Another Juvederm Nightmare

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Here's another Juverderm nightmarish experience...

Here's another Juverderm nightmarish experience.  I think a lot of the advise on this board and from the physicians is sound and well artculated.  The bottom line is this.  DO NOT..  DO NOT...  DO NOT get this done by anybody but  a board certified costmetic surgeon.   And I'm not talking about a nurse who works for a cosmetic surgeon or a born again skin doctor.  Read all of the reviews on the board as well as the testimony from the physicians.  I made the mistake of letting an RN inject me.  Bottom line is this.   Cosmetic surgeons know and understand anatomy because they do surgery.  Let them explain the procedure and then decide for yourself.  If they start using high presure tactics or it sounds too good to be true, get another opinion BEFORE moving forward.

I asked this injector all the right questins and was led to believe she was very very competent.  She injecyed me with Juviederm, and I quickly noticed a pocket form under my right eye, much like the Nike swoosh.  I tried calling her, but despite my having left 2 messages, she was not returning my calls.  I then quickly called the South office who said to come in immediately.   The cliniclal aesthetician said to massage the area and to apply pressure to where the product was injected.  I did that and it improved things a bit.  Three weeks to a month later, low and behold the product seems to be migrating- surprise.  I told the physician and owner that she had injected it too superficially.  My guess is that she did three things incorrectly:

1.  She injected it too superficially

2.  She injected it too quickly.

3.  She injected it unevenly.

There are two doctors associated with this facility, and both said I am having a reaction.  So I'm being led to believe that I'm the unluckiest SOB who is one in a million.  BS!  I'm black and blue because of the Tindall effect, which comes from her injecting it too superficially.   They then want to treat by heating the product up with an IPL.  And they said this with a straight face.  I'm not kidding you as I write this!  I told them that that was unacceptable because the IPL is dangerous, and I didn't come in for the IPL.  My course of action is to get my money back and seek out a second opinion.  It's bad but it's not horrid like some of those who have posted on this board.  Although if it continues to migrate, there is no telling what I will be left with.  They did agree to give me 4 free dermabrasions while the clinical anestecian massages it into place.  Will it I work?  I doubt it because it's too superficial to begin with.  I have an appointment with a board certified cosmetic surgeon who will probably want to use the enzyme.  I'm not opposed to trying this again, but I will MAKE SURE I have it done by a competent doctor.  All in all, make sure you're comfortable with your injector's philiosophy.


Poor results.. I had Juvederm injections that...

Poor results.. I had Juvederm injections that didn't work.  The clinician was totally incompetent, and I didn't achieve the look.  i have bags under my eyes.  I will not recommend this provider, and I will be going elsewhere.  Please make sure you go to a board certified cosmetic surgeon vs. a nurse practioner. 

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