mad at my boyfriend when smoke gets in the house. I HATE smoke. I think Graces daughter is Cynthia. They look alike and have the same last name. Thank goodness for my roommate who covers me with blankets. I hate being so helpless. It seems like every interaction with grace is argumentative. I HATE discordance. My housemate got back from the hospital. Grace had the audacity to scold Caroline and tell her it was her fault that she went to the hospital. It was "her fault," because she accused her of not taking her iron pills. Her reasoning behind this was the fact that she found iron pills on the floor. Considering the fact that you can't pick stuff off the floor after a bbl, its illogical to conclude that that dropping pills is equivalent to not taking them. Anyhow, me and my housemates are in disbelief of how rude Grace was to Caroline. Grace was also talking shit about my roommate- placing blame that her butt implants were infected last summer because she had a cat and kid that stayed with her during recovery. Graces attitude and behavior is not something I would consider serene here at,"serenity recovery house." Day 4 morning I called grace in the phone and she snapped at me, "what?!" I told her I have a massage in 20 minutes and am supposed to have breakfast. She said, "well they didn't tell me," so I told her "that's why I'm telling you know." She likes to place blame and dwell on anything that goes wrong whereas I reminded her it's okay let's just get the show on the road. I don't want to take pain meds on an empty stomach. I'd cook my own eggs, but they don't want you cooking. And the fruit is old and brown. I'm starting to to really get annoyed with her argumentative attitude. I just want some serenity, peace, and wholesome love. I feel like I'm constantly being barked at. Was given left over rotten tuna salad for lunch. She said it was made yesterday by Lourdes. I think grace believes her own lies- or maybe her sense of timing is convoluted. Massage: they put silvadene cream on my knees and elbows because I had blisters from the tape being wrapped too tight on my skin. I didn't have my compression socks on because Grace told me that after three days I'm not at risk of having blood clots. I should have known better than to trust Graces's advice. I don't even have ankles by feet are so swollen. Elaine, the massage therapist, told me that my legs were extremely swollen and I need to keep the compression socks on. I still haven't received a boppy pillow or a chin compression garment. The massage was painful, but I took deep exhalations during the sloshing of liquid part. I did’t cry but I did say, "dear lord Jesus help me," at the very end. I don't think those words have ever came out of my mouth in my entire life. Elaine doesn't know much English, but she is probably the nicest person I've met so far as far as Salamas staff goes. Day 4 Evening Went to target. Used Uber Cab. I look like crap. The swelling is out of control. The food taste good, but it's not low sodium. They add a little salt to the pre-made food. Pre made made food has sodium which acts as a preservative. I don't think they understand that processed ingredients are high in sodium. I bought cherries, berries, celery, lettuce, bell peppers, hummus, sugar snap peas, low low sodium beans. Day five Nomie is coming to change my garmant because grace doesn't have the attention span or physical strength to put it on. I saw dr Salama and mainly expressed my worry about getting the care I needed. I told him how it took more then two hours to get my garment after I showered yesterday, because Grace kept on getting up to go eat, go smoke, talk on the phone, check the door ( someone knocked on the door), then she lost her scissors. She's lost her scissors four times since I've been here. My roommate was witnessing my attempt to get dressed and said that grace must have attention deficit disorder. I agree. Both of us do take amphetamines for ADD. We know the symptoms lol. I was so Swollen we couldn't get the garment on. Salama was kind and said he would look further into it. He also told to me to massage my butt if I see lumpiness or flatness. I showed him the inside of my elbows. I'm so upset that I'm going to have uneessesary scars. Nomie said she would come help me put the stage two garment on. Nomie ended up not coming because she had a migraine. The strength of grace and I combined could not get stage 2. We put stage one back on. I'm miserable and wish I had stronger arms to get the compression I need. I wish I had hired a private nurse. My knees are bulging. I went to walgreens and bought an enema since I haven't pooped for six days. There were fruits and vegetables for the first two days and then after that some slimey spinach was offered.

5.5 month pics

Hi ladies, so my last pics were actually 4 months post op, not five. I was going to wait to take pics at the six months mark, but I got on the scale last night and realized I've lost 13 pounds.

I'm embarrassed to take pictures of my butt in the light because my outer thighs look terrible. My but also sags. I'll probably get a lower body lift down the road. And maybe butt implants too.

I like the weight I'm at now. I shouldn't have gained more. I wouldn't recommend gaining to much unless you want your face and arms to get fat.

I still have a booty, despite the weight loss. If I go for round two, I'm going to someone who inserts the fat under the muscle. During my consultation, Salama told me he doesn't do that because he doesn't want to risk a polmonary embolism.

I also have back fat that I absolutely hate. I feel like if I hadn't gained so much, he would have gotten it all. I think it sux that Cynthia told me to gain more and more. Salama may have told me to stop.

Round 2 Concerns

Hi Ladies,

So its been 7 months, and I'm still not sure if this surgery was with it. I weigh between 131- 136. when I'm heavier, my butt gets bigger. I look at pics of my butt when i was 140 and i liked the way it looked, but my arms and legs, and everything else looked fat (fat for me who is used to being lean and athletic).

Ive decided i want to get a revision with Hasan. I have always loved his work, but i didn't go with him round one because of what I've read about Vanity. I get nervous thinking about getting a revision and traveling so far again, but I'm stuck on going with him.

My boyfriend is not on board with getting a revision. We finally made a deal that if i pass a physics class and get into a medical program that I've been working towards, i'd get his blessing. Im praying for a miracle, because I've already failed this class once.

My concerns about round two would be not having enough fat to sculpt a different shape. Im also concerned about scar tissue. Ive read that its difficult for surgeons to do revisions where scar tissue is present. Although my stomach doesn't look bad, by back looks terrible. Its very uneven and dimply. My inner thighs look fine, but the front of my thigh has some dents and my outer right thigh looks terrible. My right butt cheek is also a lot larger then my left. the larger one also sits lower, which makes me sad. I also have fat on my hips long with the axially area and arms. I used to love my sculpted arms, but now they look like normal arms with too much tricep fat. Even though i got arm lipo, I'm guessing that he reached his max of 4 liters, so he just took a tiny bit out.

My best advice for anyone who hasn't had surgury yet is to take your time looking for surgeons and researching. Go with the surgeon who produces the shape that you like. Ive noticed that Hasan has his own signature, whereas so does Hughs, and Salama. Look for consistency too. Lastly, don't gain too much weight. Ill try to post pictures soon.

Butt is dissapearing

Hi ladies,
I've been sick this week and lost my appetite and only worked out once this week. I weigh 129 and my size 25 free people flares fit me again! I'm really happy about that. My butt doesn't really look round, but Atleast it's not flat and the shape has improved from pre-op.

I emailed Nomie to inquire about a revision. I expressed that I wanted the dents revised and the top of the butt to be lippoed because I feel like it's creating a square shape.

I also emailed a doctor in Virginia about butt implants. I haven't emailed Stanton because it's too expensive. But I may end up going to him. There's a couple other doctors I have my eyes on. I need someone who has on point Lipo skills..

Right now, Hasan is MIA, so I haven't contacted vanity yet to inquire about round two. I'm not sure if I want to do implants or a revision.

I'm still undecided on whether the surgury was "worth it." I wonder if I should have gotten implants instead. I'm also curious to see what happens with my weight. I was trying to loose weight, and it was coming off very slowly and plateaued. But then a week ago I got sick and pretty much ate toast and eggs all week. I dropped about 3 lbs in one week!

My outer right thigh is looking a little better- probably because that fat has shrunk. Nothing else to report.

Hope everyone is well!

Searching for reasonably priced Butt Implants

So I keep on loosing weight. It's weird, I stop exercising and then I just start dropping lbs. I'm 127. I'm not trying to loose weight. I'm not trying to gain.
I'm just listening to what my body needs.

Anyone have suggestions on butt implant doctors? Stanton is too expensive. There is a surgeon in El
Paso Texas, Dr. Palladino. Ive always liked him even though I've never met him. He always answers my bbl questions with enthusiasm when I post in the "ask a doctor." The only thing that bugs me is I'm not sure he's don't a bunch of these surgerys. Do you think it's important to choose someone that does them every single week?

One thing that I like to take into account is there gallery of work. If I see its extensive, then I'm confident that they have lots of experience. I can't afford to go to Stanton in Beverly Hills. I've already spend way too much on the bbl.

Salama's Office won't reply to me.

Hi Ladies,

I emailed Nomie last Wednesday and sent pictures and my concerns about having a revision. Well its been 8 business days and I've had no reply. Im upset about this. I can only guess why they would choose to ignore me.

So my weight is at a stable 127. I'm not going to try to loose anymore. I'm eating more nuts and avocados. I think not eating cheese has helped me loose. My skin is more clear without dairy. My waist is 24 inches and my but is 38.25 inches. As a refresher i went into surgery at 144 and gained weight after surgery from swelling. i went up to almost 170. That was when my butt was 44 inches. My waist was about 28 inches.

Im glad that i lost weight. Im not glad that my butt looks saggy and flat. I text message my roommate at the recovery house yesterday to ask where she had gotten her "traditional butt lift." i didn't get an answer but she told me her butt implants look awful, which makes me worried about more sogginess with implants.

Since surgery, by butt has become long and square. Ive started wearing a garment this week t lift everything and look decent in clothes. I went from 'wonder booty' to 'wonder what happened to her booty.' I need a butt lift because my outer thighs are lax and i have extra skin on my lower back. Im sure it would have helped to lips it more, but since I'm loose in my midsection, i might as well get a lower body lift. So I'm looking for a doctor to perform that on me. I can't wait to get the surgery, but I have to because I don't have the money.

128 lbs

I fit into size 2 pants again. My hips have disappeared and my butt looks flat from behind and only looks good from a certain angle.

I'm debating on getting a traditional butt lift with an auto augmentation using my skin tissue, or a traditional butt lift with butt implants. I don't want a big butt.. Just a round perky butt. I'm afraid of being more deformed though.

My stomach looks decent and so do my thighs, although I do need a spiral thigh lift because of loose skin.

I think I may have fluffed

I felt really bloated last night from being on my period and not working out for the past two weeks. I "felt fat," but then I saw my reflection, and realized it was All in my head. It's nice to eat all the time and not have it go to my stomach. When I gain weight, my butt gets larger. When I work my legs or more, my but gets larger and more lifted. I changed my status to "worth it." One of my arms looks a little deformed, but nobody can really tell. There is a little fat left over too, but it's minor. Overall, I LOVE Salama, and even though my journey wasn't the smoothest, I am grateful and have no regrets. My major concern was safety and I honestly don't think I would have been safe with Vanity cosmetics. I want to go back for the vasor lipo, but I've heard it's really hard to get a hold of them to do a round two. I also don't want to be overcharged like I was for my first surgury, especially considering that I'm traveling. I work in customer service, j know you can always get a deal. I don't want to have to cry to them to get one though. Hope everyone is well!

Not Worth It

I hate to say it but I wish I never had this surgury. I think Lipo was to harsh on my body. I'm really depressed about my arm. It looks like I have a permanent bruise and a huge indent. I haven't called the office because I've heard they don't like to Respond to people who aren't happy with their outcome. Plus I'm still paying for my surgury. I know my last post I said it was worth it. I'm sorry I waver, but one thing I used to like about my body was my arms. Now one of them is deformed. That's it.

2 plus years Update

Hi Ladies! It's been a long time, but thought I'd share my thoughts post SX.

My biggest regret is gaining so much weight that I couldn't maintain. I'm 120 lbs which is 6 lbs more then I was at square one.

Arm lipo is a bad idea. They look weird. I think lipo overall ruins the elasticity of your skin if your skin is already compromised.

My thighs look terrible too, but thankfully, I don't really care, because I have other things going on. I would like to have a thigh lift in the future, because it would be nice to wear shorts or do downward dog and not get grossed out.

My butt looks normal.. Which I don't mind. I was looking back at pics of my butt and thought some of them looked good, but in real life, I didn't like it. What looks good in pictures may feel and look ridiculous in real life.

Gotta go! Will post pics later.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I liked Dr. Salama and think he's talented. To get a better idea of why I rated Elite a 3 stars, you can read my 5 month post op update titled, " Serentity Recovery House Day 1-5." I must say that the massage ladies were the kindest to me. Nancy was very sweet as far as responding to me before my surgery. After your surgery, responses are delayed or completely ignored. Beware that once you've paid and had your surgery, you may not get responses if you want a revision. The recovery house was a nightmare, but I appreciated the organization of not having to wait. The amount of money i paid for the recovery house for the "service that was provided." was a joke. High sodium food, very little vegetables, no help in the middle of the night. Grace, one of the staff members was very rude and unhelpful. I appreciated Lourdes. There was a staff member that came the last day, I think her name was Yedidia. She was an angel. She was kind and helpful. The recovery house was not peaceful. I had tinituts from my loud heart beat and the blasting living room TV.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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