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I am 45 yrs old, 5'8" and 185 lbs. 2 kids and...

I am 45 yrs old, 5'8" and 185 lbs. 2 kids and weight ups and downs has left my girls a little worse for wear. I am currently a 38C ish (depending on the bra). My husband says I look good to him (he is awesome) but he knows I have wanted this for years and is supportive of my decision. He is admittedly an ass man "but" has been giving lots of input on what he thinks would look good on me. Since I am tall, broad shouldered and curvy, I can carry off larger breasts no problem. Question is, how big? ? Started out looking at 375cc mod profile. But after seeing before/ afters, I am thinking 450-475cc. I don't have a lot of upper pole fullness and they hang quite a bit. (The song "Do your ears hang low" keeps playing in my head) . The scars on my chest and abdomen are from a car accident many years ago.

We have a date and nerves already

Went in today with a friend that has implants years ago to make sure I was asking all the relevant questions and to get her opinion on size. Between the 3 of us, we narrowed it down to 375-450 cc. He will play around when he doing the lift to see what looks best.
My stomach started doing flip flops and feeling queasy as soon as we set the date/ time~ 6:00 am. That will.make it easier to not eat/ drink beforehand.
Now to start the supply list and slowly start getting ready and to get work all squared away with ny time off as I am planning on taking 3 weeks off. I work at a home improvement store and know I will have limits when I go back.

It's official, deposit paid, time and date confirmed.

Now to start narrowing down the "recovery needs" list. If anyone has suggestions, PLEASE share

29 days to go...

Less than a month til Booby Day and I just found out my "Breast" friend (has implants) is coming to spend the day of and 2 days after with me and the hubby! ! Super excited as this will take some pressure off of him.
I have some supplies in the Booby box~ a couple bras (slightly larger), lotions, lounge pillow, 2 pairs of button front jammies, a Snuggie (don't judge, it gets chilly here in Wisconsin) recliner-hubby thinks he might find a use for it after ;) If there are any suggestions, please share.
I read about gals going back to work after a week and I am planning 3-4. I work retail at a home improvement store which requires alot of walking and lifting in addition to 8 hours standing on cement. I figure it's easier to go back early rather than mess up the schedule by needing more time off.

only 21 days until Booby Day!

Had my physical with my primary DR yesterday and he gave me the all clear for my surgery. Mammogram came back good also. Preop appt is Tues, first time the hubby will meet the Dr.
I have tried sleeping in the recliner, didn't go so well. It has not been properly broke in and the cushions are VERY firm. The cat (who weighs 16 lbs) has been sleeping on it so maybe that will help ;)

T minus 9 days

Only 9 days to go. Nervous, excited and at timed, scared. I have all my recovery supplies (probably forgetting something though) Meds, vitamins, lotion, Chapstick, flushable wipes, nursing pads, panty liners (these last 2are for covering the incisions) Acetaminophen, rubbing alcohol to make cold paks, "after" bras. Also getting the house recovery ready so I can reach stuff and I will have a few places that I can plop down . My daughter is planning/cooking (at our house, so cleaning too) Thanksgiving dinner this year.

A week from today

1Week from today. Trying to keep busy at home, freezing Christmas cookie dough, putting our tree and decorations up this weekend. Hubby and I are having a couple's massage the night before. Not sure how much I will relax but I will enjoy every minute of it cuz it will be a while before I can have another one. Also getting my legs waxed 3 days before, one less thing to try to do with "T- Rex" arms :)

36 hours and counting

Last day of work is tomorrow. Thankfully surgery is early Friday (be there at 6am) so I won't have time to miss my coffee. I have been wearing 2 push up bras at once to work for the last 2-3 weeks so when I go back, the new girls shouldn't be as noticeable.
I think I have everything ready at home...
Snacks~some healthy, others, not so much
Meds~pain, antibiotic, vitamins
Blankets (bit "nipply" here in Wisconsin )
"Flop" spots all set with small table
Fuzzy socks (keep them tootsies warm)
Christmas decorations and tree up
Daughter and husband making Thanksgiving dinner~should be interesting
Best friend coming for the weekend~ YAY!
Crochet projects

Surgery done, now home

Surgery went well, Dr. told my hubby that he is very happy and that he thinks I will be VERY happy! ! Feelin better than I thought I would. Tight, sore and sleepy. Shower on Sunday so I will have "after" pics then.
Hoping all the other ladies surgeries eent well today!!

Shower day! !

Feel so much better after showering and changing the pads and bra. I am feeling much better than I was anticipating I would. No real pain, just tightness, soreness and tingling today. Taking pain meds every 4 hours and icing every couple hrs. LOTS of naps.
Dr said everything went well, I did wonderfully and he thinks I will be very happy. Ended up getting 400cc mod + profile. Pictures tomorrow

1st after pic

Scars are from a previous surgery

1 Week old

Well, it's been a week since surgery and for the most part, not too bad. No bruising. No real pain other than at post op when the Dr tightened by bra to torture level. Felt like the straps were going to cut through my shoulders. I know it is for the best results, but ugh! He also told the hubs that HE is inn charge of making sure the girls Get fully lotioned twice a day. Imagine his torture ;)
My daughter and grandson came over for Thanksgiving and she washed my hair...ahhh. Bless my hubby for trying but... It was weird NOT doing any of the cooking this year. Watch out Christmas dinner! !
A few things I have to pass on to you gals who are next up~
1. BYOB~ bring your own (lip) balm. Hospital sticker on mine said $18.00 !!! Craziness
2. Your butt will get third and sore from sitting/ sleeping at an angle so change spots and pace around the house. Your tush will appreciate it. You will be surprised how many naps you will take.
3. Practice shower run with your helper. Seriously, make sure they understand you can't help. And how to wash your hair.
4. You will get bored. There will be nothing to watch on TV even though you have a list of movies, a full DVR and a stack of books on the table.
I am sure more things will pop to mind and I will let you know as they do.

1 week pics

Just played dress up :)

Tried on many sundresses, tank tops, swimsuit tops (that was funny) lingerie and bras. Fell in love with most of them and cannot wait until summer! We are going to Jamaica in June with our best friends and it will be a very different suitcase that I will be packing from the before version. The tummy needs a little work now, back to the gym shortly.
Went through my bras and "surprise! " they don't fit . Anyone know where I can donate them?

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks

So, it's been 2 weeks and sometimes it still feels like a dream. And part of mine is ending this weekend, back to work on Monday :( But maybe after a full day of work, I will be able to sleep ALL night. I have been working up about 2hrs after I go to bed, up for an hour, sleep for another 3-4 hrs then up for the day~no naps.

Back to the real world :(

Vacation is over, back to work yesterday.
I work at a home improvement store so I am on my feet all day. You don't realize how much your boobs move and bounce throughout the day just walking around. Even wearing my most supportive bra. Usually the first thing I would do after work is take off my bra, but yesterday it was reaching for the ice paks and Tylenol !
And I don't have a day off til Sunday :(

3 Weeks

So the gitls are 3 weeks old today and most of the scabs and all the tape is off~ finally! Nice to see all off them. I know the wrinkles/ waves will get better as they settle in.
I ran into 2 old friends this week and they both gave me BIG hugs~ ugh. Neither knows about my surgery so it was ine of thise grin and bear it moments. But also kind of nice that they both asked if I lost weight (I have a few) but that also means that the girls look natural which was my goal! And speaking of weight, I am back down to my pre surgery weight!!!

1 month already

Had my 1 month checkup yesterday and everything is great! Incisions are 99.9% scab free, just have one little one that is being stubborn. But Dr. gave me the go ahead to start using Maderma, more massaging duty for the hubby ;) I feel so good that I even having periods of time that I forget about surgery. I know the waves and wrinkles will fade and even out over the upcoming months too. I also got the Ok to start working out again, but that will have to wait till the holidays are over...too many goodies around :)

5 weeks

Not much has changed in the last week. Still have the 1 little scab on the left side. Using Maderma in the morning and doing lotion massages at night.
Went to a Christmas party and didn't wear a bra (hubby was thrilled about that ;) It kinda felt naughty but wonderful at the same time. Lesson learned for future braless outings...I will have to get those little sticker things to keep my nipples from making their presence known.
Overall, I am very happy with my" toys" and playing with them. Looking at them from different angles, laying down and even hanging. Hubby busted me with that one and laughed at me. But did say they looked great!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and had a wonderful New Year! !

2 months and 1week

Time has sure flown by. The girls have settled in nicely. Some days they are squishy and others, more on the firm side. The weird twinges and twangs are getting fewer and farther between. Using Maderma daily and also massaging the incision sites with lotion and a bit of pressure to break up the internal scar tissue.

Official new size

Went to Victoria Secret yesterday and was measured at a 36DDD. How the heck did that happen!?!?? Previous size was a small C. Looking at bras in that size, I was saying to.myself, "No way am I that big. " Well, I am that big. Now, how is swimsuit shopping going to work?

3 month Tataversary! !

I had my 3 month follow up yesterday and everything is great! Dr was impressed at how my scars are already starting to fade. Thank you Maderma and regular massaging!
Booked our Jamaica trip (June cannot come fast enough, it's -13 temperature here today WITHOUT the windchill, which is -28 incase you were wondering) and went looking for swimsuits. Holy crap, I thought bra shopping was tough :(

6 month update

It's been a while since my last update, nothing interesting to report. The girls have settled in nicely, forget about them most of the time, I am sure that's a good thing. My scars are continuing to fade and are not thick or hard.
Shopping for swimsuit tops has been an adventure, a fun one! I don't have to worry about falling out when I bend over or them sliding up when I am swimming. Summer tops are more fun too since I don't have to worry about wearing a bra. (I wear one 90% of the time) Strapless tops are a new addition to by wardrobe nowadays. They actually stay up! !
I guess the only exciting thing is our Jamaica vacation is in 10 days and my suitcase will be bursting with all the fun tops, sundresses and swimsuits (2 bikini tops, 1 one piece and 3 tankinis, to be exact) . I can't wait !
Here are some current pics.

for fun

Some before and afters in some of my fun tops and last year's swim suit top.
I should add that I have lost a few pounds since the before pictures.

2 years review

Hard to believe it has been 2 yrs since my surgery. The girls are full and perky and I love them. Funny how much of a difference they have made in my confidence.
My scars are very light and almost not there. I used Maderma daily and still use my face lotion (with a nice massage) everyday. I also sleep in a supportive sports bra type bra 5 days a week. They need a couple nights of freedom.
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