24 Year Old Female Breast Lift Positive Experience - Annapolis, MD

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Hopefully this review helps anyone that is...

Hopefully this review helps anyone that is struggling to decide whether a breast lift is a good choice for them

Ever since late middle school, when I developed breasts, I've always had very droopy, long, sagging, tube-like breasts but they worsened a bit after a 40 lbs weight loss a couple of years ago. My nipples pointed towards the ground and reached my belly button when I sat down so it really destroyed my self esteem having this issue at such a young age when other women my age (and much older) were able to go braless and look cute in lingerie. I couldn't wear lingerie, bikinis, or regular bras since the extra skin would would spill over or my entire breast would kind of fall out of the bra since there was no structure. My breasts looked and felt like sacks of liquid rather than breasts :(. I had to wear a sports bra (sometimes 2 or 3) every single day in an attempt to hide my problem. I always knew that they weren't "normal" because all every other pair of breasts i'd ever seen, in person or on the internet, had that round full spherical shape. I now know that tuberous breasts are an issue many women deal with, some even embracing them, but they just weren't something that I wanted for myself so i decided to get surgery. After much research and 5 consultations with surgeons in the DMV area, I decided to go with Dr. Paul Buhrer for my breast lift procedure. Going off of the breast lift estimates that I received from other surgeons, which ranged from 4,700-8,900 in price, he was about average in price. Price wasn't the ultimate deciding factor for me even though initially I planned to choose the cheapest place that I could find. I'm glad that I didn't, Dr. Buhrer and his entire staff, specifically one of the surgery nurses who went over my procedure during my 2nd consult (i forgot her name unfortunately) were VERY friendly and attentive. I always felt at ease and never felt judged or awkward around any of their staff like I have at a few of the other places. Dr. Buhrer NEVER made me feel uncomfortable, intimidated, embarrassed, or scared. He was very informative and seemed to be in a great mood all the time. Not to mention the facility was very nice and clean. The entire experience from the consults to the surgery was a positive one.

On to the actual procedure...

So I went to the consultation in August 2015 and Dr. Buhrer confirmed that I was a good candidate and would probably benefit greatly from a breast lift. He mentioned that I can get a fuller breast if I combined the breast lift with an augmentation. He suggested a small implant which would help prevent against my breast losing fullness in the future but I opted not to for now since I prefer smaller breasts and didn't want an extended recovery time since I work and go to school. Not only did I have issues with breast shape, but I had some really bad skin hyper-pigmentation and stretch marks that Dr. Buhrer said he would try to remove from my breast during the procedure. A couple of days after my first consult, I called to set up a surgery appointment. Because I work and go to school my schedules a bit hard to work with so I had to book something a couple of weeks out. I came in for a pre-op appointment about a week prior to the surgery and had a chance to ask questions. I met with a surgery nurse (the one who's name i forgot) and she was very cheerful and helpful.

This morning my surgery was performed. I went in at 7am for a 9am surgery and met a few nurses who's names I also forgot and the anesthesiologist (Bob?) who were all very friendly. Dr. Buhrer talked to me for a few mins prior to me being anesthetized and his great mood helped relieve any anxiety that I had. I woke up from anesthesia a bit confused and nauseous but luckily that went away quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to feel NO PAIN AT ALL when I woke up. I've been told by many drs in the past that I have a very low pain tolerance so I was expecting the worst but I didn't even experience any burning or stinging that I was forewarned about. My ride home was a (painless) breeze. I could've driven myself home if I wanted but I wasn't allowed to since I had been sedated. I guess I mention that to make a point of how great and pain free I felt immediately post surgery. That being said, I'm sure experiences vary greatly from person to person and I may have just been lucky. Anyway, I'm home now and it's about 7 hours post op. My nausea meds made me a bit sleepy but besides that I don't feel like I had a surgery today. When I was adjusting my gauze I decided to take a peek at my boobs and I was so shocked at how great they look. Of course I know this is not the finished product but they already look SO GOOD. They're small and cute and perky just how i wanted them :). I can tell the dr removed a lot of the hyper pigmented skin. I'm very happy with my results so far and don't regret a thing besides not having gone through with this sooner. I'll write another couple of reviews and post pics throughout my healing process.

5 days post op

I'm about 5 days post op now. I still haven't experienced any localized pain or soreness. However, once I stopped my pain meds 2.5 days post surgery (they made me feel too high and I had a lot of homework to do), I had a slight fever and a nose bleed. Nothing too bad since I was still able to go to class w no issues. Besides that recovery has been great. Im healing well and still very pleased with the outcome. See pics

2 week post op update

Quick update- I'm a little over 2 weeks post op. Everything is still good :). I'm healing very quickly. I have full nipple sensation, no loss of sensitivity. I'm hoping with use of hyper pigmentation creams and mederma my scars will diminish a bit but regardless i'm still very pleased with the outcome.
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Buhrer was very friendly, professional, and attentive along with the rest of his staff. My entire experience was very positive. Highly recommend to women seeking breast surgery in the DMV/Baltimore area. Please read review above for more detail.

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