My waist is soooo small!!! 5 weeks post op and pics #teamsalama

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Been thinking about doing this for a while now but...

Been thinking about doing this for a while now but just recently got the money to do it. So now that that issue is out of the way I realize finding the perfect doctor for me is an even bigger issue.

Im 5'3 165 lbs I have a little bit of a butt but no hips at all. I really would like the hour glass figure and a little bit more roundness, fullness and projection in my butt. I am not interested in shelf or having a ridiculously huge butt.

I am completely over whelmed with trying to find the right doctor. I had one consultation with Dr. Bruno in LA and he quoted me $9500 for bbl with lipo to arms, back, and abdomen. He said that he would inject about 400cc. I am worried about that amount being to lil to make a difference after all of the fat reabsorption has occurred.

So I am wondering if any of you ladies might have suggestions about doctors that might possibly fit my needs. I am considering Dr. Salama but have read a few recent reviews about the quality of his work decreasing because he is so busy. Plus I read that his wait is about a year I have the money and am ready to go so would like to do this ASAP. So thoughts and opinions welcomed ladies.

I really need an early may date if anyone is...

I really need an early may date if anyone is interested in switching please let me know

Im having a hard time trying to decide where to...

Im having a hard time trying to decide where to stay does any one have any ideas on any affordable but nice rentals/hotels?

To all the ladies hoping to move up there date...

To all the ladies hoping to move up there date hang in there... I went from December 19 2013 to June 27 to May 7 all in 24 hours. I feel like I have the perfect date because i get out of school on the third so it gives me a few weeks to get this done and heal before I start class again in June. Now I'm working on all the details. I'm flying in on the 3rd and staying until the 18th. My fiancée and daughter are coming with me so I'm hoping we can have a few days to get out n do something's together. I'm curious after surgery how immobile are you? I know I won't feel good but I'm wondering will I at least feel good enough to walk on the beach or sit n watch my daughter play in the pool?

I read somewhere that Salama will do a mini TT BBL...

I read somewhere that Salama will do a mini TT BBL combo does anyone know if this is true?? Im also really glad that i stuck with Salama for a min I was kind of wondering if he was the best doctor for me. I think Yily, Jimmerson and Salama are all great doctors I don't think anyone is the best I simply think they are better at different things and every woman should choose their doctor according to what exactly it is they want most. From my research generally I found that Jimmerson is the best at giving you a really huge "Donk" video vixen style with shelf and everything he's the man for that but his contouring not so great a lot of girls end up with a nice huge beautiful booty but not necessarily slimmed down and sculpted. So i would recommend him to anyone that is really looking for a video vixen butt maybe someone that is happy with being bigger and just wants to enhance their butt. Yily on the other hand is the sculpting queen I give her that she is amazing with her sculpting abilities, no matter what size you are you will be sure to walk out with a waist much smaller than what you walked in with and you will definitely look a lot slimmer but as for as booty and projection not her best thing your not gonna walk out with a video vixen butt if you didn't have anything to start with. So I would recommend Yily for girls that already have projection and just want some more but are mainly focused on being sculpted and looking thinner or really big girls that really want a drastic change in their measurements all around but not overly concerned with walking out with a huge butt. Salama I would say is a little combination of Jimmerson and Yily I would say that he's pretty much in between. He makes really good decent size butts for those who have nothing to start with. For those that do have some projection to begin with you are likely to get that video vixen "donk" after Salama is finished. His sculpting is also not as great as Yily's but not as lacking as Jimmerson's. So I would recommend Salama for girls that have a lil projection but want a "donk" and still want to be sculpted and over all slimmed down. Specifically girls that are not to far from there recommend weight. I think that Salamas sculpting is best in these situations, probably because of the 4 liter legal limit he has. Just wanted to share my opinion for anyone that is undecided and still debating on doctors I spent 6 months researching before I made my decision and had consults with all 3 doctors myself before I formed this opinion. (side note Salama does amazing TT's also the scar is really low and barely noticeable, Yily not so sure about her TT's the few I have seen the scar looks a lil high and I've seen stretch marks below the belly button which every doctor I have spoke to have said they automatically are cut off with a TT so idk what her technique is like, haven't looked into Jimmerson's TT's because when I was thinking about going to him there was just no way I could afford his BBL and TT)

Just took my Pre op measurements 38-33-42.

Just took my Pre op measurements 38-33-42.

I really want to get my nails done because I know...

I really want to get my nails done because I know I wont be able to sit for awhile after surgery does anyone know what the policy is?

Im so excited all of this has worked out my...

Im so excited all of this has worked out my schedule has been absolutely insane the past few months. I am amazed that I was actually able to pull all of this off. I haven't had much time to update on here so here goes some of my info. Flight: I purchased 3 tickets for $540 directly from Spirit Airlines back in February (Awesome deal). Hotel: we are staying 14 nights at the Hampton Inn Hollywood Beach in a 1 bedroom suite, the suite has one king bed and in the living room a pull out sofa bed for my lil one, it was an absolute must that we had 2 TVs so that both my Fiance and my lil one had there own entertainment while im recovering, it also has a full kitchen with refrigerator stove and all utensils and silverware, and it also comes with a hot breakfast every morning which I am really grateful for since I will be out that means I won't have to worry about my Fiance and daughter eating in the morning and we plan on doing some shopping when we get there for easy lunch stuff and that means the only meal to worry about will be dinner which we will probably go to a restaurant or my Fiance can cook something depending on how i fell and what is most convenient at the time and it also has a coin laundry on site so that i can keep my garmets clean the hotel total taxes included came to $1495 which I feel is a great price for all the convenience and comfort we are getting. Car: We rented a car because we plan on getting out and doing some things the first few days and I am so impatient I just couldn't bear waiting around all day for Salamas transportation for surgery massages etc. so we rented a car for the entire stay for $329 but im getting money back from the office for the price of the transportation that was included so I think the difference only comes to about $70. I plan on posting my preop pics soon hopefully!!!

I flew in on Saturday had a few days to relax go...

I flew in on Saturday had a few days to relax go to the beach do some shopping but tomorrow is my day. Im pretty excited but met a few girls today at my preop that told me that pain is no joke so I'm excited but nervous also.

I was suppose to be at 11 but they called me n...

I was suppose to be at 11 but they called me n said they would be ready for me at 10. When I got there I changed n got ready for salama. When he came in he took some pics and marked me up. Very nice dude made me feel comfortable he said I had an A shape already he said that was a good pretty shape to work with like the round shape after that I went with the anesthesiologist who was also a cool dude n he gave me something to relax and I was off to sleep. I woke up cold and shaking uncontrollably after medication and heat my body calmed down. The worst part so far for me was the ride home I had my daughter in the back seat so I had to sit on my Boppy n it hurt alot.once I got home things were much better so far no nausea and the pain hasn't been to terrible. When we first got to the hotel my fiancé made me soup with crackers n I drink 2 gatorades took my meds n went to sleep for an hour after I repeated the same thing every 1-2 hours and after I eat some thing I walk around the hotel for 20-30 mins before I go back to sleep my fiancé has been such a blessing could have done it with out him ladies being someone who loves u if u can. So far I feel alot better than I expected I would so I'm happy about that my results are awesome so far I got 1100cc in each cheek and I measured my booty preop 42 inches post op 47 inches and my hips look awesome promise to post pre n post photos ASAP going back to sleep thanks for all the support ladies

Nice round and full Salama is amazing no complaints

Nice round and full Salama is amazing no complaints

I'm 6 days post op and I just finished my second...

I'm 6 days post op and I just finished my second massage and had my back drain removed. So far I absolutely love my results no complaints at all I've lost an inch to an inch and a half so I'm at about 45 1/2 but I'm still happy my butt still looks huge I get so many compliments from the staff at the office they all say my butt looks really good so far. I had my first massage Friday but the one I had to day was more painful I screamed the entire time smh. The pain meds do nothin for those massages it hurts be ready. The burning is excruciating especially when it comes to certain parts of my stomach smh. But my stomach looks alot better since I've started the massages so well worth it. My pain has been minimal I would say being uncomfortable has bothered me more than any kind of pain. Sleeping is uncomfortable eating standing up is uncomfortable trying to pee standing up is uncomfortable. I jus feel really uncomfortable. Speaking of peeing vets please help I can't seem to pee without wetting my garmeti hate being wet all the time it's so gross n frustrating I have a funnel and I'm using it but idk wat I'm doing wrong should I cut the hole in the garnet and make it bigger? Garmets I started in a XL n then moved to a large it's tight but bearable. I had arm lipo and at first I was wearing compression sleeves but my arms got ridiculously swollen so Salama had me take the sleeves off for a few days but today my swelling was gone so they put XL sleeves on me again hopefully I don't swell again.

Salama 12 days post op pics wit no garmet still in love wit my new body

I'm 12 days post op and I'm back at home. I'm so happy to be home and recovering I stayed in Miami for 14 days and at about day 8 I started getting really home sick out hotel was really nice and my daughter and fiancée were with me but for some reason I jus wanted to go home really bad so I would cry n start to feel physically ill I never thought home sickness was a real illness but it is. My Fiancé did a really good job trying to keep me from feeling homesick the last week as soon as I started feeling better he started taking me places during the day to keep my mind off of not being home. 8 days post op he took me to Fort Lauderdale beach we walked up the beach went into a few shops and ate at a pizza place on the boardwalk. 9 days post op he took me on a sight seeing trip around Miami we rented a car so what I would do is put the front seat all the way down and then put 2 pillows one for my neck and one under my breast and then I would jus lay down on my stomach it was pretty easy and comfortable we drove every where like that. 10 days post op he took me to Fridays for lunch and then we went to Aventura mall and did some shopping I really loved that mall I found the cutest stretch high waist shorts in really cute summer colors. So getting out the hotel really helped me survive that last week because I was goin through it with the home sickness for some reason. Our flight home wasn't bad at all we flew with spirit airlines which normally has a bad reputation because of how cheap tickets are but I showed them my note from Salama about needing to stand and they were kind enough to rearrange all 3 of our seats for free. They gave me 3 seats to myself so that I could lay down the entire flight n then they gave my daughter and fiancé the 3 seats right across from me so we basically had a whole row of seats for our family it was nice cus I was really worried about sitting on my butt. So I held myself up on the Boppy pillow during take off until the seat belt sign came off and then I took my percs laid down and pretty much slept the entire 6 hour flight it was also nice to because we flew overnight so my daughter had / seats so she laid down with her pillow n blanket and was out I was glad because my Fiancé was do wore out from taking care of us so he enjoyed the flight home cus we were sleeping so he was able to pop in a few DVDs in our lap top put on his headphones and order some snacks and relax himself on the fight home. Since I've been home I've felt 1000 percent better I feel so much happier recovering in my own home. I'm still sore and stiff but the pain isn't bad it's more uncomfortable than painful. The only thing I'm having issues with is my vagimuffin it's being strangled by my compression garmet help if anyone knows how to prevent that I'm open to ideas because I'm suppose to switch into a medium one this week but my vagina and butt crack get so irritated with the tight garme riding up it at all times of day. I tried putting on underwear first and that felt better but when I took them off my butt had panty lines that wouldn't go away and it was annoying because I had to take my garmet off to pee everytime in order to pull the panties down so that jus didnt work do ladies that have suggestions please share.

I wrote a whole review and it erased uggh!!!!

It erased my entire update!!!

Help what's the most comfortable stage 2 garmet for 4 weeks post op???

I'm so tired of battling with garmets they irritate my skin, they pinch my skin they burn my skin they itch ugghh help anyone know what the most comfortable long term garmet is I'm currently wearing a medium thing garmet from lipo express smh not comfortable at all!! The thing squeezes the life outta my vagina and the abdominal part is made for a person with a longer torso I have a short torso so the extra fabric rolls up and pinches and burns my skin!!! Help I'm so frustrated I'm trying so hard to stick with all of the doctors orders to a T but this garmet is literally driving me crazy I find myself very angry and irritable during the day because i am so freakin uncomfortable

My waist is getting soooo small!!! 5 weeks post op and pics

Hi ladies sorry for the delayed update recovery is long and slow for awhile I had no energy to do anything besides sleep thank God I got to stay home so far for my entire recovery I can't imagine having to go to work I commend those who do this procedure and go back to work after a couple of weeks because this surgery is tough on ur body I will be six weeks post op on Tuesday and I still feel like crap. I'm dieing for my body to feel completely normal again. Does anyone know at what point you start to feel normal again? Anyways enough of my complaining on to my update. I absolutely love my results I am so happy with my new body. Salama is awesome. My waist has gotten so small and even though I lost a few inches in my butt it still looks huge it's the perfect size though it looks very natural. I recommend that anyone who hasn't had there surgery yet do not buy measuring tape and get caught up in the measuring hype we all have different bodies no need to compare ur inches with others on this site some women are built wider so it may give them more inches than a naturally smaller framed person but it doesn't mean that ur results aren't as good because there number is higher. Put the measuring tape away and jus watch ur body improve and you will love ur results. Also same thing with the CC's don't go comparing the amount of fat u had injected with other girls n getting sad because u didnt get as much because again everyone is different you can have great results without having extraordinary amounts of fat injected. I only had 1100 CC's injected but I feel like my results are comparable to the girs wit 1200-1300 CC's so everyone is different stay positive and be patient it takes time for the finished product. I know it can get a lil frustrating if u don't immediately look like the other girls on here right after surgery but trust me everyone heals different just stick with your after care routine and you will be fine. For example my stomach was really lumpy and at first I got a lil scared when at week 3 and 4 it still hadn't changed but I stuck with my routine and all of a sudden all the lumps began to even out n my stomach shrunk now I love my stomach!!! My point is ladies be positive and don't compare urself to others and judge ur results based on that. Oh I have to share!!! I found the answer to my compression garmet nightmare ladies n I wish I would have found it earlier because it would have made the first few weeks alot more comfortable. The most comfortable garmet hands down is the Vedette 136. I love it it feels soooo much better than the lipo express garmets from Salama. I'm currently wearing the Vedette 136 small and my squeem vest in an extra small. I'm gonna order an extra small vedette 136 next week I wish they had a smaller size squeem best because I feel my best getting looser so I definitely could go smaller if they had it. This combo has done wonders for my waist. Now for my arms well those have been a pain in the ass. It was definitely worth it because it drastically changed the appearance of my body I used to look really top heavy because I always gained all my fat in my stomach back and arms now that I got my stomach back and arms lipoed I look so much more proportionate its amazing I feel so much sexier because my arms are smaller so they look more feminine and sexy. But ladies I'm not gonna lie to u the arms have been worse then any other part I had done. The arm garmet is the devil they are not comfortable at all and they cut off my circulation so much that every morning I wake up and my arms and hands are swollen like crazy. But nonetheless I have stuck with it and faithfully continued to wear my compression garmet for my arms like my other one. But it definately makes ur arms smaller without a doubt!!! Only thing is it's been hard to nice into smaller compression garmets because of the fact that it cuts off my circulation and cause my hands to swell. I started in a 2XL ( yes I had fat girl arms) and now Iam in a size L I'm hoping to be able to get to a small but that's probably not gonna happen because of the fact that it cuts off circulation. I really wish they had better garmets for the arms. I know most girls give up on the compression garmet for the arms because of the fact that it's so uncomfortable but I'm gonna continue my routine and continue to update u ladies on how it's going and what I learn along the way.
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