34 Year Old Mommy and Wife Getting a Fluer De Lis Tummy Tuck - Ann Arbor, MI

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Ive had the same stomach my whole life. Hanging...

Ive had the same stomach my whole life. Hanging skin and flab as long as I can remember. I live a healthy lifestyle nowadays and have lost over a hundred lbs through changing my lifestyle and eating habits. But here i am with the same damn stomach. Same at 162 as it was at 265...what a shame. So, as much as i don't want to have surgery...Im so ready to say goodbye to this flabby fannypack that is like a thorn in my side. I am having a fluer de lis because of the excess skin above my navel. I love the dr i chose. She's confident and understands what i want. Its only 4 days now till surgery. Im all paid up. Pre op done. Just waiting.

12 hrs till i leave for the hosp!

Its 5:11pm, I leave for hospital at 5am to get there by 6. Surgery at 730am. Oh man....im trying everything to hold down the panic!! I keep feeling super anxious. Everything's packed. Meds are packed. Hubby has his snacks packed lol. My mom is coming to stay with my sweet girls. Just ready for it to be over with. Don't think ive ever been so nervous in my life.

It's done!

I made it to the flat side! !! Im all doped up, Ill write more later! !!

Hurts...but I'm ok

Well, it hurts. Im not gonna lie. But, i do not regret my decision at all. Its 130am, cant sleep, can't get comfortable. Had some bleeding from my hip where the lipo incision is. Getting up and down is not fun. But cant believe my hanging stomach is gone! !!! Dr said she couldn't believe how tiny i was underneath all the skin. Very excited to see.

Took a shower.

I took a shower this morning. Im very sore, but the worst part in the drain my my pubic area. Sometimes when i get up that area burns like a blow torch.

Pics of me hunched over with binder

Swollen! But cool.

I took off my binder to to shower and see what was going on under there. Im very hunched and very swollen. But so nice to not see a hanging blob.

4 days post op

Still sore, a little stingy at times. Especially from the drain by my peepee. Still very swollen. This binder sucks because it digs in and hurts. But I'm up and walking around, still hunched a bit.
Getting better everyday.

Feeling better everyday

A little less swollen everyday. Still sore. Still itchy. Still stings at the drain sites. I have my post op appointment tomorrow, so we shall see if these drains will be coming out. Standing up more and more straight. Sick of my recliner. Ready to feel good. I've been off the norco for days. Just extra strength tylenol and valium for muscle spasms. Oh and a blood thinner. Ill keep posting pics.

9 days post op

I got one of my drains out yesterday. Im still very swollen but dr said im exactly where i should be. Its still so crazy to look down and not see a hanging flap of skin. Its so weird, even though im all cut up with a drain hanging out of me, I'm not self conscious when my husband walks in the room when im naked. What a dream come true, and I'm still not even remotely where i will be!! I feel so blessed. Im never going to be perfect, but that's not what I'm trying to achieve. I just needed to let go of the past that was hanging on me!

Feeling better everyday

Been sleeping in my bed, just propped up with pillows. I couldn't handle my recliner another night! Cant wait to get this last drain out. I bought a second stage girdle, but i got a medium, wayyy too small just yet. I went ahead and ordered a large but am keeping the medium also because i know as swelling goes down ill need it eventually. This drain is very annoying. Pulls, stings...im over it. But doing very good. Very happy so far.

Bump in the road? ?

Ok today while cleaning around my drain (the only one left) the stitch came loose. I taped a piece of gauze over it good, hoping it would hold it it place. It was about an hour later when i noticed my pants were wet. I went to the bathroom and saw that the tube had come out about 3 inches and the bulb will no longer hold suction. I called the office after hours line and my ps called me back. She asked how much has it been draining still (45ml today) she said its not the end of the world, but she will most likey have to do a few pokes to suck out fluid to prevent hematoma. So....yeah...great. I was so excited to have it taken out this thurs, and then this. Hopefully no issues.

Post op appointment #2

Went in today a little nervous because i knew they were going to have to extract some fluid from my stomach with a syringe since my drain fell out early. It hurt a little, but tolerable. She's very happy with my results so far, as am I! I was able to switch to my new compression garment that I bought. Happy to not have that bulky one anymore. I will maybe still use that one for sleeping, and this one for day. I am going to order another so i can swap them out. Heres a pic of my new garment, and then two of my bod in clothes so you can see the shape :)

7 weeks postop

Im feeling great. Did the elliptical yesterday and other light exercise. Cant wait to be able to start lifting heavy again. I have a lot of energy. Some days i have soreness. Some days jolts of sharp pain for a few minutes. But overall, im awesome. Love life is so much better now that i can take off my shirt and not feel like i have to cover myself :)

Before and after

8 weeks :)

Feel great. Some days i swell, or if i eat too much, i can really see/feel it. I seem to still get really tired after activity (cleaned the upstairs of my house and felt soooo tired the rest of the day.) But overall, i feel great and loving results more all the time.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

She's beautiful and confident in her work. She's easy to talk to, remembers past conversations, personal and professional. I am so happy that the lord blessed me with her as my surgeon. She did AMAZING work. She cares. She wanted to help me and make a difference. Total life changer. I would recommend her to anyone.

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